16 Dec 2012

My 1st filipino domestic maid (FDW)

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It wasn't an easy decision to return to work force and leave my special needs girl in the hands of fdw.  I have no elderly at home to supervise fdw so I had no choice but to spend money on CCTV.  Our parents were willing to help. 

It was really costly to install CCTV with 4 bulbs.  We thought it could last a few years but after 2 years, the DVR is making noise, not recording properly and indicating it is going to say sayonara.

My first fdw was V, a 28 years old filipino with one boy.  Being a first-timer, I don't know to be an employer, find it hard to get along with her.  She has her own ways of doing things, stubborn, quarrelsome and uncooperative.  As an employer and mother, I want to use my methods on how to take care and feed my girl.  Since it is my house, of course, I want it to remain the way it is.  Fdw felt otherwise.

Don't know how V did, she was able to show us she could handle my girl, was  then 7 years old.  She appeared able to handle the chores and take good care of my girl after received some lectures from me.  Maybe her agency said something to her .... anyway, she was able to tolerate for about one year.  Many people singing praises of her.  She received fat angbaos from my relatives due to her 'good job'.... her angbao money was more than my girl.  V claimed my relatives gave her, all those were her money!

When V wanted to leave, hubby was relunctant, persuaded her many times to stay.  Hubby and fdw seemed to be on close terms.  Sometimes, I get angry why hubby is siding her or giving her a listening ear.  She is lonely but it didn't occur that she'll do funny things behind my back.

One day, I was unwell so decided to go home earlier.  When I got home, V was missing.  I went out of the house and heard my girl giggling.  V was happily chatting with a male foreign worker!  Was really worried did fdw protect my girl?  Did that man touch my girl?

When V finally left the house, neighbours and other fdws told me, she has been seen on close terms with MEN.  Another shocking news was, everyday, there was a man accompany my fdw to my girl's school.

Year 2013, fdws will be given mandatory off days, what kind of nonsense and $ will employers be made to bear?  They are human beings, have sexual needs but their role here are to be domestic workers, not prostitutes!  Some are married yet can sleep with men!  So dirty!!

Those people calling for employers to be more humane and give better well welfare to fdw, do you allow your fdw to be a loose woman?  Are you going to be kind  and generous to your fdw who brings back contagious disease or AIDS?

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