16 Dec 2012

My 2nd filipino domestic maid (FDW)

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My second fdw was horrible.  I picked her up at agency, while on the way back to my house for official commencement of job, she told me agency forced her to work in my house!

Shocked!  Angry!  Felt cheated!
I paid for her, interviewed her two times, showed her my requirements cum job scope yet I get such a FDW.

Decided I should try her since I've forked out cash, hoping she could changed her mind.
She doesn't like my girl, keeping crying but she still tried to do the chores assigned while I wait for agency to find replacment.  I think I should thank her for being 'honest'.  I should also thank MOM and embassies for not jerking-up salary at that time.  There were not many human rights people and ministers fighting for fdws' welfare, at the expense of employers. 

2nd FDW left my house and was being employed to look after 3 kids. From one child, she ended up with 3 young children to care for.

I thought No2 said she missed her son and wants to go home badly??!!  Lucky agency was able convince my No2 , found her another employer after two weeks of 'no work cum enjoyment' at agency.  Agency made me foot the costs of her 2 weeks of idling, not forgetting insurance and levy that MOM sucked from my pocket.

Do you know my No2 ex-maid was a princess?  Unwed mother, can't cook, doesn't know how to do housework and didn't take care of her own kid!  She blamed her child for making her beautiful bodyline went sideways.  She blamed her child for making her no longer attractive and she seemed like came to Spore to run away from problems.  She didn't know what are the duties of a domestic maid.  Her initial joining into my house, she cried almost everyday.  Yes, whenever she cried, I had to stop the conversation, can't really make myself to reprimand her for her child's play.  Claimed missed her family but actually was trying to run back home at my expenses after realising what kind of hard life as a domestic maid.  She has to work to pay her loan, no money for 7 months, take care of my girl, do housework and most important of all, unable to continue be princess!

J said No2 rang her friends in my girl's special school that No2 wanted to come back to my house.   Guess her new employer's 3 kids are not giving her a good life.  No2 rang me one year ago on my house phone, was too busy to entertain her as J was having off day and I was busy preparing lunch.  No2 not suppose to use my house phone but she did!  Told hubby ignore her if she rings his mobile.

I was worried what No 2 would do to my girl when I knew she wanted to get out of my house.  Luckily, I was able to view the house online, not each and every corner because I'm not that rich.  But I couldn't get hooked online, tried to spend about 5 mins a day because my workstation is not located in a private corner.  When I'm home, was too tired and lazy to browse the recordings.  But having CCTV is a form of protection for employers like me.  If something happens, it is the best form of evidence.  Just be sure not to install hidden cameras in toilets or FDW's personal room, otherwise, MOM or HOME won't hesitate to bite you.

I was extremely transparent, printed the jobscope, gave a copy to No2 to read and one day to consider.  I didn't hold back any important info so when J, my ex-maid used this as example to show what a bad employer I was, I felt angry but didn't confront her for the sake of my girl!  If I'm really so bad, why No2 wanted to come back and work for me?  Luckily, I feedback to MOM so they did a friendly call to No2's agency and made my life less miserable.  J was really too much.  She tried to prove things to MOM about how badly treated she was by using lies and wrong examples.  That's not an ethical way to make people pity you!

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