27 Jun 2013

Pampered maid wants good life in Singapore

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New maid capable of doing ....

27 Jun 2013
Copied from my blog comments.

Pamela: What exactly is the crime with a maid texting or calling her cousin?!!? Do you not call and text your own family? WHY would you take her mobile phone from her? She works for you - you do not OWN her. Do you have a job and if so does your employer demand to take your mobile phone from you? What is wrong with you...??? If she is relaxing in private in her room at 9pm (probably getting ready to sleep) why is she not allowed to remove her bra? You are the one who called her from her room...
It seems to me that when some people get a maid then a cruel, bullying, evil, power crazy streak in them comes to the surface. Remember we are all born equal in the eyes of God.

Anonymous: Maid did not pay her employer for a room, no rental received so she has no rights to do whatever she wants in her place of employment. The place of employment is a place an employee works, earn a salary, not a place to have fun and widen her circle of social friends at the expense of her boss. How I wish maids are slaves so that we don't receive disobedience and problems from FDWs. 

Local Women in Spore go to work in proper attire and definitely with bras. Some Angmohs go to beaches topless and some leaving their houses without wearing bras. If maids behave like angmohs, they shouldn't accept a FDW job. Who is she to demand these and that from her employer and worse of all, thought she is in the right track. By not giving your boss the basic respect and work accordiing to house rules, you failed as a human being.

Hortensia: I agree with 'Anonymous'. How wonderful if maids were slaves. Then employers (owners) would be assured that they would receive the deference, respect and service they deserve. Maids are NOT equal to their owners, and should at all times be subservient, obedient and humble, or suffer the consequences.

Anonymous:  Hortensia, you are a despicable person. How dare you say maids should be treated as slaves. Maids are equal to their employers, and must be treated with respect!

Winter:  I believe you didn't read Hortensia's and above comments. What we're trying to highlight is "How wonderful if maids were slaves. Then employers (owners) would be assured that they would receive the deference, respect and service they deserve"

If sg maids are really slaves, employers will become the OWNERS, fully in-charge. Means Slaves have no rights nor any say in the bad owners' hands. Slaves are treated like we own them, not paid timely nor given any benefits as human!! Are you a maid or slave? Obviously, not a slave! Look at the FDW terms agency and MOM made us offer, do you get such salary and live-in benefits in your own country? A degree holder in the source country doesn't enjoy the pay and benefits we gave so don't be so unreasonable and greedy. Too many of you living in Spore so employers ended up as being bullied but nobody to care and fight for us.

Sg Maids and Foreigners are too pampered and demand these and that. If Spore is really so bad and unfair to you, meaning your country can offer better terms, go back home, don't stay here!

The issue or problem in Spore is, maids ARE NOT SLAVES nor can they be treated like slaves. Maids/FDWs are highly paid bad-attitude-princesses who are unwilling or cannot perform a proper FDW job yet demanding human rights or respect, eg as a cheater or loafer.

How I wish maids are slaves so that SHE CANNOT BULLY ME!
Because FDWs are not slaves, I ended up being bullied mentally and financially. This isn't fair to another human being. You're human, so am I.

Anonymous:  Well said!!! They only know how to lie and lie.. no matter how good we treat them they will never treat us as friends. they are all ungrateful princesses. who come here to look pretty and some so desperate to seduce a construction worker or moonlight. these maid are nothing but dirty. go bk to your own country and don dirty our home! Pamela What is your problem!!! We are trying to protect our own house our children. maybe you have not been cheated by a maid before. one day you should have a try of betrayer from your so call good frd!

3 Jun - somebody posted this in my blog (click).  A good example to show pampered maid wants good life in Spore - fully funded by employers!  Shameless spolit brats, bay paiseh, self-indulgent and expected employers to agree with them! 

My reply: This is the reason why employers are faced with so many pampered or princess-attitude maids. FDWs have been wrongly lead to think they deserved to be treated better than their employers, use our money as if it is theirs. It is NOT employer's duty to indulge or give FDWs what they craved for.

Maids didn't get a good life in their own countries so who's fault? Obviously their own govt! Otherwise, blame your parents who didn't give birth to you with a golden spoon. What has it got to do with us, Sporeans, merely employer of one FDW, not the boss of a company, organisation or VWO?

AGREE "This is not a form of respect for all humanity. You are taking advantage of us! We are employers, not your financial institute or charity organisation."

Above said "the daughters were SOLD in order that families can continue to plant the Jasmine rice that eventually are exported to us"
Which FDW was sold to Spore?
Where to buy a slave who cannot misbehave? I am interested.

How come MOM didn't tell us there's slavery in Spore, we hired maid = we own them? If there's slavery, means I CAN make her work very hard, cane/starve/punish her if she disobeys my instructions/show no respect to me, no need to give her off days as per MOM, no need to care about NGOs (human rights), etc?

Reporters like to report news of good life FDWs who were willed a house or driving car to pick the employer's children, earning $1200 per month ... media is too keen to create miseries for middle-income employers.  They are doing us a disservice yet felt they are doing the right thing, the most human way!  MOM hasn't voiced anything to stop all these nonsenses that are giving us unnecessary headaches and financial losses. It makes it even harder for us to hire a maid of good quality and really come to Spore to work.

By the way, my understanding, a locally born Sporean do not use the word "Housemaid".

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I have been given the impression this is how activists and maids view us. When we don't pamper FDWs and give them a great life, it is our fault that they don't treat us or our children well. Nothing wrong for maids to do nasty things to us to get what she wants and how she wants to work with us. Is it right for maids to take advantage of employers, think we owe them a good life? This is the way FDW punishes a stingy or lousy employer. Maids were 'forced by us' to do nasty things, give attitude problem or tell white lies .... Employers cannot blame them. It is us, not giving them what they failed to enjoy in their own country. They had been brain washed to think that we are suppose to please them and make them enjoy a good holiday cum work in Spore and thus, LOVE us! This is giving them dignity and be treated as human, at our expense.

All those maid abused news were just smoke in Saudi, Dubai or Malaysia, just like Spore. Activists like to blow up news of bad employers. Not many keen to educated others we are victims, there are really bad maids in Spore which caused miseries and additional stress to us.

Read this:
The pampered maids of Dubai
As more families move towards hiring househelp for their day to day lives, the necessity to treat maids with dignity is becoming more important than ever.

From flat screen TVs to satellite packages, access to the pool, in-house parties, WiFi connectivity, and designer clothes, some housemaids live the high life, while their employers speak up against reports that most maids are subject to abuse by their employers.

Suniya, a 24-year-old from Thailand, has been working for a French family for the past three years. Unlike some of her peers, Suniya earns Dh2,500 (if my conversion is correct, it is S$851/month) a month, plus benefits. "I get two days off each week, an annual ticket back home, all meals, and then some stuff my friends don't.

"My employers gave me a flat-screen TV with a link to their satellite channels, access to WiFi in the villa and their old laptop. Plus I get a bonus each Christmas and Easter," she says. Her room in the family's three-bedroom villa in The Springs has new furniture which she was allowed to choose.

In nearby Dubai Marina, another maid admits to living it up. Working six days a week for a British family with two young children, Indira's job is one that she best describes as a dream come true. "I wake up each morning, get the kids ready for school, and then have the entire day to do as I please. No one keeps an eye on me or monitors my goings by the minute. As long as the house is clean and dinner ready on weekdays, they are happy. Moreover, on weekends, we go to the beach as a family, and when my employers go on short holidays, they are happy to leave me home alone, with full pay, knowing that I would never abuse their privilege. My ma'am often gives me the clothes that don't fit her any longer, and most of them are really nice brands from shops like Debenhams and Zara."

While Indira may well be living out her dream, her employers have their side of the story. Requesting not to be named, they say they got lucky with someone as reliable and trustworthy as Indira. "We can leave jewellery and money wherever we want to, and never have to worry about anything. Plus, she's amazing with our children. She deserves every bit of her bonus and whatever add-ons we can afford," says the couple.

"This is the woman who looks after our children in our absence," says Kapil S., a Springs resident. "I would do whatever it takes to keep her happy.
If it's a BlackBerry she wants, it's a BlackBerry she'll have," he says of the birthday gift he bought her two months ago.

Crimes by housemaids
According to Dubai Police statistics,
about 665 crimes were committed by housemaids in Dubai in 2010, of which 305 were absconding cases.

"I'll never understand these figures," says Mirdif resident Rainn W. "My maid, if I even dared call her that, is perhaps one of the most important people in my life. She looks after my husband and me, she loves our dog to bits, she takes care of the house as though it was hers, she does the groceries out of her own pocket… A woman like that is a treasure. She's the glue that holds us together. We do what we do because she takes care of all the other stuff that would otherwise weigh us down. In exchange, what's the least I can do to show my appreciation, besides vocalising it? I see to it that she has everything she needs. She
has her own plasma TV with all the Filipino channels, I share my laptop with her, she has the freedom to call anyone home whenever she wants to, and I'll go out of my way to entertain her guests. She never needs to ask, only inform, when she wants to use the house for a little party of her own. We'll get out of her hair for that evening. I can't afford to pay her a large salary but I make up with everything else that I can. The key is for her to realise that she's a part of our family. Personally, I would take offence at someone calling her my maid. It's her house as much as it is mine," says the lifestyle counsellor who admits to paying for her maid's flight tickets every time she wishes to travel anywhere, not just within the stipulated period.

According to the UAE Labour Law, it is the liability of the employer to fly the maid into the country and, after two years of employment, provide a return ticket to her home country. While for some it's too much to ask, a few go over and above the requirements.

Take the case of Gloria, a Filipino maid for a Chinese family. "Every time they go on holiday, I go too. I keep the two children entertained at night when my employers want to go out for dinner or see the nightlife of the country. In the daytime, they pay for all my expenses, including some personal souvenirs. None of the other maids I know get the same privileges," she says.

The demand for Western expat employers is high among maids in the UAE. At the time of applying it is often the maid who interviews the family to see if their lifestyle, salaries and social habits meet her requirements
Winter: Expats are spoiling the maids in Asia and creating an inbalance in Spore FDW market. Expatriates should be banned from employing FDWs in Spore. To be employed by expat is every FDW's dream. They can afford to throw money and caused those who really needed a FDW, treat her as per MOM policies but not Expat terms, to suffer and absorb maids' nonsense. Maids thought expat terms are the norm but we deliberately short-changed them.

"It's no surprise these maids are looking for Western expats to live with," says Rainn. "Due to their cultural background, these expats would probably have fewer children, smaller families, would not make their maid work to the bone and would probably be more generous with their wages."

In 2009, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) had reported that "most maids in Dubai are educated to lower secondary level, speak English as a second language and receive wages ranging from Dh700 to Dh1,184 monthly [in 2009]". Fast forward to 2012, and the asking price on online websites is drastically different. Most ads which list desired compensation begin at Dh2,000, going up to Dh3,000 a month and beyond.

Rosamund, a Filipino maid who works for a Belgian family, earns Dh3,000 a month in exchange for being a 24/7 backup to the family. "I look after the kids, cook, clean, wash, iron… and in exchange, I get paid well. I get a bonus every time I go on holiday. I have an internet connection. I can have friends over in my room and we can use the swimming pool. I can go out whenever I want to, as long as I inform my ma'am a day in advance so she can make arrangements for when I'm not there."

Her employer Jaan says, "Honestly little things like a TV in her room, internet, allowing her friends over, swimming in the pool… all that is nothing compared to how easy she makes our life. When I read the horror stories about the abuse some maids suffer or the crime they inflict on their employers, I'm not surprised. What else can you expect a person to do when their employers can't even treat them with basic human dignity?"

The demand for Western expat employers is high among maids in the UAE. At the time of applying it is often the maid who interviews the family to see if their lifestyle, salaries and social habits meet her requirements.

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21 Apr -
I have seen this maid's comment on Facebook of using her bare hands to mop the floor for 4 years. I spent 2 days trying to visualize a person mopping floor with bare hands. How she did it? Can a person mop with bare hands, no rag or cloth? Ok, if she really could do it, how did she dry the wet floor?  Blow dry wth her mouth?  Turn the fan on in full blast?  That house has no cloth to use?  Maids are too pampered, want the easiest way out?  My conclusion is she has over exaggerated, simply trying to get people feel Spore has many sickening employers. 

When I was a teen, my mum taught me to mop floor by putting my knees on the floor to wipe with a cloth and a pail of soapy water. I did the floors with no gloves nor proper mop till I got married and realised I could stand up, no need to kneel down to clean the floors. Having a mop to swing around is really less tiring. 

Then I joined a cleaning company, I realised having a mop but not doing the right 'strokes', the floor will not be as clean as going down onto the floors. By using cloth, you can pick up particles and hair.  Some people mop by simply pushing the dirt from side to side. I showed my FDWs how to mop properly but they tend to do the side to side mop … faster and also they felt I was too fussy.  To them, picking up a mop is an act to show they have mopped, did their chore.  Clean or not, they don't care.  What matters is, they have mopped!  When I asked why floor still can feel particles or sticky, they insisted they have mopped "mam, You saw me mop already". Therefore, the best way for such FDW to get the floor cleaned is to use paper mop followed by wet mop.

When done with oily cooking, I asked JA to mop the floor.  When I happened to passby kitchen, felt the floor oily, I reminded her to mop the floor, she said "I mopped".  Then I asked "Why floor still so oily".  She insisted she did her job.  I have to remind her to add a bit of floor detergent in order for the oily floor to feel good to step on.  To maids, as long as they showed the act of your instruction, they considered a job done.  If you say clean the table, as long as she swing the cloth on the table, it meant that table has been cleaned, even though you could spot food particles or feel the table sticky. 

When I asked JA how come my clothes still has wrinkles, did she ironed?  She said she did.  I pointed the wrinkles, she said hard to iron and remove the lines.  So many years in Spore, still doesn't know how to iron properly, worse than M, my Indo maid.  3 weeks with me, I still need to remind and teach JA what kind of quality I expect to see for an ironed, presentable office wear.  If JA continues thinking doing a shaddy job, I'll take over ironing .... dream on!  M can do housework but not to take care of child.  Thus, if Maid Asia agency in Katong Shopping Centre has highlighted to her new employer what are her strength and weakness, I suppose M is now having a better life .... just doing housework, all the while she has been trained when she was in Saudi.  Too bad I don't have the luxury to hire a maid solely to do housework and another just for my girl. 

Sometimes, I get mad but I have to control, take more deep breath, think positive and try to twist the situation to look not too bad/gloomy.  JA tend to push feeding to me when I'm home, claiming my girl doesn't want her to feed.  I console myself that my girl wants me, prefers mummy than maid so I did the feeding and JA stayed in the kitchen to enjoy her hot dinner, undisturbed. If JA has to do feeding, she'll purposely spoon feed my girl with a mountain of food.... fill as much as the spoon could take and expected my child to swallow, disregards my reminders to give small amount.  I am 'used to feed' my girl and eat my dinner at the same time.  When outside, example food court, I'm the one trying to feed myself and my girl.  M or JA will be leisurely chewing their food while I can't.  My helpers can eat very lady like and slowly, especially M. 

Also, the weekly off days which MOM forced employers to give, making us take on more liabilities and risks.  Positive thinking is, I know my girl's needs when FDW is enjoying her 33 hours off.  Negative thinking is, I don't have off days to spend some time to laze around and have to worry what kind of bad habits or problems she'll bring back.... how to manage me, get me irritated, delegate more work to me and throw out more 'small' requests.

We, the employers are also human beings, need to be respected, need to rest after a week's work and be treated fairly. How can maids just 'suka suka' say want to go home, demand this and that, threaten to transfer out, act stubborn and forgetful ... leave us to clear their 'shit' and make us part with money?

Maids purposely breach their contract due to immatured thinking, iresponsible, gave all sorts of nonsense, isn't these call mental abuse? Though employers are not physically hurt but MENTALLY STRESSED until we have to leave our job.  Employers, we are the victims and I would think a fair system should be adopted if MOM/PAP (click, see what MOM replied to me) want more women to remain in the workforce.   If women are forced to stay home to protect and take care of our own children, PAP will have good reasons to bring in more foreigners to fill up the juicy office job vacancies, pushing locals to more lowly paid jobs and have no bargaining power, made it harder to cope with Sg living conditions with single income.

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19 Apr - 3 maids, Zar (Myanmar), Mega (Indonesia) and 'I'.  Worked between 5 months (Zar) and 3 years (I). 

Maids given 'sweets'.  These are something extra that most maids would want.  Copied from Facebook.  When maids get off days, they compare.  Pass on such news to friend's friend and then friend's friend so it means not your FDW's friend nor relative had this perk. 

After taken off days, FDWs tell their employers, my friend's employer bought her a HTC handphone or she gets to use employer's PC/laptop whenever she need .... as an employer, how would you feel?  Maid indirectly asking for more benefits.  Will you turn down her request?  If she kept pestering you, will you be annoyed and finally give in?  Are you the kind of generous employer who doesn't mind, to you, this is no big deal?

"Mega and Zar they are new maid, and they speak english really well even only they stay in Singapore for not so long. For them, handphone is very easy to use, and their employer buy for them Samsung and HTC phones. Mega always use the Berry but last week, she change to the new HTC her employer buy for her. Now she can do many more things, last time her berry she have to pay more to message her family but now, she can use the house Wifi to whatsapp and it is easier."

"We also thankful for our employer to give us WiFi, we save a lot of money no need to buy data card. They never need to teach us, if we don't know, we call our friends, they will teach. We learn everything from each other also."

"Last month Zar go back to her country and she say that she almost cry because the internet so slow. She is so used to internet she cannot live without it."

"2 of us have our boyfriend, and I have husband, and we finish all our work and then we talk to them sometimes because they have work also. We use Viber and Whatsapp and we don't need to buy top up M1 anymore now. We save maybe $28 a month for topup, and we can talk clearer than callback card now."

"I now will buy a new tablet when come the computer show, because phone watch movie is quite small. Maybe Note 2 is also nice but it is not cheap because we have to buy no contract. Tablet can use Wifi is enough because only $200 so maybe we will buy tablet."
"I hope more employer give phone and computer to maid, or maybe just give Wifi we can buy our own phone or tablet. Because we are so happy so happy. The work is hard, but if we can in touch with our honey, friends and family so easy and free......"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
15 Apr - I saw this.  Yahoo news, Tighten loopholes around maids' employment in Spore,
Michelle Lin
Hiring a maid is no longer a luxury in Singapore; it is a matter of necessity rather than choice.

Amid the high costs of living in Singapore, most families will require both parents to work.  Unless family support is available, it will definitely come down to the option of childcare/infant centre, local nanny or hire a live-in domestic helper.

The issue between domestic helpers and employers has been an ongoing matter for a long time now and the employment regulation set by the Manpower Ministry should protect both the employer as well as the helpers' interest. If it protects a party more than the other, problems will naturally arise.  Right now, it is a grey area for the regulation on domestic helpers.

It will make sense for the employment contract to be reinforced, that helpers will have to work for a period of two years before they can apply for a transfer or decide to leave the country.  Special cases should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

This will definitely help to filter out serious applicants from the rest. In this way the maid agency will have an easier time to bring in quality domestic helpers and customers will also feel that the money spent on hiring through a maid agency is worthwhile.  This arrangement will be a lot better than the proposal of standardizing the biodata template in which the employer has no way to verify the information given.

Employers are currently assuming full responsibility for the domestic workers and the ministry will only interfere if the matter has been escalated to the police or the domestic workers have filed a complaint or is illegally moonlighting.  And what about the maid agency? They are collecting hefty agent fees from employers to bring in a maid and then earn again when the maid is transferred to another employer. The worst part is they always deceive and market an unsuitable maid to the employer.

So in the end, domestic helpers opt to transfer or leave the country without completing the existing contract.  And the employer will have to pay again for the loan amount, transfer fees, insurance, medical check-up and most importantly, waste time and effort to coordinate the transfer or change and re-training again.

Tighter regulation has to be set to protect the well-being of the employers, not only the domestic helpers.  There many loop holes in the current practices which are picked up by domestic workers who use it to their  advantage and sadly, there is nothing the maid agency can do about it. 

Since there will always be domestic helpers coming to Singapore to seek employment, this issue will always be around until some regulation can be imposed to resolve it.

Comments extracted from Yahoo:
Poor Middle Class  •  YES, i have witness many cases that many of these foreign maids used the loop hole to ask for transfer to another new employer after they had serve up the loan period...The loop hole is when ever they transfer to another new employer, their pay will be up by at least $50 to $100 per month as they considered themself "experienced" being marketed by the maid agencies. Worst, with the new rule by MOM that all domestic maid is entitle to every Sunday Off, many of these foreign maids' contract signed or hired before 1 Jan 2013, have been asking for early dismiss or broke the contract with the current employers in order to enjoy the new MOM weekly day-off rule. and looks for new employers to be re-employed. Because, of all these loop holes, we as an foreign maid's employers are always at the lossing end and not only we are being used and manipulates by these cunning foreign maids to get themself easy entry to Singapore to earn a much higher pay-cheque compare to their country man. We as employers not only lost our high agency fee of $1300 or more, and others expenses, the most important task was to train a maid or even took the risk to open our house to an un-known background stranger, it a very stressful job to be done...
SO, the writer has shared the same thought of mine, the MOM should have strict rule that all foreign maids must complete their 2 years contract before they can move on to look and sign another new contract with a new employer. Otherwise, they will need to leave Singapore and bar from being re-employ as a domestic maid in Singapore based on the un-finished period that shall be complete with the previous contract then.
Last but the the least, on top of the salary, we also have to take care of their medical expenses, daily meals and lodging..Off course, not all maids are no good but MOM must still needs to have rule to protect the interest of a employer then...
To some hire a maid is an luxury, but to many hiring a maid is more a need then!

         mac12  • 
@poor middle class, if a maid does not finish her contract for any other reason except maid abuse, she should be sent back and not allowed to be transferred to another employer...period. In cases of maid abuses, once the employer have been punished, the maid can, if she still want to work in Singapore get a relevant transfer. As for the others, no transfers shoud be entertained as some of them used this method to get around in order to do as they pleased....and that's not fair to good and honest employers..
Ryan Star  •  No reason for employers to pick up the tab if maid wants to transfer or leave. Maid agencies and maids should be made to bear the cost of any transfer unless abuse is proven in court. Such activities are happening more and more frequently as current law does not punish such errant actions by maids and agencies.

Truly Singaporean  •  Maid agency should assume the responsibility of replacement fee. At the moment they will be happy when a maid or an employer request a transfer! Either way, the agency make extra money. Their responsibility should not ceased when the maid is in the employee care! As the employers often relied on the agency information when employing a maid.

Timothy  •  Agencies allowed new maids to set their terms.
Some say, they would not cook.
Some say, they would not want to look after children.
Are they here to seek boyfriend?

VX- 0  •  1. Because there is insufficient part-time maids ie for 2 or 3 times a week. So we ended-up with lots of live-in full-time Maids
2. Also, any citizens wants to work as maids here? The stupid levy system should be removed, so that the maids get more salary and happy to worker harder. They have to be productive, too.
3. Poor quality of maids and manhy need to undergo 6 mths or 12 mths of in-house training! Who has that kind of time and patience? Worse, any silly thing, they will call you at work!

Joseph  •  Theres one more important rules that we overlooked. : ENSURE THAT MAIDS SPEND THEIR OFF-DAYS RESPONSIBLY AND NOT BE A 'COMFORT' WOMEN FOR BANGLA/INDIAN MEN ON WEEKENDS. Check-out on every weekend, Paya Lebar and Lucky Plaza have become a flesh market for sex hungry fiends from Bangla/Indian to soothe their libido. Check-out on East Coast park in pitched tents use as their love nests in public places, recreation areas, MRT, hourly bookings in hotels are full of maids and their Bangla boyfrends, some bring their boyfriedns home when boss not in, A sight loathed by Sporeans...
We know hundreds of maids get pregnant, sexual crimes, molest, forced sex, thefst all happen to maids but are too scared to report...yet Sporeans are jailed shamed for the slightest sex related crimes..these sexual predators escaped conviction in their country and in Spore they escaped the eye of the law...

Yogi Kudu  • The maid problem is just another problem the PAP refuses to address. They collect their hefty, the agencies their overpriced fees and the maid salary has gone up with little or no improvement of quality. All of them run for the hills the moment the fees are paid and w employer stuck with all the responsibilities.... This is how business is done in this country with the PAP as the ring leader.

Daryl  •  Govt still failed to manage the maid employment issues. Put one officer to handle solely maid issues once and for all. What is the problem? Is the problem too small to deserve more attention or is it too massive to resolve?

LPPL  • my mum got a maid from myanmer suffering brain infection after working with her for less than a month, the hospital bill is around $18k, MOM insisted us to pay for the balance of $3k+ after offset from insurance of $15k, do u think that is fair to us?? i think this is one of the serious loophole that employed a maid in SG...can some one advice???

         Kan Seng  • 
Who ask you to employ a maid? Your problem lor ..... you ask for it.
When she is sick ..... faster send her back and not to the hospital lah. So your fault mah.
Insurance pay $15K and you pay $3K ...... you heng lor.

Heehehehehe. LOL.
Mary  •  maids given weekly time off may also seek part time domestic work on a weekly basis with families who do not want stay in maids but only need someone to do housework once a week. It is not fair for the employers to pay all the fees and the maids work for someone else during weekends on their day off and they are paid by the hour

the outlier  •  What the writer said is very true. I have personally experienced this myself. The maid signed a contract in Indo to look after young children in Singapore and then signed again in Singapore. After working for only 3 days, she said she did not want to look after young children, only elderly and she wanted a transfer. Heard that she did the same in Malaysia before and this is not the first time. MOM said that I should sent her back home. I could not because I would not get back the loan that I had paid for her to the agent/(indo bank) and ended up, I had no choice but to transfer the irresponsible maid to another employer in order to get back my $3200 and spent another $1000 to get another maid, in which there was no wrong on my part. Agent collected another a few hundreds dollars again. No responsibilties whatsoever.

KL  •  Ever take a look on those regulations and policies recently implemented? Didn't you guys find it most of these regulations or policies implemented by those MIW or scholars are mostly penalising the Employers and Agencies? There regulations and policies are with plenty of loopholes for the FW or DFW to make use or abuse and hammer on the Employers or Agencies. If these FW or DFW do not get what they want, there are some many Agencies around like to Champion for these FW or DFW issues, believing their Stories easily and still provide them with Meals or Foods and some even $$$. Ever seem any of these regulations or policies penalise these FW or DFW for they failed to fullfil their contract to work or either refuse to work, comes as they please at the expense of the employers and with fully paid return hme ticket?

Merc Benz  •  I agree with Michelle, the writer on this article. Our government makes tons of money from the maids' levy amongst other money making measures. Singapore has a greying population and the "sandwich" class is the most affected. Employing a maid whether to look after children or the elderly is a NECESSITY now.Stricter regulation and enforcement of maid agencies by the government is necessary so that these maid agencies cannot profiteer against the hirer of the maid by substituting them with inferior maids. Right now, this is not the case.
Those civil servants better get off their butt and do something for the people of Singapore.

Juliene  •  The govt increased our problems and responsibilities after implementing 'Maids just wanna have fun weekly policy'. Thank you Halimah. Your kindness is deeply felt by all the maid employers. I anticipate that i will be busy writing about ur 'Maids just wanna have fun weekly policy' during your election in 2016 everyday to remind everyone to place their votes wisely.

Karen  •  1. Maid training agencies -> what are they doing? Are they supposed to train the maids up before sending them over here or here then learn the below skills?
a) Cookery skills b) handling of laundry c) handling of babies/toddlers
2. Will they be given a certificate to show that they are certified after training.
3. To be fair to them, those who have got certified true training in whichever area will be offer a higher wage, especially they are good in all.
4. Employers are allowed to test them on the spot before bringing them home?
5. Have more childcare and infant centres. The teachers & staffs in a childcare & infant centres and the environment like cleanliness are important factors for parents' choice. Other criteria are cost and convenience.

D T  •  I dont understand all talks about slavery. Really going off tangent here for some of the comments. The girls/women who became maids did it because it was MUCH WORSE in their own country. In a way, we are providing them with a mean to earn for their families back home. So the main debate should be how to safeguard employers from bad maids, and safeguard maids from bad employers.

Madam  •  Agree with you Mitchell. A law need also to be written to protect the employer. Agent must be made responsible for the maid well-being at least 6 months after delivery of the maid to the employer. Agent. should make a thorough medical check-up of the maid so that they are fit to work, in other words healthy in physical and mental. For this six months, they should gather feed back from the employer on the maid, if the maid is somehow lazy or stubborn and don't function well, they should advise the maid. Mind you, employing a maid is not cheap with their salary, levy, food and maintenance such as doctor fees can be quite a burden. Sometime people employ maid not because they are rich but it is a necessity to look after old sick parents or small children.

However, my two cents, the law that is made protect mainly the maid instead of the employer. If the maid fell while cleaning the window the employer get to be blamed. If you have told your maid not to do it without you around and they still do it and if they fall, who do you think will be blame.?????

ST  •  I fully agree that the present regulation is lopsided, where the FDW is fully protected by the law whereas the employer are having the shorter end.

When a maid decides to stop work suddenly within a few months for whatever reason of their own, the employer loses out for having to borne all the fees that have been paid.

MOM should stipulate that should a maid decides to terminate the employment agreement of their own will within the 1st year, they should be made to compensate the employer for all the fees that have been paid to hire her, such as medical examination, medical insurance, security bonds, and including the agency services fee. It is absurd that we the locals (employer) are made to suffer just because the maid has the power to call it quit anytime they want without any penalty. Considerations (and damages) must be given to both.

TokaAli  • Govt warn Singaporean to paid top salary so to attract good Ministers. This same principle should apply when employ the maid. But Singaporean can not compete with Honkong and Taiwan to attract good maid because the hefty levy is imposed and pocket by the Govt. So Singaporean can only get second class or lousy class maid. The Govt is only interested to get money but provide no help to Singaporean when employing a good maid.

loh  •  another loophole is so called `human right` which allow maids to have one day off weekly. and yet employers work hardly for one week have to do domestic work in order to let domestic maids to take off. where is the fairness for the employers who slog for the whole week and yet no rest. who is going to human right them?

ricky l  •  The current employment of maid is too onerous on the employers.

If the employers is stuck with a maid that is not performing, it is very costly to the employers to change the maid for a new one.

Minimally, a better term should be negotiated for the employer to 1 or 2 changes without incurring additional cost.

Other than the traditional supply of maid – such as Indonesia and Philippines, other non-traditional sources of supply of maid should also be looked into so that employers can get a more competitive prices.

Most employers will want to treat the maids well. But sometimes there could be some bad hats or some chemistry problem. So some leeways should be given to employers, maids and employment agency not to get stuck just because of 1 or 2 bad arrangement. There should be a way out.

weakling  •  Nowadays maids almost always on their mobile phone, neglecting their duties. They don't reform even with persistent follow-up. Only option is to terminate their services. This is extremely inconvenient to employers. But what choice do we have? There is no assistance from MOM on such matters. Employer has to bear the brunt of all costs of termination

KNS  •  Terminating maids should pay the maid agency fee for re-looking another maid for the employer.
Madam  •  Some maid who want to go back early will purposely provoke you the employer with all kid of misbehaviour that until you cannot take it you sent them back. This is a tactic use by maid in order to be released early. Some of them are pampered child back in their hometown and has never done work, so when they start working it will become a cultural shock to them. Agent, should ask about their background thoroughly. At the end of the road, employer are at the loosing end - kena pay left and right.

dOL  •  If Sg has the lowest salary, go other countries lor. There must be a reason for coming Sg to work. Just imagine how much they could get after currency conversion plus their standard of living.

Natsumi  •  who says,maid salary are so low..my maid salary is $550+ per mth,yet she ask for more increment if i want to extend her stays..nowadays,maid are very daring..

LoveSingapore  •  Hiring a maid is no longer a luxury in Singapore; it is a matter of necessity rather than choice.
Amid the high costs of living in Singapore, most families will require both parents to work.

Isn't this a problem itself? Something is seriously wrong when couple are need both working.
Either you raise the pay OR you lower the cost of living. I believe lower the cost of living is something someone taking millions could do.

Immune  •  I totally do agree with Michelle Lin on the above written article. It seems that now the Employers are not being protected whereas the Domestic helpers come and go as they wish. There should be a mutual agreement set for both parties to enable both parties come to a amicable and mutual agreement.

It is true that any workers in Singapore can give a notice period when they feel they're are being treated unjustly. However, not forgetting workers other than Domestic helpers are given a probation period and thereafter should one leave the company they will need to either give a notice period or salary in lieu. Currently, Domestic workers can now leave scot free without having to pay a single cent to the employers and on the other hand employers will need to fork out additional cost to get their replacement maids.

MOM should come up with a good solution whereby both parties are well covered and being fairly treated. To err is human both Domestic workers and Employers do make mistakes but it is not always the case that Domestic workers gets victimised and not the Employers.

MSICIHKB  •  "Hiring a maid is no longer a luxury in Singapore; it is a matter of necessity rather than choice."
True!!! In Singapore, many married couples both husbands and wives are working thus need help to care for their children and house chores but what did Gov do to help??
Yes you got it...INCREASE LEVY and MAID'S PAY(while our pay still remains the same), introduce ENGLISH COURSE, introduce SAFETY COURSE and now MANDATORY WEEKEND OFF.
Yet Gov had the cheek to ask why birth rate low?? Duh!?!!?

pana  •  Our gahmen is always one step behind. This maid problem is just like the child care problem. They give more subsidies but never regulate the service providers. In the end, what happens? The service providers simply raise their fees as a matter of factly. Pathetic monitoring on their part. End of the day, fees go up despite the subsidies and rebates. And those who don't qualify for the enhanced rebates end up paying a much higher fee.

Andy  •  End of the day, then the agencies do need to take more responsibility, and this needs to be forced by law. Presently they are accountable for nothing, but earning money from the process. Those leaches should add value and not just take-and-take, so where a helper is definitely required, not just a nice-to-have or to match the Jones's, then the "agents" need to be held responsible when disputes arise to protect both workers and employers. Else there is really no need for them, they just become parasites!

Go  •  I think maid agency should wake up, especially "Nation". They give us problematic maid but told us cannot change anymore (when we change only one maid). i was told to pay the price of a brand new maid if i want to change 2nd time. This is unfair when their maids insisted us to send them back to agent. Biz tricks? Coming SG for holiday? Work for 2 hours and want to rest for the whole day? At least help out to finish the basic chores.

Our gov should protect us! We as an employer should get protection as well.

Caddy  •  It is true. There are more and more maids whom work for a short while and ask for transfer or give some feeble excuse about wanting to go home. Then only to return again in hope of a higher salary. No maid seems commited to finishing up the 2 year contract as signed for initially! Too many loop holes and the employer seems to be at the losing end of each! The maid agencies even encourage some maids to return back to them and transfer again (they keep in contact with maids for that purpose) so they may be able to once again earn on the transfer! Either or, I don't see real employers getting any fairness out from it. Maids and domestic helpers alike are not luxuries but necessities these days and we need to close up the loop holes now.

Sim  •  In Finland, working mothers of baby are paid two years (about 60% of salary) to take care of the baby. After two years, the babies are sent to nursery run by gov. In Australia, working mothers are paid A$220 per week to take care the children.
In Singapore quite a number of case, the domestic helpers feed the babies with sleeping pill or flu pill, then the babies or children will sleep whole day without disturbing. How do you think that our quality of next generation? Gov says that quality in Singapore is 1st in the world!! Do you think so?
In Singapore, can both husband & wife not need to go to work and can maintain the high living cost & give birth of baby as well??

Edmond  •  This situation has been around for a long time. Many just live with this but with the huge increase in levies over the years, the citizens are getting fed up with government in-action. They just collect the levies and leave the employers at the mercy of the maids and agencies. Are the ministers and senior civil servants earning their million $$ salaries? In the private sector they would be quickly replaced for their slow response. Fair is fair; give service for the high levies charged.

aminah  •  Why is it that employer has to bear the transfer fees when the maid most of the times break the contract. I believe that if one breaks the contract, they are the ones should bear all the charges and not solely the employer. This year, Govt implement the 4 days off week for maids and most of my colleagues and myself has to face those existing maids without off day but paid bring touble just to be transfer to other employer in order to get the additional off or paid. As an employer, we have to face paying transfer fees. Agents do not help us when we have to sort out our kids and parents issue here. I felt strongly that the maids should bear the transfer fees if they are the ones who break the contract. Also, those maids whose work permit are cancelled should not be allowed to enter here immediately. They should be given a year bar from coming in to work here. I understand that some MOM interviewed some new maids but why the MOM does not interview employers also. It is omething that need to be look into. Employers do not like to change maids and it costs a lot of money but when the maids are the one makes trouble, employers are the one in the losing end as we are the ones have to bear the charges.

Jerlin  •  I am with two thumbs up and 100% agree with Michelle, govt. should exactly look into this issue and tighten up the rules n regulations of domestic worker as current policy is only fully at the benefit of Domestic Worker but nothing benefit employers at all and on top of that, we as employers only keep paying and paying and paying......and also domestic worker aren't helping the employers but only gave problems to employers and at the same time they (Domestic Workers) kept saying want this want that.

A Yahoo! User  •  My domestic helper talks on the mobile phone almost 24/7, forgets to do this and that all the time. She thinks that it is perfectly alright. It is human to forget. I wonder if any company would employ a staff like that? We are, however, at their mercy. These days it is not cheap to engage a domestic helper. Agency fee, insurance etc add up to +/- 2K and most agencies lie about free replacements. It is either they have no bio data on hand or they give you one who has transferred a few times. When met with nasty employers, the FDWs could turn to MOM and their embassies for protection. Who could we turn to for help?

Sarah  •  Just follow Taiwan and Hongkong's policies that there are no transfers allowed. Either they go home or stay on their job. For those who think that a maid should have the right to pick and choose their employers like us, I ask do we get flown in to a place for our job? If yes, we would usually have to agree to sign a bond which means we will need to stay on our job for a period of time or pay our employers if we wish to resign before our bond is up.

No one will force them to stay on their job (less someone thinks they are slaves in Singapore) if they are not happy. Better they go home than cause trouble in one's home or country. Only thing is the agents will have to recover their sign on bonus or loans to these maids when they entice them to work as maids in foreign lands. That, we will leave it to them to sort it out with the maid because they already have experience in this with Hongkong and Taiwan maids.

However, Singapore employers will have to brace themselves with higher agency fees, because they will be given guaranteed replacements maids should their maid be repatriated. The agents do need to earn some money for all the work they are handling for us. The question is: how much? Ultimately, the cost will be borne by us and partially by the maid.

Sivodayan  •  YES I agree! Something must be done. Y do I still need to pay my maid due salary when her negligence has resulted me in spending more money to replace spoilt items or food, she wakes up late and come back late after her off day, does not accomplish the basic tasks she is supposed to do. It does not make sense. I would rather hold back on the salary or off day. Dangle the carrot and c if it works. I don't c the logic in "free replacements" when employers still have to forkout cash for costs like insurance and etc! It should be the agencies responsibility and all cost for replacement to be borne by then and not the employers. After all the problem maid was given by them. This may help to create a system that the maids are seriously aware about and the agencies that are also fearful not to jus push any maid to the clients to close the deal.

Dan  •  I had my fair share of lousy maids recently. Previously I had posted that I had a very good maid, which she was and since then, she has returned back to indonesia to start a family. She has been with us for about nine years.. so as you can see, there shouldn't be any problem on our part.
After she left, the nightmare began with all three other maids.. the shortest, three days and the longest four months.. here goes..
1st maid, interview her - eager to learn how to cook, will look after young child (4 yrs old) and general housekeeping.. so we took her. Coming over here, to let her adjust herself, we only tell her to do housekeeping first. Three days later, she said she wants to transfer.. no reason given. We brought her back to agency, she told agent, she doesn't want to cook or take care of young children. She wants to work for expat!! What the!! So she took the chance to come in, in order she can have face to face interview with expat!!
2nd maid - another agency. Told by agency that she'd changed three employers due to no fault of her own. 1st employer doesn't like her appearance, so returned her. 2nd employer the granny returns to china. 3rd employer, whole family returned to vietnam. so you think nothing can go wrong right? Wrong! When we brought her in, again, only housekeeping first so she can adjust herself. Big mistake! Burnt clothes, leave gas on stove on without checking, let soup spill over into the stove when it overflows from the pot and simply ignore it. when we went out on weekends, we leave her money to buy her own food, end up, she only cook instant noodles and tell agent that we did not provide food for her... WTH, we had salmon, she had salmon, we had beef, she had beef and when we go out, we leave money for her to GO OUT and buy and a fridge full of food. she simply too lazy to cook. we even keep her for four months because she says she needs money to send home. that's what happened when we do good deeds.
3rd and last maid - everything looks ok and tot finally we had a good one now. end up, a month later, caught her using toilet cloth to wipe my son's toys and playmat!! when confronted, she became annoyed and denied. hello!! I caught her red handed. felt that i should not give her any chance like the second one, i told the agent to fetch her back. guess what! she was also like the first one, wants to come in first and when Jan 2013 comes, she tot she can change employer and get into the new ruling working with expats only too. not only that, when my husband handphone bill came (he had two hps and one he did not use or charged before) we got a shock, the phone that he never used was charged more than three hundred dollars! luckily for us, the service provider detect high usage and stopped all calls otherwise we might end up our prob a thousand!! and know what happened, when we show it to the agent, she said.. maid is transferred. nothing i can do. WTH!!

Above all three are filipino maids from TWO different agencies. Now i'm a SAHM. if i'm going to need a maid again, i will go back to hiring indo.

which btw, i am waiting for my very first indo maid to come back which hopefully soon coz she called and said if she did not manage to get pregnant in another year, she wants to come back.

Allan Leong  •  New maids on transfer to a new employer must pay a levy of say $100.00 to MOM if they break the contract. This will discourage foul play.

Smile  •  In the first place it is wrong to collect the levy. It is not ethical taking the maids pay. You don't see people in Hong Kong and China doing that. It is just an excuse to collect money from the employers and employees without having to work. Simply unethical.

Andrew  •  The maid agencies are powerless and are under harassement from foreign governments. Not only them, the MOM appears to be dictated by foreign governments as to comply with their terms and conditions for hiring of domestic workers. Does the Singapore orders employers outside Singapore to say, e.g. pay Singaporean employees a certain minimum amount as salary, or not to do certain work? Of course not? Singaporeans have to comply with the employers' terms and conditions. Singapore does not have extra-territorial powers to do so. That will be unconstitutional in international law. But why allow the Indonesian and Philippines government to do so to Singapore? Kow tow to them is the word. Stand up for Singapore.! Workers come here under our own terms not theirs. If they do not agree, we have no obligations to accept them.

Inglorious  •  These maids thinks that Singaporeans have a lot of money to donate to them. Hence they come here, do a lousy job and before their contract is fulfilled, they fool around and expect their employers to send them home. Some maids even steal from their employers before they go home. The agents on their part paddlef these useless maids to unsuspecting employers. This is a con job. Fraud at its worst and the Ministry of Manpower does not bother. MOM just write to the employers telling them that they are responsible for their maids illict activities. MOM just want to ensure that the employers pay the foreign maid levy.

dra  •  If Manpower Ministry is so caring pls tighten the rule of the multi national Company loopholes first. Everyone in the blue collar has been abused. Don't come and talk about maid matter...... We pay you so much to concern on maid matter !!!!!!!!

Luna  •  "Employers are currently assuming full responsibility for the domestic workers and the ministry will only interfere if the matter has been escalated to the police or the domestic workers have filed a complaint or is illegally moonlighting"

I have a problem with this.

One of my neighbour's maid is illegally moonlighting (do part time work at neighbours house to earn $). What I heard is my neighbour is not paying her salary. This maid (let's call her A) stays in the house and do general cleaning (as the owner also rent out her rooms). On her free time, she will go neighbour's houses to do part time cleaning earning $300/month/house.

It's actually none of my concern until recently my maid of 3 years (call her D) been asking me to let her moonlighting during her off day. Although it is not compulsary to give her day off as per our contract agreement (before 1 jan 2013), since beginning I let her off twice a month on Sunday. Since beginning of this year, I add her off on 2 weekdays too. Somehow, during her daily walk with my dog, she often met A and A has been telling her how good is the earning to moonlighting and D has been bugging me to let her do it too. I firmly said no each time. The tip of the iceberg was 2 days back when D told she doesn't want to continue working with me if I don't let her moonlighting. She wants to look for another employer.

I was so angry and called MOM for "help" and whistler blow about A. MOM told me to give them prove, address of the places A's working as well as what time she will be at each place so MOM can deploy their "men" to catch her in action. Of course I'm not so free to follow A around to know so much detail. And even if I'm so free, I won't let A has a chance to turn back and claim that I'm stalking and invading her privacy.. this will be police case for me ... DUH...Then MOM said they cannot do anything about this. SIMPLE AS THAT!! as usual.. pushing away their responsibility. Protection to maids only.. and zero to the employers. Unfair treatment!!

ABC  •  Yes, indeed, the employment agencies earn more when you return your maid to them. That's why good quality maids are more and more difficult to come by because the rejected maids are being recycled again and again. The rejected maids have no fear that they will be out of job because the agents would lied about the real reasons why they were returned by their previous employers. Those who returned to the agencies because of their abusing the old folks will be re-marketed to look after another old folk. By making the maids to work for two years before they can ask for a transfer will make the maids take their jobs more seriously. Employers have no choice but to return the problematic maids to the agencies because they would not want to fork out additional money to repatriate the maids home. There are many related issues with the agencies' ways and means of marketing their maids which I feel MOM should look at them closer to make necessary mandatory regulations.

globe  •  The one who make the money are maid agencies and spore govt. The one who suffers are employers and maids. Not one care about protecting maids or employers. They only care about protecting their pockets. It the only business model where you do nothing but collect money and where you pay money and you get all the problems. It not about tightening loopholes. it changing the business model.

Christina Tan  •  I fully agree that MOM should take a serious look further into their rules and regulation and implement penalities to the benefits of both the employer and FDW as not all faults lies with the employer. MOM should also look into the fees the agents are charging the employer when the FDW are left with them whilst awaiting for new employer/transfer. The FDW should also be made to pay for their levy, food and lodging should the FDW request for a change of employer without grounds so that they (FDW) will think twice and try to adapt and work harmoniously with the employer. I had employed FDW since way back to 2000 and does not face any issues as then the FDW's burden to work in Singapore was heavy and the maid was not even taught that they can change employer anytime they like. As employers then, we were also told to give them some time to adapt and to show appreciation should the FDW is good. Last year till this year, out of 4 FDW that I employed 3 requested for change of employer as they refuse to look after my 94 years mother-in-law even though they were informed before employment and 1 FDW had mental problems which was only sent back by the agent after transferring her 6 times. This would not have happened previously as the FDW know that they will be penalised if they request for a transfer and they will end up with no money to send back home. Till to-date, I am still without a FDW to assist in looking after my mother-in-law as the last FDW returned to agent on 6/3/2013 has not been transferred and I was made to continue paying her levy till she gets a new employer. THIS IS ALSO NOT FAIR TO ME AS I CANNOT GET A NEW REPLACEMENT MAID TOO.

Andrew  •  As usual,they(MOM) is never on the locals side.They are always protecting the foreigners(Maids).They should be fair to the locals.At present the locals cannot check with MOM if a maid wants to transfer what is the reason.MOM should have a website available for everybody to excess.If a maid wants to transfer,her new employer can check on the website.Now it is the case of You Said that and I Said That kind of stories.That way the Maids asking for a Transfer will think twice about asking.

ABC  •  Hiring a maid for many families is no longer a luxury but a necessity. My mum who's been bedridden and suffered from demantia for years had changed a few maids for various reasons. We had one who abused her when she's alone with my mum (thanks to my neighbour who saw the ill-treatments from her 2nd floor and felt compelled to let us know). There was one maid who knew from day one (through video interview) her duty as a caregiver, disappeared in the hospital just after 3 days with us. She worked in Singapore for 6 over years but went back to Indonesia. Then she returned to Singapore to work for my mum. The maid managed to get one of her previous employers to take her back while she's in the hospital with my mum. Shockingly, she ran to the Indonesian embassy probably because she could not face me to explain her move. As it turned out, my agent who was supposed to look after my interest got her on board and endorse her new contract with her previous employer!!! The agent made money from all sides!!! There was another one who was highly recommended to us by the same agent because of the maid's previous experience working for an old lady who died soon after she worked for the old lady. When the maid looked after my mum for approx. one month, my mum was hospitalised because of mal-nutrition and dehydration. MOM subsequently wrote me a letter saying that it might not approve my future hiring of FDW!!! I answered MOM's very inconsiderate letter with valid reasons. No FDW employers in Singapore would enjoy changing of maids. It is both mentally exhaustive and resources draining. MOM does not seem to understand the situation we are in.

Johnny  •  Does M.O.M. really knows how many agencies are doing a professional works? Agencies claimed that their maids are trained. How does M.O.M. define the word "Trained" most of the maids are incompetent and don't really understand. Agencies only interested in signing the contract, once the contract is sign they collect the fees. After that when problem arises they said you are entitle to change but you need to pay this$, this$ and that$. How convenient. They (agencies) no responsible of accidents, pregnant, steeling, beating employers child.etc. and M.O.M. will only penalise employer. To cut the story short Agency/M.O.M. they don't lose. The losers are the "employer"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
21 Dec 2012 - Singapore is really a safe haven for errant maids.  There's no policy to protect employers' money and interest when a bad maid is unfortunately hired.  We're stranded, have nobody to seek effective help.  When you complain to MOM, if someboyd in MOM is free to reply you, he/she will send you a standard message that do not solve your problems.  They push you out to AEAS/CASE/Small Tribunal/Police or maid agency. They will swept whatever dirt, ie the Employers out of their door way!

If you get a pampared maid, act like a princess, unwilling to carry out her role as a domestic maid, lazy ...no matter how hard you cry, how much you tried to endure, when your patience ran out, she drove you to your limits, you still need to part with money and get another FDW if you feel having a maid is a must in your house.

A live-in maid is well taken care by her Spore employer.  Each day, 3 meals at least.  Some employers provide snacks or frequent visits to restaurant.  Some were able to bring their FDWs on paid vacation with them. 

Do you know some FDWs who claimed ill-treated and not given enough food were actually their own doings?  Some are simply too pampered!  They are only keen to eat good and expensive food.  Some insisted eating food they are familiar with.  Refused to try mee, pasta, porridge or bread.   Flown into Spore to sponge on employers, enjoy life as much as possible and uninterested to carry out their duties as FDWs. 

One of my friends new FDW poured away porridge or simply throw food away and then told passer-by neighbours (employer's house is located along the corridor) her employers didn't give her food, she's very hungry, asked them to pity her and give her food!

I have an Indian colleague who told me her FDW complained to agency she was starved and not given food to eat.  After questioning, it turned out the employer is a vegetarian, FDW is not used to the food cooked so chose not to eat.  Employer allowed her to cook but she doesn't know how to cook!

One of my ex-maid refused to cook the kangkong in my fridge.  Asked her why, she said kangkong is for pig!

Asparagus is one of the most expensive vegetables in Spore.  It cost $9 to 16/kg.  My ex-maid claimed nobody eats asparagus in her hometown, they are abundant.  When she went for advance home leave, requested her get me some asparagus and local fruit.  She came back empty handed, said no time to get anything.  The hard cover luggage that hubby gave her and bags that I gave were left in her hometown.   She was back to my place with just her handbag and a tote bag, containing almost nothing, just papers.... maybe she has distributed the gifts before stepping into my house? When she went back for home leave, hubby and I gave her many new things such as business shirts, soft toys, stationery, clothes, etc to play 'Santa'.  The most important thing we didn't offer her was good-will cash!  We were not good employers, too stingy 太不会做人!

My current FDW, M doesn't like to eat much food. My 粗茶淡饭 too bland, not meaty enough .... yucks?? Initially, I purposely buy chicken wings so that M could deep fry and eat but it was too oily and she had to spend extra time to cook, clean the kitchen and mop the floor.  She made herself too busy and has no time for my girl.  She is very slow with her chores so I rather not give her additional work - deep frying is out! 

My girl passed urine or motion, M was too engrossed and just left her there.  I'm quite worried my girl may fall due to her own urine on the floor.  My girl was once caught playing with her poo.  M has been reminded to check on my non-verbal girl frequently, I told her don't just hide in the kitchen or toilet. M is forgetful, need lots of reminders, which is a problem for me.  I can't be home most of the time to observe, remind and babysit a FDW!  Didn't MOM by law enforced FDW must be at least 23 years old, an adult?  She behaved like she's just twelve years old!

Now, we are back to our usual food - easy to cook, not too oily or troublesome to prepare.  When we're out, if there's KFC, I'll buy for M.  I know she likes fried stuff.  Young girl can afford to eat such things.

Told M if you don't eat full meals, you won't have enough strength and energy to handle by active girl.  M told me, can eat vitamins.  Shocked!  I told her I'll only provide 3 main meals.  If M wants to be choosey, goes on diet or wants to rely on vitamins, she has to pay for her own special requests.  During interviews, all my FDWs were told one of  my house rules is to sit down and eat the same food as us, 3 main meals daily is a must for energy and well being.  Of course, M's meal will have no pork.  Some people may think I'm stingy, why not just give FDW money to buy her desired food?  No.

I don't encourage pampered maid and make my life rotate according to her needs.  I feel that FDW has to learn to adapt to our living style and eat commoner food.  Nobody stopping FDW from using her own money to buy her desired food.  Indonesians have cash allowance from the first month of employment, at least $80 due to the new salary calculation. 

How do we, the employers show that we really paid a lot for FDWs but not fairly protected by law?  How do we get MOM and activists to recognise the fact that foreign domestic workers (FDW) are a necessity in some households?  How do we feedback to MOM we are victimised by maid agencies, maids and embassies? Also, MOM may tweak its policy if more voices are received from employers.   Employers in Spore, I suggest you
email MOM to : mom_fmmd@mom.gov.sg or write in to
Ministry of Manpower, 18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764 with your real name and ID. 
It will be better if you've proof/evidence to submit.


  1. Have we seriously understood HOW all these issues with FDWs have come up?? I think it is because of MOM policies! Comparing other countries and Singapore. Our MOM is the "protector" of maids and they have a department to protect the "standards and well-being of FDWs". WTF?!! WE SINGAPOREANS PAY GOVT to set up a dept to protect FDWs? To be fair, we are also human beings - who want to be unfair to the FDWs if they are so nice to us? Our family and children will be at stake if we really abuse them, isnt it? What kind of crap MOM is this?

  2. I’m a working Mum, and I’m fortunate enough to have my in-laws help me with my sons during the day… and we’ve talked about employing a maid to help out with the chores around the house so that they aren’t too bogged down with 2 active boys and a household to manage. However, my in-laws have declined because they feel that they would rather try to manage than have to have an ‘additional worry’.

    I would like to ease their burden, given the fact that they are getting on in years – but I will not hand over my child to be cared for by a maid. Perhaps it’s easy for me to say this because I have the luxury of having family to help care for him as I work… but judging from the antics I’ve seen at the playground and other places (when the maid is busy chatting on the phone, and in worst case scenarios have a man with her as she ‘watches’ the child) I know I will never be comfortable with leaving the boy with one under any circumstances… even if it was to run an errand for less than an hour.
    I am lucky to have in-laws so don't need to employ maid, give her chance to mess up my life and finances.

  3. My maid with me almost 4 months. She made me angry almost everyday. She very stubborn, doesn't want listen to you and will do the house work in her way although we told her so many times.
    Her main concern are sleep and eat only. 10 something in the morning, she will stay downstairs by pretending do some cleaning to wait for lunch and 4 something she will wait for dinner. She no need cook, my mum cook.
    I need her to help my mum to take care of 2 babies and 1 kid in day time. But she unwilling unless she finished her daily work and there was enough time to wait for lunch or dinner, then she will volunteer to help to take care the babies.
    At night, if she saw you all want to go to sleep, she will quickly run into her room and lock the door.
    If we go out during weekends (I won't bring her out), she will sleep without doing anything. Last time, she was caught stealing my son's snack, now she eats dishes which we kept in the fridge because of yesterday dinner cannot finish. She eat directly and end up kept go toilet.
    I scold her, she will just smile. She can understand Mandarin and simple English but she will pretend don’t understand.
    She doesn't like to wash her hair and got smell on her although she takes bath everyday. I really cannot tahan her and sometimes she make me angry until I really want to slap her. I hope you all think twice if you want to use employ maid, as I know almost all of them very lazy and their only concern are good food, sleep well, make friends, yakking on handphone, etc. Very difficult to get hardworking maids. The day I can no longer tahan, off she goes, I stay home.

  4. We cant get rid of maid bcos she was a transfer case but the agent lied and told us that she only got transferred because the employer was fussy and has a kid and she just cant take care of kids.

    We found out that she actually DROPPED the kid. And my house has no kids, just 21yr old me, my parents. she only has to prepare food, juices and clean the house. she cant even do that. she doesn't clean properly, refuses to cook so my parents and i have to do all the cooking. She eats really well though. Biscuits, bread, rice, noodles,maggi, everything finishes!! My mom has cancer and she is stressing my mom out.

  5. Activists have been sending maids wrong info, especially on human rights. some maids when heard employers said no single room, they immediately said not keen to work, they want privacy. Last time, our NS men shared bedroom and slept in bunk beds. Now they still a share room, at least 4 persons to a room depending on room size but no NS man gets a private room all by himself. Are you trying to say our govt not treating our young NS men as human beings? Just want to drop a note here, maids are too pampered! Using human rights as an excuse to attack employers is not something a noble person should do. We are so vulnerable, anybody can spit saliva on us, including the people you deemed as more vulnerable than us and been treated like slaves. Maids in spore are too pampered and demanding. they fought for things that weren't part of employment terms. Maids don't do work well as stated in their contracts and can cry foul play! What has spore become? a place where foreigners are more important and protected?

  6. Pls be fair to employers in sg too. MOM has been vested with many maids' complaints, cries and stories but touch your own heart (maids), how much of your stories are true? I have a maid who pinched herself and claimed that agent has beaten her. I have a maid that locked my young kids in the house and went missing for 4 hours when I was working. She even placed our portable house phone under pillow and reduced volume to lowest so that my kids cant hear it when it rings! Last time my maid can work for me 2 yrs or even 4 yrs. Now with the change in MOM rules, maids are getting less loyal. Usually will start their nuisance after clearing their loan. Some can tell me her father or mother got cancer but to my young kids, i got to find out its not true. Just want to go back and marry. One maid put garlic into my food when she knows i am allergic to it, one maid steals money and got 3 different countries boyfriends near my house. All mostly upon completing their loan give problems. Then what will happen? Employers send them back then finish? How about all the expenses we incur for maids then? Have to re-pay again agent fees, insurance, medical check up fees etc. Maids earn money is hard earned money, employers earn money is easy? Maids come to employers house, pls bear in mind its not your house. Pls show respect to ur employers. Do u like it if a girl just remove her bra in front of your boyfriend or husband? Ask yourself first, what is your first thought if you meet such a girl, before you post such comment!

    1. Well said. Disrespectful human beings... Sorry for ur experiences. I have been worse than u did... I totaly understand

  7. Ahhhh... There are lots to say but just to keep it short Do not treat maids like part of ur family. Maids are maids its that simple.
    I m from Europe and where i came from we do consider them as a family member and mostly they live with us forever. I tried the same in singapore. Treat them with respect. My maids Never over worked. Always had off days. Never let them to touch anything during off days. Advance payments. Emergency surgeries done in private hospital so they dont have to wait in line in government hospital. My fridge was their fridge. Unlimited food. Always good sleep. Provided them ipad headphone etc.. So they can enjoy their time of in the night. Getting them private room while holidays if they come with us. Allow them to use pool and even give them swim suits. All they had to do is be honest and work proper. 10 maids from different countries. 5 of them steal.. Stole my perfumes money make up jewelry... Rest lies, non stop lies and take advantage as much as possible. I tried so hard to keep it as i believe. But they prove me wrong each time. They just thought we are stupid. Anyways we decided to try one last time with our current maid. Everything provided same way. Including laundry , detergent anything u can imagine. And all we asked was not use mobile phone after midnight because out of all our experience they wake up very tired. She didnt accept. I decided to talk to her to get what we do wrong. I confirm with her that we provide good quality food rest and anything possible . her respond was " as an employer u must provide them anyways..." and it was the end of the story... Its over. They are maids. They are not part of ur family and never treat them like we did. Must be strict with them and only give what they deserve.


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