25 Dec 2012

Should you give loan to your domestic maid?

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Dec 2012
Foreign domestic worker has worked three months only and wanted to borrow from employer about S$2000, excluding the maid loan that she owes you.  Would you lend?  Are you willing to be kind and choose not to factor in the risks?  Would you think all humans are good by nature?  Are you willing to write-off her debts?

It would be a good idea when interviewing a maid, to tell her that you do not like to give salary in advance or loan. Ask her if this is acceptable to her. You will know FDW's attitude if she accepts this without hesitation. But if she asks if you will change your stand if she needs money in an emergency, you will know what to conclude. Even if does not react, she will be less likely to ask for an advance.   A helper who says, "I have never asked for an advance from my previous employers" may or may not still have a sudden need for money but the maid who asks "What if my parents fall seriously ill and need to pay for medicine and hospital charges?" is almost certain to have a sudden need for an advance in the future.   She could be planning.  

If only maids will not ask for an advance!  Money is the cause for most sour relationship.  When employer says no, FDW may resent her for it.  My ex-maid J hated me for not saying 'yes', too reluctant to accede to her request.  If your maid owes you a couple of thousand dollars and your relationship turns sour, do you want to put up with her until she has fully repaid you?  For the sake of a loan that takes FDW more than 15 months to pay back and her performance is getting from bad to worse, will you tolerate, what can you do?  

If FDW has been with you for a number years and has always been reliable and you have established a relationship beyond employer-employee and you really feel good to help her, it would be a different story.   Sometimes a maid, after working for you for a year or two, will ask for a loan when she is going home for a vacation. This puts you in a tight spot.  Some maids failed to return regardless of their original intention.  They may get pregnant and decide not to return. 

If a maid is dishonest, she may actually be planning not to return, leaving you the foolish employer to think she'll definitely return.  How are you going to get back your hard earned money when FDW is hiding somewhere in her home country?  There's nobody in Spore who will help you get your money back!  MOM is hopeless.  The activists are not on employers' side.  It is your choice to be on the safe side or pretend the money cheated was donated to charity.

In Spore, FDWs have activists, Ministry of Manpower, Embassy and HOME to protect them, what do you have as an employer?  Nobody!  You're on your own to work things out and absorb the costs if your maid turned against you/runaway.  If there's an insurance for FDW's advance home leave or runaway maid, probably employers won't be 'so cruel'.  We have our difficulties, merely FDWs' employer, not the boss of certain company nor are we ATM machines.  Why so harsh on us when we refused to give loan or advance home leave?

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