26 Feb 2015

Demanding maid

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Include maids in Employment Act, TODAY, 19 Mar 2015
From Jolovan Wham, Humanitarian Organisaiton for Migration Economics
Our study was conducted based on a sample of respondents stratified to reflect the major populations of migrant domestic workers here as indicated by published numbers. Statistical differences were tested using parametric and non-parametric techniques.

HOME acknowledges that in the 10 years we have been campaigning for migrant domestic workers, there have been improvements in their welfare and rights. Still, we have a long way to go in ensuring equal rights and adequate protections for them.

For example, our respondents worked an average of 13 hours a day, with 10 per cent found to sleep in the kitchen, living room or bomb shelter. More than half did not even have a copy of their contracts on them.

Positive mental health can happen only when employers respect their employees’ privacy and give them regular time off and rest days. However, domestic workers should not have to depend on the goodwill of employers to enjoy basic rights.

The Manpower Ministry should include them in the Employment Act so benefits such as sick leave, public holidays and limits on working hours are not left to employers to decide.
Facebook comments:
Biddy Low - How much does a maid in Singapore earn on average? $600?  Most work for nothing in the initial months as the salary goes into paying the agencies.
Can any of the Singaporeans complaining here survive with such an income and job scope?
Seriously, if u can't afford to properly put up an extra person in your home.  Bite the bullet and do your own chores.

Nikki Er - I'm not sure if you read all the threads. But we can afford to put up an extra person in our home. We (most of us) treat them well. But for some reason some are just not contented. How well do you think we shld treat them? Before coming here, they know their job scope. If you think you can't take the job why apply for it?

We pay them alot better then what they are paid back home. Here in Manila the helpers are paid $120 per month As a helper. They do the same household chores.

My point here is tt we would love to give them most of what they request if they can do their job well. E.g. instead of chit chatting, watch the kids more closely. Instead of texting all day, maybe they can do the chores better? That's all we are saying. We don't tell them work from 6 to 11pm and no stop. Find chores to do! Clean the entire house from the ceiling to the floor and every single corner daily!

Biddy Low - Oh, you are speaking on behalf of all the employers in Singapore? That's bold.
Most of the replies to this letter are irrelevant in content as a response.

As an employer of a domestic worker, we also have a responsibility to train and assimilate the worker into the job, specially if they are new to it. Most employers expect WAY too much considering how much we are paying in the first place. They expect a lean mean cleaning machine, when in fact, most of us are getting girls who left their home to work as domestic workers because they have no choice. Because their own country is unable to provide them with decent jobs. That does not mean we are in comparison providing them a fair deal and that is what this letter by Jolovan Wham is suggesting.

Another common complaint is the inexperience of workers who cause inconvenience - perhaps, just PERHAPS the skilled and good workers have been employed with higher pay in other countries? This is not something made up.

Food should be provided. At $450 - $600 a month, groceries alone will kill them. This means many girls who buy their own meals either eat unhealthily or overspend and have no savings. Unless you expect them to teleport back to their own hometown where things are a fraction of the prices here.

Nikki Er - I am not speaking on behalf of ALL employers. I agree that they deserve basic human rights. While considering their mental wellbeing, the employer's well being should also be taken care of.

Biddy Low - Of course. No one is saying errant employees get away scot free. But in any line of work, there are good and bad workers. We cannot expect all the girls who come here to be ready for your household or will fit. It's the same in any company.

Maybe Singaporeans should also reflect on why we have such hectic lives that we place such unrealistic standards on people we don't even know.

Cherie Chew - Pardon me Biddy, but your this sentence is uncalled of: "if you cant afford to properly put up an extra person in your home. Bite the bullet and do your own chores." No one would want to keep complaining of getting a helper who in fact a stranger and yet still have to bite your so-called bullet to hire them if we have a choice. It is obvious that you do not have such problem, do you have a elderly at home that you need someone to take care while you need to work? Do you have children that you found no childcare centres available and you have to work? How about me and my hubby who is working on shift work and retail and having 2 kids when no one can fetch my kids even they are in childcare? If you think that one of us should just quit our job and look after our kids, do you think we can sustain it? For your info, i'm blessed to have a good helper now and I faced many problems before I finally found her. Not that I'm a bad employer but it's the mentally of the helpers that brought us or rather me to this state. Anyway, we all have our own family problems to attend to, to take into consideration before getting a helper, not like what you think as if we can't afford then just don't hire them that easy.

I agree that there are very good helpers who suffered unfair treatment, but did anyone look from good employer's point of view? Are they well treated by the policies or in fact is there any welfare for the suffering employers?

Biddy Low - Sorry, I'm gonna sound very harsh here, but I mean it - DON'T get a helper if you cannot provide a decent environment for her to work in but still expect her to work with the precision and consistency of a machine.

To quote you - "Breaking of contract, one shall pay all the documentation fees and 1 month salary on top of that. Pay for own free food and lodging fees, toiletries etc. "

I completely disagree with you on them paying for their own food. See above comment. If they break contract, they get sent back to their country, and have to pay the agency months of their salary again to get back here. So if a girl really decides to break contract, it's severe enough. I don't think the law is too lax at all! Maybe you should be challenging the agencies and MOM for the heavy costs/levees that benefit neither the employer nor the employee. But I guess it's easier to bully the little guy right?

We all have difficulties in our lives to overcome, but surely it should not come at the price of squeezing a person who is poorer than us till she is bone dry? Maids don't have families, elderly and children back home?

Cherie Chew - That's why I say, I'm ok with giving what they deserved, but what about those rights that Employers deserved? Of cos it's taxing enough for them if they break contract and have to go back their hometown paying off their debts, but nowadays it is not the case. Most of the helpers now are smart enough to keep changing their employers like washing clothes. Once they feel it's too much work, they asked to leave. They just tried 3 days or 1 week, which apparently their contract is 2 years with us. So they keep hopping employers till they found someone they like. Cases like that, we employers need to take the 'punishments' by paying off the 'debts' they created. Who can help us? It's not our fault either, we didn't abuse them, we told them before they arrive what is expected. We provide all the things we could, but ended up with a 'bomb'.
You are right that gov and maid agencies should be under review, that's why I bring up that they cannot keep reviewing helpers welfare, how about employers? We have bad and good helpers, not forgetting there are bad and good employers too, why are we always being neglected in terms of welfare as an empolyer?

Agnes Sin - Biddy Low
There are always 2 sides of the story
but whatever it is, IMHO if maid is not happy working, she is free to go but then why the employer have to absorb the cost?
Maid nowadays are quite smart, they know their rights Some run to embassy some run to police post, yes I agreed BAD employers need to be BLACKlisted n BAN from getting any maid then in that case bad maid with bad employer record too should be blacklisted and ban from returning to work here again
But then, they can always change their name right? The rest is history
To each its own
I am not speaking on behalf of ALL employers but then I know as an employer u can treat them like a queen or princess but if they have a bad working attitude problem u have lost your bet just like gambling
As am employer I would much love my maid to work more than the 2 years contract, but then seemed like the trend is after their loan is fully paid, u get all the problems coming

Fyi, I m speaking of maid asking for higher pay claiming to be ex sin ex taiwan etc but u know u have been short changed the day u bring them home
Then with their experience, they don't like to be told what to do too
Sometimes, I do wonder who is the boss u know ???
But at the end of the day, I tell myself, as long as ah gong happy, close one eye but if she push her luck too far and climb over my head
Please pack your bag and go home!

Biddy Low - Cherie: As an employer, don't you have the right to refuse to sign transfer papers? Then it becomes a dispute and she gets sent home if she chooses not to continue. I was hoping to get a helper to transfer to help my friend, because she is reliable and has worked with us before. Her current employers refused to sign the transfer papers out of spite, and she is going to be sent back tomorrow.  Like Agnes Sin says, there are two sides of every story.

Cherie Chew - Biddy, let me share with you my 3 past stories if you don't find it boring.
1st maid - came 3 days, ask to go back agent. Agent talked to her, she promised to wait for my replacement before leaving cos I can't afford not to have a helper. She stayed whole day in her room doing nothing. Refuse to look after my kids. *I'm forced to transfer her.

2nd maid - transferred maid cos I don't have time to wait for new helpers. Came in, found out she's having health issue, made a fuss with agency why can she even passed her health check. *Failed again*

3rd helper - transferred maid. She apparently transferred for 5 times, i'm her 6th employer in 5 months. No choice.. In desperate mode. Came 1 month.. good! We so appreciate her till one day.. pretend sick. Can't walk.. wanted to bring her to doc, she refused. Want to rest. We allowed. For 2 whole days we let her 'bedridden'. Even she go toilet, she has to stick her body by the wall to move to the toilet. Called agent, agent talked to her and brought her back. Amazing thing is, she can walk and carry that bulky bag of hers properly! Miracles do happen huh? * failed again*
Total damage of all these cases which apparently not my fault is $2k+. And I'm left with nothing but depression. And to make things worse, I have to re - take my 'orientation' in order to apply for my 4th helper. Pay another amt, go for classes out of desperation and finally! Found a good one who is continuing her contract with me. So what's wrong with me? I'm considering lucky.. Some employers face 7-8 changes of helpers... where is our welfare?

Biddy Low - Providing quality helpers is the agency's job. Making sure they are trained and healthy is also more the agency's responsibility than the individual maid's.

I say change agency till you find a good one! U do realise that they are the ones who don't lose a single cent when all this happens right? in fact with each transfer or new job, they get money.

Going back to the original point of the letter. I think covering the FDWs under the Employment Act will only strengthen the system. It will make sure that the maid is not overworked ( easily one of the biggest problems encountered here) and is paid on time ( so that employers cannot hold them hostage at home with no money.)

It might even attract the more experienced workers to come back to Singapore instead of bypassing us for better opportunities in Korea, Hongkong and Dubai ( so I hear, not that it's perfect over there).

Cherie Chew - If only it will really attract better quality helpers and not giving those unhelpful, taking things for granted's helpers more chances to 'bully' the good employers. For your info as well, keep changing agency meaning more money lost and I changed 3 during that bad experience. That's why my damages is as much as $2k+. We were totally drained... I really hope if gov or authorities wanted to boost up the welfare of helpers, we should be taken in consideration too for our welfare, that's is my main purpose since the 1st posting I've posted.

Agnes Sin - Cherie,
Quite similar experience with u
Your question to me have been answered by Cherie the extra cost incurred due to maid replacement and sending them back
Even when u change agency some agency actually take maids from each other and transfer them to other agencies n what we get may be some of the rejected maids by other employers when the employers are kind enough not to send them back They just go round and round till someone pick them up.

Cardetian Villanueva  - Nikki Er ….. I'm sure u have a boss also , do you want your boss treat you like you treat your maid? Respect the person the way you would want to be treated with respect, in other words, RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT,

Cherie Chew - As an employer myself, I don't mind having Employment Act PROVIDED we have our employers' rights too! Breaking of contract, one shall pay all the documentation fees and 1 month salary on top of that. Pay for own free food and lodging fees, toiletries etc. Employers will pay a certain cap on medical, dental fees but not hospitalisation or stuffs. Probation for 6 months at a lower pay till employers decide how much the helper 'worth' after that 6 months of performance. Break/spoilt anything in the house, the helper have to pay for it cos it's 'company's' assets. Are all of you ready for this? I am ready!

Agnes Sin - It seemed like a trend now
After 6 mths all the problems starts ...

Cherie Chew - Agnes, we cannot control their characteristics by nature. Some of us encountered colleagues who really can't work, that's our luck. But at least we won't have problem having helpers claiming they don't want to work after a few days or even run away if such ACT implemented. If I'm a helper now, I would just shut up and pray it's not going to happen, be contented. Always remember a sentence: "When you ask for more, you lose even more."

Muhammad Azri Sabari - Maids should not be included in the act. They are given the luxury of staying at their owner homes and have the luxury of free food, why cnt we focus more on the elder workers? Also i gt 1 qns if your maid applies mc or leave will you be able to apply leave and cover her duties especially on your busy days?


Vhic Enciso - Sir...Please don't be rude...I seen your comments to Miss Rina Estela Rid Mondarte..your such a rude,if you can't able to answer her reason from her side...could you act as a good employer. ..hope you will understand what maids feelings in their employers..
just calm sir....Allah will make you comport...good night

Muhammad Azri Sabari · Owner at Trendsetter
Vhic enciso ,Singaporean will not be rude as we are now if you those foreigners who work in Singapore knows their manners and knw thier root. Just look around , how many of you are making a fool of your self "picnic" in open space, talk loudly in train,snatching away our fathers,steal our belonging and causes other problems that we does not face in the past. MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU WITH THE TRUTH AND ONLY TRUTH

Ai Li - Maid have to follow the roll and employer also need to follow up, so nothing to comment. But every people is got they different way so very difficult to say.

Raymond Ng - Subjecting foreign domestic helpers to be protected under the existing Employment Acts means more protection for FDWs as well as more accountability on their part - in a legal sense. It is an extremely touchy issue as we find bad employer, good maid and good employer - bad maid. Also, ethical agents versus unethical agents and etc. The current legal framework is not comprehensive enough to protect employers. Public policies are still quite bias and protect FDWs more. MOM seems to think that such scenario is sustainable. Well,it may not and no maid is to be blamed. What the government of both sides should be crafting is a better system to export this domestic care service before one is deployed to work. Our dual income family model had also caused such problems to aggravate. If one is luckier and reasonable in their expectations, he should have lesser employer -maid conflict. Adjustments on both ends are needed.

Today, we planned recreational facilities like paying for clubhouse for FDWs. It is a good gesture as well as a cost to our taxpayers. Which country out there is willing to do that? Again, which nation out there would happily accomodate foreign workers to flood their Orchard Road, Shopping Malls, Public Parks and MRT stations and surrounding greeneries. Which country would allows FDWs to breach contract of specific performance and still foot the bill for airfares and other related costs? Which country would tolerate maids working here and accidentally got pregnant and employers has to bear responsibility to replace and reappoint? It is a no small issue! I wonder, if Singaporeans are all contented to live happily in a 3 or 4 room HDB flat and we only need one income to survive and wives or husbands could live without maids, would we solve this maids' issues? In the name of perpetual economic growths, we all will need to bite the bullets that comes along

It is a package deal unfortunately and this is the price we are paying to achieve the so called progress, prosperity and happiness - which many ordinary folks may not yield! In sum, government must step in to engineer an equitable and sustainable FDWs framework. Those aspiring to come here to work as domestic helper should come in with full understanding of their legal responsibilities and duties. Governments should also help them to take away the middle man effect - thus, reducing their debt burden. Employers should also be protected fairly. A new model of employment is thus needed. The Employment Act could be a double edged sword. It allows FDWs to form Trade Unions and launching legal strikes are also possible with many negatives for employers that are caught with Elderly and school bearing children. Would we like such rights to be awarded for people we put in our homes? Think hard and God Bless!

Cardetian Villanueva - Dearest Employers,,,i think in the beginning we both need to adjust because of the culture and tradition, but let me tell you something whither to take it or leave it,,,, both parties can sit and talk, talk about the solution don't always nag and nag to your helper, helper is a human too, its not because you pay her you need to ask her work like a Carabao, machine may get tired too how much more your helper , ur maid is a human my dearest, the more you nag and give her attitude or even stress the more their HAIR drop in the floor then you more get angry, you madam/sir need to adjust a little pls and have patient talk to her, not talk to your neighbor about her, maid can talk to their friends too about you in vice versa and put comparison , your friends can't help my dear employer,, pls lah be considerate, and put God in between, i believe in Good and Bad Karma,

Rina Estela Rid Mondarte - For you sir Muhammad Azri Sabari, not that we are free for foods and we have luxury home then we don't have the right to have MC? Maids are also humans too, you s we live in luxury home you called it but you never knew how some of us OFW suffers on how our employers treat us....remember we are not ROBOTS....we still not d time to rest....And how about others OFW that only once a month off day? It's very hard for us because we cannot stress out ourselves. ...hopefully it can never offend you Mr. Muhammad Azri Sabari

Lynn - Rina, is not about the day off and MC. Yes, we work in the company there are certain benefits for us. But our company does not pay for our house / accommodation, foods, medical check-up, and etc. if the maid on MC then who will cover the job if the maid is hire to look after elderly or infants? So the employment must take MC and annual leave to cover her? Then where is the productivity on work which affected country economy?! MOM thinks about it. This is no joke. Unless, MOM willing to subsidy the MC and annual leave!

Cardetian Villanueva - correct, no one want to be sick,, but sometimes we can't avoid, heres my Question Sir, do you love your kids, if so. its ur obligation to take care your helper too, because they are the one who take care of them, if its happen that the helper fall sick and can't look after your kid well, or her sickness transfer to your kid how,,,,,,? My Gush,,,, i can't imagine

Lynn Jolynn - Hello? Did anyone here say when the helper is sick we don't let her rest?! I doubt your understanding.

Lynn Jolynn - Off day?! What is the thing that maid does during the off day? Getting pregnant with Bangladesh, hang around in budget hotel area? Or influence by friend, want to terminated the contract with no good reason and employer must buy maid the ticket and send you back to your hometown?! Then who going to protect those employers which having a big headache with problematic maid?! Who going to cover the employer's lost if the maid run away or get pregnant even the employer treats her nicely?! Hey man, use your brain to think!
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Agnes Sin - I feel u Lynn
Only those who had bad experience with bad maids understand the frustration and agony
Actually I feel that the maids of last 2 decades are better and hardworking too and it's cheaper too But nowadays though their pay have up so much u still get problematic ones

Lynn Jolynn - This man suggested Employment Act to MOM, must well, I suggest MOM to let employer to issue warning letter to maid who have discipline problem. After 3 warning terminate her or change maid from agent with NO charge! As agent, don't ignore this problem. Initial interview done by agent, agent has the to bear responsibility too. If the agent hard sells their maid, hide everything under the carpet. Then who's fault now? We hire maid coz we have no choice, we needs to work to boost up the country economy and have to boost the birth rate as we love our land, Singapore and we cant leave our elderly behind too as we love them. But these nonsense people keeps demanding.

Agnes Sin - To be fair some maids do have bad employers n I will give the benefit of doubts but then why employers always at the losing end?
If that is the case, then govt better build more nursing home as we face a aging population as family need maids to help take care of elderly too as they had their own family to take care
Getting a maid to help take care a elderly parent is not a luxury for some but a desperate need if not where the $ come from if they don't work?

Lynn Jolynn - Agnes, precisely! Like my case, I want to put my baby into infant care but no vacancy for her. I have been tried to look all the infant care center in my area. My PILs cant help coz they need to work. When my baby turns 6 months, I pre register her for childcare but childcare center told me that, they have a long list. I may not have the place for my girl when she turns 18 months. This is reason to hire maid. I really have no choice. Will government understand us? Will our government stands for us? They just look at the people who hire maid is a rich person but we are not. We just simply need someone to help on behalf of us. Then why must government left out the protection on us, as an employer of FDW?

Agnes Sin - Fm the comments here, I can see 2 types of people
1 Maid with bad employers
2 Employers with bad maid
I think the agencies fm both sides is oso responsible for the maid too
It is not as simple as just maid n employer living happily after kind of fairy tale in real life when u bring a maid home fm the maid agency It could be the worse nightmare one may have

Cham Ai Hui - Sure go ahead include domestic helpers into the Employment Act. Just make sure they contribute 20% to cpf and pay income tax too. And I won't mind paying employers' part of their cpf.

Nikki Er - Have any FDW thought of how employers feel when we treat our helpers really well and they turn around and create problems for us?
Bringing man into your employer's home, stealing, getting pregnant, posting our children's photo on Facebook, lying to the embassy and obliterated how we treat them just to get a transfer, taking photos of our house and posting it on fb and complaining to your friends about your employers, always texting instead of watching the child, allow the child to run (not caring for their safety) while chit chatting with friends?
*Lying to the embassy about how we treat them*

Ai Li - Few is a human but we also a human if she don't know how to respect the employer then how also we feel very sad every month she take salary but work not properly always delay and lazy what we have to do?
If change the new we also have to loose money again but if never change we not happy. Morning wake late and noon take also sleep.at the night also sleep early then employer we need to complain to who?

Vhic Enciso - To Mrs Chew, you have a lot of reason/complain maids..maybe just take your parents thought. .and they will look after your kids...if you dnt have trust on your maids just you should kick it out and give her freedom outside your home..
Everyone on us were not totally perfect. ..so we can't give a hundred % on our job our employers. ..

Agnes Sin - May I know how many of u employee work and sleep and eat at your boss house 24/7?
The maid may be paid $500 monthly but food n accomodation are being provided for them too
When they fall sick, employer paid for their visit to doc too How abt visit to dentist etc Birthday presents n even bring them out to eat at restaurant and the freedom to choose from the menu?
Have to compare apple to apple pear to pear
Does your new employer pay your salary 6mths in advance without even knowing your performance at all?

Rina Estela Rid Mondarte - Agnes Sin, before you take a maid in an agency, I think you surely read what are the contract stated, right? So now why you blaming us helpers? Just blame the MOM for their laws about us MAIDS....and about that BIRTHDAY PRESENTS? I think it's all about you and your helper mam....if you generous enough then give ...it's not compulsory to give gifts I think. ....

Biddy Low - Lynn Jolyn
I think what I have been saying is pretty good compared to what your friends are trying to imply.

While I sympathise with employers here who have had trouble finding a good helper. I don't think it's a reason at all to say all FDWs are like that and accuse a whole group of people based on the actions of a few.
It is shocking that people here actually think being a maid is a luxurious experience and that paying for food to keep them alive is such a sacrifice.
That every shred of human decency handed to them is such a high grace on your part that you cannot handle it when they turn their backs on you.

Agnes Sin - In such cases, MOM should deal with the employer who broke the contract and not penalised every employer with maid and adding on the cost and burden to other employers .
Deal with the black sheep instead of killing all sheeps

Signorina Su - Great! Please add the 3 months probational period for them too! Cannot work, cannot perform, sorry you have to go!

Agnes Sin - On top of that, no need to pay their loan for them in advance too! Just pay their salary at the end of the month Fair deal?

Emmeriza Elep Verano - So sorry Singaporeans but most of us have families back home.were not taking your country.just a bit of your respect.please.thanks

Zinta Pinky - I hope mom check all employer..including my own employer...i was in a stress ..i have no offday no phone ..no salary even i cannot go infront of the gate..please mom to check. My contrak was so rued

Fiona Pea - But u can post this comment?

Zinta Pinky - I borrow my frn phone..and hide..if they know they will send me back..but i dont care i stress already

Fiona Pea - What a timely reply to this post.  Able to surf and find this article. Not bad that you can still borrow a phone from a friend.  And hide for more than 20 minutes since you are able to reply this comment.  Just a pity you can't go in front of the gate.

If this is how your employer treats you, you should call MOM now since you have a phone and not waste time surfing.  Just my two cents worth.

Zinta Pinky - I dont have a simcard...i use wifi...i dont want to put my bos in problem ..i just wait they not busy then i can talk...i care for them but they dont look at me at all...

Joann Toh - Wow.. they don allow u to go to the gate but u managed to "borrow" a HP fr ur friend? And ur employer provides u with wifi? Interesting! I wldnt want an employee who is being dishonest here. If you don like the conditions tt your employer provides in e first place, y accept the job n come over?

Zinta Pinky - Yes can my frn put the phone on the floor thatsway...and the wifi is open so i can use..i can accept it bcoz my agent in indonesia force me..if i dont take this job i get to pay so much money then they will make me flight...i still accept this employer coz i understand they are need helper but like this way make me stres..with 16 camera in the house too

Cherie Chew - Zinta, just for your info, taking 'free' wifi from 'open' is illegal. And there no such thing as 'open' wifi except from Starbucks, macdonald etc places. Every owners have own password, and shouldn't you be working right now? But here talking about privileges? Set a good example by doing your duties right before pleading for help.

Karen Karen - Sorry but ur story quite unbelievable.
1) big house n friend put Hp on floor?
2) free wifi? I want also!
3) are u paid for off day? If so it means u agreed to it.
4) u ask mom to check but say dun wan get ur enployer in trouble?

Zinta Pinky - On the floor mean in front the gate side...yes wifi is open...i just want mom check and give this notice to all employer by letter so they can understand .how u fell mum if u are far away from family and never call them in almost 1 year. i know iam just a maid but i have felling also same other

Joann Toh - Strange. U can use the phone for Internet n surfing purposes but yet u can't call home? And pls, with such a big hse, of course there is a need for 16 cameras. U think your employer is so free to use e cameras to check if you're working?

Karen Karen - If I m your enployer, I am not sure if I shd b happy or not. On 1 hand u care so much for your employer. On the other u seem very free during working hours. Isn't there a lot to do in a huge house?

Signorina Su - Dats why we hate helper who lie.. you are one good example we have here..and very sneaky too. You mentioned that you are not allowed to even go infront of the gate, but you got the phone from your friend in front of the gate at the side? Unbelieveable!

If you're not happy that u dont have an off day, speak to your employer. If you dont wish to work I'm sure your employer, who has a 3 storey house and 16 cameras in it can afford to employ other helpers who are willing to work for them.

I copied this from somebody's blog .... maid resort to lies in order to get a job.  Agencies, especially those operated by non Singaporean are siding maids.  They pushed or even reprimand employers for not allowing FDWs to hold and use mobile phones whenever FDWs want.  Work is not of top priority.  Getting connected to friends and families 24/7 are of utmost importance.  What kind of life and death situation would there be if FDWs refrain from using their mobile during the day?  Educate them to finish their daily tasks nicely and correctly then use their mobile phones in the evenings is wrong and unhuman?  If such logic is forcefully imposed, why FDWs choose to work Spore, why employers need them as helpers?  If maids remain in source country, they can do and behave in whatever ways they want.  If they choose to work here, they need to abide by employer's house rules, especially when told no using of mobile phone during the day.  Cheating to get a job is wrong, MOM should instil this during SIP training.  Telling employers to lower their expectations and adding risks to our household shouldn't be encouraged because this is unfair to us!  We need a helper, not a play-girl or person who misses family every minute ... cannot concentrate on work, irresponsible and adopts wrong working attitude.  You give her an inch, she wants more, behaved unappreciative, over demanding and unrealistic!

The next time I employ a new maid, I will make her write on her contract in the presence of her agent that mobile phone can only be used after finishing her chores, most likely 7 pm.  This condition will remain as long as she is employed by me.  Any agent who gives me unfriendly treatment or reprimands me about my 'harsh' employment term should be penalised by MOM  (MOM has to be fair to full-time employee cum FDW employer.  We can't be the ones to be ATM machines, suffering forever losses and risks.).  This kind of maid agency is too protective about FDW and if something goes wrong, I'm sure the maid and agency will stand as winners.... you lose big time!  

You can be a generous employer, give in and agree to all your FDW's requests or prove that you're a fabulous and advocate human rights employer. If your maid is an appreciative and good helper then you're in luck but how many employers are so lucky with so many rotten apples + net savvy FDWs in the market?  If you don't mind spending money for another rotten apple, you can practice 'treat them as human' as an excuse to indulge them.

Every company has its criteria and policies.  FDW employers also should have a set of their employment terms so activists shouldn't clamp down or discourage employers for being frank that they prefer maids who can concentrate on day work and don't use personal mobile phones.   It is our basic rights to choose a helper, not engage a person who places fun, mobile phone as top priorities.  If FDWs are not here to work, don't waste our time and money .... stay in your source country.  Don't cook up lame excuses!  Get your country or parents to pamper you if those are part of human rights.  If maid can't accept harsh terms, don't lie to be employed and bring us miseries. You can choose, why employers can't?

One of my relatives just sent back her 2-months old Filipino fresh maid.  Relative felt fresh maids are better than transfer maids but with off days, 24/7 mobile access, are they going to retain a good inner self and deliver a satisfactory job?  That maid has no mobile phone restriction and was given off days before completion of maid loans.  Maid just need to do some housework, no need to cook because my relative cooks, no need to take care of the children because they spent half day in school +relative is around BUT maid delivered unsatisfactory job.  She spent time gazing the sky or stare in blank for one to two hours each day.  Maid enjoyed spending time hiding upstairs (no housework completed) or in the toilet.  Asked her to make bailey water, she poured away the cooked bailey water and kept only the bailey.  She was given 3 main meals and tea breaks upon her request but the reward to employer was bad working attitude and lousy job performance.  

Again, I hope Ministry of Manpower (MOM) can respect our basic recruitment rights (the rights to find a suitable helper and the rights to get agencies to match our requirements) and be fair to FDWs' employer.  Please find more source countries and clamp down on high recruitment fees (both paid by FDWs and employers.  Please stop making us pay and pay yet have to give in and 'legally pamper' rotten apples.  Spare a thought for full-time employee cum FDW's employer. Kindly don't use human rights as an excuse and ruin our lives or jobs.  Most Sg employers are nice people but in return, get bullied/bitten by FDWs, source countries and agencies.  It doesn't pay to be a nice and generous employer.  We need new policies to show that being a a nice and generous employer will be fairly rewarded, as well as appreciated.  Raise the bars for FDWs and maid agencies.

Maid with mobile phone, good or bad?!
BAD idea all the bloody way!! 

Everyone knows the rules: 
#1: NO handphone 
> Even friends , neighbours, strangers and maid agencies are against us taking maids who have hp. I trust them completely because they are the pros and well experienced (true story) here. Enough said. 

#2: NEVER ever let them mingle among themselves 
> As we are church goers, we often bring our maid along. There, we can see maids coming to her for a chat especially this particular lady, always sit close to us. I know her intention when I saw her. 

And our maid play it cool at first, cos we were there but slowly I can see she is tempted cos this maid always carry handphone and I suspect she is selling to other church goers maids too. And this maid has off day. 

Arissa would normally not sit still so to avoid her fussing in church, our maid would normally carry her and walk around the compound. Once I didn't see her (maybe she has walked to the garden) so I went to the toilet and from there I saw both of them talking, the maid showed our Maid her handphone, maybe photos and also showed her the Bus Transit timetables. I stood there and glared at my maid, she hurriedly over and ever since she kept her distance from that maid. And this maid never sit with her employer, she often wander around, looking for other maids I supposed. 

Because previously she complained that the landline wasn't stable, we purposely bought her a SIM card. NO hp. Last night, she came to me and said she wanted to make a call to her friend. It was almost 10pm. And she said will pass me back the hp tomorrow. (I let her use my hp for sim card exchange).  So I said its late already why not call tomorrow? ( which is today) but she insisted. Ok fine, seeing her so persistent so I lent her and said to return me after. 

After 10mins she still haven't return me so I knocked on her door and wanting my hp back. That's when she showed me her attitude. She pulled her long face and said she have not called but when I checked, she sent 4 messages. I asked her who are u messaging when u said u are calling? Then she BEH song and said my hp low battery.  Fine, I don't argue. I just took the hp and came upstairs. 

I discussed w hubby on her attitude which we both agree its intolerable. So this morning right after hubby off for cycling, I sat her down. I told her nicely but firm to why we are not giving her hp and off day. That's the reason we hire u in the first place. 

That's when she broke down and cry. Seriously didn't know as a SAHM I still have a chance to do 'appraisal' and take 'disciplinary act' lol.  In her prev workplace she gets hp on her second month and she told me if she knew I won't be giving her hp, she wouldn't have taken up the job offer

That's when my blood boils! What nonsense are u babbling? Right on the spot back then when I interviewed you, I stated clearly no hp and no off day (since u are also defined under that category in the agency) and u said YES. Do u think I will hire you if I know this is what u will turn out to be? 

She said sorry and it's because she used to have the freedom of calling and messaging back home whenever she wants to but now she can't.   And she said the rules can be changed if I want to.   Yes of cos, how much a hp cost nowadays? Even your weekly grocery and toiletries cost more than that! 

And now she wants day off too. It's not like we have a lot to do at home. I didn't even ask u to cook, for goodness sake. U ARE having half day off EVERY single day, do u realised?  I bathed the kids, I even washed and sterilised their bottles and often after breakfast, since I made for hubby and Lexi only so it's like a plate or two I also take the effort to wash them instead of lying in the sink. 

At night she doesn't even sleep with the baby. On date night, I didn't cook. U are as free as a bird. Obviously this ungrateful bitch doesn't appreciate our kindness.  Because I do not believe in trapping the maids at home, and just When I decided to bring her out for that tiny freedom this is what happens. They expect more. 

To be honest, with a hp, all it takes is for her to make that call. I cannot let my family take the risk. She just needs to text someone our home address, since we have mails, or to make few contacts, gather few friends, or even call that person to come over.   I have heard too much stories on the maids cases. On a recent trip, a friend's mum shared with me her horror maid story.  She reminds me repeatedly - no hp and always be firm with them. Never let them have too much free time on their hands, that's when the head gone haywire and they will start to plot. 

So...  After an hour of explanation, the maid finally calm down. (In between she still try her luck to when will I give her hp)  I let her call her family after, she spent good 10 minutes talking and happily told me that as long as she is given a call back home she will be very happy.  She asked me: Mdm, u always say u like me but why no hp?   Well, I like u because u are honest, reliable and have a good personality and attitude. Nothing to do with hp. Seriously la these people doesn't deserve to be treated too nice sometimes. But I will not mistreat her either. Only to draw a bigger line between us!

Below was extracted from Facebook related to More Singaporean employers hiring private eyes to trail maids, The Straits Times, 22 June 2014

If you happen to see your FDW's name appearing .... you, as an employer better find out what sort of good advice she has been brainwashed to believe.  Maid can demand, negotiate nicely but not showing you the attitude of Employer owes her a great deal!  Having activists will not benefit employers who are already nice to their FDWs.  When employers are too nice, maids take advantage and do not show appreciation.... thinking we owe them a life better than in source country and entitled to stand on par with her employer or foreign talents.  They became spoilt brats, rotten apples!

Read my related posts here and here.

Photo: In this article, it is revealed that when MOM receives complaints about migrant domestic workers from ex-employers, it would inform the worker's prospective employer, and s/he has to sign a statement acknowledging awareness of such a complaint, before they are allowed to hire her. MOM will even provide the phone number of the ex employer for the prospective employer to find out what that complaint is. 

This is wrong and unfair to the domestic worker. In the employment market, employers may ask employees to provide the contact details of their ex employers to perform background checks. But the government never gets involved in this. So, why are domestic workers being singled out for such a discriminatory practice?
HOME:  In this article, it is revealed that when MOM receives complaints about migrant domestic workers from ex-employers, it would inform the worker's prospective employer, and she has to sign a statement acknowledging awareness of such a complaint, before they are allowed to hire her. MOM will even provide the phone number of the ex employer for the prospective employer to find out what that complaint is. 

This is wrong and unfair to the domestic worker. In the employment market, employers may ask employees to provide the contact details of their ex employers to perform background checks. But the government never gets involved in this. So, why are domestic workers being singled out for such a discriminatory practice?

Juvy Flaviano Dacanay:  Yes,very unfair..now also MOM agree to see fdw employment history.if fdw have many past employer and never finished contract,agency will use this against fdw.

Alejandro Ruizdelacuesta:  Unbelievable. Just one more way for the government to show that they consider migrant workers as second or third class citizens. Why don't they do the same thing with the local employees???

Eyda Bohol Sabalo:  Oh my what the world is doing!many cases happen tt helpers and employers cant work together,same thing happens to big or small companies,not all fdw's are rresponsible and lack of education,some employers have attitude problems too proven there r maids tt suffers insufficient food and sleep even abused,i think this is not a good way if this is to be implemented,sad

Judy Zhou:  I do believe complaints are not about helpers having boyfriends ... but about them bringing boyfriends to the employers homes....
As for stealing well nobody wants a dishonest employee .. foreign or local
As for complaints about hitting children ...that should be given the benefit of a doubt

HOME:  But it has to be acknowledged that these allegations cannot be verified and there is no mechanism to do so. Nothing can stop the employer from making false claims to spite a worker.
(Winter: Precisely, can't verify!  That's way FDWs get from bad to worse because not every employer is on standby to capture maid in action.  No all employers installed CCTVs to gather evidence.  You thought all employers want to spend money to hire private detectives or install CCTVs?  Please stop your nonsense and over protection of errant FDWs.  FDW is here to work as maid not find boyfriends or have sexual pleasure at her employer's expense.  Such acts shouldn't be an excuse to be treated like a human being!)

Thoto Ron RecaidoL  Its very unfair...if fdw has mistakes theres a lot of complaint frim employer. ..so what mom do for those liar employers and changing of maids 3 to 5 times??? Is there any justice for fdw???

Ai Se Jacob:  Yes in this country racial descrimination is totally high with support of greedy agencies the MOM here never heard the truth no action to be done if fdw is the one who complain ,most singaporian think that we fdw are the lowest paid worker in their country so what we are the one who make your house called home because without your efficient or your slave maid your house will never look like home a little mistake should not be a big issue cause

Leonor Padillo Itong:   The fact most employer saw only the helper fault but didn't see what a gud things the helper do!!!everything complain so better no need to take helper lah,less worry,do take care ur own house @ own children!!! That's it simple!

Gina Tubo DelaFuente:   I have three feedbacks to the MOM from my first employer..but at the end of the day my 2nd and 3rd employer dont believe them,.now I'm working peacefully for my 3rd employer,.initially MoM rejected my application to transfer but my current employer filed an appeal to the MoM and it is approved,.liar employers wont win..

Rose Rabano Talledo:   For ex.if the rate of money is the same nobody come here to suffer on you .no maid in sg what do u think.must have consideration patient understand etc.dont always think your side your money money hello wake up maam sir you r human also.

Kitty Aye Mar Mar:   It is very unfair. Most of the case happened here is employer is not following mom´s rules such as not privided enough food, no off days, not allowed to contact with her parents in native, and asked her to do a few houses, more over sexual/physical abuse and raped etc. And they pay helper with S$1 , but expect to work with S10 value. Never patient, likes to treat as their slave. So MOM supposed to be fair to both sides. Agents to work their job properly and fairly between employers and helpers. MOM to listen both sides. And as per the previous records, MOM knows well who mostly aboused the girls. Those girls made bad to employers is very little percentage.

Robin Da:   The agencies are blood sucker of the maid ... They charge the maids unrealisticly high ... They don't have time to listen or even bother to listen to the maids problem once they are out of the agency to employer house... ...
If the maid is not comfortable with the employer their should be a law to change employer ... Because living under one roof ... 24/7 it is most important that the employee and the employer Should be comfortable with each other ... Maid job is the toughest job ... It's a big sacrifice For the maid to give up her freedom to live as a normal human being ...24 / 7 ... There are lots good Singaporean employer who treats their maid as their own family member ... But many are not ...

Ma Mae Becite:  True some of the maid bringing their bf in the haus of their boss even me I can prove or witnes it too.
Coz.it already happened here n my neighbor. ..haha...a cuople if weeks they're stays together cis ger boss are not around..

Mercy Esmeralda:   Mistake of one shouln't be a mistake of all.. then why they put it into.general?
Singapore...how does this apply to how you treat FDW here?

Bhlue Thibzky Neoh Not fair at all!! How about all the maids will do the same, before that employer can employ a new helper,the prospect nxt helper have to talk to the previouse helper first and ask everything like what they do and how they treat her. Will all the employer will agree? I'm sure they won't like it!

Dealing with a new generation of maids, The Straits Times18 Mar 2014

Better pay, a day off every week, and even free access to Wi-Fi – the demands of foreign maids today are a far cry from when Singapore first opened its doors to them some three decades ago.

While an impoverished situation in their home country and a strong Singapore dollar remain the main push and pull factors, maids from the Philippines, Indonesia and even Cambodia now also want an enriching time for themselves while working here.

But while their needs are changing, some Singapore employers seem to be stuck in the past. This puts them in conflict with maids asking for better employment terms and more personal freedom.  The result has been more maids terminating standard two-year contracts early and changing employers.

According to figures from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), close to six in 10 maids placed by agencies between February 2011 and February last year stayed with the same employer for less than a year.  Singapore agents and maids – there are more than 214,500 here now compared with fewer than 100,000 three decades ago – say it is time for employers here to change their mindsets.

The increasing level of education of maids – most have completed secondary education compared with just primary school 30 years ago – means they are more aware of their rights, and are ready to push for them.  A law providing rest days for maids came into effect on Jan 1 last year. All maids hired or who have their work permits renewed from that date must receive a day off each week, or pay in lieu.

Maids whom The Straits Times spoke to described how much they looked forward to Sundays, when they can socialise with their friends and take a breather.  They admit that when bosses are not willing to offer them rest days, they prefer to look for a more accommodating employer.

Yet, many employers still prefer to pay extra money rather than allow their maids to work on their weekly rest days. Employers have to shell out about $70 a month, on top of the basic pay of about $450, to get maids to work on rest days. Many employers with elderly family members or young children will pay extra, as they find it hard to cope without their maid’s help.

But employers can start off by negotiating with their maids for a monthly day off instead of a weekly one. Or, if the maids are needed on weekends, a day off on weekdays can be offered instead.

Some employers also worry that maids will fall into bad company on their days off and run away, putting them at risk of losing the $5,000 security bond.  But maids say employers do not have to worry about runaways if they are treated well.

Some even express disappointment that their employers do not trust them enough even after working for them for years.  “My employer thinks I will meet bad friends when I go out. But why would I want to find trouble? I am here to work and earn money,” said 32-year-old Indonesian Purwati, who was given a monthly day off only after working for four years.

Another point of contention is Internet access. Some employers see it as a distraction, and will not share their home’s Wi-Fi password with their maids.  Many maids own smartphones and spend up to $50 a month out of their own pockets to top up their pre-paid cards. But a recent Straits Times report showed more and more foreign workers rely on online means to keep in touch with friends and family at home.

Indonesia’s capital Jakarta is also known as “Twitter city”, thanks to the proliferation of mobile phones.  Some agents interviewed say they know of maids who will give up their days off in exchange for free Internet access.

They suggest that employers can first observe their maids’ work attitude for a few months. If the maids are responsible, employers can offer them the home’s Wi-Fi password as a gesture of appreciation.  Given that most maids do not complete their two-year contracts, the reality is that employers have to contend with domestic workers who request for a change of employers.

In this employment climate, agents suggest that employers protect themselves by scrutinising their contracts, and by going for reputable agencies.  Cheap agency fees of as low as $300 may be tempting, but some agents note that low agency fees just mean the agents are recouping the placement fee from the maids themselves – and this can be as high as $4,000.

This means a longer repayment period for maids, and some can go for as long as eight months without any of their monthly salary of about $450 ending up in their own pockets.  These maids can get discouraged and end up quitting.

Another reason employers should be careful about engaging agents who charge low fees is because they often do not offer a refund on the placement fee.  This charge is usually paid upfront by employers on behalf of the maid if she decides to terminate her contract during the loan repayment period.

In short, employers must go through the terms and fine print of the service contracts with their agents to protect themselves.  But beyond safeguarding their own interests, employers should also consider how they can make working in Singapore more enjoyable for their maids.

A balance has to be struck between employers’ expectations and the needs of their maids.

Otherwise, more maids will break their contracts, while employers end up paying more money to hire new ones and train them.

11 Oct - FDWs nowadays get much higher salary, better welfare and more people to pity them but they are still not pleased. Look at their Facebook comments and their expectation on job websites, some asked for live-out, knowing it is illegal for Spore FDWs. Why are maids so arrogant and demanding? Because expatriates (the westerners) spoilt the market or activists brain-washed and fed FDWs with wrong info?

Is this how you use human rights as a tool? It is a tool for you to freely attack people, although it is wrong, based on Spore context?

Is it correct to disregard the existing law in the host country? Showing no respect to the governing country is what a normal human being should behave? Every country has its own terms and conditions yet FDWs are trying to bend them in order to suit them. Do you, as a full-time employee, tell your company or supervisor that you want this and that so that you'll feel happy with your job? Is this how you feel being treated like human, able to voice, bargain and inflict 'injury' on your employers? It is correct to ask your company tweak its policies to fit your needs? If you didn't ask your company to accomodate your unreasonable demands, what make maids so special, must be treated well and let them live far better than their employer? If cannot take 'hardship', stay in source country. Don't whine in Spore!

25 Sep
HOME LEAVE, the Expat way, usually takes place in Dec.
Definitely not the usual practice for locals.

Did maids show appreciation when they are given paid long leave by Expatriates? Expats spoilt the market and what did they get in return? Demanding and ungrateful FDWs (see pictures that I screenshot from Expat forum)! How to believe being nice, your FDW will perform better and treat you nicer? When lousy and demanding maids are being kicked out, they cook up stories that made them employable. They even boosted how good they are ... LIES and some have recommendation letters that were falsified. During interviews, who will tell employers they want night life or moonlight? Who will tell you she has been kicked due to lies or bad conduct? It is wrong to lie and get a job. FDWs want employer to treat you nicely, you should show employers respect (the most basic you should give to the person who paid for your services as per market rate) and behave like a trustworthy helper.

By the way, when you show respect to your FDW, it doesn't mean you need to please her eg FDW tells you she wants her nights out. Why can't FDW adjust herself to her employer and family's lifestyle as well as usual habits? Why we need to change to make FDW happy? FDW is here to work, BE YOUR helper, not become a VIP guest or a princess. Expats tend to spoil FDWs, gave themselves and maid's next employer (an unknown victim) a tough life.

Or, FDW wants to take paid advance home leave and exceeded the usual 2 weeks practice. By not agreeing, you are acting according to MOM's law. All FDWs must live-in, maids are not suppose to stay out. 2nd: employers are fully responsible for their FDWs. 3rd: only FDW who has completed 2 years of service with the same employer, renewing contract is entitled to paid home leave and return air ticket. 4th: don't spoil the local market and insist on doing something with great difference, eg using sickening human rights or show respect to maid as an excuse. Think about other employers, don't be so selfish.

By showing basic respect to employers, do not create a fuss if they have CCTVs. You create a fuss if the CCTV is installed in the toilet. If it is in a room given to FDW, as long as employers have informed you, I don't see a reason why FDW should create headache to an employer who is honest. Just don't undress in the room, don't sleep naked, don't do anything wrong, don't bring man into the house/room or hog on your mobile during working hours, what's there to be afraid? Just do your job well, what's so difficult? CCTV cameras are deterrent. Therefore, FDW ought to think twice before she does monkey business or steal, etc.

23 Aug - How do you manage a demanding maid?
Can you work with a helper who is highly paid yet couldn't act as a good helper ... a person with a heart to help you, do the chores, lessen your 'load' ?
Can you stand a maid who assumes she is the boss of the household?
An experience FDW has problem, new maids too. They learnt what benefits them most, their so-call rights and not how to accept our culture, lifestyle, how to work well with employers and families.

Their favourite accusations are they are exploited, underpaid, treated like slave, not well fed, can't use mobile 24/7 (as and when they felt like it) .... etc. Underpaid? How does one define underpaid? Each maid voluntarily agrees to work for a specified salary (usually determined by maid agencies) so how is she underpaid? If salary is low, why come to Spore? The terms were stated in the contract. I am sure maids don't have mental or eyes problem. How did the word slave came about when maid gets off days, fixed monthly salary, insurance, 3 main meals, accommodation, etc?

Maids are not slaves and surely not chattles. So when people/activists kept using this crazy description 'slave', he or she is having prejudice, outdated and living in his/her own world. Yes, there are some employers who abused their maids but not most. The media loves to magnify bad employers and keep low or hide news about maids who abused children, elderly, bad attitude or did something bad to their employers. No maid would allow herself to become slave..... she'll not hesitate to ask for a transfer (look at the retain rate and the duration of each employment), complain to MOM, run to embassy or agency .... so are there any real slaves in Spore? Did they lose the rights to find a dream job at the expense of their employers? If you have eyes, a working brain and a heart to be fair to employers, you can see the truth.... total lies and illusion created by maids and activits.... not forgetting our MOM played a part in making us miserable and nowhere to cry for help/fairness!

Exploitation is a term that is used erroneously and purposefully to incite emotions and biases - it carries no logical or rational information but is just a loaded word to stir emotions that overwhelms logical thought.... maids are so gullible to believe this is part of human rights, the rights to be defined as human beings and kept giving employers headaches ... fighting for something they are not suppose or won't be getting as FDW. Some people stubbornly felt not giving maid off day is exploitation, regardless how well employer has treated her or given compensation in-lieu.

Ask yourself how do you define exploitation - paying maid lesser for something than she is willing to perform or too princess to carry out? Maids knew their salary are doubled or tripled of what they could get in their homeland as a professional such as engineer, nurse, etc... excluding living expenses. Which professional in Philippines or Indonesia gets S$450 to 650 each month and need not pay transport (to and fro work place), 3 meals, insurance, clothes, etc .... which we classfied as living expenses? FDWs knew you're housed in your respective employers' house (rain or shine, most of you are in good hands) and enjoy live-in terms. How much you want to spend is up to do ... you can save a lot if you don't spend too much on top up cards or buy expensive stuff eg hi-end mobile phone. The reality is clear and simple. The maids voluntarily agreed to work for wages and benefits outlined in their contracts. Just because Westerners or some good-life people think the work is tough or poorly paid FDW (using their country's living standard and wage scale) it does not mean such terms should not be allowed in Spore.

Am I not right to say modern FDWs are just demanding and going overboard?
If you work in a company, do you tell your boss to treat you on par and give you equal entitlement/status? He/She could be more highly educated than you, have more professional experience and/or born & fed with a golden spoon.

Are you in a right mind to say you deserve similiar things your boss has? Don't you find such person greedy, unrealistic and selfish? You can find another job, be it in Spore on YOUR OWN COUNTRY and see whether you'll be on par as the boss. As long as you've accepted a job as FDW, there is no way you can become the boss!

You want something, you work hard for it. This is common sense yet maids behaved like spolit brats! If you're financially solid, you can straightway become a boss. Of course if you are that rich, you wouldn't fly and accept the harsh terms as Maids/FDWs.

It is in MOM guideline to compensate maid based on daily salary. Certain Facebook maid is trying to create more unhappiness by stating to work on Sundays/off days/Public Holidays, maid should be paid overtime, which is double ie, at least $40 per day. Give FDW an inch, they want one feet. Fought for off days, now trying to ask for higher pay. They claimed they needed a weekly break. They are humans, need a good rest. Now, it seemed like money is what maids are eventually running after. Unable to rest well and mix with friends is fine. So if really paid 1.5 or 2.0 rate, are they going to perform well? Double well or just do 50% work?

A maid was pregnant but chose to endure and finish her contract. She lost her baby while delivering her chores. How can a maid stay in Spore to do easy tasks due to her long-waited pregnancy and expects the employer to do all the manual work or share part of her workload? Otherwise, hire another maid to assist that pregnant maid? Is there such a logic? Will our sickening and compassionate/pro-maid MOM tweaks its policy for the benefit of FDWs?

This maid who manages a Facebook page related to maids having a tough time in Spore said that "The real devil is the law which prevent people from doing a God given human right - to have children. How can this law exist and people accept it as correct law? You may blame my sister maid, but the real devil cause all this, is we allow this type of law to exist. Who care about why the law exist? Is it exist for some people's convenience? well, how convenient also, it is illegal law if it goes against human right, to have child. we don't even need government to pay for child, but they say `no children'?"

One of the commenters posted this which I totally agree "Planning a baby must be careful specially you are a helper. Everything is your job. Unless you have employer very understanding and they care for you and your pregnancy. Use always your brain when you are carrying a baby;you are not alone to have breathing,both two of you has precious life. (We don't blame the law no matter what happen,it is you;is you are the one who make your life in danger with the fetus) You could not able to blame your employer as well,because you are under of contract and you should know your status to your employer."

Just another selfish action or unrealistic mindset of maids pushing the blame to others. Maids knew the working terms & conditions as FDW in Spore yet trying to twist the law to their advantage (in the name of human rights), expect employers to bear or share their problems. This is insane! Nowadays, maids are selfish and capable of getting a lot more than what they deserve. Gave them a bit they want more. So hard to satisfy their big appetite. They cannot differentiate themselves as FDWs (housed at employer's premises) and are not covered by Employment Act .... means cannot be pregnant and enjoy pregnancy in Spore as maid.

So convenient to get employers in bad state and put them thru unnecessary stress and financial losses. Maids knew employers are not protected by MOM so dared to do such thing, we're the easiest targets, the best spot for finger pointing .... a perfect loophole for maid to achieve dirty tricks. Obviously, a maid's fault but cunning Facebook maids viewed in another angle, an angle that is piercing the employers! Is this fair to another human being? Is this how you treat another human whom you called employer, engaged you for your services and paid you as per market rate?

Maids like to compare (so do I but I know my limits and my actual value) and refused to be at losing end. What her friends or other FDWs have, she felt it is part of a FDW's entitlement in Spore... a norm. She felt those are necessary, a must and should be across the island .... employer must give these 'basics'. Otherwise, she will boycott, give bad attitude and/or give employer a tough life. Maids chose to ignore the terms of their contracts and MOM's law. Take for example, when I interviewed my current maid, I stressed my conditions to employ her was that she cannot use her mobile phone 24/7. She agreed with her agency acting as witness. There's no such thing as being forced to agree. Obviously, I've respected her as human being, didn't cheat her so expected her to behave like a working adult and honour her words ... be fair to both and truly accepted my 'harsh conditions' for 2 years. If she felt uneasy, don't come to my house. My house is not a testing ground. I cannot afford the time to train and money spent to recruit her... a liar.

I was very clear and quite relunctant to have JA when she accepted my conditions. After conversation with agent to remind and explain to JA my conditions, also the needs of my girl so JA must think carefully before making a final decision. But Day one, the day JA officially started work, she requested full access to her phone. Few months later, she saw my sister-in-law's new maid (Filipino with no off days) toying her mobile phone in the day, she said new maid can have, why not her?

All I wanted is a helper, somebody who knew my terms and conditions and will deliver them without so much resistance or problems after onboarding. There are so many employers in Spore, if you're good and your demands are reasonable, I don't see a reason why you'll be left on the shelf.... landing in my house, a place of no choice.... unbelievable!

3 maids, Zar (Myanmar), Mega (Indonesia) and 'I' (could be a FB net savvy Filipino).

One of the FDW's employer bought maid a brand new HTC handphone, gets to use employer's PC/laptop whenever she need .... "Mega and Zar they are new maids and they speak english really well even only they stay in Singapore for not so long. For them, handphone is very easy to use, and their employer buy for them Samsung and HTC phones. Mega always use the Berry but last week, she change to the new HTC her employer buy for her. Now she can do many more things, last time her Berry she has to pay more to message her family but now, she can use the house Wifi to whatsapp and it is easier."

"We also thankful for our employer to give us WiFi, we save a lot of money no need to buy data card. They never need to teach us, if we don't know, we call our friends, they will teach. We learn everything from each other also."

"I now will buy a new tablet when come the computer show, because phone watch movie is quite small. Maybe Note 2 is also nice but it is not cheap because we have to buy no contract. Tablet can use Wifi is enough because only $200 so maybe we will buy tablet."

"I hope more employer give phone and computer to maid, or maybe just give Wifi we can buy our own phone or tablet. Because we are so happy so happy. The work is hard, but if we can in touch with our honey, friends and family so easy and free......"

FDWs forgot their purpose to leave their beloved families and travel so far is to earn more money. They ended up too engrossed in fighting for their 'rights/benefits' and forgot to be appreciative 惜福 自重 认清自己的条件并没有过人的能力或学历. What they are having is a lot better than last year. They are blinded by greed. Their heart became black and mind corroded due to bad influences.


  1. Maids, pls don't come here to sponge on employers. Employers don't owe you a living. We are all humans. If you want something, you work for it. If the employer is no good, don't pretend to be helpless. You can choose to go back and pay agency fee again. Same thing, if maid is no good, employers can send her back and pay agency fee. As much heartache as it costs maids to pay agency fee, it is the same for employers when they have to change a lousy maid.To make things fair, maids should not be allowed to changr more than 4 employers in a year

  2. Copied from Forum, Posted by Trisha26
    I too am a working mommy and been trying to give as much convenience to my FDW but only to be told that I have not given her enough.

    I gave her internet access, time to rest, no demanding any level of cleanliness at home, give her money to buy her own food, increased her salary by $100 in one year, buy her personal stuff, let her have the freedom to watch tv, she has her own room, she can eat whatever she likes, let her use phone even during working hours and so much more. She told me stuff about her ex employer and now I personally met her ex employer through a friend and I was told none of what she said were true.

    I have been wondering how to give feedback to MOM about my FDW because now, so many headache. Demanding her salary to be increased to S$800 when I just increased it to S$600 last january. Wants all her gadgets to have wifi access. Doesn't take care of my children well. Has a bangla bf. Doesn't listen to my simple instructions.

  3. Lying is a virtue for maid?

    Finding a suitable transfer maid

    Maid's (FDW) negligence

    FDWs terminating contracts without penalty

  4. Every request from my ex-maid from monetary loan to time off, I have granted them. Recently I have gotten a new maid who agree not to take off days. I thought I'm lucky to have maid that is willing to work without offdays. 2 days back, she told me that she fall in love and she met this man in the bus when on the way to pick my boy from school. I thank her for telling me the truth but she requested to take time off to meet that man. I did not agree upon but now she insisted that she want off days as per MOM guidelines. She asked me how about her happiness. When foreign helper decided to go oversea to look for job, don't they have consider that they need to sacrifice things like missing their family members and friends? Do they go overses to find happiness or need high salary? Employers have new roles to undertake?

    I hope MOM could seriously consider the citizens welfare. Don't make it look like we owe maid happiness and probably a marriage to live happily everafter.

  5. Common reasons for ex-Sin maid asking to leave:

    1. House too big/garden too big/too many trees & plants to water and fertilise/ too many toilets/beds to make - YET you pay too little and refuse to hire 2 helpers
    2. Too many cars to wash
    3. Too many kids/occupants in the household that wear uniforms and office shirts (Ironing!)
    4. Elderly / handicapped occupants (extra effort)
    5. Stay-at-home M'am / MIL / Mom to watch her 24/7
    6. Living environment not up to mark compared to previous master - sleep in living room/sleep with children/sleep in stuffy storeroom or bomb shelter/not allowed to watch tv/borrow your WIFI/use HP during working hours
    7. Food rationing (not as generous as previous owner)
    8. Language barrier (cannot communicate dialect with elderly supervisors at home)
    9. Bratty children who leave toys/books lying around always or who like to bully her.
    10.Fussy masters with OCD/bad temper or miserly masters who make her collect rainwater to wash toilet or forbid her from washing dishes under running tap
    11. Need to travel to/fro in laws/parents place daily with the toddler/infant (ends up serving the other household and getting scolded by old folks)
    12. No chance to go wet market/supermarket/shopping mall/restaurants with M'am cos masters always buy on weekends without her - no freedom/no breather - like being imprisoned.
    13.Regrets not requesting for weekly time-off in lieu of pay (feels stifled in your small flat)
    14. House too tiny - feels claustrophic and under watch by you 24/7
    15. House too tiny and clean - feels paiseh cos nothing to keep her gainfully employed, instead makes her feel like she's idling and redundant
    16. All kids are in Full-Day Childcare Centre/Student Care - feels redundant and keeps ironing for 2 straight hours to pretend to look occupied
    17. All kids are old enough - feels redundant
    18. Cannot cook your type of dishes/worse, forever gets criticised for her cooking by an elderly domestic goddess stationed at home
    19. Asked by master to supervise young kids' tingxie/spelling/homework which is outside her jobscope.
    20. You have too many pets at home that take up a lot of her rest time.
    21. You have installed CCTVs all over your premises and she feels she has no privacy.
    22. You throw too many house parties and bbq every week that tire her out.
    23. She is not allowed to pray after working hours in her room.

    Most ex-Sin Indon maids aspire to work for expats for higher income and less work/better welfare, compared to locals living in bigger houses/cramped public housing.

    I had 1 filipino helper who asked to leave after 6 mths. Another filipino wanted out on Day 3.


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