18 Nov 2013

What Maids did? Part 3

28 year old maid charged with murder of 16 year old girl, YahooNews, 14 Nov

The Indonesian domestic helper arrested at the scene of the Tampines murder has been charged with murder, according to media reports.

The Straits Times said that the charge was read out to her Friday afternoon at the Institute of Mental Health, where she was sent for psychiatric evaluation. She will be moved to Changi's Women Prison later in the day.

On Thursday afternoon at about 1 PM, 16-year-old girl was found dead Thursday in a Tampines flat. Police have classified it as a murder case.

Police said that a 28-year-old domestic helper has been arrested in connection with the incident.

The Straits Times reported that the girl apparently had two stab wounds to the front of the torso area and that the woman who was arrested was understood to be the maid.

A female neighbor that spoke to the broadsheet said that shrieks were heard coming from the flat at 856B Tampines Street 82 at around 12pm. A spokesperson from the Singapore Civil Defence Force said that they received a call for assistance at 1pm. Upon arrival, paramedics pronounced the female individual dead at the scene.

------There are thumbs up, there are people who are displeased with above comment.

Who are these people who felt life of a maid is more valuable than employer and family?
Is this what Employers should get for not providing good food? Maids are too demanding and pampered in Spore? Unable to adjust or refuse to accept the culture and lifestyle of her employer?
Who are the people who felt employer must have done something bad/bullied (starving, ill-treating FDW) and deserved to be punished … by inflicting injury or stab somebody, an innocent girl?
Who have been siding and protecting the domestic maids in Spore and purposely ignored the pleas or cry for more justice and fairness to employers and families? Have our interest been short-changed?

Maid did something bad and employers should keep quiet or give this person another chance to work in Spore? FDW could be too stressed or forced to be bad? Somebody commented “A lot of these maids come from countries with a higher power distance index then ours. Thus, when bullied, they are less likely to stand up for themselves, which in the long term, may lead to lost of self esteem and so on and so forth, which may then lead to other undesirable social effects including stealing, lying, child abuse and so on and so forth.”

ARTY • If the maid is found to be mentally unstable, who's going to take responsibility for this? The maid agency which charged big bucks to bring her in? The authorities must look into and specify the exact duty and obligations of the maid agencies. There should be some mental and physical screening as to who is suitable for this job. Currently, anyone who wants to become a maid qualifies with the exception of the age criteria which a lot are known to abuse as well. There has to be some protection for the employers and their rights.

Wan • What is striking is after about 40 years of allowing households to employ maids, MOM who had been and are still collecting levies have not done anything significant to improve the employer-maid working relationship and understanding, improve the quality of maids, improve the domestic helper life, educate household on expectation, etc. It the best business model. Collect revenue with almost 95% profit, 5% for admin to register and collect levies. Do nothing. Anything goes wrong, employers pay for it and just dispatch the problem (I mean maids) back home. Nothing to do with them.

Chrysan • This is a very sad case that could have been avoided. My family has a long history of employing domestic helpers; some good and some not-too-good. We cannot judge them by our own standard as most of them are from a 'backward background'. It takes quite a bit of patience during the first few months of training and adjustment. It seems that although the maids do not mind being corrected, they do mind being scolded and some may even harbour resentment towards the employers if constantly being reprimanded. Good or bad, we must treat our helpers well while they are still in our employment. Usually things would work out eventually; if not, there are always other choices.

Annuar • Our S'pore PAP Govt has been considerate to but not amounting to being lenient, towards foreign domestic helpers running foul of the law, specifically on committing MURDER against their employer.
This is a good thing. One wrong doesn't correct another (wrong doing). A life is a life after all. Treasure every single life there is.
S'pore is already so short of life(s, lives, etc.) that we have to import and bunch it up to 6.9M otherwise the nation would shrink and collapse eventually.

Eugene • Even a 16 years old girl was murder by maid, what about the baby? Parent need to work to support the family, who take care of the kids even maids are not liable?

A Yahoo User • If you want to employ an Indonesia maid.... take heavy risk. They don't understand our culture, children behaviour and day to day needs. Our children are like diamond in the sky and their children are like rock underground. Ask them to do this and that...their reply is YES Mam. In reality nothing was done. This is because of communication. They are told during orientation by the agency just to answer YES whether understood the question or not at all. Having maid is just like playing BLACK JACK. A pic card with an ace that is what we need. But a picture card with a nos 4... good luck. Try to get nos between 4 to 7. Any nos 8 and above.. wantan. Very few maids are good. This is because the employers trained and supervises them during their contract period. Never leave them alone at home with the child.

Tiger Balm • if you invite a stranger into your home, you better take care of your belongings, and also how you treat that person... so many times we see cases of maid abuses and running away because employers treat them like animals... one day they will break like in this case... but if it is a case of mental problems, then it will be difficult to find out unless the authorities enforce more layers of checks like mental and physical checks?

WAHE • if the maid is being transfer the new employer, the new employer should allow to speak to the previous employer to find out what is the maid's problem.. because the maid agency lie to new employer about the reason by the X-employer does want her. some maid do have mental problems and some does not want to work but are force to and they take it out on the kids or the old folks.
I had maid once, will just stare at outside like into daze when I call her she look at me as tho she want to kill me.. it worried me so I send her back and was transfer to another house.. I feel sad for those who will employ her.
hope some one can look into this and allow us to inform someone so there can be some records of the maids.

Christina • seI was tortured by my in-laws maid until I moved out. My own maid abused and molested my infant daughter. What is MOM doing about these maids they are given privileges. Even days off. When they make a complaint we are scrutenized. As Singaporeans we are told to have kids but we are also working parents. The Agents on the other hand provide us with maids that do not know how to work and we need to teach them from scratch but on their resume says they know everything. What are the Ministers and MOM doing about this? Do they scrutenise and find out if the maid is ok or know what they are doing? We pay high pay to maids but they do not know any work and we have to train them. How about the maids mental status? Today a girl has lost her life. As a parent I can understand the grief her parents feel. Can MOM replace the parents with another child? MOM has to implement stricter measures. My sincere condolences and Sympathy to the Parents of the girl.

Maid steals clothes from employer's dead mother and poses for pictures in them STOMP, 20 October 2013

A maid apparently stole clothes, branded bags, an iPad, house keys, and cash from STOMPer Wendy's late mother, and even posted pictures of herself wearing the clothes on facebook. The maid was sent home following several thefts, and Wendy discovered the maid had also stolen and worn her late mother's kebaya after seeing pictures on facebook of the maid posing in the kebaya.

"My former maid (left in picture, in green kebaya) stole my late mother's kebayas for herself and a friend, and boldly posted pictures of them wearing the kebayas on Facebook while still in my employment! "I only discovered this after I terminated her service and she went home after a string of thefts and bad behaviour issues.

"This maid also stole my late mother's branded bags, iPad, house keys and cash! Wendy adds that the maid had expressed an intention to return to Singapore soon, and will be investigated by the police and MOM if she does so. "She expressed an intention to come back to Singapore soon.

"The police and MOM will conduct further investigations when she comes back to Singapore. "There is already an employment ban placed on her, but she can still be allowed into Singapore on a social visit pass."

13 Oct - 29 years old Indonesian maid suspected to fall from 4th floor. She tried to leave employer's house using a self made towels rope. Maid worked for only a week, recruited to care for the employer's mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Employers are happy with maid’s performance and don’t know why maid wants to runaway. It was reported this Indonesian maid had stolen a phone which belongs to the employer.

Maids, your safety is in your hands. Employers are not responsible for any mishap because you do not value your life. Don't be so naive and irresponsible. Think about your family if you're gone forever. Employers are not your nannies so don't make others be responsible for your action, as well as costs you've incurred!

When maid fell, fingers will be pointing at the employers.

When citizens fell from HDB window, HDB and our govt are not at fault. The dead person is careless and case close.

Read: Woman fall dead while doing laundry

We are human beings too but are we treated fairly? If maids cannot take hardship, want to be treated like a princess, why fly to Spore? You want a good income, you've to work hard and this applies to all employee. You are not a monkey (climb) nor a bird (fly). I am sure employer won't mind letting an unhappy FDW go away if maid agency returns whatever they have spent on you ... or at least return 90% recruitment costs. How to get out easily and happily, I think maids in Spore can consider pressing MOM ... you're the jewels in many people's eyes. Also, many people can't bear to see damsels in distress and get employers into deep shit.

All these fears and problems are related to maid loan. Employers are being blackmailed by maid agency and the service contract.

25 Sep - This is the result of unfair MOM policy. There's no cap on employer's medical liability based on insurance purchased. We are merely a salaried person cum employer, a full-time working employee, didn't own a company or earning as much as PM Lee. If FDW is really unwell or unable to work, she should be sent home and not remain in Spore. If anybody disagrees and think FDW is so poor thing, I'd like to know if this is your maid, are you paying S$93,000? Who should be defined as poor thing? Of course it is the FDW's employer!

This illness which probably is hereditary and certainly not due to an injury sustained at work so employer shouldn't be made responsible for the costs. Do all employers (companies) in Singapore pay for ALL its employee's medical expenses? Of course not, there are terms and conditions. Alternatively, look at your own medical insurance, there are also claim limits. There's no such thing as buying a medical insurance and expect the policy to cover everything. This is insane but MOM doesn't want to do something to stop employers from 'bleeding' unnecessarily. Should her country's government be aiding maid's treatment? Or the activists such as HOME help this maid? You want to play angels and talk a lot on humanity, this is the right time to show you care for the 'less fortunate' ... don't talk or comment just for show!

25 Sep - Expat's maid wants to moonlight. FDW felt she has the rights to have her nights out.
I agree with one of the Expat "you need to assess your own role before firing her for doing what you allowed her to do in the past... you were a kindly, soft-hearted push-over - accept it, change it and move on."

Above expat added "On the holiday she had a 24/7 internet connection on an iphone which i had given to her to stay connected with her friends & family via fb or skype. Secondly everyday 8pm she goes to her room & we dont call her for any work. Thirdly after giving a few interviews, she has understood that she doesnt wanna quit my job anymore. I have not decided anything yet though!

I know all maids are ob their phone when the employer is not around but its the lie & the confidence with which she lied bothered me more! Moreover i dont think by allowing night outs she wont feel robotic!"

Maid who argues a lot and a liar.

Maid busy talking and endangered child's life. Boy was standing in the middle of the road. Wanbao, 30 Sep

Maid used hot water to make milk for baby.

18 Sep - Hungry for love?
Is this how a human being behaves? Don't feel embarrassed?
Is this what our MOM/PAP wants to see ... the more the merrier, no need to pay for RA show? Live telecast and FREE! Hoping this kind of open style business concept can bring in more men to love you deeply?

Maids having ‘love’ at East Coast Park, Shin Min Daily News, 16 Sep 2013
Picture: From outside the tent, photographer could see quite clearly a maid with her boyfriend, they undressed and openly made love.

The public noticed that maids and male foreign workers are enjoying ‘LOVE’ at East Coast Park. Over the weekends, they put up tents, their "little love nest" to make love and destroy the serenity of the Park. This also spoilt family outings which include children who went to the Park.

Shin Min Daily News reporter who was present at the scene, saw one of the maids and workers getting ‘screwed’ in the tent. Maids used to be spotted in Orchard Road area but after knowing male foreign workers, they moved their nests to East Coast Park because having a tent is so much cheaper than paying for hostel or hotel. East Coast Park is a place for healthy fun, exercise and families/friends' bonding but ruined by these inconsiderate people.

Public parks are not private gardens for maids to seek love and affection. This is the main reason why employers are relunctant to give off days and rather compensate their maids for no off, hoping that lesser contact with the 'outside world', their maids will not misbehave, get bad influence or have boyfriends. It is not true that no off day maids won't be able to find boyfriends or get herself pregnant. Look at my recent posts, maids still managed to find love if they want to, employers unable to avoid totally... unless you cage her, don't let her bring your kids to school, can't go marketing alone, cannot run errands, etc. Also you need to lock your windows and doors so that she cannot meet neighbours. What about mobile phone? Keep from her ... 2 years? See, there's no bullet proof way. Maids want to be bad, you cannot stop her. It is up to individual maid to think of the consequences and the purpose of being a FDW. A good and really sensible FDW knows she is here to work and not to play hard and have fun at the expense of her employer. When you get a lousy maid, whatever you said that restricted her freedom or 'exercise her power of human rights', even though for her own good, she will auto shut her ears. It is clear, she has been brainwashed so what can you do to protect yourself .... not much because they have activists and MOM backing them and you (employers) have nobody, no big organisation nor ministers on our side.

17 Sep - Maids are smart. Don't think they are new and don't know the loopholes in Spore. She knows if she gets her employer to sack her, she could get a free ticket home - repatriation.

This maid wanted to quit by getting employer to sack her. Thus, 25-year old Myanmar maid invited a stranger, Bangladeshi man home from the street in the middle of the night . This alerted the police. Employer has employed maids for more than 40 years and this is the first time she encountered such an audacious maid.

16 Sep - Maids in Spore, this may happen to you if want to remain as a princess-FDW or your mind not fully tuned to do a real FDW job. Life is not always rosy, be it in your case or my case. If you need an income, you’ll change your behaviour, learn to adapt and be a good helper. If you can't have an easy job or job was mismatched, you can choose to pay your agency to find your 'dream job'. Just pay and pay your agency, maybe after paying agency fee ten times (as transfer maid), you'll get a dream job!

Also, Safety is in your hands, you need to know once your life is lost, you'll not see your dearest children and families.

Think before you act.
Don't be so naive and reckless.
Don't behave like a spolit child who just want fun.
Can't take hardship, you shouldn't come to Spore and thinking employers owe you a good life.

Filipino maid's death shrouded in mystery, 5 Apr 2013, The New Paper
Just two days after she arrived at her employer's home, she fell and died in hospital. The 24-year-old maid was found on the balcony of a fourth-storey unit, two floors below her employer's unit in Amaryllis Ville at Newton Road.

Gamale Apple Dayot's death was shrouded in mystery and the big question was why she had climbed out of the window. That question has remained since the incident on May 11 last year. On Tuesday, the coroner's court found that she had accidentally slipped and fallen on May 11 last year, seven days after arriving in Singapore.

State Coroner Imran Abdul Hamid put up several hypotheses for consideration as to why she could have climbed out of the window. The hypothesis to run away was ruled out as she was recommended by her own auntie, Lorena Mejos, 33, to work for the employer, whom Lorena had previously worked for. Besides, Gamale came to Singapore to work to ease her family's financial burden. She could have used the front door to run away since it was unlocked.

Gamale's diary had poems written in both English and Tagalog, with three possible significant entries. One of them was titled "Longing" in Tagalog, another entry on March 2 last year had the line "stress-shout-out" and one dated April 29 was titled "Bleeding Inside".

Lorena told the court that Gamale had taken a caregiver's course after she graduated from school. As part of on-the-job training, she worked at a home for the elderly. Just before she came to Singapore, she was working at the mall as a salesperson. Lorena also said that Gamale had looked after children for more than three years. She said: "She's very experienced with kids. That's why I recommended her to my previous employer, considering how she looked after the kids. She stayed at the lodging house of her maid agency, JDM Management Services, at Yishun until she was picked up by her employer on May 9 that year (2012).

Investigation showed that there were smudges on the metal railings of the employer's unit and the next door unit. This suggested that someone had held onto the railings while walking along the narrow ledge linking the two units. The court heard that Gamale, who is 1.6 metres tall, was believed to have climbed out of the 1.2 metres tall window. While holding onto the metal railings of her employer's unit on the sixth storey, she turned around and was facing the unit while she inched towards the left side to the next door unit on the same storey.

The pattern of the smudges also showed that Gamale could have been climbing downwards. The smudge stains disappeared at the fifth storey.

8 Sep - Maid steals money, steals mobile phone and steals man while the employer was not at home. Maid also cooked a 10-course delicious meal to reward herself.
54 years old tutor engaged maids to help her for the past 30 years. Within two years, she changed 11 maids. The more she changed, the worst she got. Employer has always think maids are her good helper but after getting maids of poor quality from different countries, she said maids are getting on her nerves and had greatly affected her daily life.

4 Sep - Give domestic maids mandatory off days, give maids the rights to mix and have boyfriends .... you'll see more of these boy-girl relationship problems which eventually became employers' problem. Not our fault yet we faced the music. Maids want off days, why can't they be more sensible and don't give employers or others headaches? Why enjoy life at the expense of others? Isn't this selfish? Is this how maid behaves and show you're a real human being? Can fight over men is just another example you've freedom and is not a slave nor a victim at the mercy of employers.
STOMP: Two domestic helpers were seen fighting with each other outside the SingPost Centre last Sunday (1 Sep), supposedly over a Bangladeshi man. STOMPer Francis, who came across a video of the incident, said: "Are these two Indonesia maids here to work or fight over a Bangladeshi man? "This incident happened last Sunday, near Paya Lebar MRT station.

"The conversation overheard was one of Indonesia maids asking for the handphone which might have contained evidence of the boyfriend posing for pictures with his girlfriend.

These are obtained from a motherhood thread talking about Myanmar maids. It may be about a particular nationality but do note that such problems and maids' attitude are getting more common. The starter of all these human rights or attitude problem, I will direct them to the filipino FDWs. They are better in English and hold themselves very high. They deliberately set bad examples and support bad habits such as lying. Filipino FDWs are often seen on Facebook bad mouthing employers or crying wolves. Maids claimed they are forced to behave and perform badly, it is the way they play back on employers who failed to make them happy. In their theory, Employers have the obligations to please them, treat them like princesses or Queens in the house. This is how they define as being happy working for you. To be treated like human beings, it is to be able to do things they please, no invading of their privacy, etc. They do not care what they are doing is unfair to their employers. They are not interested to know all these are not part of their contact. They cracked their brains to give their employers unnecessary stress and headaches, yet felt they are just slaves. Where on earth can you find a slave who can post on Facebook, chat on mobile, complain on the simplest matter, entitled to off days, paid a monthly salary, given live-in benefits, etc? Where can you find a slave who is entitled to home leave which includes returned air ticket and 15 days paid off?

Filipino FDWs want to manage their employers, feel superior or on par so have numerous ways to make their employers give in to all their nonsense. Filipino FDWs felt what they are advocating is correct, make full use the excuse "human rights" = alright to set bad examples and driving their employers to the walls eg make employers waste money and time to train them. Cunning FDWs influenced naive FDWs to think it is no big deal, perfectly correct to demand something not as per agreement, agency contract or MOM's rules and regulations. Filipino FDWs took the lead to fight for this and that. Myanmese are just learning from them. Filipino FDWs spend time finding loopholes and how to get lesser chores, yet higher salary and benefits. Readers don't need to rebuke, read all my posts, pictures, links and you have to admit I am not stating something baseless.
Open you heart to accept the fact FDWs of any nationality is capable of give employers hell. If MOM continues to side FDWs, source countries and their agencies, our lives will just get worst. It will push citizens who do not have other help to resign and stay home to nurture their children. Otherwise, don't give birth, don't find trouble for themselves. Spore (those holding power and pro-maid activists) is uncaring and not giving enough understanding to its full-time working women.

30 Aug - Fined for hiring maid as waitress, The Straits Times, 9 Aug 2013
A pub director who hired a maid to work as a waitress was on Tuesday fined $2,500. Abdul Hannan Mawar's company was also banned from hiring foreign workers. The Manpower Ministry (MOM) said this was the ninth case this year in which an employer was prosecuted for illegally hiring maids. Last year, 32 employers were convicted.

Investigations revealed that one of the maids would frequent the pub on her Sunday rest days. On one visit, she was asked by Abdul Hannan, 28, if she wanted to earn some extra income as a waitress. She agreed, and like the other maids, was paid between $30 and $40 for working on Sundays from 2 to 8pm.

Abdul Hannan, who could have been fined up to $15,000, or jailed for up to a year, or both, also admitted to abetting a fifth maid to work illegally by using her catering services. The maid who provided catering services paid a fine of $2,000 to settle her offence, while the rest were given a police warning. The maids will also be barred from working here after being deported.

21 Jul - Man breaks legs trying to catch maid who fell, 21 Jul 2013, AsiaOne

He is a cleaning supervisor from Malaysia. She was an Indonesian maid.
As foreigners working at Tanamera Crest condominium, they had smiled at each other and spoken briefly.  Then, on July 10, she fell into his arms in the worst way imaginable - she had plunged from the 14th storey and he had tried to catch her.

Though Mr Rozaimi Zainal (above), 36, managed to get his outstretched arms to her plummeting body, the impact sent him sprawling to the ground, shattering the bones in his left leg.  He was then pinned down by her lifeless body, unable to move until he was rescued.

When The New Paper visited Mr Rozaimi at Changi General Hospital (CGH) on Wednesday evening, he recalled the horrific incident.  He was at ground level when he saw the maid, who was working for a resident in the condominium at 6, Pari Dedap Walk, standing on a ledge at the highest floor of a block.  "She was standing there and she looked scared," he said.
"I shouted up at her, 'Don't jump! Don't jump!' Then she lay down on the ledge and rolled off."

Winter:  The maid or employer's name wasn't named.  It could be still under police and MOM investigation or the maid's fell was totally not due to employer's fault. 

If employer caused that maid to commit suicide, her/his name will surely be identified so that people can stone him/her and cause his/her family to suffer an unbearable ordeal.  Trust me, many people are waiting to seek justice for this Indonesian maid.  The first thing that crossed their minds would be, that maid was ill-treated by her employer.... the employer is a heartless baddie! 


Maid has over 700 'good friends' and enjoys posting sexy pictures on Facebook.

I need love, I am lonely - married maid in Spore, 13 Mar 2012, The New Paper
When her employers leave their condominium for work in the morning, Tara's heart beats faster. Because it is time to meet her boyfriend. Despite her employers not giving her a day off for fear that she will mix with bad company or find a boyfriend, the maid has found an admirer.

The 23-year-old Filipina, who declines to give her full name, says she is dating one of the condominium's security guards. "He works the night shift and we meet in the morning after my employers go to work," reveals Tara, who came to Singapore two years ago. Every morning, her employers send their two children to pre-school before going to work. She is then left alone at home with the kids' elderly grandmother.

Tara, who has to walk the dog and go to the market in the mornings, takes the opportunity to meet her boyfriend during that time. She believes her employers do not know about her boyfriend. On two occasions when the grandmother was not home, Tara even invited her boyfriend to her employers' three-bedroom condominium unit.

"I was very scared that someone would come home suddenly. So I stopped inviting him. We just meet outside now. We go to the park nearby. Few people go there because it's very hot," says Tara. "I cannot let my employers know I have a boyfriend or they will send me back to the Philippines, and I need my job here."

Tara says her employers have read about the recent news of a Bangladeshi man and a Filipino maid found dead in a Geylang hotel. They warned her about having a boyfriend here. "They said that things often go bad for people like us who fall in love here," says Tara, who started dating only six months ago. "I don't think this will happen to me. My boyfriend is very nice to me."

Tara does not see the need to tell her employers about her boyfriend, and feels that even though she works here as a maid, she deserves to have some degree of privacy. "Maids are human beings and we have feelings too. It is natural to fall in love," says Tara, who is married in the Philippines and has a four-year-old son with her Filipino husband. "I still love my husband and my son. But I am all alone in Singapore and I need someone here too, because I need to stay and work here for many years to support my family back home."

Tara smiles shyly when she tells this reporter how caring her boyfriend has been. "He takes me to the supermarket on his motorbike. Before, I had to walk under the hot sun and carry the heavy groceries home by myself. He also helps to top up my phone card and recently, he bought me an iPhone so that I can surf the Internet, watch videos and log on to Facebook," reveals Tara. She keeps her rendezvous with her boyfriend to two hours as she needs to get lunch ready before the kids come home at 12pm.

Like most maids, Tara is hired to take care of the children and the elderly in the family. She does all the household chores and ensures that the home is spick-and-span when her employers return home from work at 7pm. On her employers' advice on staying in so she can avoid "bad company", she says: "I don't know what they mean by bad company. They don't realise that I need friends too. I like to go to the supermarket, where I meet other maids. We all understand each other," says Tara.

"Many maids have boyfriends. We will introduce friends to each other and take care of each other, whether or not we have a day off. "New maids who come here will be given a day off. I am not so lucky. My employers will only give me $20 more for each Sunday I work."

"They scold me all the time and call me 'stupid' behind their children's back. But in front of their children and friends, they seem very nice to me." Tara recalls how she would often cry herself to sleep in her first year here. But she soon learnt how to handle her employers' complaints and scolding.

Even though she does not have a rest day, she manages to take afternoon naps inside the bathroom. Occasionally, Tara amuses herself by trying on her female employer's dresses and taking photos of herself with her iPhone. "Sometimes I hide in the bathroom to watch videos on my iPhone. I love my iPhone so much and I cannot let my employers know I have one. They will take it away from me. I keep too many secrets inside my iPhone."


A Myanmar domestic worker was jailed for four weeks on Friday for causing hurt to her employer's elderly mother who suffers from dementia.

Naw Toe Toe Mar, 26, had admitted to dragging Madam Loh Kin Soo around and then pushing the 77-year-old's head against the wall once, causing her to suffer injuries at the HDB flat in Teck Whye Avenue on May 16. She had also admitted to using her hand to hit the victim's head and back multiple times earlier that day. 

The abuse on May 16 was captured by a security camera which the employer, Ms Edwina Chan Ruth, 45, had installed last year after she noticed several bruises on her mother, who lives with her in a Teck Whye HDB flat.

A magistrate's court heard that the maid had worked for the employer for about a year and one of her duties was to look after the victim.

Since July last year, the employer, Ms Edwina Chan Ruth, 45, had noted several bruise marks all over her mother's body. When she asked the maid, she claimed she did not know how the victim was injured. Neither could the victim recall as she was in an advanced stage of dementia and could not recall past events that occurred even a few seconds ago.

Winter:  Can you see the advantage of installing CCTV in your house?  It is your best protection and most solid evidence to show the FDWs' backer 后台 .... MOM, Ministry of Manpower.  No words can be used to save you from an ordeal/interrogation.  The faster way to prove your innocence or show that your maid did something really bad .... you didn't lie is to show CCTV footage!  Let those maids' protector see what the vulnerable or pitiful FDWs could do to employers or our loved ones.
Some people wanted to make themselves looked like nice human beings and kind heartered so they purposely made employers looked bad. They simply don't feel bad stepping on us.
Some self righteous earthlings or FDWs think that my views are quite extreme 偏激, that's because you've not read below or had been in good luck since birth 不知人间疾苦!