17 Nov 2015

Elite Maids

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My 4th filipino FDW (JA)
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Winter:  Serious or not?  Maids willing to pay so much or I'm outdated, there are really elite/high salaried FDWs in Spore.

Maid calls employer for help after being charged $816 for '$40' eyebrow tattooLianhe Wanbao, 16 Nov 2015

An Indonesian maid got the shock of her life when she was charged $816 by a beauty salon for what she thought would be a $40 eyebrow tattoo treatment. The amount, which is more than her monthly salary of $500, was more than she could afford. The 30-year-old ended up having to call her employer for help to settle the bill.

According to the maid by the name of Yati, the incident occurred on Nov 8 at a beauty salon in Toa Payoh.   She was shopping in the area on her day off when she came across the promotion at the salon for eyebrow tattoos.  Said Yati: "Six months ago, I did my eyebrows for $60 at a salon in Lucky Plaza. I was quite happy with the result and thought of doing it again. The staff at the shop in Toa Payoh said she would charge me only $40, so I agreed since it was cheaper."

However, Yati said once in the shop, the therapist suggested she try a "Korean-style eyebrow embroidery" which can last for three years, adding that there would be a 50 per cent discount for the treatment. Yati agreed to give it a try.

The therapist then suggested that Yati buy some skincare products as well, as the salon won't be held responsible should Yati suffer an infection after the tattoo, to which Yati also agreed.  After the session, Yati was shocked when she was presented a bill of $816 - comprising a $680 fee for the tattoo, and $136 for the products. With only about $100 in her wallet, Yati had no choice but to call her employer for help.

Her employer, accountant Madam Zheng, 39, rushed down to the shop with her family. Despite shop assistants claiming that Yati had agreed to the treatment, Madam Zheng suspects the shop assistants had not revealed the price of the treatment to Yati, only stressing that it was "half-price".  Said Madam Zheng: "Her monthly salary is only $500, how could she have agreed if she'd known it would cost her two months' salary?" She added that the shop assistants should not have sold Yati the expensive treatment and products knowing that she works here as a domestic helper.

The salon eventually agreed to reduce the price of the treatment to $400, and refund the amount for the products.  Madam Zheng said she would be deducting $200 from Yati's salary for the next two months to pay for the treatment.  When contacted by Lianhe Wanbao, a spokesperson for the salon maintained that the therapist had informed Yati of the price of the treatment.   Said the therapist: "We have maids and cleaners among our customers, some people are just willing to spend the money. We treat all our customers equally and it is not our job to determine if they can afford it."

Jun 2014
How far you want to go, how good you want to be, actually YOU decide!
You can be an Elite maid, the choice is yours!  If it is your job requirement and you're willing to become a good helper, give your best shot, you can do it if you put on your learning cap!

You may not be qualified to care for the special needs (we're aware before hiring you) but we gave you chance, paid for you to be trained in your capacity as FDW.  If you look at AIC website, there are many short-term Caregiver courses that your employers can enrol you.

It is up to you to carry on with the wrong mentality or buck up!
Don't give excuse to say you can't do it.  If you can't and intentionally put a stopper to excel, DO NOT ACCEPT the job offer, don't cheat in your God's name.

It is alright to be frightened or nervous initially but don't show your reluctance and 'forced to work' attitude.  Parents/Caregivers of special needs cannot allow a person/maid being forced to work in our households.  We face each other almost 24 hours a day, under the same roof!  Too much risks, unhappiness and uncertainties so kindly spare us from miseries to have FDW like you. 

Please don't come to any special needs family's house to test, we cannot afford to train and re-train, pay and pay.  It is a 'specialised skill' which not all households require that specific set of skills.  Think of the money and time we're investing on you.... you'll need to pay agency fee to get out each time your princess attitude kicks in (my current maid, JA claimed it is her bad luck to get lousy employers.  Job scope was clearly outlined, FDW agreed so how can you blame employer or your bad luck?).  

If the job scope seemed unattractive or employer looked like inhuman, say NO firmly because you're paying agency to find you a 'good employer'.  If your demands are justified or expectations are reasonable, I don't see a reason why you will be left on the shelf and no choice but to anyhow grab a sickening job offer before you get repatriated (wow, free ticket home, isn't this great for FDWs who aren't here to work hard?).  Don't feel forced or easily persuaded by agent to 'try' and tell you if unhappy, get a transfer.  Please don't come to our house with such working mentality.  You don't come to our house without a fee nor do you offer your services for free, agree? 

Straits Times, 4 Dec
Born with cerebral palsy, 23-year-old Chuan Chen can now dress herself, brush her teeth and even leave her wheelchair to walk for short periods of time at home, after receiving therapy from her family's maid Kiryani.

The 30-year-old Indonesian maid spent almost 2 1/2 years in China with Ms Chuan and her mother learning, for five hours each day, physical and occupational therapy for the disabled.

When they returned, she applied what she had learnt, massaging Ms Chuan daily and overseeing her exercises.  Sunday, Ms Kiryani, who has been with the family for nine years, was named Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) of the Year in a ceremony at Singapore Polytechnic.

"Before Kiryani, my daughter could not do many basic things, but her progress has been astounding since," said Mrs Chuan Pock Chew, a 63-year-old housewife.  Ms Kiryani and her charge have grown close over the years, with the two even sharing secrets and fashion tips, she added. "We consider her as part of the family."  Into its fourth year, the annual FDW Day is organised by the Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training (Fast), which offers courses and support to FDWs here.

Some 14,000 domestic workers enrolled in its training programmes this year, up from about 10,000 last year, said a Fast spokesman. The most popular ones are the newer courses on computer entrepreneurship and dementia care.

Sunday's guest of honour, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Manpower Hawazi Daipi, encouraged employers to support their maids by letting them attend training courses.

The following elite maids are just the kind of service providers for employers who like parties, live in landed properties, are expatriates or simply rich.  See how money-minded our maid agencies are.

How many HDB FDW's employer will go to the extend of inviting guests and wants the FDW to be able to knot a tie, set the table for English afternoon tea and know the correct way to open a bottle of champagne?  Did you, a commoner read this with wide eyes or lol?

Elite Maids as Housekeepers, The Straits Times, 21 Apr 2014

As well as cleaning floors around the house, they will be able to knot a tie, set the table for English afternoon tea and know the correct way to open a bottle of champagne: turn the bottle, not the cork.  A group of "elite housekeepers" may be in Singapore households by the end of the year.

One of the largest maid agencies here, Nation Employment, is planning to train a select group of maids who will be able to deliver more extensive services and command higher pay.  "Employers are looking for more than a pair of hands," said Mr Gary Chin, Nation's managing director. "Families are getting more sophisticated and we've had feedback from employers who say they are willing to pay more, but 'please give me a good maid so I don't need to keep changing'."

He believes they will be able to earn $50 more a month when they start work.The first classes to train them are likely to begin in June, and Nation hopes to have 100 such maids ready to work within the first six months.

Since Tuesday, six of their trainers have been picking up skills from Mr Gary Williams, principal of the British Butler Institute in London, who is in Singapore for a week.  "The people we teach don't have to work in a massive house," said Mr Williams, whose first job was as the head butler of The Ritz, London. "It's about the service mindset."

The trainers, some of whom are from Nation's training partner Workskills Development Centre, will be certified to teach others and grow the pool of trainers.  Classes will be held in Singapore initially but 30-day courses are planned for maids in the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar.

There will be selection criteria for the maids such as proficiency in English, education level, experience and interest in learning the extra skills. Potential trainees will have to pass an interview.  Nation also hopes to liaise with hotels who may want to improve their service, as well as the Ministry of Education in order to roll out an etiquette programme in schools. In time, it plans to open courses to the public.

"There are too many agencies now, the market is saturated here and we are always looking for a niche area," said Mr Chin.  The cost of training one person is at least $800. Mr Chin said his company will absorb the costs at the start but eventually charge employers.  Employer Serene Liok told The Straits Times a maid with such advanced skills would be helpful when entertaining guests.

The 65-year-old retiree regularly has groups of up to 20 around for a meal and has two maids on hand to help make sure the food is well presented and wine is served from the correct glasses.  But civil servant Geraldine Ang, 50, said: "It's not something critical that I need from my maid. What is important for me is that she is... honest, and can cook fairly well."

Nobody is perfect but MAID can choose to do your best
Some FDWs are being groomed to be service maids, agency named them as Elite maids.  

You can be an elite maid too!
There are good and bad employers, nobody is perfect, not all humans are alike. Likewise there are also good and bad maids. I have no chance to hire a really good maid, somebody trained by me to ease my load/stress and willingly become my abled helper for at least 2 years. 

You don't have to be perfect, all you need to excel in your job, be a good caregiver, a housekeeper and/or babysitter... using the standard working hours of a FDW  (given at least 8 to 10 hours rest daily).  Maids, you can sell your skills .... be a challenger to take on tasks (don't say I can't do it the day you start work), learn, excel and do your FDW role efficiently.  Let your boss be proud to have you, let her sing praises of you to her friends and relatives without hesitation.  Make yourself like a rare gem, a person the employer wants to hold on to with higher pay.  I mentioned my ex-maid was doing a good job so my sister wanted to head hunt her.  I did a salary increment from $340 to $400 (20%) after her first year. You open yourself to better employers and pay package .... because others can see your performance and will come after you.  They will ask when your contract is ending and your "interest to job hop".  You save on agency fee if you managed to grab an opportunity.  

The market is now filled with FDWs who are not keen to work well, just hoping to fleece the employers so be a different person, be somebody of substance/value.  Why should you become bad because others are doing so?  When your friend took things from her employer without permission, do you have to do the same?  If your friend moonlighted, slept with men, do you follow?  If your friend owns 2 or more mobile phones to connect with different people, do you dig your pockets or take loan so as to do the same, don't want to lose out?

When you nag, reminded your FDW too often or shouted at her once awhile, there may be undesirable consequences. She can be somebody who has extremely high ego and pride thus, I may put my girl at greater risk of being abused.... even though maid was purposely doing the wrong things. Some maids do not want to be reprimanded for repeated mistakes/negligent, thought too highly about themselves or had the wrong definition of 'being treated like human'. Over pampered, too demanding and unrealistic!  they claimed they are not perfect so my expectations are 'too demanding'.  JA, my current filipino maid, when reminded about her forgetfulness or constant mistakes, she said she's not a perfect person.  I told her, a perfect person doesn't exist, a perfect person wouldn't stoop low and become a FDW.  A person who tries not to make mistake, learn from her mistake and don't act forgetful is somebody I believe most FDWs can become.  JA has printouts about my house rules and some training notes.  If she is determined to do well, she can always refer to her notes/printouts but she doesn't.

I am not capable of being a gracious person by forcing a smile on my face, so fake, pretend I'm not upset, annoyed by what my FDWs did and what MOM/activists has inflicted (click, see what MOM replied to me) on me are no big deal.... I am not a perfect person nor an angel! If what my FDWs did to me are bestowed upon you, can you still be sympathetic and gracious?



现代女佣多数在家乡饭来张口,如同千金小姐般养大,有自己的主见,如何能训练并且成为好帮手?难 难!

当女佣太好命,变成自以为是,‘无法无天’恶言相向 是你的问题,因为你纵容她!睁一眼闭一眼 息事宁人 不一定是好事

世上哪有十全十美或完美的人。 尽力了 做的问心无愧 没有耍计谋 / 吃蛇 就够了!

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