2 Jun 2016

Live-out option at FDW's cost

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This may happen to live out maids .... read "Dormitory operator fined for housing more workers than allowed in facility".  
Permitted to house 4,500 workers but accommodated 5,042 foreign workers.   If future FDWs are housed in such substandard housing, should I applaud... 自做自受活该?  FDWs who longed/demanded to have private rooms at employers' house but when the time come for them to choose an accommodation using their own money, I believe most will pay for cheap co-shared rooms because whatever savings go into their own pockets.  

When they live with employers, modern FDWs/Activists are full of complaints, have high expectations because the money didn't come out from their pocket... they want good life and best enjoyment/experience at Employers' cost.  

The dormitory mentioned looked horrible, I won't want to step in, give me goosebumps by looking at it.  Such rented housing shouldn't happen in Spore.  If future FDWs just look at the cheap cost and didn't see the place they are resting everyday, whose fault?  Will FDWs/activists blame employers for forcing them to live-out at their own costs or not helping them to source for cheap and good accommodation? Will employers be bitten and accused as the cause of their bad decisions/lives?  Some people are just so used to or fond of attacking employers because we've no organisation to voice and stand up for our interest.  

Agents, the first point of contact, the liaisons should be held responsible for not explaining and making FDWs/foreign workers know what kind of work they will be undertaking, their basic rights according to MOM, etc.  Very often, the liaisons are shielded!

Live-out option long overdue, ST Forum, 28 May 2016
Instead of fretting over the Indonesian government's plan to stop sending new live-in maids abroad, it is time for us to consider how we should evolve with changing circumstances and find novel solutions ("Indonesia plans to stop sending new live-in maids abroad"; May 18, and "Live-out maids 'will lead to more costs, issues'"; May 19).

Currently, families which need help with cooking and housekeeping have to either employ a live-in domestic helper or engage the services of housekeeping and catering companies.  However, the rates of such service companies remain relatively high, commensurate with the high labour costs incurred.

Hence, if these similar services could be provided by live-out maids at lower costs, then, households which do not need live-in maids could opt for the live-out option.  Having live-out maids, therefore, is an alternative that is long overdue.  This arrangement is not intended to replace the existing live-in arrangement.  Instead, both should coexist to meet the needs of different households and address different labour restrictions from source countries.

Live-out maids should be employed by licensed agencies, which should undertake the responsibility of providing insurance, medical benefits, board and lodging for the maids.  It is envisaged that households will contract with such agencies for the provision of services by one or more maids.

The advantages of the live-out maid system include:
- Minimising the risk of abuse of maids;
- Greater flexibility for households and maids;
- Enabling maids to specialise in specific tasks in which they excel;
- Reducing the ratio of maids to households in Singapore, as one maid can work for more than one household if the duties required need not be performed on a daily basis;
- Source of help for households with live-in maids who go on home leave, whose maids leave employment suddenly, or which need short-term help.

Also, households which do not need live-in maids will not need to compete with households which genuinely need them.  

The authorities could consider working with maid agencies and service companies to develop a viable live-out system, where cooking and housekeeping services can be offered at lower rates.  Such a system will, in the long term, benefit households and maids, as well as create new opportunities for existing maid agencies and service companies.

Tan Li Hua (Ms)

Live-out maids a good option for some households, ST Forum, 27 May 2016
I look forward to the live-out maid system ("Indonesia plans to stop sending new live-in maids abroad"; May 18, and "Live-out maids 'will lead to more costs, issues'"; May 19).

My current home is 90 sq m in size - very small indeed for a family of four.  I do not have room for a live-in maid and do not feel good having one sleep in the utility room, be it refurbished or not, or in the living room. But it would be nice to have someone familiar to help with the cleaning and ironing, and maybe cooking.

A live-out helper who works fixed hours will have her freedom, and I will have my home, when I return from work, all cleaned.  If I need her to stay back or come in earlier because of certain situations, I can compensate her with overtime pay.  But the mandatory security bond has to be removed. The maid is now an independent individual responsible for her own behaviour.

Currently, there are many who work a few households for extra cash and their employers allow it (or not). I would love to have a maid for just a few hours, but have not dared to venture into this illegal activity.

If live-out help is available, a half-day at home A and another half-day at home B will be just like what cleaning companies offer. And this system may create more opportunities for these firms too.

Cherie Sim Mui Hoon (Ms)

Live-out proposal a wake-up call for maid employers, Straits Times Forum, 26 May 2016
Every country has a right to protect its citizens from mistreatment.  However, the proposal by the Indonesian government for maids to live separately from their employers will pose challenges ("Indonesia plans to stop sending new live-in maids abroad"; May 18).

For instance, if maids live outside their employers' homes, such as in a dormitory, they are likely to be exhausted from travelling every day.  Given that they will already be tired from the daily household chores, do we want to add further physical strain on them?

On top of that, costs are sure to go up.  With Myanmar discouraging its citizens from working as maids here, and the new proposal from Indonesia, surely this is a wake-up call for employers here to ensure that their helpers are not overworked and that their welfare is given priority.

A feedback mechanism can be put in place to check whether maids are happy or unhappy with their employers.  While some employers do not consider the physical and emotional needs of their maids, there are also families that treat their helpers very well - taking them out for meals and giving them a day off on Sundays.

There should be an option for domestic workers who are satisfied with their employers to live in their employers' homes ("Living with employer cuts costs" by Miss Dumiyati Sidup; yesterday).

In addition, perhaps female retirees here who are considering a second career could be trained as domestic helpers to support families, since the Government is trying to encourage women to get back into the workforce.

Raymond Anthony Fernando

Domestic helpers must not replace our roles as caregivers, Straits Times Forum, 26 May 2016
There has been some considerable chatter on the mooted idea of having live-out foreign domestic helpers (FDHs).  Mr Philip Sim Ah Tee, in his letter yesterday ("Practical reasons to have live-in maids"), is of the opinion that the foreign maids are needed in order for the modern Singaporean family to be fully functional.

In fact, one just has to visit a mall on a weekend to appreciate how critical a foreign maid is to the regular Singaporean family.  To weigh in on the debate, I offer this opinion - these women are our helpers. They are not maids, nor are they indentured servants.  They have left their homes to earn an income that will allow their loved ones to lead a better life.

None of us would like to live at our place of employment, and we are not members of the aristocracy who require 24/7 service at home.  We seem to be delegating the care of our children and parents to domestic helpers. Aren't we forgetting our role as parents and our role as children to our parents?

When our children cry in the middle of the night, should we, the parents, not be the ones who go to comfort them? How can we reasonably expect an employee (and that's exactly what an FDH is) to care for our offspring?

And if we delegate the care of our parents to the same employee, just because it is convenient, what kind of example are we setting for our children, in terms of the care for our loved ones? Is it any wonder that people feel increasingly disconnected from their teenage children?

Jason Charles Ingham

Take interests of maids, employers into account, Straits Times Forum, 25 May 2016
As a maid employer, I was interested to read about the live-out option for maids suggested by the Indonesian authorities ("Indonesia plans to stop sending new live-in maids abroad"; May 18).

Several issues need to be addressed.  First, the salary issue should be seriously considered from all angles, as it would affect both the employer and the employee.  As the employer will have to do without the maid's services after a certain time, the basic salary should be revised.

Second, there would be many households with young children and the elderly who need the services of a live-in maid. How is this to be worked out, especially if employers do not have a regular income and cannot afford to pay overtime hours?  One suggestion is to channel the maid levy towards this, so that employers are not financially burdened.

Third, who will bear the cost of accommodation if the maid lives out? Will the employer be held responsible for her misdemeanours after working hours?  In the case of a pregnancy, would the employer have to bear the cost of repatriating the maid prematurely? Will the employer still be held under the threat of having the security bond forfeited?  Will the employer have to pay for the maid's insurance if she lives out, or will she take out her own insurance?

With these ramifications, I hope the proposal is carefully studied, taking into account the interests of both the employers and maids.

Padmini Kesavapany (Mrs)

Practical reasons to have live-in maids, Straits Times Forum, 25 May 2016
Employers, being the directly affected party, must be accorded due consideration, with regard to the proposed arrangements for foreign domestic helpers ("Reliance on live-in maids reflects deeper malaise" by Mr Kwan Jin Yao; last Friday, and "Live-out option can improve maids' welfare" by the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics; Monday).

The concerns over "live-out" domestic workers are not only over the extra costs, discipline and safety.  There is also the practical concern, as most of them are hired to look after infants, young children and the elderly.  This often requires round the clock attention. For example, infants or senile elders need attention and physical assistance at night.  This does not mean the caregivers do not get sufficient rest or sleep. In fact, they can do this at various times of the day or night when their wards are resting or asleep.

I have observed many maids engaging in conversation on their phones or with one another, and playing games on their mobile phones while with their wards. These activities do not support the assertion that they are unable to manage well.  The argument that transgressions against maids are hard to uncover also does not hold water, given the many cases we have seen of errant employers being hauled to court.

Live-in maids have been around for decades, back to the time when our women were live-in "amahs" for the expatriates who were residing here.  Our sole purpose for employing maids is to help us with the family.  We must recognise our dependence on domestic helpers and the need to source them from various countries, so that we will not be held to ransom by any one country.

Philip Sim Ah Tee

Living with employer cuts costs, Straits Times Forum, 25 May 2016
I am an Indonesian and I have been working in Singapore as a domestic helper since 1999.

I do not agree with my government's plans for domestic helpers to live separately from their employers ("Indonesia plans to stop sending new live-in maids abroad"; last Wednesday).  If we have to shoulder the costs of food, accommodation and transport to and from our employers' homes, these costs will be too much for us to bear.  I do not think Singapore maid employers will be very happy about this arrangement either.

It is better for the Indonesian government to focus on our well-being and work environment, by ensuring that we get enough food, rest and weekly days off.

More thought needs to go into plans for maids to live separately from their employers.

Dumiyati Sidup (Miss)

Take proactive steps to ensure maids' well-beingStraits Times Forum, 24 May 2016
Since the reason for the Indonesian government's plans to stop sending live-in maids overseas ("Indonesia plans to stop sending new live-in maids abroad"; May 18) is to prevent maid abuse, would it not be more prudent for our nation to be the first to introduce a law of mandatory feedback for all maids?

In the employment contract for maids, there could be a simple clause that states that once every quarter, the maid has to submit an SMS of a coloured code to the Manpower Ministry.

A green code indicates a positive response that requires no action. A red one, however, is an alert that the maid is not being treated according to the contract she signed, that is, being provided ample food, rest and civil kindness accorded to a visitor in the household she services.

The maid agency would then be contacted whenever a red code is displayed, and has the responsibility of resolving any issue, since the onus is on the agency to ensure that the treatment of the maid is in compliance with what is in the contract for employment.

As there are many retirees who are in need of some simple work, they could be given a token allowance to be "welfare inspectors".  With these measures in place, Singapore will then be known as a country that cares for its workers, and one that not only takes appropriate action towards preventing maid abuse but also looks out for the wellness and welfare of those who come to help its citizens grow the nation for a better future.

Vivien Tan (Mrs)

Winter: I have commented long ago live-out option is good for me as long as FDWs are treated like adults ... be responsible for themselves, pay their own accommodation, living costs, insurance, security bond/penalty on FDW who violated work permit (pregnancy, HIV), medical, etc.  In future, employers just need to pay a monthly salary, the rest not our problem. To be fair, with FDWs' qualifications and skills, their salary should be similar to our low income citizens 

I am just so sick of seeing people so fond of pointing fingers on employers (make themselves look like saints), trying all ways to make FDWs looked overworked and underpaid.  Privacy can be compromised knowing my helper can be easily reached in my premises and need not waste time on transportation.  If live-out option is possible, FDW will have to wake up earlier in order to reach my house at around 6am (prepare child and take mrt to special school) and I can't let her go off early because I haven't knock off.  I think most employers can only get home around 7pm, depending on how far are their work locations. It will be tiring for FDW but if this is what she wants ... more freedom and privacy then FDW has to bear all the extra costs and inconveniences.  Would you tell your boss my maid wants to leave early (more rest time) so you must shorten my working hours and don't make me do overtime?

Having a FDW means employer has a full-time helper at home and FDW gets to earn foreign notes that is much higher than own country.... win-win arrangement.  If FDWs, source countries and activists kept thinking Employers owe FDWs a lot, employers are not paying well enough, FDWs are "overworked/working non-stop", had too little private time, not treated like queens and princesses, etc then it is time PAP kicks all the FDWs out ... so unappreciative and demanding or thought we'll all die because we lost one breadwinner (husband and wife can't work full-time, somebody need to stay home)?  Spore is a little red dot meant to be bullied by big countries?  MOM/PAP has to keep feeding and please the source countries at our expense?  Haze time and other disasters, Spore offered free money.  A tiny country but rich so big country such as Indonesia can't resist taking a bite?

Employers have forked out lots of invisible costs (living costs) because some people are not using their brains to think, even though a lot are more highly educated then me! Can you believe maid live on air and can go without food, no proper accommodation, etc?  Who pays these?  As a normal employee, aren't you suppose to foot all these? Employer paid everything doesn't mean the daily living cost shouldn't be calculated into the costs to employ a live-in FDW.

You stood high and can't feel the ground?  You've purposely forgotten we are merely FDWs' employer, do not own any company so what made you think we are all rich or have money nowhere to spend?  Why can't you open your eyes to see modern FDWs are a necessity not a luxury?  Most employers own a tiny HDB flat that consists of about 4 persons.  How hard or tedious can it be if there's no baby that requires FDW to night feed and day chores to juggle or a stay home naggy adult supervising you everyday?  

Expats employ maids to show off but this 'bad habit' doesn't apply to citizens.  A lot of expats just want to show off their status, having FDW is not a necessity so didn't generate enough work for her to kill time.  Expats don't mind having FDW as a show piece ... which cost peanuts to them based on their pay.  In their country, there's no way they can employ a domestic helper, even though they are earning much more than most Sporeans (different pay scale). Their mentality is like, visit Spore, one of the attractions/must do thing is to visit Sentosa, eat chicken rice, etc.  Same theory in the eyes of foreigners working in Spore.  They don't care we are not earning more than them nor can western expats remember that they can stretch their hands for free money, whereas Sporeans have no free money.  Any financial and welfare support has to go thru means testing. Jealousy and a twisted personality 心理变态 caused some western educated expats/activists to keep biting on employers.  喝多洋墨水的人比较腹黑? The most common accusations: maids are treated like slaves and underpaid (live in costs were intentionally not calculated) in Spore.  Actual cost to employ a live-in maid is around S$1500 per month, not face value of "only $500-600 per month" unless you are telling me FDWs need not eat, can live with air, no need insurance or a proper place to sleep, etc. 

MOM should consider live-out option at FDW's cost or co-share with maid agency.  There must be strict security system to show what time FDW leaves her dormitory and what time she returns to ensure she has sufficient rest after leaving employer's house.  If she sways elsewhere for additional income or having night life that drained her energy, which means she can't do a good day job then she will be terminated and sent back to her respective agency.  No more repatriation at Employer's cost.  No more work permit in Employer's name. Put more weight and responsibility on maid agencies.  Please don't pamper source countries and agencies, thus, allowing Sporeans to be bullied.

Indonesian Manpower Ministry official Soes Hindharno said Indonesia wants to raise the social image of its people and better protect its workers. The government wants to send fewer but quality workers abroad and hence is training workers in specific skills such as cooking and childcare.

"We don't want to be known as a producer of cattle-class workers forever," he said.  If Jakarta goes ahead with its plan, it would be the only nation insisting its maids be housed separately. Labour-receiving countries then might need to harmonise their laws. In Singapore, for instance, a maid has to live at the residence of the employer.

Indonesian leaders have been talking about ending the practice of sending maids abroad since 2012, so it remains to be seen how the plan will pan out this time. Mr Soes said: "We are serious about doing this."

Facebook comments:
Solomon Tan  -- Slowing the flow of domestic helpers from Indonesia doesn't really affect Singapore much, as other countries also have domestic helpers coming over to fulfill the demands.
So by slowing the flow deals more harm to Indonesia than to Singapore.

Ali Bakar -- ... exactly, so their "No new live-in maids' working abroad policy is not meant primarily to irritate us Singaporeans, but for their own internal politics ... they too have their own think tank to think this thru before announcing it..

Wi Anty Kartontono -- Poor uneducated wow sound like indonesia are worse than Ethiopia Huh!? The Straits Times admin you should visit the village in indonesia and you will see is not that worse like what you reported! Most of the domestic helper that work in overseas they own house and land and rice field, is just because the people now days they are not interesting to be a farmer and they chose to be maids even if they don't go to overseas they still survived still plenty of rice to feed the whole family,most of the Singaporean they said that their super power country well educated but love to bullying and judged other.indonesia are the third big population in the world is not easy to handle big country like indonesia

Eu Nha -- i come To Singapore Working Because Our Goverment Up There Never Care about People Like Me , I Have 8 Sibling And Live Without parents , Working As Cleaning service In A hotel day and night Just To get Rp.350.000 (S$40) make Me Cry On My Bed Every Night, we Dont even Have Our Own House, Dreaming for My Siblings to get better Education ? whose Gonna Pay For it? goverment????? (laugh)
thats Why I came Here work As A maid , my Two siblings Can Graduate From university , Can Build our Own House For Us , can eat Proper Meals Every day...
My Employer Very Nice , some Indonesian Maid Posted Nonsense On Fb About Singapore being Bankrupt If Not Work Together With Indonesia , i'm Laughing Out Loud On my seat , Indonesia Not Build This singapore thats What I'm thinking ,
they Say singapore Is Bully , Waooo I get warm Smile From My Employer Neighbour every day and Sometimes We Talk And They give Me Advice ,
Not All The People Are Bad and Not All The People Are Good .

Wi Anty  -- you ask Singaporean To Go to village In indonesia ,
did you ever Living in TIMOR? (NTT) my Brother Graduate From University But work As Ojek , my Sister Work for Goverment But With 2 million Rupiahs ($230) every Month To feed The Whole Fams ???
Our Goverment Should Do Something About That First Before Take this Step , It's A Mess. (ijs)

May Ong -- Yes, the "caring" Indonesia government has to pay for all these new maids who have to live in hostel. If not, see how much money the maid will be left with after paying their own additional expenses to stay in the hostel. It only reflects how bodok and insensitive is the government to make use of maids just to spite other counterpart.

Deltamaris Sri Wulandari -- Do not jump to conclussion yet, i hv read in the news tht my govermen also thinking of providing hostel for the helper tht stay out of employer house, and will only allow those with skills include language and also behavior and carracter. If we cant pass the test we are not allow to go abroad. So it means u will get to hire the one with good attitude,skills, and hard working domestic helper. Tht wht my goverment abt to improve

Ching Kim Hwa -- Thot from next yr onwards, there will be no stay-in Indonesian maids...will be like other working adult..e.g. work from 8am - 5pm..All Indonesians will stay in a hostel...Indonesian govt view : their fellow Indonesians (maids) are not over-worked (or abuse by Singporean employers!!). Aiyoyo..

Sangha Vandana -- Given a choice, government prefer their citizens not to work as maids overseas. Hence, Indonesia is trying to stop the outflow of maids and I believe given time, Indonesia will recover with full employment.

Wong Choon  -- Indonesia's latest declaration and slowing the worker outflow, could break the rice bowls of Indonesia's poor and uneducated. That is exactly what the Indonesian government wants to do, so that they can have cheap labour at home to entice investment.

Susan Lee -- That's perfectly fine. Just don't impose and hold employers responsible on $5000 security bonds, pregnancy, and what they do after leaving the employers home in the evenings. Employers should also not be responsible for her accommodation, transport to/fro, as well as her supper & breakfast. Toiletries too.

Nikita Rizalya -- Philipino have partime hour to hour every day doesn't have big issue they are also living outside no under employer now Indonesia have the rules like this 90% singaporean all talking bad about Indonesia maid like this is fair thing probably before talking all want be perfect employer don't judge the government rules think about your self if Singapore have enough maid why still looking another country maid...maid is low job but all is human being they're also hv brain all things maid is very stupid turn back you life becoming maid so what you idea

Michael Tan -- Indonesian always talk big only, especially those on high government post. How much revenue that their maid brought back from oversea to Indonesia, they never appreciate.

Shah Ghazni -- Serve them bloody right ... if they are unhappy bring it up with Joko widodo not us .. if the President of Indonesia thinks his people are in demand and that we are enslaved to hire them ? THINK AGAIN ... want a higher salary ? Feel free to travel to Saudi , Qatar, UAE and be prepared to be treated like a slave and have their asses kicked by the Arabs or slammed in jail for disobedience ...

Sebastian Kang -- Don't worry ... the "smarty pants" ministry officials will create new forms of employment in Indonesia ... where the corrupt machinery can benefit these same local officials

Vito Moe Ang -- It's a duty of gov to ensure their citizens are educated and have jobs locally ... If they can't handle to improve situation, better not to be gov. One of the reason Myanmar voted out previous gov is due to this , let see new gov can improve and bring back migrant workers in 10 years , they be out if can't improve situation

Lawrence Lee -- 10 years ago I go to Indonesia and wondered at the jam just to get to Bekasi some 35kms from Jkt. Last week I went there, economy is down but jam was triple worse. Meanwhile China has kms upon kms of high speed trains n 6 lane interstate roads. Indonesians need to wake up to reality. Their salary may be 3 times cheaper than China but China is not sitting still. China is now the biggest user for robots. Anyone can explain whats happening in Batam?

Koh Denny -- Another idealistic and rough policy carry out by those officials. In the end their own poor workers are affected. Try to manipulate others on the needs rely on them but didnt think of the job opportunities provided for their jobless women and support their economy. Live in maid are also common practise in HK & Taiwan. Sigh

Khiat Seet -- We don't care. End of the day we can get helpers from other countries if they think they're the only supplier. Why would we allow ourselves to be dictated by such ridiculous regulations? You want to bully us please think twice.

Wi Anty Kartontono -- Khiat Seet don't you think that your grandpa n grandma also foreigners being immigrants in Singapura to find a better life rather than stay in country side of China telling the world how ignorant you are!

Khiat Seet -- Wi it's very simple. You want to benefit only your citizens by all means. Just because your stupid lawmakers decide to pass a law doesn't mean we have to agree. Get it a not? If you don't like it you don't come. Nobody's forcing you. In any case most employers here treat their helpers well. Just because of a few bad eggs all of a sudden your minister becomes so protective? You better wake up from your dream Wi.
Listening to you all talk about human rights is like listening to a bunch of ignorant fools seeing only one side of the equation. Every country has a right to pass any law. Likewise you can't tell people who don't come from your country to agree with your laws especially when your country is filled with corrupted and low mentality ministers.

We really do appreciate your helpers but your government don't think so. So it's just too bad your friends have to go elsewhere instead of sg to work. It's not the fault of the girls who work here but your bloody government who's trying to bully us. How do we stand up to bullies? Smiling and welcoming? You have any brains?

Lawrence Lee -- Just think about this. China has 1.3 billion people but few of their women go overseas in droves to work as maids. Ditto Thailand. Labor in Indonesia is cheaper than China or Thailand yet few factories are set up. WHY?

Koh Denny -- One more thing, Singapore has over 230k of DW as 2015. Majority are from ID. As a sovereign country like ID. Why there was no consultation on the issue (if 75% is ID at $600/ mth= <S$1.2b/yr fund flowing back to ID) with SG? It should be of concern either they dont dare to discuss with SG becauae their arguments will be crushed by SG without substantial facts or "Big Brother" mentality at work. If they imposed the rules SG gov does not necessarily need to enforce their rules. Well let the market force decide the ID maid fate.

Chunmu Chan -- Their politican's interests is to use this issue as a political tool of convienence for leverage over Singapore. Their people was never their priority in their considerations. The haze though hit us bad, but it hit their people worse. However, the policies they took shows that they can afford to willfully feign ignorance and incline towards the forest burning companies' interests. Make a documentary on the haze and its policy in CNA and air it freely on online platform. Stir tension and make their people questioning their policy from within, which they cannot afford to ignore...

Carlos Villasista -- Singapore, 1st World Country with a 3rd World slavery mentality. Let's see how special you are when no country sends slaves here. You will have to learn to be a 1st World Country instead of one depending on a slave class. Europe, the US, UK, Japan and Australia and the rest of the West has no need for slaves.

Low Patrick -- Carlos what on earth are u talking about.??. Domestic employer hire a worker from oversea to help them out in their household which we term as a maid... they are paid and also being given benefit of medical care and lodging plus food from the employer and it is regulated by law that every domestic employer to take an orientation course before hiring can be approved so what slave are u talking about.. its totally ridiculous!

Carlos Villasista -- You go ahead and work 18 to 20 hours a day with no rest day for grand total of $1000 for the first year, as your agent in Singapore is taking your first 10 months of your meager $500 salary. Can?
Sorry, the UN, HRW, ILO, the US State Department, EU Commision on Human Rights all find the way Singapore treats its slaves, er maids, to be in violation of international and human rights.

Benefit of lodging? Like the kitchen floor or hallway in most cases, or food? Like the almost weekly cases of maid abuse through malfeeding? You can eat one bowl of Indomie a day and survive?

Indonesian President Widodo is right, as is incoming Philippines President Duterte with rumors of the same ban. As is the Myanmar government. Start respecting basic human rights of the FDW or you do without. There are only so many more countries you can get your slaves, er maids, from.

Nazlynna AshBourne --  Like to add: my toiletries besides the necessities for bathing include bra, panties, monthly sanitary pads, cotton buds, nail clipper, scissors, haircomb, personal first aid kit & whistle if Bangla disturb. Don't say I never get u fully equipped!

Carlos Villasista -- We are not taking colonial times. The calendar says 2016. Singapore is the only so-called 1st World Country that uses maids/ domestic helpers/ household help to this extent. Must be in the genes. Maybe you better thank Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar for Lee Kuan Yew's great Singapore miracle. Couldn't happen if you had to do it the way the other 1st World Countries did.

Catrina Chomel -- So the topic is entirely on human right abuses in Singapore, employers abusing their maids, so I as an employer did as per as above everything for my helper is not enough. Did I miss out anything??

Carlos Villasista -- By supporting those that want to continue human rights abuses of *especially* Indonesian FDW, you are part of the problem. Being smart-assed about this issue isn't helping matters. Have you scolded once another Singaporean for abusing a FDW? I won't wait for that answer as I expect I know the answer

Catrina Chomel -- My helper mingles freely wif our neighbourhood maids so any news about maids come to her directly, if there are any cases of abuse among maids by the employers, these maids will know. As i said, she is free to call the maid agency, she can freely report any abuse while I'm at work or know of nothing.

No need to judge the many helpers who have work with me, they come here to work because of many reasons. When I choose a helper, do I straight away judge her: "Oh by the look of her, she cannot work!" Nope, you take her in, you teach, give her a chance, unlike office, one week probation and if you're not suitable, new employee comes in. No, we give them chance, we give them a purpose in life so they can pursue a future. I don't want my maids to be maids forever. Nobody wants a hellish job, but at least a decent job no?

Carlos Villasista -- Funny why no Singaporean can explain why the Western world didn't require or use FDW while Singapore joins a select group of countries that must use slave labor
Let's see: doing the math. An average work day for a FDW is 18 hours a day. Assume Sunday is given off. Which we know is not always the case. That's 5616 hours a year. Assume the FDW is new from Indonesia. Typical agent fee is the first 10 months pay as the fee. That gives a grand total of $1000 money earned the 1st year, or a grand total of $0.17 an hour. Slavery. Pure and simple.
It's good to be proud of who you are. Too many Singaporeans want the rest of the world to treat them like royalty. They are not.

Catrina Chomel -- That's your maths not mine, ask why back in Indonesia the agents are pocketing big money. The Indonesian govt shud put a stop to unlicensed unscrupulous agents profiting from their own citizens, also cut off demand. Start from the supply country.

Celestine Se -- Agree....boycott indonesian domestic helper then... ...their helpers' quality is getting worse...no lost really....

Lee HT -- This is what their Government wanted, you think they even bother to care!
The poor will suffer of course,
but it is up to the citizens to voice up.
No countries/employers will buy this idea.
Let us see how soon they are going to change their mind on this?

Julian Agung -- Why you all bark for no reason...?? If that is problem for you to hire indonesian maid, so others country still exists,,? Shut down your mouth n do what you think is the best...!!! Don't show your bloody moron here n start to look down others countryside, your sg it's so small to compare to others country...So your government easy to handle everything. But the funniest side is, why you bother others government system..Why it's so irritating you...did you anything for them....??? You all are mentally sick laa

Wanggee Lim -- If your country is strong and wealthy you will have others coming to it to work as maids, not sending your wives, daughters. mothers, grandmothers and even great grandmothers to other people countries to work as maids. Why try to throw your wright around when you don't have the muscle?

Nazlynna AshBourne -- S'pore govt shud oso look into solutions for families such as those who need helpers for family members with special needs, the frail and elderly and those with young kids. To care for them is already costly: medical, etc and matters like this shud not be additional burden to citizens, it's not like we're helplessly dependent on helpers but don't u think these families require assistance for somebody to help look after while they work if they don't want their family members to be put at care centres?

Amy Choong -- Pls bring all d maids bk! Very stupid idea! Thought indo r smart but they r so stupid! We can look for others than indo! Pls wake up
Indo !

Ubi Jalar -- Maybe some people will understand that domestic helpers are people like the others (instead of lower class slaves...) therefore: intelligent and stupid, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, talented or plain... like the rest of us! A higher or a lower salary doesn't make a better or a worse person.

Carolyn Stirling -- Tell me why you need maids? It's always puzzled me. In UK, Australia, Canada, NZ we have cleaners who come in once a week for a couple of hours. The rest of the week we do the basics. Laundry, making beds, cooking, dishes etc. most of us are working also.

Michael Zhan Huh -- what nonsense. Just because they don't become your maids doesn't mean they will not have anything to eat. I can't believe so many people here just think that if someone is uneducated, fixed must be his or her life to be a housemaid. Shame shame
Jeanette Hui -- unsure if Indonesia has studied the situation before making such a declaration. Chances are they might 'flip-flop' again. The statement may be used for 'schock' effect' for better bargaining power.

Ng Cher Choon -- When they implement a new rules such as that, they thought they have the upper power to control and manipulate other countries on their advantages. The truth is both countries will suffer.

William Apriando -- Such an arrogant article.
I wonder why Singaporean should have live-in maid? I mean most of you live in HDB which is probably only 100m2 probably less than that. 1. It's not difficult to clean up from one corner to another. 2. You only have max 3-4 rooms and you have to share with maid.
Probably you just need a cleaner once or twice a week. Maybe you should spend more time at home rather than working overtime or spend time walking around neighbourhood shopping mall. Seriously.

Rose Pillay -- They said they are serious about implementing it...Now they have say what they think and say what want to do. We will watch if they will do what they said. They run their own countries and it is their decision. We just need to make sure that little red dot is not being single out. We can't change them but we will remember. Just like we always remember how this "little red dot" come about. ( by the way, how many of you know how this "little red dot" come about ?).

Mac Taghoier -- Stupid country. If they dont want their people to work as maids abroad then they need to create better opportunities at home for them, not making it even worse for these people to get a job. I would like to know what they will do when those 5 million maids are all obliged to go back due to the governments' stupid policies.

Reliance on live-in maids reflects deeper malaise,  Straits Times, 20 May 2016
Concerns over "live-out" domestic workers - that employers may be unwilling to cover the extra costs of food, lodging and transport or that domestic workers may fall into bad company or commit crimes if they live elsewhere - reflect deeper socio-economic problems here ("Live-out maids 'will lead to more costs, issues'"; yesterday).

The extent to which many households have grown dependent on domestic workers is perhaps related to the difficulties Singaporeans now face when trying to balance work and family commitments.

A ready supply of domestic workers from neighbouring countries has improved productivity here, by allowing both parents - for instance - to take up jobs, and also by reducing the reliance on grandparents.  From household chores to seeing to the needs of children or the elderly, domestic workers shoulder many responsibilities, and many Singaporeans have grown accustomed to such convenience.  Yet, having the same living and working environment can be unhealthy for the domestic worker, increasing the possibility for conflicts too.

Notwithstanding the issues of remuneration or employment benefits, living in workplaces may further increase the possibility of abuse, and it is also near-impossible for government agencies to uncover transgressions.

It will be argued by some that errant employers are far and few between, but if incidents do happen, it would be hard for a domestic worker to seek recourse.  How arrangements will pan out is contingent on our Indonesian counterparts. And even though the Ministry of Manpower will have to craft policies in response, it may be meaningful to consider Singapore's persistent socio-economic malaise.

A recent study commissioned by the Families for Life Council found that one in 10 people spent six hours or less with their family members a week, which signals poor work-life balance.  In fact, Singaporean workers may be spending more time at the workplace without necessarily achieving productivity gains, so, examining our socio-economic assumptions will be useful.

Such discourse should shape policy changes - beyond recent proposals to build more after-school student care centres and the extension of paternity leave - so that working mothers do not have to shoulder child-rearing responsibilities on their own.  If improvements do take root in future, then our dependence on domestic workers - whether they are "live-in" or "live-out" - could ease, and maybe even improve the way we work and live in Singapore.

Facebook comments:
Allan Tan -- "Is having live-in maids a factor behind a poor work-life balance for Singaporeans?"
This question is only valid if those without maids are having good work-life balance.

Emily Chuang -- Why must be one size fits all? Some families need a live-in maid and some prefer a live-out one. Allow both options and employees and maids to choose, and let market forces decide the salaries.

Adrian Wee -- Studies show that live-in maids are more prone to suffer abuse. Given the many, many stories we see of Singaporeans abusing maids, we have shown that we are not the exception to this rule.

Pamela Sim  -- If proper time management are well planned. There is no need for a maid/helper. Older folks who needs more care can op for some hourly helper that the SDC has already done but the costs are high.
Moreover, if such live-out maid scenario are exercised, what are the costs if they get pregnant?? Or if they catch some diseases from other maids/helpers and bring back to their hosts?
Third point: Gathering of maids/helpers might cause communal riots. This practice was abolished in the 1960s due to the Secret Societies Act as the gathering of groups had definitely led to the possibility of riots which we definitely do not want. The little India Riots is already a lesson for us to learn. So whether it is legal or illegal, the gathering of such big groups together has never been allowed.

Peter Tan  -- If the employer requires a maid to take care of most chores including children then they may opt for a live in maid if not they may consider hiring a part time cleaner once a week or so.Those couples who are both working and have young children may not have a choice but to employ a full time live in maid to take care of not only their household duties including sending and fetching the kids to and from school. The only major difference probably lies in the fact that a part time maid or cleaner is cheaper to hire than a live in maid cos she will then be treated like another member of the family with food,lodging,salary included.If the couple has no choice and cannot cope with their house work they have to employ a live in maid most of the time but if they can help out some of the work then hiring a part timer is more practical. especially if both are working on shift duties they maybe able to adjust their schedule.I never had a maid for all the three kids cos my spouse and me are on shifts when they were younger and in between the hours we are not around we put them for a few hours in a neighbor house.

Katherine Atmadiredja -- Seriously, without maids, the child birth rate will be even lower! Sg government need to negotiate with indonesian side to have their maids in sg.

SG Subbuteo -- I guess there will be those with live in domestic-help to include as part of the expense where they have to work more to cover.... so actually work life balance is a choice.

Paul Tan -- Indonesia is very considerate that's why they want work life balance for their beloved Singaporeans that's why no more live in maid

Sharon Ho -- Having a maid already so costly now wanna have lived out option. I have got so many children then who can help me take care. Is not easy to handle work and children..With maid at home after work we still can rest no maid how to rest..Think we can die faster

Deltamaris Sri Wulandari -- Dont worry Mrs, lots of the helper will choose to stay with employer rather to stay out. I myself prefer to stay with my boss, stay in hostel will mix with lots of people noisy and crowded. Will hv to que up just to use the toilet. Lol

Linda Chiang -- For live out option, who is going to pay for the maid's accommodation? Who will pay for dormitories to house the maid in land scarce Singapore?

Dolly Peh -- in the past grand parent can help look after grand children, now not possible because of high cost of living and CPF money no enough for the old folks as min wage is not a living wage. Most old folks can't depend on their children and thus family & work life balance become out of reach. Will the govt willing to lower the housing cost and return the CPF to the old folks that want to help their children.

Benjamin Wong -- Employ a live out maid ? You must be joking. Who pay their dormitory ? Their transport to the work place? I would rather get a part time maid.. Indonesia is putting alot pressure on this maid issue, salary, later stop importing.. Hello pls get the fact right.. Your ppl wanna earn singapore paper SGD. u dun want come plenty of other nation willing to come.

I have 2 child at beginning i send both to Childcare. $350 x 2. 2015 my daughter was born. No choice i have to employ a maid.. Because is cheaper then sending 3 to childcare $350 x 3. Salary $520 plus levy $60... If so much problem gov wanna squeeze our money again.. I wont consider a maid. I rather send to school.. Because everything os expensive. Gov never think of citizen, my maid ran away treated her so good, they picky choosey with their job food life. Then end up who protect ? Gov is protect their own $, the people who does business which boost their economic and foreigner who come to work.. Local = dont give a damm.

Yazi Benben -- The idea of live-out maid is just a hallucination in the current society. The person who comes out this idea must be good at imagination.
Why don't treat your own nations well in education with all kinds of funds??? If they have a choice of better education at own country, they won't go oversea to work as a maid. NOW saying this idea is to let them have a better protection?????? What a nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony Ramvic -- It's just not feasible these Politicians just shooting their mouth off to boost their standing among their people.
Bambang wanted to do it but in the end found it too difficult and gave it up.
There are to many problems Remuneration, logistical and human nature itself.
It's one thing to make such statements.
Does Indonesia have enough jobs for these domestic helpers and can they pay them them to same salary that they would earn overseas.
I doubt so. While it's nice to hear and looks nice on paper it's more easily said than done.

Vaishna Lee -- everything in Singapore is accessible, easy to pay bills, buy groceries, buy takeway food for dinner, washing machines for laundry... you don't really need a maid. just nannies to look after children. better yet, just don't have kids

Employers raise concerns over Indonesia's live out maid, Straits Times, 19 May 2016
Maid employers in Singapore have raised concerns about plans by Indonesia to stop sending new "live-in" maids overseas.  The change, meant to "better protect" its helpers from being exploited, could kick in as early as next year, an Indonesian Manpower Ministry official said on Sunday.  However, many employers here told The Straits Times that they fear it could lead to higher costs and cause other problems.

There are some 125,000 Indonesian maids working in Singapore. The new initiative is part of Indonesian President Joko Widodo's plan to professionalise informal employment.  Madam Fong Choye Har, 52, who works in accounting, is "unwilling to cover the extra costs of food, lodging and transport". She said: "We can already provide all this, so why would we spend (extra)?"

Bank executive Jazreen Tan, 32, said that both she and her husband, a real estate agent, have irregular schedules and that makes it difficult for her to be without a maid at night. The mother of a two-year-old said: "My clients might decide to meet me at the last minute. No one might be around to take care of our boy."

Employers also fear that maids could fall into bad company or commit crimes if they live elsewhere.  Under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, foreign domestic workers must live with their employers at the addresses stated on their work permits. A spokesman for Singapore's Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said "exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis when the employer is temporarily not in Singapore", but added that "such requests are rare".

However, one employer here, a social worker who gave his name only as Mr Pang, admitted breaking the law to give his family's helper some time off. The Filipino visits the family of six to cook and clean from 8am to 7pm from Monday to Saturday but lives elsewhere. She has been with them for seven years.  Mr Pang, 36, said: "Living in their workplaces can be stressful... They need a mental break, not just physical. Allowing her to stay out is how we can avoid taking advantage of her availability."

Another employer, a 60-year-old marine company director who gave his name only as Mr Esmail, does not mind having live-out maids as long as "it remains less expensive to hire Indonesian helpers than to hire helpers from other countries like the Philippines and Myanmar".  "I value my privacy, so I like the idea of hiring a helper who isn't staying with me," he said.

Employers are allowed to house their maids in a temporary dormitory when they go on holiday.  Mr Tay Khoon Beng, who owns Best Home Employment Agency, runs a 250-bed facility called Well Care Home in Woodlands for trainee maids, those who are being transferred, and those whose employers are on holiday. "The place is really meant for short stays," he said, noting that the dormitory is always full.  He shares operating fees with four agencies. Agents must inform MOM when a maid moves in.

Besides wanting maids to live separately from their employers in dormitories and to work regular hours, Indonesia also plans to formalise maids' training in areas such as cooking, childcare and eldercare.  This move is part of efforts by Indonesia to improve the welfare and status of its overseas workers after cases of abuse and non-payment of salaries arose.

It banned maids from working in Malaysia in 2009 but lifted the rule two years later after an agreement between the countries on better protection measures.  A ban on new Indonesian domestic workers to around 20 Middle East countries has been in place since last year.  Former Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono promised in 2012 to provide one million jobs by 2013 to encourage Indonesian women working overseas as maids to return home. The programme did not take off.  Indonesian maid Sarinah, 34, said: "It will be good working office hours, but if we have to rent a room and pay for our own supper, we will have to spend more."

Facebook comments:
Seah Hendrick -- this is Singapore. if their citizens want to earn a living by being a maid, it is therefore they should learn to adapt and accommodate our way of lives. Therefore if their in-charge demands something which is in our expense, I see no reason to do accordance to their demands! we are paying for the service they provide and we are not paying to let them be maids in Singapore to enjoy lives easily at our expenses!!! furthermore, we are utterly disappointed with their arrogant attitudes towards us with regards to the haze issue. Sign.... global village but disappointed to have some unreasonable neighbours. ......

Harith Merican -- Basically whole official is corrupt I am sadden its the poor Indonesian that suffer In the future done help the Country in any disaster eg earthquake etc

Joei Huang -- Then don't hire them lor. That takes the power away from them doesn't it. They can do this because they think they can do without our business mah.

Si Min -- So... Because you pay them, you own their lives? One of the reasons of having them live outside is also to protect maids who have been abused, raped, starved etc and yet are unable to seek help because they can't leave the house

Vito Moe Ang -- Cost of getting maid of course will be going up and it may end up that we won't afford to get a maid anymore . I think this may happen in 10 years time since our neighboring states' economies are growing fast and job opportunities there are improving . Once indo, Philippine and Myanmar GDP reach to today Thailand level or average salary there is about 300-400 US$per month which is very likely to happen in Philippine and indo in a decade time and In Myanmar slightly later around 2030, no one will go out from the country work here as a maid for just a hundred $ more salary .

Eunice Ong -- I think no one is really concerned as there are still sources of helpers from other countries. Indonesia people are the one who lost out.

Johnny Tan -- Quote;"Under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, foreign domestic workers must live with their employers at the addresses stated on their work permits. A spokesman for Singapore's Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said "exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis when the employer is temporarily not in Singapore", but added that "such requests are rare".
Since Indonesia government implement this new ruling, MOM should amend their regulations that required domestic helper to stay with employers under the same address. If not, there would be conflicts and Singapore employers would be penalised by MOM when their domestic helpers are not staying with them.

There are many grey areas to touch on with this new implementation. Safety concerns are one of them. When domestic helpers are away from employer home and they got injured or something bad happened to them when they arrive not under employer's care or supervision, are employers responsible for such accidents or incidents like they got pregnant while they are on off days? The additional costs to house them in dormitories are another turn off factor that Singapore employers would incurred. Very soon Singapore employers would choose Philippines or Myanmar domestic helpers instead of Indonesia domestic helpers due to costings. Indonesia would be the one suffering from their own rulings.

Lee Kelly -- Indonesia government is too much they never think the maid stay together with employers and the employer keep eyes for her. She still can do bad thing example hv boyfriend and pregnant. How is she stay outside????. Pls la government Indonesia can't think properly.

Gina Leong -- Nothing wrong per se with having a boyfriend but the consequence. The foreign domestic worker scheme cannot be directly compared to a usual employer-employee relationship. A normal employer is not penalized if the employee gets pregnant or runs away, but it is the case for a domestic worker. There are different considerations.

Jun Cai -- Maybe Indonesia should begin with regulating their own citizens working as live-in maids with the more affluent segment of their citizenry. There are no laws anywhere to protect them in their own country and they wanna do this. Hypocrisy.

Lee Chong Leng -- We should totally forget about Indonesia maid , let them go home n create problem in their own country

Nam Koh -- this makes us wonder, what are the figures of maid abuse in their own country. we don't think there is even justice for those victims, after prosecution of the offenders. it doesn't help when their own judicial system is biased & corruption riddled. bloody hypocrites !

Liu INan -- extra cost in setting up hostels, transports to and from the hostels, time used in traveling, security for the hostels, Indonesian government just created a solution for a solve a "1%" "maid exploitation and abuse" problem.

Claire Woo -- To 'better protect' then dont let their people step out of their country to work. To remain working in their farms, villages etc. We can also look for other options like engaging helpers from Sri Lanka, Mynmmar or Philippines. Or local part time domestic helpers. Why the need to pay more for their travelling expenses, lodging etc?

Travis Lin -- We literally have more than half a dozen other countries from which we can import maids. If this law takes effect, then everybody will just switch to hiring from the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. There will be 100k+ Indonesian maids sent home without jobs. The Indo gov will be to blame for this.

Chrissy Ong  -- Yes, can do. But can MOM remove the security bond so that we treat them as regular employees and not someone we need to play nanny to in the fear that we will lose $5,000 in the event she violates the conditions of the work permit, since she will not be in our care after her working hours?

Travis Lin--  I agree. As employers of FDW's we are legally obligated for many of our FDW's actions. If the Indo gov implements the new rule, then this will open up a lot of potential legal liability to the employer.

AnNisa AnNisa -- Even though I am a maid who is been working for the past 6 yrs with same emplr n going to extend my work permit soon, I'm not really happy with this news somehow.
I hope that we r protected in any ways but to live out is not necessary. Sorry to my peers if u may disagree.

Ivan Loh -- Should just change the way we live and work, then we don't need maids unless we aren't capable anymore

Cheryl Chan Hwei Juin -- Think cost should b paid by the indo government since they suggested it. The helpers should pay their own flight home if they are pregnant. They must take responsibility.

Mervin Yeo -- Some employers may actually prefer this arrangement. Questions on their mind relates to "risk". Who will be held responsible for her the moment she heads back to the dorm? Is the authority willing to share the security guarantee?

Indonesia plans to stop sending new live-in maids abroad, Straits Times, 18 May 2016
Indonesian authorities want its domestic workers to live separately from their employers in dormitories, work regular hours, and get public holidays and days off.

The Indonesian Ministry of Manpower's director for the protection and placement of Indonesian migrant workers abroad, Mr Soes Hindharno, told The Straits Times that, in turn, employers will get "better-quality" workers. They will be certified in Indonesia and trained to excel in specific skills, such as cooking, childcare and eldercare.  "They are also free to do other chores, but don't penalise them if they don't do too well in areas outside their skill set. We want better protection for our workers. If they are always indoors, we don't know if they have worked overtime. They should be compensated for that."

The move will be made in phases and will first require meetings with the authorities in receiving countries, including Singapore.  Mr Soes said the initiative will affect only new workers. Maids already working in households abroad who are happy with their employers can extend their visas.

The move is part of Indonesian President Joko Widodo's plan to professionalise informal employment. A road map to stop sending Indonesian maids abroad by next year was announced by the previous administration in 2012, amid worries about maids being mistreated.  Indonesia is the biggest source country for maids in Singapore, with around 125,000 working here.

Concerns have been raised in Indonesia about the working conditions faced by live-in maids working abroad, and progress on addressing them has not been made fast enough, according to Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore) president K. Jayaprema.  The association has been working closely with the Indonesian authorities to address these concerns. Ms Jayaprema said: "We also want to ensure quality domestic workers can continue to come to Singapore."

Agents said they support formalised training, but logistical issues like lodging, travel and housing will need to be settled if maids live out.  "It might be difficult to get all employers on board," said Nation Employment managing director Gary Chin, adding that some might be concerned about unpredictable delays during maids' commutes.

One employer, a banker who gave her name as Madam Molly, 53, said she would prefer to have a helper at night as she sometimes works late. "She doesn't have to do anything after dinner, but it's just good to have an adult at home with the kids," said the single mother of two.

Mr Jolovan Wham of the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics said caregivers could have formal shifts, adding: "If where you live and work is the same, working hours are not clearly defined, and being socially isolated, domestic workers can't ask for help."

A spokesman for Singapore's Manpower Ministry said it had not received any information from Indonesia about the request for live-out maids, and the live-in requirement is not peculiar to Singapore, as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia have the same requirement.  "Singapore does not condone mistreatment of foreign domestic workers and has taken errant parties to task," said the spokesman.

Indonesian maid Aisyah, 27, who goes by only one name and has been living in Singapore for six years, was happy to hear about the possibility of a live-out arrangement. "My situation is okay but I have some friends who say they need help but cannot get it because they are always at home," she said.  "Living outside will give us more free time, more friends, but some might prefer to stay at home if employers treat them like family."

James Tan -- So after we investigate them for the haze issue, they not only want to cut off ties with us on environmental, now they feel they want to step in and cut off ties with our Manpower too? We don't need their Manpower then, I would prefer a Myanmar maid rather than the bad repo of murderous Indonesian maids they have.

Lai Yin Lee -- rather confused...so will they stop sending maids abroad or want them to live in dormitories?

Siti Farhana --Not all indonesian maids are bad..there are some gd ones too. Same goes to filipino, myanmar, sri lanka etc. Even some employers are bad as well. So dont judge their nationality . The best is just take care of ur own child .

Bunda Yunita -- Then hire Myanmar maid lor..not all Indonesian maids are bad..if you go to playground you will see Myanmar maids like to bring food and sit on the ground eat their meal while the kids just put on the stroller.

Jairaj Kumar -- James Tan, why can't u also mention our own Singaporean employers who are continuously in the news for abusing maids, both mentally and physically? Stop being a jackass, the current system we have is as good as modern day slavery. It's a good thing Indonesia is stepping up to protect their people heading overseas. And stop muddling it with the haze issue.

Catherine Lozano -- Not nice to say, im a filipino but i think you want to hire Myanmar because you can easily manipulate them. If your good employer im sure that your maid will be good too..

Siti Farhana -- If u suay...myanmar maid also cn harm ur family. Doesnt matter from which country. There r gd n bad ones in every country . Just saying

Sebastian Lim -- Canada have no import of domestic helper. Banning foreign domestic helper is good for politics. This is the first step to shut off those shouting the slogan of saying no to 6.9m

钟萍钟 -- Indonesia government must have plan to support your loss of income , just go back and enjoy life then . All the best . 

Rudolph Vaughn -- Why are the indons and pinoy maids so defensive about this post? Know where you stand in Singapore society. If you don't like it then catch the first trip out of this country. Nobody is stopping you and rest assured that you won't be missed.

Kizel Wong -- The maids should go to Taiwan, Hong Kong which don't have a better law to protect them... Singapore law protected them well so they are riding on our head!

Sarina Rahman -- Errrrr like tat ah .. Better keep yr maids lah eh. U think maid now very cheap is it. I hv seen maids are more richer than the employers themselves. We need maids for reasons. Not all employers are evil. And not maids are angels. Just keep yr maids lah eh.

BL Tan -- Before he point finger at other countries, he should go and check all the maids work in Indonesia are they following the conditions he stated.

Yenyen Lim -- Good. Send them all back. They might as well bar Singaporeans from going to Wonderful Indonesia as well. Even better, bar ALL tourist from entering Indonesia. No wonder the planes got directed to wrong places in Indonesia. Just direct them all OUT of Indon.

Elaine Mae-lyn -- Well for too long we Singaporeans have been too spoilt and dependent on cheap labour and to make matters worse there is a minority who has no qualms about treating another human being like an animal or worse. Sometimes I feel if we did not have this easy access to maids, perhaps employers will be forced to look into the type of working hours we keep in Singapore and learn to be more flexible. Who knows, it might just lead to a better work life balance for all and one in which old folks and children don't have to contend with the only adult present at home being only the maid.

Norman Joshua Lai -- So much of protection and regulations, why not stay focus to plan jobs for them back home in Indonesia. Why support them to work as maids abroad and make it so competitive because there are maids from other countries that do not have such restrictions ???

Shabana Akhtar -- When I gave my maid off she looked for boyfriend and she lied to me that she don't have Hp. When I checked she actually had 3. I had to send her back and I've to bear the cost. Looking for new maid Trainning her and a whole lot of expenses on the new maid. Employers are being penalized. Recently my maid of 8 months left my baby who was sleeping alone at home while she drop my elder son to school. It's accident waiting to happen. Now I've to bear the full cost of getting new maid all over again! Again I'm penalized as an employer. And their salary is increasing year by year and yet the quality of maid is declining. So how are we suppose to work in peace while "entrusting" our children to a stranger? It seems that these maid can break the contract by not completing their 2 yr contract and they don't lose anything. Why so?

Mami Ailah Mengurut -- Errr is it because of the toddler case who died at the hands of the maid..maybe thats the reason the indo authorities jump in to make new changes for all maids to live in separately because most maids complaining of ill treatment got by their employer? 
Might as well sgp employers that dont like the system to employ myanmar maid instead.

Vin Chia -- We singapore don't really need indonesia maid,since we still have other countries,is not just indonesia,is better our government bring them back,no indonesia pple can come over to singapore

Au Kah Kay -- Better not to hire an Indonesian maid if this is the case. Employers sill have to contend with MCs, absenteeism and truancy.

Kel Lee -- Let's see this from the maid's point of view. Now must wake up even earlier. Pay for own transport and lodging, and even own breakfast and dinner. End of the month, what will be their take home pay?

Fand Zee -- Ph off and live out? Sounds like a student living in hostel..or expat workers...should count them in for income tax too....i heard my friend maid went clubbing at night and return morning to care for kids lol.....they should apply for jobs, pay rent and meals just like an employed worker not under domestic worker since they require the stardards. Many filipinos nowadays applied for childcare jobs to teach english...they dont work as domestic anymore. This is the first question i ask when i enrol my child to class....local or Filipino teaching english? Anyway if indo maids have better living standards better in indo...well care by their garment they should not come spore. We only prefer quality maids when we pay a higher premium. They are free to resign and return. Its just a job. So far i brought my helper holidays twice a year and she is happy=)

Jimmy Chua -- build a dorm for maid?..hahaha....Indonesia is becoming a huge laughing stock in Asia. ,,a lorry with maids arrive every morning as early as 6am or expect the maids to take public transport early morning and by12am back to dorm?..3 meals all by themselves too? medical fee paid by themselves too?..do not shower and wash their clothing in employers house, buy their on 3-1 Kopi , shampoo n soap..?, living in dorm, means lower pays with high daily expenses and inconveniences for the maids, . and soon we will hv a Little Indo in Mandai,,and becomes another public attraction, must see.

Nigel Lian -- If you stop live in, they will definitely spend more here. I know many households that give their maids good perks from food to other goodies and even utilities like Internet. Think again. Anyway, this move may also further contribute to the issue of maids moonlighting wink emoticon

Alvin Chiong -- How are you ( Indonesia ) going to help them secure a job..?? If they can get a decent job in Indonesia, do you think they want to leave their family and work in a place far from home...????

Ad Rella -- They come here to settle down or to work? The Dorm Isn't it another extra living expenses.. To rent a room in SG is not cheap.. Plus.. How about I hire a maid and rent a room for her within my place? Min. A room is already $500. If co-sharing is $250. Btw.. Group them together is the worst.. They learn bad work ethics from each other.. Heard so much stories.. How to hire?? Who mind if they can feed themselves.. Pay own transport.. Take mc on own expenses? If run away, no penalty for employers? But I guess SG will have a sudden influx of maid here pretending to be maid and run away kind! Another social problem..best is to stop sending Indonesia maid.. Their president will take good care of them right? No need to be maid if there are good jobs within the country..

BenjaminShylyn Chang -- Wow..don't they have days off nowadays?? So if to arrange them to live in dormitories..who will bear the costs of building the dorms?? Talk so easy..what about the potential problems of having them living in dorms?? I can easily name a few problems that may arise..reporting to work late..vice activities in dorms..healthcare & cleanliness issues which will then bring about frequent MCs..etc.. might as well employ part-time helpers..

钟萍钟 -- Great ! I knew this day will eventually come when maids will demand . I have fully prepared to handle without the help of maids , I will give some allowances to my relative to help bring my parents to docs and cook meals , I will do housework by myself like the old days . Nothing is impossible , impossible is nothing ! Want try to blackmail us ? 回家吃自己 

Solomon Tan -- I think it's an absolutely fabulous idea! How about we stop the maids tomorrow morning and we deported all Indo maids by tomorrow at 2359 hrs? We have to respect our fellow ASEAN country and to show that our country is highly effective in administration.

Paul Tan -- Indonesia has such genius leaders. They look after their citizens well. No need to work as maids. They will give each Indonesian US $1000 every month. Ministers will forgo bribes and will pool together bribe money to upkeep their citizens. No need to bribe to burn and clear plantations, more haze will be loving extended to Singapore,Malaysia and some say batam. Thank u thank u thank u. Ruth Pritchard also would like to thank u for the haze as it helps to speed up her death process.

Derek Yip -- Now they come here to go MBS, Merlion, picnic with other fellow "tourists" and always ask for extra allowances or early salary payout and sleep earlier than the owner .... Fair? Right? Or Singapore is always wrong or we are just been too kind?? .... "like" if some of you are experiencing such

Erni Poyraz -- Good support frm indon govt to their citizen who want to work here as , domestic worker . But pls ensure they are 'very' skilful, 'very' qualified , 100% ready to work in modern country like Singapore . Drop the cat. such as fresh or exp or whatever maid . All must be same gred . Improve their Eng lang skill first most importantly . KPI must be imposed for them oso to keep up with their job skil.

Roy CJ Gwee -- The Indonesian president should do what he is paid to do and also arrange for the bond that employers have to pay to be terminated. The Indonesian government should then provide the guarantee required by the Singapore Government against over stayers, pregnancy etc.

John Goh -- Time to bring in other countries FDW... SG government, should bar Indo FDW as well... So let their own indo government create job for their own FDW instead.

Derrick Wong -- Not all domestic workers are bad. Not all employers are good. If anyone is lucky, do not abuse it. But if the dw has to stay in dorm now, it means employer has to pay more. I will be happy to settle down with other live in dw. Moreover, my house is a haven for the maid the whole day; no one in the house and also internet service. Only busy in the morning and evening. If that is too much to ask for....good bye.

Eric Gerrard Seah -- very ironical. They have yet settle their living standards and the working hrs within their country..They already start to poke hands into the matters here. Dun work in the rubber plantation require long hours and meagre salary . if the standard of living is good who wants to be a maid. Some re even having high qualifications.

Ryu Chan -- strait times always like to use headlines to cause argumentative comments so that netizens paid attention to its news and a certain few netizens did not read finish the entire article and start typing irresponsible comments. Actually, the main crux of this article is that Indonesia will give you better skilled and trained domestic workers but in return more welfare and benefits to be given to them. In the form of domestic workers living separately from their employers in dormitories, work regular hours, and get public holidays and days off. Thanks for sharing.

Peter Tan -- Terms and conditions not met you are not going to get any maids all are staying at home growing palm oil,rice and vegetables.

Karta Kosasih -- Most of you Singaporeans live in apartments. Why do you need maids anyway? I lived in Australia and it is almost unheard of to employ a live-in maid. I cleaned my house myself once a fortnight or once a month depending on my schedule. Clean your house yourself and learn to bloody cook. Are you guys really that lazy?

Elaine Yong --  Impractical and silly. Does it stop mistreatment of maids? You are not solving the problem... just killing opportunities for yr own people and helping other countries.

Ying Shu Heng  -- The market will respond accordingly. If market deems the standard of domestic help from Indonesia is worth the increase in pay and other benefits, it will pay. If the market deems that the quality of workers do not justify the increase in cost, it will seek another source of workers. The Indonesians have every right to make demands, and the market has every right to choose to whom it pays.

Hannah Foong -- My relative who hired a Indonesian maid, she turned out to be useless. Only knows how to suck up to her employer and gives black face; talks back and reluctant to do anything when other family members asks her to do something. Told her to get a simple thing done; she disappears, reappears 2 hours later having taken a nap and shower and totally forgot what I asked her to do in the first place. shrugs and does nothing when I point out that there are ants in the kitchen. If you have no motivation to work and yet demand so many privileges it's better that we hire maids from another country with better attitude who actually want to work. I have never heard of people talking back to their employers without getting fired seriously. If they get fired they should be made to bear the cost of their return trip to their own country. Why should we pay everything for them?

Aileen Tan -- Indo maid run away back to embassy and the employer can't do anything. Just because of home sick. 30 plus still home sick come only 5 months, one fine day just run away without notice. So indo better don't send out their people, better stay back inside.

Lai Yin Lee -- if you want to protect your womenfolk, please keep them at home. make your indonesian men work hard to support the family so that their wives don't have to be maids overseas.
my former maids told me their husbands don't work...they come out to work as maids and send money home.

Nazlynna AshBourne -- Lol work during working hours when that working hours we are working? So by the time we come back, they go back? So have to call maid everytime we need to ask her about housework? Wow make sense hah? Everyday in out, nobody at home...? Lol

Rudolph Vaughn -- FTs don't have the right to demand anything. In fact, they should even be grateful and thankful that through our generosity they were allowed to work here in the first place. Singapore does not owe you anything. It was never her obligation to provide work for FTs. It's a privilege given and a privilege that can be taken as we please. If they don't like it then please by all means, go back to your country and work there. Nobody is stopping you and nobody is even going to miss you. There are still a lot of nationalities who are more than willing, to the point of even giving up their lives just to come and work here. That's a fact and you can take that to the bank.

Loh Wai Poon -- Interesting, employees host country dictating terms to employers. Who has the money? Reality will tell u, u raise demands that I cannot or don't like to accept, the deal is off! We cannot open the floodgate to employees making unreasonable demands. U make it official, we go elsewhere to find minds.

Nicole Ling -- This is a positive, progressive step towards just and fair employment. Although employers don't like this new ruling, we need to understand that Domestic Workers need their own privacy, rest and personal time away from their employees. Nobody likes to live with their bosses 24/7 and yes, nobody should not be on call round the clock. Nobody likes to be working all the time and nobody wants their bosses hanging around them even when they are resting. In terms of employment rights, this is a positive change. However, this will certainly bring inconvenience for those who depend on maids to care for elderly family members or pets.

Amelia Errington --  I am all for this - but the FDW have to be responsible for themselves. They pay their own Insurence and bond and are liable for their own well being and misconduct. Sometimes hiring a helper is like having a teenager. They want freedom ( which is fine) without the responsibility. I have from my own experience thought this arrangement would allow the hired help to be happier as she has more freedom. She was paid double, worked 9 to 5, 5 day week and yet she abused my child. Indonesia wants a better environment for their people, completely understandable - but that does not translate to better workers 100percent of the time. And it's even riskier for employers with this arrangement.

Nina Hilmi -- Wow!!it seems their 4benefit working in spore is much much better than a singaporean!i dun have much benefits working in my company compared to them..wat a great move!

Tan Soon -- The Indonesia Government shall reflect themselves and review why their lady need to work abroad and instead of earning a decent living in their own country. Even with increase of the country min. wages. The cost of living is still high. Stop corruption, improve education and improve your country economic, this is the better way. No doubt the government motive is to improve their lady working environment abroad but this is totally out of your jurisdiction, as only Singapore government agreed to the terms and revamp the maid employment regulation in Singapore. Singaporean will find challenging cost of living and might not want to have more baby.

Danny Ngio -- well.. then the domestic workers will have to pay for their so call dormitories. who will suffer more? i'm quite sure the workers will have more things to say about this.

James LY -- Great. Otherwise our kids would be hurt or harmed by them deeply! Stay at ur home not to come. With millions of thanks! By the way, control ur haze in a better way n do not influence our normal live here ! Do ur part as a country should take the responsibility , won't ya?

Emily Brenda Teo -- If your people (Indonesia) can work and provide better life to their families in their own country then they don't even need to come to other countries to work lah! Can't even protect your own citizens and still talking bullshit and putting up new rules, let see how "your people starve" in "your country lor"!

May Ong -- Useless government, if only you can help your own countrymen, you think these poor ladies need to sacrifice and leave their families to come all the way to Singapore for better paying job? As a self centred government to spite Singapore, you are creating more new problems to your countrymen than really helping them. These would be maids must thank you the "caring" government. Lol

Zura Zurah -- What kind of service is this. 1. why we have maid for to take care of our kids .if they are not there what is the point of having them?

Benjamin Yeo -- So does that means we don't have to pay levy? We can't be paying levy and paying their extra housing and if anything happen still employer problem. Point to ponder

Tung Chen Kum -- Ops.... What if the new President of the Philippines follow this proposal as well?

Si Poh Yan -- Singapore laws protect foreign workers better than their own citizens. Give an inch take a yard.

Priscilla Toh -- This make me think that DH is the employer and I am working to pay their salary

Aug 2014
Winter: I like a live-out option which will let FDWs know we, employers have forked out how much as 'invisible costs' and stop activists from accusing employers of making maids work long hours but paying a cheapskate salary. Maids have to grow up overnight by being a live-out maid, be sensible and act responsibly, otherwise, she FULLY BEARS her own brainless or inmatured decision.  Don't forget to get live-out FDWs be fully responsible for their maid loan and insurance.

MOM should consider this option.  Don't let activists bite on things (overworked, stress) that are not Employers' fault eg a private room for sickening/lazy/demanding FDWs.  I fully support the idea of live-out maid to make greedy and blinded people realise how fortunate they are as live-in maids 身在福中不知福.  There are Sporeans who worked longer hours but take home pay lesser than FDWs or ZERO!  FDWs are definitely not underpaid both in S$ or in their own country currency.  Stop barking like mad dogs.

Extracted this from maid's Facebook.  This is an activist (An) page that provides DIY employer/FDW at your own risks, no agent involved.  Not providing any hyperlink to help it generate traffic.  The 'organiser' is in good relationship with HOME - a haven for runaway maids. 

AnSome of you have asked if it is possible for you to not reside with your employers during after-work hours.

Under MOM’s new regulations, stay-out maids are not allowed and “the employer shall ensure that the foreign employee resides at the residential address stated in the work permit”.

As such, to prevent any unlawful practices, do make sure that you are working and living in the address stated under your work permit.

Maylyn Molina Valdez:  a lot of helper also want stay out job its because of good intention like they want peace if mind to sleep well etc.bcoz most helper like us staying to their employer house has no enough sleep specialy if the employer "utos dito utos duon until midnight".... not just to meet their bf miss Mafel Azuelo Acayang...

Euis Hodijah:  Stay out doesn't mean only can meet bf or whatever.. we are big enough to understood that. Many helper stay in they still can meet bf.. be positive thinking we are come here for earn nineteen so be respectful to yourself and the job. The employer give stay out coz they want the helper have own privacy.. they give a freedom do whatever they want to do at least no make problem for employer and we can take care ourselves. So please be matured thinking And Cheers friend we also human being so we have right feeling to have bf if they want too

Roselle E. Miranda:  Anyway!!!not allowed but some employer they allowed there helper to stay out it because no place there house to sleep...some more employer pay the room outside to there maid,,not for meet boyfriend very bad comment ms.mafel not all ok....this not problem of maid??we know that...this d problem of the employer

Marilou Llaneta: If some helpers are stay out that is because it is the employers want...saying they want a privacy.

Simon Teramitzu: What happen if the request frm the employer side saying they want privasy, or may be they dont have decent room for the helper?

Fasha Sasha: If helper stay out not so bad also,even stay with employers so many helpers also can meet bf just thinking what u want u caming in Singapore no need nonsense comments

Violette Heart: Rite now,alot maid their stay out from employer house so if MOM find out about tht so whts going to happens?

Felicia Compala Lumicio: whoever asked that kind of question, its just a common sense. One is our safety, employer should be blame whatever happen to us.

Rose White: Yes your right some employer they want privacy and they dont have space a room for helper so they rent a bed spaces her maid, why they are not allow for this, what is better your employer pay you for room or put you in the kitchen to sleep?

Frankly speaking, if given a good helper and fairer MOM policies, I would want her to live-in.  Since she's an eye sore (or dislike living in my house), let her leave the house when I'm home ... live-out and report to work the next morning punctually!  She's happy so probably will go a better job?  What if she over enjoyed during her 'off-duty time' or too engaged in personal business and couldn't deliver a good day job as FDW?  What sort of compensation for Employers?  Dilemma.  There must be proper law to protect our interest if FDWs are allowed to live-out then activists won't say FDWs are more vulnerable, prone to be bullied, abused or over worked as live-in maid.  MOM/activists cannot expect me to train and re-train, pay and pay agency fee, etc.  The policies have to tweak.

Serious ....I am willing to have a live-out maid so that she can enjoy her life  out of my house (out of my sight), at her own costs (meals, accommodation, medical, insurance coverage, repatriation, agency fee) and bears her own actions. 

Is this the kind of accommodation good life maids want if MOM allows live-out option? Modern FDWs are very demanding. Activists and MOM have been very protective. Maids want privacy … activists advocating privacy & human rights ... give FDW a room all by herself at employer’s cost so that she can do whatever she fancies without being watched or caught red handed if up to no good.   Employers will still install CCTV in their houses but maids have option to live-out and be spared .... so don't complain about privacy.

Won't such 'squeezy' quarters give FDWs/Activists a chance to scream this is improper treatment, inhumane? It has not crossed their minds this is still a decent accommodation staying with their fellow countrywomen. Our NS men were not given single rooms but maids felt they deserved more and much better benefits compared to Sporeans, sounds rational?  

When asked to live-out and pay themselves, FDWs would prefer to save, to save means to share the room willingly.  Saving their money, everything is right.  Living with employers, sharing a room is not fit for a human!  The payer is different and the benefit of FDW is compromised ... FDWs cannot sponge on Employers so the same accommodation (ruler to measure) cannot be used!

Live with employers, maybe shared room with one of the employer’s family members is still rated as unsuitable.... because no privacy, no chance to be naughty! Other foreign workers stay in dormitories, maids enjoy live-in benefits yet still complaining and comparing. All about greed and unreasonable demands 贪得无厌.

If live-out option is available, there should be a cap on agency fee and make it refundable if found job was mismatched by maid agent. A job description form must be completed by agent, FDW and employer then stapled together with the contract.  
This form filled by FDW and Employer before and after a relationship should be uploaded online as "FDW's employment history".  Employer gets to see what job scope/special requirement previous employer has indicated and what caused FDW to be transferred or asking for a transfer .... transparency but don't blackmail employers with loan.  With maid loan, the truth will be withhold.  Get all live-in/live-out maids to bear their own recruitment fee and insurance thru their favourite bank.  

Any agent who wants to charge employer above S$600 as admin/agency fee, should include Spore-based FDW's training, on top of SIP. Source country who wants its citizens to work in Spore without any maid loan, make employers bear full costs and risks, somebody .... the mighty decision makers, please ask FDWs to stay in source countries, don’t fly to Spore. 

FDWs can live-out by getting a salary a bit higher than our low local cleaners ... maybe S$1000-1200.  Employer to charge FDW for meals consumed or set a live-out salary at $850 which includes F&B.... nothing is free.  You thought $1000 includes meals, tell me who doesn't need to eat and drink daily 变相的高薪 低贡献
?  In your theory, only FDW deserves the best at our expense?  The current minimum wage for cleaner is $850 (high or not?  Your salary is how many times of this?  You still think we, FDW's employer are earning a lot?).  

The proposal of minimum wage for cleaner at $1000 is still on the table (read).   Future live-out FDWs can go sleep with men, moonlight for extra income, just don't make employers be responsible for their actions or trouble created. You will have plenty of free time, all you care about is fun and men so all these are tagged with money, isn't it?

“Once the Act is passed, we will take non-compliance seriously,” he said. “There will be penalties imposed on companies that fail to comply with the licensing conditions… (companies that flout the wage requirement) may have their licenses suspended or revoked. In addition, service buyers procuring from non-licensed cleaning companies will also face penalties under the law.”

A similar requirement for standard starting pay and progressive wage model is being worked out for the security industry as well, said DPM Tharman, noting that issues of low basic wages and long overtime hours is rife there too”.

Wishing and looking forward to the big day whereby FDWs bear their own actions and behave like responsible working adults.  I don't want to be maid's legal guardian.  MOM sets polices that made employers the babysitters of FDWs. 

If your FDW is not a good worker, no amount of restrictions from Employer will improve her performance.  Such a person will always find a way to slack off. Such a person, often doesn't need a salary and come all the way to Spore to seek pleasure, would love to live-out.  The law will make FDWs think twice but currently not to Employers advantage nor fair to us.   The burden is on us and the headaches modern FDWs (all due to activists) caused are severe!

FDWs are humans, what are we? Milking cows? Conveniently located ATM machines?  

Force maids to grow up.

I know some expats are paying maid to live-out either secretly or purposely disregards the work permit conditions.... maybe the agencies didn't highlight.  Maybe expats simply love to be different, fond of creating tension and imbalance in a foreign country.  I wish there's a MOM reward hotline to catch these evildoer Expats.  I hope Expats get caught for trying to toy with Spore law and be barred from hiring FDWs.  

Expats like to use their own country's way of life, claiming maids are only fit for the rich, a luxury!  Since they have the chance to come to Spore, hiring a maid became a dream come true, a boat not to be missed.  By offering a salary higher than market rate and live-out benefits, they felt employing a FDW is still dirt cheap, an irresistible deal!  They forgot how much they are earning and how much locals are earning ... a vast difference!  Is it because they come from a place of plentiful land size (big country) so thought by spitting some 'saliva', Spore will be drown?  

Source countries such as Philippines and Indonesia also seemed to have this concept they can 'step on, drown or swallow this tiny red dot'.  Look at what they made MOM give in and legislated.  Look at the local standard contract (AEAS/CASE) vs Philippines contract. If you respect the host country, the country that gave your citizens a good salary package (much better than the home country), why do you keep dishing out your terms and insisted on using your Philippines contract?  You made Filipino maid (your own citizens) pay for your contract when trying to renew passport or apply home leave. Read: OEC for Household Service Workers (“Home Leave”).  You wanted employers to bear these costs but 'luckily' MOM didn't give in and indicate this as compulsory in the local standard contract.  

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