23 Dec 2017

New maid capable of doing ....

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This page is about new maids (FDWs - first timers, have worked from days to a few months in Spore) are human beings too, they can be good or bad.  But how many of you felt maids can't be that bad or cruel?  
FDWs are born to be kind by nature?  
Sweet ... naive ... demure/submissive, looked like harmless, vulnerable, suppressed ...  are you still living in ancient age and thinking FDWs are basically plain and nice girls (unpolluted) from suburb, from a poor family and have a good heart (not wicked) by nature?

If FDWs are bad or did something bad to the employer, your first reflex is that maid was ill-treated, what she did was just paying back... revenge is not a crime?  

You cheered such maid for being so 'courageous'?  How about maids who have worked only for weeks?  Do you intend to find excuses for her fault such as she's stressed, homesick, not given enough time to adapt, employers didn't give enough concern, culture shock and/or have mental problem?  Maids who have gone through 'agency's in-house training' are taught how to fight for their rights, say 'send me back to agency', pretend homesick, over stressed to get a repatriation (free ticket home) .... even without off days or 24/7 mobile phone usage, she knows what is to her advantage and how to runaway from 'problems/hard work' or a 'demanding' boss/suppresser

FDWs can be very scheming, just like any other human beings in this world, eg You and I.  Don't belittle or look down on FDWs' intelligence!  Time for you, the hardcore activists, ministers of Spore to wake up and stop thinking employers are one-sided bullies!  Employers need protection, you've short-changed us and too harsh on us.  Those bad FDWs were usually lightly punished for their own bad doings, whereas employers severely punished.  What about nice or law abiding Employers?  You're sending a clear message to needy (those who relied on FDWs to help, not RICH so that we can work full-time and live a more sustainable life) and nice Employers , we're penalised (Ministry of Manpower's unfair policies) for employing maid.  When will you change your selfish mindset and be fair to us?

A domestic helper from Myanmar who had worked in Singapore for just 40 days felt unappreciated and in a moment of misguided rage, strangled her employer's 19-year-old daughter with a pillowcase.

The incident happened in a Trellis Tower condominium unit on Feb 18, 2017, at around 9.30am, reported Lianhe Wanbao.  During the scuffle, both the accused, Su Hlaning Hnin and the victim, Ms Li fell onto the floor of the living room.

The process lasted for about five minutes, and Ms Li sustained multiple injuries on various parts of her body.  At one point, she managed to escape and quickly ran into her room but was so afraid that she forgot to lock the door.  Su followed and after calming herself down warned Ms Li not to tell her parents about the incident.

Ms Li hid in the toilet and sent a distress message to her parents, asking for help.  Su denied harming the girl and claimed that the injuries on Ms Li were self-inflicted.  After a seven-day trial, the judge found Su's account to be unconvincing, sentencing her to 22 weeks' jail.

Su subsequently filed an appeal in the High Court.  The court heard that Su had started working for the family on Jan 10, 2017.

Ms Li and her parents claimed that they had never quarrelled with the maid, and found her work satisfactory.  On the day of the incident, Ms Li's mother had brought her grandmother for a medical checkup and grocery shopping.  Ms Li's brother was gone to a gym, leaving her and Su alone in the house.

She was using her computer at the dining table when the maid suddenly sneaked up from her left and wrapped a pillowcase around her neck.  Su told her: "See, see."  Ms Li could not comprehend the situation and looked up, but as she lifted her head, the grip on her neck tightened.

Instinctively, Ms Li attempted to push Su away and struggled as she stood up from her chair.  
Ms Li said she was so focused on escaping, she did not notice whether they had fallen onto the floor first or hit the wall.

A medical examination revealed that Ms Li had suffered many bruises on her head, neck, abdomen, shoulders and various parts on the left side of her body.  

A Myanmar domestic worker, who was allegedly nagged by her employer's mother-in-law every day, decided she had enough and wanted to leave.  But instead of asking to be sent home, she mixed Dettol disinfectant into a cup of cereal drink made by the 65-year-old, a district court heard.

Yesterday, Mya Thet Wai, 24, was sentenced to five months' jail after she pleaded guilty to causing Madam Toh Sew Keok to drink the mixture at her employer's home in Tampines on April 6 this year.  The maid had been working in the household since Jan 10 this year.  (Winter:  this is about 7-8 months' employment)

Deputy Public Prosecutor Chong Kee En said that Madam Toh made a cereal drink for herself in the kitchen that morning and covered the cup with a lid.  She then went to the living room to feed her seven-month-old grandchild.

As she was feeding the baby, the maid took a small cup of Dettol disinfectant liquid and placed it on the kitchen table.  After getting a pillow for the baby, she returned to the kitchen and poured the disinfectant into Madam Toh's cereal drink and put the lid back.  Madam Toh then asked the maid to tend to the baby while she went to the kitchen to eat some bread. When she took the cereal drink, she immediately spat it out and rinsed her mouth repeatedly.

She called her daughter-in-law to tell her that someone had added something into her cereal drink. Madam Toh confronted the maid who denied it.  When the maid's employer later returned, closed-circuit television footage was viewed and the police were called.  The maid then admitted adding the disinfectant into the drink, saying she did not want to continue working as the victim "nagged at her frequently".

Pleading for leniency, Mya said in mitigation that she could not take the victim's daily nagging.  She had hoped that by committing the act, her employer would send her back to Myanmar.

Maid jailed for assaulting sickly elderly woman under her care, Straits Times, 3 May 2017
A maid was jailed for four months on Wednesday (May 3) for punching a sickly elderly woman under her care.  Myanmar national Gracy Law Rice, 24, pleaded guilty in court to one count of causing hurt to Madam Wong Poh Lin, 72, who has Parkinson's disease - a long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system - and is unable to speak due to her condition.

Madam Wong's eldest daughter employed Rice to look after her mother who is weak and has difficulty walking. The maid started working in Madam Wong's Whampoa Drive flat on April 8, last year.  Madam Wong lives in the unit with her husband while their children, who live elsewhere, visit them once every two weeks.  Rice's duties included bathing Madam Wong, helping her exercise and ensuring that she took her medication. This was her first job in Singapore.

On July 10 last year, the maid fed Madam Wong porridge for lunch but as the elderly woman  was unable to swallow the food, some dribbled out of her mouth.  Frustrated, Rice punched her chest twice with her right fist.  Madam Wong's daughter later spotted bruises on her mother. She informed her brother who alerted the police on July 12 last year.  Madam Wong was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital later that day and was found to be suffering from injuries including bruises on her chest and left buttock, and cuts on her right shin, right elbow and left cheek.  (Winter: Apr to July, only 3 months in Spore, first employer)

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Ruth Teng said: "According to the accused, she had caused the victim to sustain the injuries on her face, right leg and buttocks accidentally. She could not explain how the victim had sustained the other injuries which the doctors found upon examining the victim."

DPP Teng also told the court that according to Rice, she hit Madam Wong for the first time in the July 10 incident.  The maid claimed that on previous occasions, when the victim had not eaten her food, she had simply shouted at her.

For causing hurt, Rice could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000.

Winter:  This year, there had been many cases of bad Indonesian FDWs.  Many employers have a strong preference to employ Indonesian FDWs, compared to egoistic Filipinos.  Humans, regardless of nationality, employer or FDW, can be blinded by greed or turned abusive.  Problem with modern FDWs is that they have off days and internet access so are easily led astray, as well as be influenced to become inefficient and lousy helpers.  

New maids yet doing all sorts of things stated below, where did they learnt?  Humans aren't born to be bad!  Country-side/Village domestic helpers maybe joined you with a clean soul and mind but get easily polluted by peers and newly made friends via Facebook, etc.  

Modern FDWs are lonely here and just listened to whatever "music played".  Nowadays, FDWs cannot differentiate what is wrong or deliberately chose to head the wrong way.... because what their friends said are right. A lot of FDWs treated some things like an entitlement, used incorrect ways to vent anger or blindly felt employers short-changed them.  One of the biggest joke is that mentally unsound maids were not screened by agencies and became the Employers' responsibilities/misfortune ... MOM didn't hit alarm that this practice isn't right, shouldn't be employer's liability or treated as a case of failed lottery.  

FDWs have internet access yet preferred hearsays (eg human rights activists) instead of looking at the FDW standard Spore contract online and MOM website for clarifications.

Maid jailed four weeks after falsely accusing employers of abuse, 19 Apr 2017, Straits Times
An Indonesian maid was jailed for four weeks on Wednesday (April 19) after lying to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the police, claiming that her employer's elderly wife had physically abused her multiple times.

Susilawati Narsim Sunah, 35, pleaded guilty to one count of giving false information to a police officer on Nov 5, last year.  A second charge for a similar offence involving an MOM officer was taken into consideration during sentencing.

The court heard that Susilawati, who was unrepresented, had lied as she wanted to return home to Indonesia.  She started working for Mr Peh Hoon Seng, 85 and his wife Madam Lim Chin Ai, 83, in their Hougang flat on April 7, last year.  But on Nov 4, Susilawati took a taxi to the MOM services centre at Bendemeer Road and told an officer there that Madam Lim had abused her. (Winter:  From Apr to Nov, that's only 6 months of employment, considered new FDW)

The next day, the maid went to the Ang Mo Kio Police Division Headquarters and repeated the same lies to a policewoman.  She claimed that Madam Lim, whom she referred to as "Ah Ma" had assaulted her five times between April 20 and Nov 4, last year.  She also told Senior Staff Sergeant Noor Syahirah Halil that Madam Lim had slapped her as she was too slow in taking her a glass of water. She also accused the old woman of hitting her left leg with a walking stick.

The elderly couple had statements recorded during the investigations and both denied the allegations. Madam Lim also highlighted that she has difficulty moving around without her walking aid.  Susilawati only came clean when a deputy public prosecutor (DPP) from the Attorney-General's Chambers interviewed her on Jan 13.  On Wednesday, DPP Zulhafni Zulkeflee said: "The accused admitted that Ah Ma had never abused her during the period of employment. She had concocted the lies because she wanted to return home to Indonesia.

"She had not received a reply from her employer at that point and decided to take matters into her own hands by raising the false allegations."  For giving false information to a police officer, Susilawati could have been jailed up to a year and fined up to $5,000.

An Indonesian maid was arrested yesterday for the alleged murder of a 77-year-old woman Straits Times, 15 Feb 2017
Police said she will be charged in court today with murder.  The elderly woman, identified as Madam Tay Quee Lang, was found dead in the living room of her fifth- floor flat in Block 276, Tampines Street 22, on Monday afternoon.

When The Straits Times approached Madam Tay's family members at the flat yesterday, they declined to comment.  There was a wake set up at the block, but the body had not arrived.

A few hours later, police were seen carrying a mannequin made out of fabric and wearing women's clothes into the home. It is believed that it was used to help re-enact what had happened.  When approached, an officer said they were doing "some work", and that the family had left.  Madam Tay, who had to use a wheelchair after a fall last year, lived in the flat with her husband, Mr Tan Hee Seng, who is in his 70s.

Their maid was the only other person in the flat at the time of the incident.  Police said they received a call for assistance at about 2.10pm on Monday. Paramedics later pronounced Madam Tay dead at the scene.  The maid was seen leaving with police officers at about 6pm to assist in investigations, and Madam's Tay's body was taken away at about 7pm.

Neighbours said the maid had been with the couple for about a month and was heard screaming shortly after the incident.  A neighbour who lives on the same floor, engineer Ashaari Hasan Basri, told The Straits Times that he had called the police after hearing the maid's cries for help.  The 28-year-old said: "She was crying and shouting 'Ah Ma' (Hokkien for grandmother) from inside the unit, so I rushed over... She looked lost and only told me that 'Ah Ma' had slashed herself with a knife."

Mr Ashaari said he peered through a window of the four-room unit and saw Madam Tay slumped on a wheelchair facing him.  She appeared to have a bloodied knife lodged in her throat, he added.

Maid jailed for robbing, attacking employer's mum, Straits Times, 14 Dec 2016
An Indonesian maid robbed her employer's elderly mother of cash and jewellery totalling about $9,400 about one month into her employment, a court heard.

Yesterday, 32-year-old Jaimah Hapit Said was sentenced to 40 months in jail for robbing Madam Hwang Sai Kin, 81. She got an additional six weeks' jail in lieu of caning because women, like men above 50, cannot be caned. The minimum sentence for robbery includes six strokes of the cane.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Jaime Pang said Jaimah was alone with Madam Hwang at her Bedok house on Sept 26 when she accused the victim of disliking her, but Madam Hwang denied it.  Jaimah suddenly grabbed Madam Hwang's right hand tightly and pushed her onto a bed. She sat on Madam Hwang and stuffed a towel into her mouth.

After about 10 minutes, she removed the towel but continued to restrain Madam Hwang's legs. She demanded money from Madam Hwang, who repeatedly told her she would give in to her demands.

Jaimah Hapit Said was sentenced to 40 months in jail for robbery. She got an additional six weeks' jail in lieu of caning. The minimum sentence for robbery includes six strokes of the cane.
Jaimah then told Madam Hwang to sit in a corner, and choked her. After she stopped, she told the victim to get the cash for her. Madam Hwang handed over $3,600.

When a hungry Madam Hwang asked for food, Jaimah told her to stay in the room and warned her not to shout for help. She took away the telephone in the room and Madam Hwang's cellphone.  While walking to the kitchen, Jaimah adjusted the closed-circuit television camera in the living room so it could not capture her movements. She took bread and water for the victim, and also a knife from the kitchen.  After giving Madam Hwang the bread and water, Jaimah pointed the knife at her and warned her not to leave the room for at least 30 minutes, threatening to stab her if she did.

DPP Pang said Jaimah ransacked the house, taking $4,580 and three bangles valued at $1,200 from a bedroom. She tried to, but could not find, her passport. She then left, but not before disconnecting the telephone lines.  Jaimah was arrested three days later when she sought help from the Indonesian Embassy.

Madam Hwang was examined and found to have minor injuries to her neck and one forearm.  Asked by District Judge Crystal Ong what she did with the items and cash, Jaimah said she had planned for the loot to be sent to her family through an Indonesian woman. But she claimed not to know if it had reached her family.

The judge said Jaimah had violated her employer's trust. She was meant to look after the employer's elderly mother but instead subjected her to much violence and fear.  "The sentence must be severe enough so as to deter other foreign domestic workers from such an act," she added.

The maximum punishment for robbery is 10 years' jail and caning.

Maid who punched employer's son jailed 4 months, Straits Times, 1 Dec 2016
After her employer scolded her, an Indonesian domestic worker punched the woman's two-year-old son.  She punched his head three times and hit it once with a wooden toilet brush.

Yesterday, Ayunda Lestari Dayuki, 24, was jailed for four months after admitting to ill-treating the child at a Bukit Batok flat by wilfully doing an act which caused unnecessary injury.

A district court heard that Ayunda started working for the family in September last year, helping with household chores and also taking care of the victim and two other children.  On Sept 21, her 36-year-old employer checked the closed-circuit television footage of the flat when she was at work. She caught Ayunda sleeping in the living room when she was supposed to be taking care of the boy. She then called the helper and scolded her .

The next day, her husband discovered a reddish mark and swelling on the back of the boy's head.  Investigations showed that on Sept 22, Ayunda hit the boy when he refused to bathe and started to cry. She punched the back of his head three times and used a toilet brush to hit it too.

A doctor's examination found a swelling on the back of his head.  Deputy Public Prosecutor Kumaresan Gohulabalan said the victim was hit on a vulnerable part of his body. He said the offence was not easy to detect as Ayunda had committed it outside the view of the closed-circuit television camera. He asked for a sentence of at least three months' jail to be imposed.

When Ayunda urged District Judge Salina Ishak to impose a light sentence, the judge asked: "You are not even remorseful for what you have done?''  Ayunda replied through an Indonesian interpreter that she was remorseful for her "silly acts''.

Her sentence was backdated to Sept 26. She could have been fined up to $4,000 and/or jailed for up to four years.

Facebook comments:
Joan Jett -- Im a helper here in sg and i too get scolding sometimes but i never vent it to the kids... to those helpers out there learn to love the kids as your own cause if you do, you'll think million times to raise a hand on them everytime things dont work out right.

Always think of the consequences of your action.

Niez Aniezz -- I'm also helper already work for about 11year n never hit the kids b4
I think she have some problem 
Better don't work la n take care you own kids

Vivian Liew -- I've gotten told off by my boss before, but I don't take it out on their kid... wth would you do that the kid had nothing to do with it, and you wouldn't exactly be helping your bloody case either.

Thidar Tun -- Try not to harm to other while you anger , and do the best you can for your master as well, whatever u do , do it with your heart . In this journey not every road is smooth as u expect !

Bommayi Bomma -- If you are a helper the employer got no right to correct ur mistakes?We also get scolded by our employers.We don't go around harming others. Instead of working you want to sleep.What you call by silly acts?Rubbish just want to escape your sentence.Should cane you n teach a lesson for torturing the child.Hang you better.

Alison Yuen -- Pls jail her for 2 years and fined her $2000. This is to set an example to all the maids not to raise hands on the young n old.

Cindy Ho -- Nowadays maids want to be treated like part of the family, share your lobster n abalone n holiday abroad sharing the same room too with the couple.

Tua Bah Tan -- So my boss scold me i can go and damage his car beat up his kid? Workplace kena scolded very common.

Ashraf Ali -- 4 months too short should be 4 years reason beating up a defenceless toddler...

Melissa Lee -- Reveal the maid's face, bar her from ever entering sg to work.
So as to prevent any other employers from engaging her again.

Mango Philip -- Should jail longer without back date and cane. so what a Indo maid. Then others will be afraid esp Pinoy

William Lee C C -- If you are not wrong and why shld the employer scold you ? I do have a maid b4 and she joke with us too and take care my kids when we went to work ??

Mac Taghoier -- more and more cases of child abuse with light sentences, pathetic

Aider Berg -- 4 mths jail only?! Something is wrong with Singapore law.

Sin Jacquelyn -- Wah! Stay at home don't work lah... which job will not get scolding?!

Patrick Lim -- Standard reply from maids after abusing the elderly or kids. Feel remorseful... Aya

Felicia Chew -- Noticed the ratio of ill treating children by helpers of that particular national is higher then others. They r more wicked?

Dave Halverson -- The kids are the innocents here.go put a hole in a wall or whatever just don't take it out on babies.i hope she gets jail time and deported.

Emily Tan -- Wait.. She needs to take care of the 3 kids alone, one of whom only 2 yo n supposedly pretty active toddler plus housework and probably cooking while her 2 employers are at work. Why don't the employer try that out herself for 1 week and see if she falls asleep in the afternoon... Duh! She didn't rethink the possible reasons for her domestic helper "dozing off" before scolding her... Duh!!! 
I always help out my helper with my 3 young kids..i can scold, spank and punish my kids if they misbehave... But even that i too feel tired, let alone 1 helper alone w 3 kids plus housework. Faint!

Agnes Tan Suan Ping -- Go home. Don't come to Sg again. Sit in the padi fields.

Zie Mohd -- Too light of a sentence. Shld give her 1 yr

Kumar Perumal -- Helpers are very dangerous and unpredictable

Cindy Ho -- The maids would use MOM to threaten you esp the pinoy ones. After eating your food they would say I cannot wash dishes for your mom in law, it's against the MOM law to work for another family. My daughter in law is terrified of her maid of abusing her 4 yrs old son, that's why always give in to her, even help her to pay her debts from their own money lender. Maids are smart now they can operate their own money lending business. There are many ways the vindictive ones vent their displeasure like adding foreign items to your food n using the wrong brush for the toilet bowl. Many countries have no maids. Singaporeans are not train to do housework from young hence require maid. Mobilize family members to share the load which can lighten the burden of household chores n child caring.

Trevi Ng -- It is best to expect t the least from maids these days. Some months ago, when we were interviewing maids to hire them, a couple of them actually told us that they choose to work in Singapore because they can change employers anytime and do not have to pay for an air ticket if they wish to go home. Singapore has become a place for them not just to work, but a do-as-they-please playground. They know they will be very much protected anyway and can change employers as and when they feel like it. Just check the bio data in maid agencies and one will realise that many do not finish their contracts. Reasons stated can range from homesickness, family problems etc. One maid we interviewed wanted to change employer because she was asked to wash her hands often. Those who suffer will be young children and very sick elderly who are unable to articulate the miseries inflicted on them by maids.

Karen Ang -- My new neighbour's helper, took her stress not at her employer's kids, instead, hurt my son intentionally. After making reports with the police, mom. That mentally unstable person is still working & living 3 flrs abv. She denied hurting my son, lied that she was the one that got injured, 100% not remorseful. Guess what? My neighbour believed her helper, even though i hav 2 other witnesses of the abuse

Thidar Tun -- No matter what kind of job we chose to work for us to make living , whatever u do , do it with your heart coz the time is so precious to everyone as well. I am here as the same with u coz I have been working as helper coming 10 years just one and only for my employer . Let me share with u today with my true experience how I have been through in those years with my previous employer before today , there are so many things we see different ways between me n my employer and I had really a hard time with them, for 6 + 1/2 years . But no matter how I had a hard time I never complain for how they treat me coz I know that complaining is doesn't give me a solution for those problem that I have with them, so with Faith ! I pray Everyday and talk to god as like he is only who can listen to me and whom I can have conversations with . And absolutely he heard my conversations with him , he answer me and give me solutions for me to move on as well, so to day I still working for her's mum in law and now it is time for me to leave . This is the life of journey that we are walking and moving forward to a new day! Because it is a gift from god as well ,

Winter:  Homesick, family uncontactable, went berserk ... how come more and Indonesian maids appeared so 'weak and unfit to work"?  If Indonesian govt changed its mind on stopping its female citizens to work as maids, maybe MOM should raise the minimum age requirement to 30 years old.  Maids are behaving immature, easily lose control/breakdown and cause misery to ill-fated families.  Also a young girl can fake to be 23 years but pretend she looked 30 years old would be harder.
Worked 2 months, Indonesian maid killed one, injured another, Straits Times, 9 Jun 2016
Businessman Ong Thiam Soon went looking for his wife in their semi-detached house in Telok Kurau when she did not come into their bedroom to watch television as usual on Tuesday night.  "I kept shouting her name but there was no response," said Mr Ong, who left his room on the first floor and found a bathroom on the second level locked.

He unlocked it and saw a trail of blood. Before he could take in the scene, Daryati - his maid of two months - allegedly attacked him with a knife in each hand.  "She slashed my neck. I was in shock," Mr Ong said in Mandarin. It was then that he noticed his wife's bloodied, motionless body on the bathroom floor.  He was speaking to reporters from Changi General Hospital (CGH), where he was sent for surgery after his Indonesian maid allegedly attacked him and his 59-year-old wife, Madam Seow Kim Choo. His wife died, and Daryati was arrested.

Mr Ong, 57, said he tried to hold down Daryati, but she struggled hard. "When (Daryati) finally calmed down, I went to my wife but she was no longer breathing. There was a lot of blood."  Daryati, 23, allegedly lunged at him again, and they continued to tussle. Mr Ong shouted for his daughter-in-law, who was taking care of his two grandchildren on the third floor.

Hearing the commotion, his other maid rushed to the bathroom but ran away screaming after she saw the gruesome scene. Mr Ong's daughter-in-law called the police before going to his aid.  They managed to subdue the maid and tied her hands. Mr Ong, with Daryati in tow, then ran out of the house, shouting for help.  He caught the attention of several passers-by, who helped him. Three Malaysians helped to bind Daryati with a cable tie found in the house, and also took towels to stanch Mr Ong's bleeding.

Digital solutions director Daniel Chen, 35, was driving home to his rented condominium apartment next to the Ongs' home when he noticed his neighbour waving at him.  "I realised there was blood on his face. I thought that he fell ," said Mr Chen, who then saw the wounds on Mr Ong's neck. "I put him on a chair and tried to keep him and his daughter-in-law calm."  He sees the family "almost every day" since he and his girlfriend moved in last October, and said Mr Ong would play with their dog.  "They are a very nice family," he added.

Mr Ong and his wife lived with their two sons, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren, said Mr Chen.  The family had two maids, including Daryati, who Indonesian Embassy counsellor Didit Parlambang said hails from the province of Lampung in Indonesia.  The embassy is still trying to get in touch with her family in Indonesia, he added.  Mr Chen said he has seen Daryati doing tasks like watering the plants and walking the dogs. "It was all very normal and we talked very briefly - she will say 'hi' sometimes."

When The Straits Times visited the neighbourhood yesterday morning, maids and residents in the houses nearby said they did not know Daryati and the Ongs well.  The maid agency that brought Daryati in told The Straits Times it had not received negative feedback on her performance during her time with the Ongs. A spokesman for the agency said this was her first time working as a maid.

On Tuesday night, the police received a call for help at 8.48pm. Paramedics pronounced Madam Seow dead at 9.03pm.  Mr Ong underwent surgery for multiple injuries to his neck, forehead and leg at CGH. He was expected to be discharged yesterday.  Mr Ong said Daryati, who was allowed one phone call home every month, had been "agitated" for the past few days because she could not reach her family in Indonesia.  "We treat her very well and give her a lot of freedom," he said.

Asked about Madam Seow, he teared up and said she was a good wife who helped him a lot with his business and took care of the family.  Mr Ong is listed as the director of three engineering firms here.

Police have classified the case as murder and are investigating.

Facebook comments:
Jim Francis Robles -- Why quick to judge.. we didnt know the real story behind this case.. how about the maid side?.. do you think the maid can fought back two matured people considering that it happen at night and the maid is forsure deadtired working the whole day. Better if the authority investgate this case further it look like theres something more behind this case. But whoever the real suspect is he/sheshould pay..

Is the couples relationship still okay i mean if they always fight, and are those cuts came from the maid or from the wife..?? .. did they treated their maid well or Nah???

Johnny Tan -- Quote:"The maid agency that brought Daryati in told The Straits Times it had not received negative feedback on her performance during her time with the Ongs. A spokesman for the agency said this was her first time working as a maid."

The maid agency knew that this maid is a first timer working as a maid and first time working in Singapore. They also knew Mr Ong lived in three storeys house and it would be stressful for any maid to do house chores and maintaining the cleanliness for even experienced maid, let alone a fresh new green horn with no experience. As a responsible maid agency, they ought to have advised Mr Ong to choose a experienced maid instead of a fresh entry maid with no experience as it does make a difference in terms of performance. Such tragedy could have been avoided if that maid agenxy does their job with responsibility instead of trying to market their on hand maids asap to avoid losses.

Obviously the accused performance didn't meet the expectations of Mr Ong and wife or she was too stressed out with the level of work loads given to her as she couldn't cope with it. She definitely missed her family with only one phone call allowed monthly. So when she made that precious one call and couldn't get her family on the phone, she snapped and went crazy.
Let us wait for our SPF official report before we jumped into conclusion. Nothing is confirmed unless concluded by our SPF.

Selva Kandiah -- It is very scary with some maids. My mother's maid wanted to go back so faked one night as if some spirit entered her. All of us got so scared and we sent her back the next day. She sounded and looked so dangerous.

Peter Tan -- If people can sit outside the park and admire the wonderful nature at their best,butterflies flying freely,birds chirping merrily,bees sucking nectar from flowers,the clouds rolling across the sky and think for a moment whether it makes much logic or sense when someone claimed to have treat someone very nicely yet that someone resort to violence into even killing another.Which person treated nicely will stab you in the back??Maybe if it is mental unstable disorder that is a different story.Never listen to any side of the story always.People will never admit their mistakes or any wrong doing they will always want to paint a nice picture about themselves as a nice good person even though it is a devil in disguise.No sane person will admit to a guilt.

Joei Huang -- Such a tragedy. The psychological stability, trustworthiness should be a major part of the vetting process when allowing a person to work here as a stay in maid. Yes it will be a more expensive process but if you are going to let a stranger live with you 24/7 long term it has better be someone who has had a lot of experience doing this, is independent, knows what to expect and has a strong sense why he/she is doing this. Having to work faraway as a live in maid who is young and inexperienced can be, in my opinion, a stressful thing and sometimes traumatizing experience.

Agencies have to step up their professionalism and provide strong support for those they know are young and inexperienced. A support network for them to turn to if they have any problems personal or work related.

That said, such incidences can really be unexpected and hard to pinpoint what the cause is and where the fault lies. She should not have killed and will need to face the consequence of her actions. Hopefully we get to know why she did what she did. It does not make sense that she would start killing people just because she can't contact her family unless she was forced into this or felt abandoned and directed her anger and frustration at the wrong people.

Willy Wong -- ...so now maids must go through psychiatrists evaluation before pass for employment and employers have to go through assessment whether can employ foreigner as a makedo live in family member...

Dianna Lee -- If employer good enough to the helper,i think she cannot do that lah...u say u treat her well,why jst let her make a call in her family once a month...its not easy to be away from home thats why some of the helper can do stupid things becoz of the employers attitude and the way they treated their helper....jst saying...

Serene Chan -- Y are this 1 phone call a month become the highlight of this news? It can be on a verbal agreement 1 phone call a month with some flexibility.
Hello... The higlight here shud be there are someone being killed n attacked.
Hope the investigate results can be out soon.
In addition, dun always put e blame on the employer if there is such a case. Noone knows wat the true. Doesn't mean you treat the helper well they will appreciate too.

Rhapsody Hues -- For all those people who are sympathising with the maid and not the slain victim, of course you can be holier than thou when the victim isn't you yourself or your family member. If, just if, one day, your loved one is killed by a maid, will you still be so noble and sympathise with the maid?

Vijiyesvari V Bala Kerisnan -  A employer how bad never kill the maid but it is always the maid killing the employers or their family members.
So far any maid was killed in Singapore by employers.
Yes once a month calling is okay, till she can get her own phone and pay own bills.
Just came for 4 months, learn to work not plan to kill.
She must have agreed with terms and conditions than turn violent.
It is oversea call not internal calls from NS.
Paying levies for 2 maids, salary. Got 2 maid so not difficult in household work.
Children are with own mother.
Time to stop Indonesia maid from coming.

Ruby Hoong -- I can't wait to hear the other side of the story too. Ungrateful helpers, the most they will steal or show bad attitude, but to Murder the employer , there must be something more to it. What triggers the Maid to murder the Wife n to injure the Husband?

Manbai Bai -- Indonesian maid again....y now days so many case of indonesian maid's going wild...your govt demand so many kind of funny thing ...but nw you ppl r violence...do u think ppl wil 1 to take indonesian maid...sad for u ..but what can b done now..it to late...no body know the story behine of this ....we dont nd to speculate or assumptions....i can only send my condolences to the family...

Lota Namia -- mostly employer very impatient they don't know the maid very tired in a whole day household chore...one thing mistake they scolding the maid...that's why in this case can possible if maid is also stress and pressure...hoping this case is a big lesson to the other employer and also the maid..
Employers also must treat their maid especially food and rest time not easy to handle the 3 storey house if one maid only we are all human we must respect each other ...maid can understand if employers can explain in a nice way... important inside the house is harmonious relationship between the FAMILY and maid ...

Yeow Seng Chua -- Pls don come to work in singapore at all if u cannot tahan the condition over here. Or anywhere overseas. Knn no ph call then kill ppl. Not happy kill ppl. Ppl life very cheap in singapore.

Virgo Sha Dan -- All the above comments have their individual thinking. Understand about the phone, I believe employer will allowed the helper to use the phone cos they are human same like us. But with the phone sometime they misuse till some accident happen. The truth is we dun know what is really happened so we just may be this and may be that. I saw before, Example the helper on the phone and left the old man on the wheel chair,she run with her friend dun know go where. There is few accident happen because of handphone that is why majority employer afraid to let them have handphone. The most important is a trust!! Do ur work properly i believe employer will give u freedom using ur hand phone and a smart helper will know when to use it. After work!! Same like us can we use phone during working hours?

Lai Yin Lee -- This has nothing to do with phone calls home. Does that mean than maids who are not allowed to call home are allowed to kill their employers? Maids who kill their employers are very cold hearted...employers are humans, not chickens. If death penalty is necessary, I hope it will be carried out.

Shah Ghazni -- Indonesians thinks that they are indispensable human assets that we cannot do without .. and rheir govt are now trying to demand more ... They are a bunch of ungrateful lot , i must say .. Abuse , theft , burglary , murder and kidnap are among the things they are involved . Of course every cloud has a silver lining and eveey fruit basket has an apple of worms .. having said that any foreign worker that indulge in violence must be given the maximum sentence punishable by law especially if caning is available .. only then we are able to curb and reduce violence ... prison sentence is of no effect to them only caning ..

Feb 2016
Winter:  Police wasted their time and resources to find a runaway Indonesian maid.  Employer lost her recruitment fee and still required to pay for her runaway maid to go home-sweet-home.  Indonesian new maid claimed ill-treated yet could use her employer's computer and do sneaky things so is she a liar, scheming her way to get home at her employer's expense?  No matter what type of bad maid you've employed, the unfortunate the employer will have to bear the losses, inconveniences and headaches.... not forgetting finger pointing from activists like HOME.  Fair?

Police spend 8 hours searching for Indonesian maid, Mypaper, 3 Feb 2016
An employer, worried for her runaway maid's safety, called the police, who reportedly searched eight hours for her in a jungle, only to find out that she had gone to a shelter for maids.

The 60-year-old employer, a housewife who gave her name only as Madam Ye, had woken up on Jan 8 to find her maid missing, Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao reported yesterday.  The Indonesian maid, 25, whose name was not disclosed, had worked for less than a month.

She left behind a note, in which she repeatedly apologised to her employer, saying that she decided to leave as she could not bear the stress.  "She kept saying sorry, saying that she'd taken jam, bread and an old watch, which she shouldn't have. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry reading it," Madam Ye told Wanbao.  Later, a backpack belonging to the maid was found at the back of her bungalow in Bukit Batok.

Afraid that the maid had ventured into the nearby jungle, Madam Ye called the maid agency for help, and was told to wait 24 hours before calling the police.  She informed the police on Jan 10. She said two teams, accompanied by police dogs, searched the jungle from 9am to 5pm that same day.  Finding no leads there, the police checked closed-circuit television footage from nearby shops and determined that the maid was not in the jungle.

The next day, the police discovered that she had been taken in by non-governmental organisation Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (Home).  After negotiations, the maid requested to be sent home and Madam Ye paid for her plane ticket.  "I did not mistreat her at all. There were many things she couldn't do. I would even help her out," she said.  She added that she spent about $5,000 hiring the maid and does not dare to employ maids anymore, as they "just up and leave, leaving me dejected and wasting my money".

Madam Ye said police investigations revealed the maid often used her employer's computer to access Facebook.  She thanked the police for their efforts and professionalism for "working on a hot weekend".  A manager at the maid agency, who gave her name only as Ms Zhang, told Wanbao that it is uncommon for maids to run away, with only about 5 per cent of the maids at her agency doing so.But she added that many maids think they can handle the job before coming here.

Asked why the maid had run away, Jolovan Wham, executive director of Home, told My Paper yesterday that she had alleged ill-treatment but "did not wish to report it as it wasn't serious".  She also claimed she was "scolded a lot".

Another case of maid not punished by law.  This Indonesian maid has only worked for TWO MONTHS. If the rapist is a man, how will the law deal with such an evil person?  Maid with sexually transmitted disease and intentionally tried to ruin a teenage ... disappointed with the way activist (showed sympathy)/law in Spore.

Maid jailed for sex with employer's teenage son, Straits Times, 23 Sep 2015
A domestic worker has been jailed for 10 months for having sex with a minor half her age.  
The 28-year-old Indonesian woman admitted on Monday to having sex with her employer's 14-year-old son in their house on Sept 5. Neither party can be named due to a gag order.

The court heard that the woman came to Singapore in late June and started working for the boy's family on July 3.  At about 7pm on Sept 5, the boy was at home with the woman and another foreign domestic helper. His parents and his uncle, who lives there, were not at home at the time.

The Secondary 2 student was showing card tricks to the woman when she tried to hug him, but he moved her hand away.  Later, he went up to his room. The woman followed shortly after. He was seated when she approached him from behind and kissed his cheeks and neck.  He stood up and tried to walk to the door.  However, before he could leave, she hugged him and began to undress.

Stunned by what was happening, he did not resist. She then removed his clothes, led him to his bed and had sex with him.  She stopped when she heard the boy's uncle come home.  The boy later told his father what had happened and his mother called the police.  

Deputy Public Prosecutor Nicholas Lai cited aggravating factors when he asked the court to impose at least 10 months' jail on the woman.  He said there was breach of trust and a wide age disparity between the parties.  She also had unprotected sex with the boy - which, in itself, was reprehensible - when she had been tested positive for Chlamydia trachomatis, a sexually transmitted disease.

"It could have been sheer luck that the boy was eventually not infected, but the fact remains that she put the boy at risk of being infected, and an adverse inference should be drawn against her,'' he said.  The woman, whose sentence was backdated to Sept 7, could have been jailed for up to 10 years and fined for having sex with a person under 16 years old.

Facebook comments:
Fadly Azad -- Only 10 months? If its the opposite and its a guy, confirm go in at least a few years. 

Jacob Blue -- Why is it "having sex". Why isn't it considered rape? Cos the victim is male?

Lynus Martin -- 10 months only ? And that boy caught std! !!!!! Hello judge wake up what if it was your kid

Yang-Zhuo MeiYan 28 years old man forcefully make out with a 14 years old girl = rape = jail + caning
28 years old woman with STD make out with 14 years old boy NOT = rape = 10 months jail ONLY
What sorcery?! As a woman myself, I feel this punishment is unjust.

Anna Chung -- The woman could hv been jail up to 10 years, so why 10 months? WHY WHY??

Angie Liu -- 10 months???!!! Wat kind of msg r we sending to maids who commit hideous crimes? To put a child thru that ordeal n who may hv contracted sexually transmitted disease fm her is to say the least, a despicable crime. And she attacked a minor, for goodness sake!

Ambrose Cheng -- Heng ah only give 10 months. Why?
It's a bigger punishment than 10 years. She's a foreigner; the longer she's jailed here, the more our government pays to keep her safe behind bars, fed and taken care off.
Now she's given a just sentence, has a permanent record against her which will affect her internationally, and will probably never be able to step foot in Singapore again.
A short sentence is probably just as bad, if not worse, for her because she ain't a local. just thinking out loud

Elana Sims Chan -- Horrific ! We have similar crimes of sexual offences of kids molested or abused by Foreign Domestic Workers , not many but equally disgusted, and shocking. Likewise there are employers who were sent to jail for abusing their helpers. The most infamous one was imprisoned for 5 years (Erwiana Case)

Diana Wong -- Jailed for ONLY 10 mths for having sec with an undersigned boy.

Why No jail term for putting the buy's future at risk when she is aware she is suffering from a Chlamydia Trachoma tis & that she MUST inform the other person before having sex ???

Loh Wai Poon -- This is an example of the kind of domestic helpers we don't want in our homes. Once she is done with her jail term, she should be deported and not allowed to work in Singapore again. We appreciate the domestic helpers work in keeping our home clean, taking care of our children, elderly etc and will take care of their welfare when they are living with us. However we cannot accept harm coming from them.

Richardo Link -- She thought she could enjoy free sex in the comfort of the boy's bed whenever she like. Now she can have them with her fellow inmates in the cell.

Benjamin Alexander Cai -- 10 months? Imagine if a male maid does this to a 14 year old female.

Kwok Ying Ying -- The scarier thing is she can change to a new name and come into SG again if she wants to after her jail term


Doris Yam -- Last time, we were poor but mother always around. Now, mothers are encouraged; to go for jobs. So; leave their precious children to the Maids!
Whats the point of giving birth to children? No wonder maids are highly demanded in our nation now. Whose fault!??? 

Vincent Hor -- Its so scary , who know some domestic helpers already infected with .... before they come. Medical checkup should include sd ....

Jane Tan -- So sad but seriously....I'm not surprised at all these things happen. The rate that so called 'rejected' helpers (for petty crimes that aren't serious enough to jail them) are being rehired within months of being sent home is so high that until something serious like this happens, do the police bother to do something about it. Hopefully immigration won't be dumb enough to let her come back again.

Dawnn Tan -- Why isnt she cane for it?

Daryl Tan -- Sex with underaged should work both way..cane & heavy sentence.

Albert YM Lee -- It is rape by a woman on a male.

Serangoon flat fire: Maid arrested for mischief by fire, The New Paper, 1 Feb 2015
Worried that her maid would have no clothes to wear after she was discharged, Mrs Gina Ong said she bought new clothes for her.
"But police told me not to see her," the 32-year-old interior designer added.

She soon found out why. At about 3.30pm yesterday, several police officers went to her flat on the 10th storey of Block 506, Serangoon North Avenue 4, with the 28-year-old woman from Myanmar in tow.
They took the maid around the gutted unit and emerged after about 1½ hours. To Mrs Ong's shock, the police had put handcuffs on her maid.
"I can't believe it," said Ms Ong in tears as the maid was led away.

They hired her for 11 days, but she will end up costing them more than 100k to fix their house. Maid admitted to the police that she started the fire in the living room, then went to the room of the employer's young daughter where she burned the mattress. She also allegedly told the doctors at the hospital where she was treated for smoke inhalation that she was very happy. Employers are distraught, and say they have been nothing but nice to the maid. They bought her clothes, a new bed, new pillows and a blanket. But she burned down their house. 

Maid jailed for stamping on employer's foot, causing fracture, Straits Times, 29 Jul 2014
A Myanmar maid who hit a 66-year-old retiree with a bamboo pole and stomped on her foot, causing it to fracture, was sentenced to three months' jail yesterday.  Myanmar national Cing Sian Huai pleaded guilty to hurting Grace Toh Ah Bay on April 27 in a Bedok flat, where she worked as a maid for the victim and her mother, Seah Cheng Poh, 93.

The court heard that the incident happened when Cing refused to continue cleaning the dishes after Madam Toh scolded her for not doing a proper job.  The 24-year-old maid then said she did not want to continue working and insisted on returning to the employment agency immediately. Madam Toh, however, refused to unlock the gate.

Madam Seah told Chinese evening newspaper Shin Min Daily News what happened ....
After the three women went to church in the morning, Cing went out on her own and returned to the flat at 8pm.  Madam Toh asked her to wash the dishes, then scolded her for not doing it properly.
Cing refused to continue washing and said she no longer wished to work for them.
An argument broke out between her and Madam Toh.

Cing said she wanted to go back to her employment agency. The court was told that she tried to leave the flat but the gate was locked.  When Madam Toh refused to let her out, Cing got hold of a bamboo pole and smashed it against the gate until it broke.  When Madam Toh tried to calm her down and told her to sit down, Cing used the broken pole to hit Madam Toh thrice on the left hand. She then stamped on Madam Toh's feet, fracturing the right foot.  When Madam Seah tried to intervene, Cing pushed her backwards, causing the elderly woman to fall and hit her left thigh on a wooden chair. Madam Toh then phoned her brother, Mr Asher Toh Ah Hua, to come over, the court was told.

When he arrived, he asked Cing what had happened and she told him that she wanted to go back to her maid agency. He called the Singapore Civil Defence Force for an ambulance, who in turn alerted the police.  Recalling the incident, Madam Seah told Shin Min: "She took a pole of about 40cm and hit the metal gate of our flat. She kept shouting that she wanted to go home.
"I can't remember if my son reached us first or the police.
"When the police arrived, she was just sitting quietly in a corner without saying a word."

The victims were taken to Changi General Hospital where Madam Seah was warded for two weeks. Madam Toh was given two weeks' hospitalisation leave.

Three months after the attack, mother and daughter - who live on their own - still have trouble moving around.  They have a new maid but Madam Seah still needs a wheelchair while Madam Toh relies on crutches when she goes out, reported Shin Min.  It was Cing's first time working in Singapore and she had been with the household for only 25 days when the incident happened, Madam Seah said.
Cing, who was not represented, pleaded for leniency and told the court that she was very sorry for what she had done.

She is expected to be released from prison soon, considering the three months already spent in remand, and then repatriated home.  The maid, who had no previous convictions, could have been jailed up to two years and fined up to $5,000 for voluntarily causing hurt.

Maid cleans employer out, The New Paper, 24 Jul 2014

Her list of ill-gotten gains read like a luxury catalogue, including branded bags like Hermes, Chanel, Prada and Gucci.  And the maid did not just take them from her employer. She shipped them back to her Indonesian home in the same piece of luggage where she found the items.

Around $60,000 worth of valuables and more than $2,000 cash in various currencies were stolen from her employer and her family members over three months.  What made her case worse was that she started stealing about a month after she started work, continuing until she was caught, said the judge presiding over her case.

Mellysa, 30, the Indonesian maid, was jailed yesterday for 14 months for five counts of theft.
Her loot also included clothing, branded accessories, jewellery and a Samsung smartphone.
Another five charges of theft of around $7,000 of cash in various currencies were also taken into consideration.  Mellysa was employed by Madam Karen Yip Ka Ling, 47, and her family sometime in February in their condominium unit at Draycott Drive in Newton.  She was frequently left alone in their home.

In March, around a month after she started work, Mellysa stole a Samsung smartphone from the drawer of Madam Yip.  On April 29, she was cleaning Madam Yip's bedroom when she came across a piece of luggage containing around $58,000 in cash and items.  Among the items were a Hermes bag worth $18,000, a Chanel bag worth $15,000, a gold necklace worth $1,800, five leather jackets worth $12,000 and two sets of bedsheets worth $1,200.

The maid kept all the items in the bag and then engaged a delivery company to send it back to her Indonesian home.  She also stole cash from the wallets of Madam Yip's husband, son and his girlfriend between March and May.  Madam Yip initially discovered that money and other items had gone missing from her house in March, but did not suspect anything. It was only on May 29, when more things went missing, that she began to suspect that her maid had stolen them.

Two days later, she confronted Mellysa and found her smartphone in Mellysa's bedroom.  A delivery receipt for the luggage was also found in her possession.  When confronted by Madam Yip, Mellysa admitted to shipping her employer's things home. Madam Yip then called the police and Mellysa was arrested.

The following cases took place this year, not something that I dug out ages ago.  Maids have mobile phones and are very 'sociable', thus well-informed.  Certainly not country pumpkins or will be easily lost in modern Spore.  How can you, the self righteous and blinded people think employers have wronged them and mistreated/underpaid them?  Go and visit the maid hubs in Katong Shopping Centre, Bt Timah and Far East Plaza, chit-chat or pretend you're a prospective employer, find out what modern maids want, her big unrealistic dream, how long she has worked for each employer and how many FDWs are demanding 24/7 mobile usage (claimed this is part of human rights or she wants her 'family' to stay connected with her at any time), as well as weekly off days to 'rest'.  Seeing is believing.  Dig your ears and hear their beautiful lies and dreams.  Go shop around the maid hubs and see the truth, as well as the 'faces' of the hungry maid agencies.... everything ok, all their maids are great but employers were bad, FDWs almost flawless!  See how sweet and accommodating some transfer maids appeared to be when you state some unattractive job scope or 'harsh terms' such as restricted mobile usage, cannot take off strictly on Sundays, look after bedridden, do chores and childcare at home (no errands to run) with ah mah or employer, you  have 3 children, you're a clean freak or takes hygiene seriously, etc.

Case 1
3 April 2014  | STOMP

Stomper Jothi was shocked to discover her gate and front door unlocked and her domestic helper missing when she returned home after a week long holiday on Friday, March 21.  The Stomper called the police, and later discovered the helper had gone to her agent's home.

Jothi told Stomp over the phone that she canceled the helper's work permit and bought her a plane ticket home.  She revealed that she lost about $1,500 in total, including the cost of the plane ticket and a deposit.  Jothi said the maid had been working for her and her husband for about two months, and seemed normal and happy.

Jothi wrote in an email to Stomp:
"After 8 days of holidaying with my parents, I returned home exhausted on Friday, March 21. My joys upon reaching home were short-lived as I entered a house left completely open and vacated by the helper who had ran away.

"She had taken all her belongings and abandoned my house. I returned at around 8am, and was shocked to find an unlocked gate and main door.  "I could not imagine how many people could have easily walked into my house and walked out with my hard-earned possessions. I called the police who kept on asking what was lost. I really did not know at that point in time as I was too stunned to think.

Jothi was worried about the maid, whom she describes as innocent looking, and still had to go down to the police station to make a report.

She wrote: 
"I kept repeating that my maid was gone, and I still had to go to the police station to satisfy part two of the police report. I was numb with worry as to what could have happened to the maid who had looked innocent and did not speak or understand English although her biodata had stated she was good in English.

"It was not until about 6pm that the agent messaged me and informed me that the maid was at her house. I was shocked as this was the second time such a scenario had taken place with the same agent, the first time involving a different maid.  Jothi wonders where the maid was the whole day before appearing the agent's home, and also claims the maid had lied about her previous work experience.

She wrote:
"When did she leave my house and why? Where was she the whole day and how did she conveniently appear at the agent’s house after so many hours?

"There are no children at home and what would have made her leave an empty house without any work for 8 days?  "After she had stayed at my place for three weeks, I found out from a conversation with the maid that she had never worked before as she had lied that she spoke Korean instead of English, even though it was stated in her biodata that she had worked for a Korean family for two years and looked after an old lady for a year.

"When I asked a friend to translate in Korean what I wanted her to do, the maid could not understand nor say the simplest word in Korean."

Case 2
Indonesian news portal Aktual.co suggested in a report last month that her age might have been falsified.  Indonesian MP Imam Suroso, who deals with manpower issues, and other officials visited Dewi's family and found that she may have been born on Aug 5, 1995 - making her 18 - instead of Aug 5, 1990 as stated on her passport.
Her middle-school and birth certificates also suggest she will turn 19 this year, according to the report.  Foreign domestic workers must be at least 23 years old to work in Singapore.  Dewi is alleged to have murdered her 69-year-old employer, socialite and philanthropist Nancy Gan Wan Geok, at her Victoria Park Road bungalow off Coronation Road on March 19.
Indonesian Embassy counsellor Sukmo Yuwono said last month that Dewi was hired through an agency not accredited by the embassy to recruit maids.  She received her Work Permit on March 12 and had been working for Madam Gan for barely a week.

A runaway maid struggling to adapt to life in Singapore wanted to be sent back to the agency that hired her out and called police to say she had been kidnapped, reports The Straits Times.

Yati, a 37-year-old Indonesian national who goes by one name, called Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centre on her mobile phone to claim that she had been abducted by three dark-skinned men who dragged into a car then locked her in a dark room on the sixth or 12th floor of a building.

Police spent 18 hours looking for her, tracing her number to two locations in Ang Mo Kio before finding her loitering in another location in the area.  Through a translator, she admitted to them that she had cooked up the hoax on Jan 9 and on Monday she was jailed two weeks for transmitting false information to police.

In sentencing her, Community Court Judge Shaiffudin Saruwan said that while the police had spent a substantial amount of time and resources in trying to locate her, he also considered that a psychiatrist from the Institute of Mental Health had found that Yati was suffering from "adjustment reaction with depression".

He added: "You were unable to adjust and cope with the working conditions here and the psychiatric report stated that there was a causal link between your mental condition and the commission of the offence."  The judge ordered the jail term to start from Jan 11, the date she was remanded.

The police prosecutor told The Straits Times that the maid had only recently started work for the household in Sengkang.  She could have been fined up to $10,000, jailed for up to three years, or both.


  1. My friend engaged a new maid and found out recently she has heart problem. How come the medical test didn't show any sign? If maid lied, why only employer suffer and both maid and her agency has nothing to bear?

  2. They are the best...anything happen not their problem...my maid has hand and leg allergy to detergents and never declare so the agency association told me is my luck!!@#%. And best is she just gone missing this morning...

  3. I felt sad that 2 elderly were murdered in Bedok by a maid. Based on knives found and the way she runs away, its not surprising someone, probably promaid sympathisers, who assisted her escape. Singapore is getting dangerous and beneath the safe farcade, we have to know there are cynicism and Organizations like TWC2 working against Singapore and local's interest. They embolden maids to become lax, rude and unwilling to work, demanding rights beyond reason. We probably have to stop employinh ineffective maids and have a system to repatriate with cost bore by agencies.


This blog is not meant for screw-lose activists or loans. My blog aims to gather all FDWs' news scattered everywhere, become a one-stop site for mentally & financially bullied FDWs' employer to beware and learn. Don't pollute this blog with your pro-maid, insensible and selfish comments! Activists posting here are BLIND IDIOTS, IRRITATING freaks and deliberately showing no RESPECT for others... robbing our only breathing space.