13 Apr 2019

What maids did? Part 5

I agree there are good and bad human beings, this applies to FDWs.  Stop thinking Employers are rotten eggs and magnifying FDWs are great helpers or vulnerable women. Sometimes, I wonder did these women use their brains to carry out work. Something unfortunate happens (see below), FDWs can get away very easily because the law favours them. How would you feel or handle if you're that unlucky employer? 哑巴吃黄连, 有苦说不得?

Indonesian Maid jailed 12 weeks for hurting twin babies, Straits Times, 9 Apr 2019
A maid was so angry at being scolded that she scratched her employer's twin babies, causing one to bleed.  The 24-year-old Indonesian, who cannot be named in order to protect the children's identity, was jailed for 12 weeks yesterday for assaulting a 14-month-old boy.

A similar charge involving the child's sister was considered during sentencing.  The children's 31-year-old mother employed the maid in November 2017, assigning her tasks that included taking care of the then newborn babies.

On Nov 10 last year, the children's maternal grandmother, 63, left the sleeping twins inside a stroller in the living room of their flat before going to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

The maid entered the room at around 10.40am, scratched the baby girl with her fingernails and ran back to her own room.  When the child started wailing, her grandmother coaxed her to sleep before going back to the kitchen.  The maid returned to the living room about four minutes later.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Ng Jun Chong said the maid decided to scratch the baby boy as she felt his sister "did not cry loud enough" to sufficiently "disturb" their grandmother.

The maid had made sure that the grandmother was not looking and then scratched the boy's face before running back to her room.  When the grandmother went to the living room to attend to the crying boy, she saw scratch marks and traces of blood on his face.

She alerted her daughter, who used a mobile phone to watch footage taken from a closed-circuit television camera in the living room that showed the maid scratching the boy.

The mother, who was at work, phoned the children's grandmother to speak to the maid about the incident.  The maid denied scratching the children when confronted by the mother, who lodged a police report later that day.

The maid later admitted that she was upset after the grandmother scolded her for not storing an ironing board properly.  She was also unhappy with the children's mother, who had earlier told off the maid after her family in Indonesia phoned the flat at night asking to speak to the domestic helper.

DPP Ng urged the court to sentence the maid to at least three months' jail, noting that she had abused the trust placed in her.

The maid, who was unrepresented, pleaded for a light sentence.  The assault charge could have seen her jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Ng Jun Chong said the maid decided to scratch the baby boy as she felt his sister "did not cry loud enough" to sufficiently "disturb" their grandmother.

Indonesian maid stole more than $34k worth of items, Straits Times, 20 Mar 2019 
A maid was working for Changi Airport Group chairman Liew Mun Leong and his family when she stole more than $34,000 worth of items from them.  They included luxury watches such as a $10,000 Gerald Genta watch, 115 pieces of clothing worth $150 each, as well as two iPhones with accessories valued at more than $2,000.

After a 20-day trial, District Judge Olivia Low found Indonesian Parti Liyani, 45, guilty of four counts of theft on Wednesday (March 20).  She will be sentenced on Monday.   A fifth charge of being in possession of items, including multiple ez-link cards and wallets which are suspected of being fraudulently obtained, has been stood down for now and will be dealt with at a later stage.

Judge Low said Parti had stolen from Mr Liew, his two children Karl Liew and Liew Cheng May, as well as from Mr Karl Liew's wife, Madam Heather Lim.  The domestic helper started working at the family's house in Chancery Lane, off Dunearn Road, in March 2007. Her monthly salary was $600 by the time she stopped working for them on Oct 28, 2016.

Judge Low said: "The accused was not badly treated and admitted that she had a cordial relationship with the Liew family, and they often gave her generous red packets on special and festive occasions."  She added that over the years, Mr Liew Mun Leong discovered that items had gone missing from the household and suspected that Parti had stolen them.  He finally decided to terminate her employment in October 2016.  As he was overseas, he asked Mr Karl Liew to oversee the maid's termination and repatriation to Indonesia.

On Oct 28 that year, Mr Karl Liew told Parti that she would no longer be working for the family and gave her about three hours to pack her belongings.  She was also given two to three months' salary as compensation.

The court was told that Parti Liyani had found the missing items in some trash bags and decided to keep them.  Judge Low said: "The accused demanded to know the reason for her termination and got upset with Karl, even to the extent of accusing him of being a very bad person and that God would punish him."

Parti later demanded that he pay for three jumbo boxes of items to be shipped to her home and he agreed.  The maid then left the house without taking the boxes and returned to Indonesia.

Madam Lim later voiced her concern to her husband that it would not be prudent to ship the boxes back to Parti without knowing their contents.  This was because they had to declare the contents of what was being shipped. The boxes were opened and they discovered many of their belongings inside.  A police report was later made after Mr Liew Mun Leong returned to Singapore.

Parti returned to Singapore on Dec 2, 2016, as she wanted to continue working here but was arrested upon arrival. She was charged in court on Aug 31, 2017.  During the trial, the maid testified that she had found Mr Karl Liew's Gerald Genta watch in a black trash bag.  He, however, had said he did not throw it away but later realised that it had gone missing.

On Wednesday, Judge Low said: "There was no reason for Karl to discard such an expensive watch and thus I preferred Karl's version to that of the accused."  Parti also testified that she had found the iPhones in a rubbish bag.  However, Mr Karl Liew said he did not discard the devices, as they were handy as spare phones when travelling.

Madam Lim also testified that Parti had earlier asked her for the phones but she had refused to sell them.  The judge said: "It was simply not conceivable that Karl and Heather would refuse to sell the iPhones to the accused but yet discard the iPhones with the SIM cards still intact."

Parti is out on bail of $10,000. According to earlier reports in The Straits Times, she is now staying at a shelter run by migrant workers group, Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (Home).

For each count of theft, she can be jailed for up to seven years and fined. 
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Husband felt thefts had been going on for years
He decided to fire maid of 8 years after things went missing for many years, he tells court
Of all the things that had gone missing from his home, it was the loss of a portable power bank that upset Changi Airport Group chairman Liew Mun Leong especially.  Mr Liew, 71, who was testifying in court on Thursday, said the power bank was given to him after he delivered a guest lecture at a French university several years ago.

He took the "uniquely designed" device with him back to his home in Chancery Lane but could not find it just a few days later, said Mr Liew on the ninth day of the trial of Indonesian maid Parti Liyani, who is accused of stealing from the home of her employer. "I was very upset," he told the court.

Parti, 44, who had worked for Mr Liew's family for eight years, faces four theft charges involving more than $50,000 worth of valuables, including a $25,000 Gerald Genta watch, two iPhones and a Gucci wallet.  The items were allegedly found in the three boxes that she had packed to be shipped to Indonesia after she was asked to leave in 2016.

Mr Liew told the court he had instructed his wife, Madam Ng Lai Peng, his son, Mr Karl Liew Kai Lung, and daughter-in-law, Ms Heather Lim Mei Ern, to terminate Parti's employment on Oct 28, 2016, while he was overseas.

He said he made the decision after many years of things going missing in the house. "I have, in my heart, suspected her (of stealing) for many years," he said.  When questioned by Parti's lawyer Anil Balchandani on why he had not acted earlier, Mr Liew said he had previously suggested terminating her employment to his wife, but Madam Ng told him it may not have been Parti who stole the items. "So I tolerated (it) for many years," he added.

A day after Parti left, Mr Liew returned home and was informed that the family's belongings had been found in the three sealed boxes. He then decided to file a police report to prevent Parti from returning to Singapore to "possibly steal from other families".

Parti, 44, who had worked for Mr Liew's family for eight years, faces four theft charges involving more than $50,000 worth of valuables, including a $25,000 Gerald Genta watch, two iPhones and a Gucci wallet.

In April, Parti had told the court that some of the items that she had allegedly stolen had been salvaged from trash bags left behind by Mr Karl Liew after he moved out of his father's house to his own home in early 2016.  On Thursday, Mr Anil suggested that Mr Liew's family had actually discarded the items and "decided now that they want it back". Mr Liew disagreed.

Among the items allegedly discarded were Longchamp bags, which Mr Liew testified were very unlikely to have been thrown away.  He told the court he had bought the bags while travelling overseas, and though they were inexpensive, they are "very durable and useful" and he "cannot imagine that someone would throw them away".

The lawyer also suggested that Mr Liew had "trumped up" his police report with details such as his discovery of photos of Parti with other men.  He had also told the police that he was worried that the men might cause a nuisance or break into his home, said Mr Anil. Mr Liew vehemently objected, saying he "has no reason to fix anyone".  He added that he was only trying to fulfil his duty as a citizen by reporting a theft in his home.

Six months' jail for Indonesian maid who hit seven-year-old girl on the head, Straits Times, 10 Dec 2018
A maid stuffed a chilli padi into the mouth of her employer's seven-year-old daughter when the child refused to learn her spelling.

Hamida, who goes by just one name, also caned the girl's left shoulder and hit her head with a wooden board.  On Monday (Dec 10), the 33-year-old Indonesian, who knew that the girl is afraid of spicy food, was jailed for six months after pleading guilty to one count of ill-treating a child.

The girl cannot be named because of a gag order to protect her identity.  The court heard that Hamida had worked for the child's family for seven years before the incident in July this year.

On July 27, she was looking after the girl and her nine-year-old sister in their Woodlands flat when younger child wet herself at around 4pm.  The girl kept quiet when Hamida asked why her pants were wet.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Wen Shan told District Judge Ng Peng Hong: "When the victim was instructed to 'do her spelling' and refused to do so, the accused then proceeded to the refrigerator to take a piece of chilli padi, measuring 1 to 2 cm in length, and stuffed the entire chilli padi into the mouth of the victim."

The court heard that the girl cried when the maid caned her left shoulder.  After that, Hamida retrieved a wooden board weighing 1.3kg, and used it to hit the left side of the child's head, causing an abrasion.

The girl's sister told their mother about the incident when the 39-year-old woman returned home later that day. The mother alerted the police at around 11pm on the same day after noticing that her younger daughter's head was injured.

The girl was subsequently taken to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, where she was found to have a superficial abrasion on her head.  DPP Tan urged the court to sentence Hamida to six months' jail and added that she had breached the trust placed in her.

For ill-treating the child, she could have been jailed for up to four years and fined up to $4,000.

18 months' jail for Indian maid who sexually exploited employer's underage son, Straits Times, 30 Nov 2018
A maid committed obscene and indecent acts with her employer's underage son and told the child that she had recorded a video of them engaging in sexual activities.

The woman, an Indian national, would threaten to show the clip to the minor's parents to silence him whenever they argued, Deputy Public Prosecutor Chee Ee Ling told the court.

At the time of the offences, the boy was only between 11 and 12 years old. Court documents did not state if the maid had actually recorded a video.  

Following a five-day trial, District Judge Ng Peng Hong found the 33-year-old woman guilty of four counts of sexual exploitation and one count of causing alarm to the boy.

She was sentenced to one year and six months' jail on Nov 22. One of her defence lawyers, Mr Jonathan Cho from Covenant Chambers, told The Straits Times on Wednesday (Nov 28) that she will be appealing against her conviction and sentence.  The maid, who worked for the family between January 2015 and July 2016, cannot be named due to a gag order to protect the boy's identity.

During the trial, the boy testified that she had sexually exploited him on numerous occasions whenever he was alone at home with her and the offences started in January 2016.

According to court documents, the maid started priming the boy for sexual activities by first making an obscene gesture suggesting sexual intercourse before walking away.

The boy testified that a few days later, she called him to the kitchen and asked him to kiss her lips. The court heard that he then complied out of curiosity.

DPP Chee said: "These inappropriate kisses by the accused occurred about once a week and the duration and intensity of these kisses started to increase."  The DPP added that these kisses progressed to more intense sexual activities.  The boy told the court that, meanwhile, the maid would even refuse to bring him water when he asked for it and they had several arguments.

DPP Chee told Judge Ng: "Then one day, the accused suddenly told the victim that she has recorded a video of them engaging in sexual activities and she would show this video clip to her brother and the victim's parents. This alarmed and scared the victim, and whenever disputes arose between the accused and the victim, she would remind the victim that she has this video clip to silence him."

Matters came to a head on July 11, 2016, when the boy called his father and said the maid was about to hit him.  The man came home but the maid tried to convince him that nothing had happened. She then told the man: "Do you know what your son is doing?"

The agitated boy immediately fell silent and his father, sensing something was wrong, took him to a bedroom for a talk.  The child was in tears when he told his father about his encounters with the maid and the police were alerted five days later.

Mr Cho and two other lawyers from his firm, Mr Ronald JJ Wong and Mr Tedrick Chai, represented the woman pro bono. She did not have a lawyer to represent her through the trial and they came in only during the closing submissions.

Urging the court to acquit the woman, the lawyers said in their submissions that according to the client, it was the boy who had behaved inappropriately towards their client by performing indecent acts.

The defence lawyers also stated that their client's case was that the boy cooked up the story against her as he feared his own acts would be uncovered.  The woman is now out on bail. For each count of sexual exploitation, she could have been jailed for up to seven years and fined up to $20,000.

Maid who claimed she was stressed jailed seven years for causing toddler's death, Straits Times, 22 Nov  2018
Indonesian domestic helper Maryani Usman Utar, who pleaded guilty to causing the death of a toddler in her care, was convicted on Thursday (Nov 22) in the High Court and jailed for seven years.

Maryani, 25, had caused the death of one-year-old Richelle Teo Yan Jia between 2am and 7.36am at a flat in Block 225 Simei Street 4 on May 8, 2016.  The tragedy happened on Mother's Day.

The court heard the maid killed the child by gripping the back of her neck with her left hand and punching and pressing the left side of Richelle's neck with her right fist, until she stopped crying.

In passing sentence, Justice Hoo Sheau Peng made clear the law needs to protect vulnerable children from violent caregivers.  The judge added the sentence should be a signal to deter others, taking into account the aggravating and mitigating factors.

The bespectacled and small-built Maryani, dressed in prison garb, remained quiet as the judge pronounced sentence.  A divorcee from a humble background in West Java, Maryani worked for the Teo family from January 2015, performing household chores and looking after the Teos' two children.

During the hearing, it emerged that three months after starting work with the family, she contacted the maid agency to request a transfer. She did this several times.  But Maryani was turned down and told to complete her contract. Mrs Teo also persuaded her to stay on.

Although Maryani said she was never subjected to ill-treatment, and was given adequate food, she claimed to be afraid of Mrs Teo, whom she said was always checking up on her and criticising her work.  Mrs Teo had also banned her from using a mobile phone, so the maid could focus on her job.

A month before the incident, Maryani said Mrs Teo scolded her while at a shopping mall. She felt humiliated and aggrieved.  In his submissions, her lawyer Mohamed Muzammil Mohamed said that unlike her previous employers in Saudi Arabia who were kind to her, Maryani found the experience with her employers in Singapore to be the opposite.

"She was driven by anger, frustration and fatigue when she assaulted Richelle," said Mr Muzammil, who had argued that there was no pre-meditation.  He also pointed to the Institute of Mental Health psychiatric assessment report which showed her mental condition at the material time had impaired her mental responsibility.

Deputy Public Prosecutors Bhajanvir Singh and Kelly Ho in their submissions underlined the public interest consideration in dealing with cases involving violence towards vulnerable victims, like the toddler in this case.

Among other things, they pointed out that mental condition was one aspect of the case and said "depression cannot be a licence to kill others", citing past cases.  Maryani, they said, was motivated by a desire for revenge for what she perceived was poor treatment by her employer.

They said instead of leaving her employment, which she could have done and had indeed threatened to do on several occasions, the accused vented her anger against Richelle in "such a heinous way as to cause her death".  "The accused's acts are repugnant and inexcusable."

The judge ordered Maryani's sentence to be backdated to May 10, 2016, and at the request of defence counsel, granted Indonesian Embassy officials, who were present, permission to speak with her at the end of the hearing.  Outside of the court, Mr Muzammil described the sentence as fair.  "Maryani genuinely and sincerely apologises to Mr and Mrs Teo and other family members for causing the death of Richelle.

"The guilt will remain with her throughout her life even after she returns to her village to reunite with her family," said the lawyer, who added Maryani wants to serve the jail term and move on.

Indonesian maid charged over death of 1-year-old girl, Straits Times, 22 Nov 2018
An Indonesian maid was on Tuesday (May 10) charged over the death of a toddler in her care.

Maryani Usman Utar, 30, had allegedly caused the death of one-year-old Richelle Teo Yan Jia "by punching her on her neck and gripping her neck tightly with all your strength until she stopped crying, with the knowledge that such acts were likely to cause her death".

Maryani has been charged with committing culpable homicide not amounting to murder, with the knowledge that her actions were likely to cause death, but without intention to cause death.

She allegedly committed the offence between 2am and 7.36am on Sunday (May 8), at Block 225 Simei Street 4.  If convicted of the charge, she faces a maximum sentence of 10 years' jail and a fine.  Maryani stood expressionless in the dock as an Indonesian interpreter read her charge out to her.  

District Judge Christopher Goh granted the police prosecutor's request to remand her for a week, with permission to be taken out for investigations.

The case will be mentioned again on May 17.  Maryani was arrested after Richelle was found unconscious by her father at home on Sunday morning with bruises on her neck and head.  The girl's lips had reportedly turned purple, and she was pronounced dead in hospital just after 10am.

Maryani was not at home when the toddler was found unconscious as it was her day off, reported Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao. She had reportedly been out since 8am.

Police arrested Maryani in the Marina Bay Area later that day.  She was taken back to the Housing Board flat by investigators on Monday.  She is believed to have worked for the family for more than a year. It was her first job in Singapore.

Richelle's family were at the mortuary on Monday to identify her body, reported evening daily Shin Min Daily News. They included her parents, elder brother, aunt and grandparents.

Richelle had reportedly celebrated her first birthday just five days before her death.

Maid gets 8 months’ jail for abusing special needs child, TODAY, 17 Aug 2018
A 25-year-old Indonesian domestic helper was sentenced to eight months’ jail after she admitted to physically abusing a nine-year-old girl with developmental conditions over a five-month period.

Atika, who goes by one name, pleaded guilty on Friday (Aug 17) to two counts of ill-treating the child — who cannot be named due to a gag order.  She started working for her employer, the girl’s mother, in October last year.

Another three counts of similar offences were taken into consideration for sentencing purposes.
The court heard that the girl has a developmental condition known as 18q duplication syndrome with Global Developmental Delay. She is unable to talk, and is dependent on someone to assist her with the basic activities of daily living.

On May 9, at around 8pm, Atika was assisting the girl to use the toilet at home, during which she vomited into the sink.  Feeling unhappy with the girl, Atika pinched her on the arm hard.  The next afternoon, Atika was helping to shower the girl, and washed her roughly, scratching her on the back.

“After showering, (the girl) urinated on the toilet floor. Irritated by this, (Atika) pinched the victim hard on the upper lip,” said Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Kong Kuek Foo.  A short while later, on the same day, Atika’s employer made a police report.  She reported that Atika previously “admitted to me she hit my special needs kid”, and that she had been noticing scars on her daughter.

A medical examination revealed that the girl suffered from abrasions, scars and bruises over parts of her arms, lips, and body.  Urging the court to impose a jail sentence of 10 months, DPP Kong said the offences spanned five months.  He also pointed out that the victim, who suffers from a developmental condition, is vulnerable and “defenceless”.

“Instead of discharging her duties as a caregiver, (Atika) abused the trust given to her, by physically abusing the victim,” the prosecutor said.  Atika, who had no lawyer, submitted a written mitigation plea, where she urged for leniency.  “It is my first time (coming) to Singapore to work … (and it) has been a year since I have been away from my family,” she wrote, adding that she has since “reflected” on her actions.

District Judge Lim Tse Haw backdated Atika’s sentence to Aug 1, when she was first taken into remand.  For ill-treating the child, she could have been jailed up to four years and/or fined up to S$4,000.

Maid jailed for putting tranquilliser in breakfast of employer's family, Straits Times, 4 Jul 2018
A maid who feared she was about to be scolded slipped a tranquilliser into the breakfast of her employer's wife and daughter in the hope they would "calm down", a court heard.

Indian national Gurpreet Kaur, 31, got hold of a risperidone pill - which had been prescribed to her 74-year-old employer to treat his bipolar disorder - and put it in the women's oatmeal, leaving them "temporarily impaired".

On Wednesday (July 4), Kaur was jailed for eight months after pleading guilty in court to one count each of administering and attempting to administer risperidone to her employer's Singaporean wife, Madam Chander Kanta Harbans Lal, 72.  One count of administering the drug to Madam Chander's daughter, Ms Anita Kumari Premnath, 47, was considered during sentencing.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Esther Wong said risperidone is a tranquilliser used to treat schizophrenia and moderate to severe manic episodes associated with bipolar disorders. She added that it is also a stupefying drug known to induce drowsiness.

The court heard that Mr Premnath Shivadial, a Singaporean, hired Kaur in January last year to cook and do chores at their Ghim Moh flat.  Kaur had found out about the effects of risperidone after talking to Madam Chander, and decided to use it on her and her daughter in May last year.

DPP Wong said: "They had felt drowsy and lethargic after consuming breakfast that the accused had cooked... They were thereby temporarily impaired."  Kaur's offences came to light later when Ms Anita spotted her placing additional items into a pot of oats. She approached the maid and saw two tablets inside.

DPP Wong told District Judge Kessler Soh: "She confronted the accused, who said that the tablets were oats. The accused then poured the contents of the pot into a sink and washed the pot."

Ms Anita told her family members about the incident, and her niece alerted the police. Medical tests found traces of risperidone in the women's blood and urine.  DPP Wong called on Judge Soh to jail Kaur for nine months, saying that she targeted a vulnerable victim in her own home.

Kaur's lawyer, Mr Daniel Chen, who was assigned to the case under the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme, pleaded for a lighter sentence and told the court that the only harm caused to Madam Chander was lethargy.  Judge Soh told Kaur: "What you did was very wrong and could potentially cause serious harm."

Maid charged with murder of 70-year-old woman, 27 Jun 2018  
A 24-year-old domestic helper was charged in the District Court on Wednesday (June 27) with the murder of a 70-year-old woman.

The court heard that Zin Mar Nwe, who is of Myanmar nationality, allegedly carried out the act on Monday (June 25) afternoon at a Housing and Development Board flat located at Block 791 Choa Chu Kang North 6. The elderly woman is believed to be her employer.

The police previously said that they were alerted to the incident at 3pm that day, with the victim found lying motionless. Around 3.30pm, she was pronounced dead by paramedics.

Zin Mar Nwe, who is not offered bail, will be remanded at Changi Women's Prison for a week for psychiatric evaluation. If found guilty, she faces the death penalty.

Maid accused of sexually exploiting employer’s 11-year-old son, 18 Jun 2018  
A 33-year-old foreign domestic helper went on trial on Monday (June 18) after facing four charges of sexually exploiting her employer's young son, as well as one charge of threatening to release a video clip of them engaging in sexual activities.

The Indian national cannot be named because of a gag order to protect the victim's identity. She worked for the family for about 18 months from the beginning of 2015 to July 2016, when her offences were uncovered.

According to court documents, she allegedly committed the first indecent act sometime between the end of January and early February 2016. Her three other charges, under the Children and Young Persons Act, were said to have taken place over the next three months.

At the time, the boy was 11.
The maid is also accused of threatening to release a video clip of her and the boy engaging in sexual activities, which carries a maximum sentence of six months' imprisonment and a S$5,000 fine.  Deputy Public Prosecutor Chee Ee Ling told the court that the prosecution will call seven witnesses to the stand, including the investigation officer and the victim.

The victim will testify that the helper "sexually exploited him progressively" on at least four occasions at his home, DPP Chee said.  The victim's parents, maternal aunt and older sister will also take the stand, and will testify as to how they discovered the alleged offences on July 11, 2016.

The prosecution's last witness is Dr Parvathy Pathy, a child psychiatrist from the Institute of Mental Health's Child Guidance Clinic, who interviewed the victim and his parents separately to assess his fitness to give testimony in court.

The first day of the trial took place behind closed doors. It continues on Tuesday.  If convicted of sexual exploitation, the helper could face up to five years in jail and fined S$10,000 on the first offence.  Subsequent convictions carry a maximum jail term of seven years and a fine of up to S$20,000.

Foreign domestic worker jailed 10 weeks for biting six-month-old boy, Straits Times, 22 May 2018
A foreign domestic worker who bit the cheek and earlobe of a six-month-old boy was on Tuesday (May 22) sentenced to 10 weeks' jail - higher than the eight weeks sought for by the prosecution.

Myanmar national Mya Pwint Phyu, 24, who pleaded guilty to ill-treating the boy by biting him twice, claimed that it was an "act of love".  But District Judge Hamidah Ibrahim disagreed, saying: "We do not treat babies like that. They are not at an age where they can be disciplined."

The court heard that on Dec 28 last year, the maid was alone with the boy at about 9am in his home, a second-floor unit at 54 Lakeside Drive, while his parents were away at work.  The boy started crying while she was doing household chores.  After trying but failing to pacify him,  she bit him once on his right cheek, and again on his right earlobe in a bid to make him stop crying.

Later that day, the boy's grandfather dropped by the apartment and noticed bruises and marks on the boy's face. When confronted, the Myanmar national confessed to biting him.  The boy's father made a police report two days later and the boy was taken to the National University Hospital on the same day.

He was found to have bruises on his right cheek and shoulder, and brown marks on his left cheek, right eye, and left elbow.  A tearful Mya Pwint Phyu said in mitigation: "I would like to go back home as soon as possible."

For ill-treating a child by doing an act likely to cause him unnecessary injury, she could have been jailed up to four years or fined up to $4,000, or both.

Maid on trial for stealing over $50,000 in items from Changi Airport Group chairman, Yahoo News, 23 April 2018
An Indonesian domestic worker who worked for Changi Airport Group chairman Liew Mun Leong is on trial for allegedly stealing branded goods and other items from her employer’s household.

Parti Liyani, 43, also stands accused of stealing from Liew’s son, former private banker Karl Liew, Karl’s wife Heather Lim, and Karl’s sister May Liew Cheng from their Chancery Lane residence on 28 October 2016. The maid had been working for Liew’s household for eight years up until the point she left Singapore in October 2016.

Parti is contesting her four charges of theft, with one charge having been stood down for the purposes of the trial, which began on Monday (23 April).  Court documents said Parti had stolen items with a collective value of $50,856 from the Liew family. Stolen items belonging to Liew Mun Leong, who is also CapitaLand Group’s founding president and former chief executive officer, include a DVD player valued at $1,000 and two Longchamp bags worth $400 in total.

The bulk of the allegedly stolen items belong to Karl Liew, including a damaged Gerald Genta watch with a broken strap worth $25,000; two white iPhone 4 smartphones with accessories valued at $2,056; 120 pieces of male clothing valued at $150 each; and a $500 blanket.

Other items allegedly stolen include a pair of Gucci sunglasses valued at $250 belonging to May Liew, and a $1,000 Prada bag belonging to Lim.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Tang Ru Long, who conducted preliminary investigations into the case and took the stand on Monday, said that Parti had left Singapore on 28 October 2016, two days before Liew lodged a police report about the alleged thefts. Tang issued a warrant of arrest for Parti and she was arrested at Changi Airport upon returning to Singapore on 2 December that year.

Parti has been staying at a shelter run by the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) while awaiting her trial. A member of the HOME staff has posted bail for her.  The NGO said it has also engaged a pro bono lawyer, Anil Narain Balchandani, to represent Parti. The current tranche of the trial is scheduled until Wednesday.  If convicted of theft as a servant, Parti may be jailed up to seven years and/or fined on each count.

Maid jailed 8 months for hurting grandmother with Alzheimer’s, Channel News Asia, 6 Mar 2018
An Indonesian domestic helper was sentenced to eight months’ jail on Tuesday (Mar 6) for hurting an 89-year-old grandmother on at least two occasions in the short time she worked for the victim’s family.

Yesana Elizabeth Doliab, 30, was convicted of two counts of causing hurt to Madam Mary Tan, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.  As a result of her illness, Mdm Tan, who cannot recall recent events, was unable to tell her family about the abuse.

Yesana was hired to assist Mdm Tan with her daily needs, including feeding and bathing.

On Sep 15, 2017, Mdm Tan’s granddaughter called the police to report her suspicion that Yesana was abusing her grandmother.  “When I came back from work, her eyes were bloodshot … there were bruises on her face”, the granddaughter said.

Yesana eventually admitted that she had poked the victim’s left eye that morning while transferring Mdm Tan from her wheelchair to her bed.  Mdm Tan’s pyjamas had become caught in the wheelchair, and she pulled Yesana’s hair. Yesana retaliated by poking Mdm Tan's eye.  Yesana also admitted to abusing Mdm Tan on several other occasions between Aug 1 and Sep 15 by pinching the grandmother hard on her breast, hip, buttocks and lower back.

Yesana had done so because Mdm Tan had called her “stupid” and pushed the maid’s head with her finger.  The prosecution sought an eight-month jail term, pointing to the fact that Mdm Tan, a vulnerable victim by virtue of her age and condition, never fought back.

She would not have been able to tell her family about the abuse either, seeing as she forgot about the incidents soon after they occurred, the prosecutor said.  For causing hurt, Yesana could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined up to S$5,000.

Maid pours hot oil over employer's teenage son, Straits Times, 15 Dec 2017
A maid, angry that her employer's teenage son had scratched her face, poured hot oil from a frying pan onto him.  It all started when Indonesian Sugianti, 34, who goes by one name, scolded the 14-year-old boy for spilling liquids on the floor. She claimed this had caused his 17-year-old sister to slip and fall two days earlier.

Annoyed, the boy toppled a shelf containing Sugianti's personal effects over in the bedroom they shared in a Bukit Panjang flat on Feb 15.  The two had a shouting match.  Afraid that the maid would complain to his father about his behaviour, the victim put back her personal effects in the bedroom.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Chong Kee En said Sugianti had been frying chicken wings in the kitchen around 8am that day when she continued to scold the victim. The boy reacted by covering her mouth from behind and pulling her hair to stop her from scolding him further.  Shocked, Sugianti shook the frying pan a few times at him, and called him a "devil's son". He scratched her face and left.

When Sugianti saw the scratch mark, she picked up the frying pan half-filled with heated oil, and challenged him to a fight. The boy, then in the toilet, shouted at her to go away.  Still fuming, Sugianti lifted the frying pan and poured the hot oil onto him. The hot oil landed on his arm and leg.  The boy was taken to a polyclinic the next day when his injuries did not improve. He was treated for burns on his lower limb and right forearm, and has since recovered.  A police report was made.

A day later, on Feb 17, Sugianti was treated at Changi General Hospital for soreness on the back of her head and a claw mark under her right eye.  On Friday (Dec 15), she was sentenced to one year's jail by District Judge Hamidah Ibrahim for causing hurt to the victim. The judge agreed there were aggravating factors in the case.

She told Sugianti that if she had any issues with the victim, she should take it up with his father. She said a deterrent sentence was required, noting a certain amount of malice and intention on the maid's part.

Pleading for leniency, Sugianti's lawyer Nasser Ismail said his client, a divorcee with a 10-year-old daughter, had been working for the household since last October, taking care of the boy and his two sisters, as well as their ailing grandmother.  He said Sugianti suffered a lot of verbal abuse from the boy, who has a violent temperament and is much bigger in size than she is.

He added that Sugianti noticed a marked change in the victim's behaviour several months into her job. The boy was becoming rebellious and ill-tempered, and had scuffled with his mother, an Indonesian, who is estranged from his father and lives in Batam.

Speaking to The Straits Times on Friday evening (Dec 15) at his family's three-room flat, the boy, who is now 15, recounted the incident and said he had lost his temper when the maid shouted at him. "I grabbed her face, and scratched her accidentally... But she also shouldn't have splashed the hot oil on me." 

The boy, who cannot be named because of a gag order, said he had a cordial relationship with the maid. They argued occasionally, but things had never gotten violent until the incident.   His elder sister, a 27-year-old project controller, said: "My brother is also getting counselling to make sure he isn't traumatised by the incident and hopefully as he grows older, he will learn to manage his anger."   Sugianti, whose sentence was backdated to Oct 5, could have been jailed for up to seven years and/or fined for the offence.

Indonesian Maid jailed for stealing $9,400 from employer, TNP, 28 Sep 2017 
An Indonesian domestic worker who withdrew a total of $9,400 from her employer's bank account using the latter's ATM card was sentenced to nine months' jail on Wednesday (Sept 27) for theft and theft as a servant.

Lifi Nurfitriyah, 26, admitted to six counts of theft of the POSB ATM card and money from her employer, Madam Or Suay Muay, 72, in June 2016.  

A district court heard that on July 4, 2016, Madam Or found that $9,400 had been withdrawn from her bank account, after an update was done on her POSB bank book.  Her suspicions fell on the maid, who had left the previous day after the end of her employment period. Madam Or made a police report.  The bank's closed-circuit television footage showed Lifi withdrawing sums of $500 to $2,000 at Rivervale Plaza POSB ATM machine between June 19 and 24 that year.

Lifi was arrested on July 31, 2017, when she was working for another employer in Singapore.  She admitted that during her employment with Madam Or, she had taken the victim's ATM card from her wallet, without her knowledge, to make withdrawals.  She had remembered Madam Or's personal identification number and was discreet in removing the ATM card from the victim's possession and placing it back in her wallet.

Six other charges were taken into consideration during her sentencing.  Lifi's sentence was backdated to Aug 1, 2017.  She could have been jailed for up to three years and/or fined for each charge of theft.  The maximum penalty for theft as a servant is seven years' jail and a fine per charge.

Money missing from murdered couple's flat, TNP, 24 Jun 2017
Money and valuables were missing from the Bedok Reservoir home of an elderly couple who were murdered on Wednesday, reported Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News.

Indonesian maid Khasanah, 41, a suspect in the deaths of Mr Chia Ngim Fong, 78, and his wife Chin Sek Fah, 78, is believed to have fled to Indonesia. It is unclear if the missing items were with her when she left on a ferry from Harbourfront Centre.

The bodies were found in their five-room executive flat at Block 717, Bedok Reservoir Road, by their grandson. The Straits Times understands they were found with their hands tied.  Khasanah had lived with them for about a month.

Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao said she had started a chicken rice stall with a friend in Jakarta after working as a maid here, but it failed and she lost money. To support her 16-year-old son, the single mother returned to Singapore to work.

The police are understood to have contacted their Indonesian counterparts to assist in investigations.

Bedok Reservoir double murder - Indonesian maid fled, Channel News Asia, 22 Jun 2017
Neighbours of the elderly couple who was found murdered in their Bedok Reservoir Road flat were surprised to hear that they had employed a maid.   The 79-year-old man and his 78-year-old wife were found dead on Wednesday (Jun 21) afternoon in their second-floor flat Block 717 Bedok Reservoir Road.

Channel NewsAsia understands that an Indonesia maid who had been living with the couple is missing and has since fled the country.  However, neighbours Channel NewsAsia spoke with on Thursday said they have never seen the maid and were unaware that she had been living with the elderly couple.

Two residents who declined to be named said the elderly man had suffered from a "mild stroke" recently and starting using a wheelchair.   On Wednesday night, police were seen searching the contents of a rubbish chute at the foot of the block. They took three knives away in a plastic bag.  The bodies of the elderly couple were taken away at about 11pm that night.   Police investigations are ongoing.

Hairstylist's Indonesian maid faces additional theft charge, Straits Times, 24 Jun 2017
For 14 years, Indonesian Namih Nurlaela worked as a maid for celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee, the chairman and founder of Monsoon Group Holdings.  But the court heard that she allegedly abused his trust by repeatedly stealing from him.

Namih was first hauled to court on June 13 and charged with one count of theft of items that included a brown Hermes Kelly bag and a black Birkin bag worth $12,000 each, and five T-shirts of unknown value.  She was back in court yesterday to face a second charge of theft of $2,490 worth of items from her 46-year-old employer, who is known as Mr Lee Eng Tat in court papers.  The items included a pair of shoes worth $600, six plates valued at $280, and an Alessi cooking pot and kettle worth $450 each. They were allegedly stolen last month.  She allegedly committed the crimes in his three-bedroom Oceanfront apartment in Sentosa Cove.

Namih, who was still in remand yesterday morning, has been offered bail of $10,000.  (Winter:  Bail? This FDW is rich!!) Last week, evening newspapers Shin Min Daily News and Lianhe Wanbao reported that Mr Lee was about to go to work on June 11 when he discovered that his two designer bags were missing. He then alerted the police.

A media report in 2015 said he spends most of his time abroad on business trips and lives in his 1,700 sq ft apartment only three months in a year.  Namih, who was unrepresented, will be back in court on June 30.  If convicted, she can be jailed for up to seven years and fined for each count of theft.

Filipino Maid’s death was a fatal prank, Channel News Asia, 6 Jun 2017
A 39-year-old Filipino maid who hanged herself with a skipping rope did not commit suicide, State Coroner Marvin Bay said on Tuesday (Jun 6).

Jovylyn La Torre Rue, a mother of five, killed herself by accident while staging her own hanging, in an attempt to play a prank on her boyfriend, an inquiry heard.  Ms Rue was found dead in her bedroom by her employer on Dec 11, 2016, 10 days before she was due to attend her daughter’s wedding in the Philippines. This was a trip she planned with “anticipation”, according to evidence supplied by a friend of Ms Rue.

The coroner noted that the friend told the police Ms Rue had played the same prank on her boyfriend of two years before, threatening to commit suicide until the man broke down and cried.  Ms Rue told her friend she just wanted to “scare” and “toy with” the man to “test the extent of his love”, but that she had no intention to harm herself. She said that she knew “a safe way” to stage her hanging – by positioning the rope at a low level, the friend said.

So when the man called Ms Rue’s friend in tears because Ms Rue had threatened suicide after an argument, the friend told him to calm down and go to sleep, because she was sure Ms Rue was only joking.  Ms Rue was pronounced dead at 11.42pm.

The rope around her neck was tied so loosely that it unraveled the moment it was cut by the police, the coroner said. “The possibility of Ms Rue having deliberately hanged herself … is highly remote.  “Her friends, employer and sister have attested to the fact that Ms Rue never betrayed any suicidal intent,” Mr Bay said. “It is very likely she had compromised her own airway … while staging her false hanging.”

Ms Rue’s employer described her as having a happy-go-lucky attitude, and said she would often sing to herself while working. Her sister, who also worked in Singapore, said Ms Rue did not share much with her. It was Ms Rue’s friends who offered the most insight into her life, as the women would communicate via Facebook every day.

Two of Ms Rue’s friends told investigators that she was “two-timing” her boyfriend, and that they had cautioned her against “playing with fire”. On the day of her death – it was a Sunday, Ms Rue’s day off – she met her boyfriend, and they spent time at Fragrance Hotel at Kovan.

A few hours later, Ms Rue left, telling her boyfriend she had a birthday party to attend that he was not invited to, and to meet her in two hours at Farrer Park MRT station. Ms Rue then met her second boyfriend at City Square Mall, and the couple headed to Tai Hoe Hotel, where they remained for a few hours until Ms Rue left at 6pm.  She had missed her meeting with the first boyfriend, and called him later to apologise, claiming she had been with her sister. But he wanted a better explanation, and the couple got into an argument. Ms Rue threatened suicide again, and the man called her friends to ask them to stop her.

The women tried to call Ms Rue and told her off for “playing the joke again”, saying it was like “torture” for the man, who had called them in tears.  Ms Rue’s phone records show she had made seven missed video calls to her first boyfriend between 9.27pm and 9.36pm, showing she was still alive during this time. The coroner, Mr Bay, said it is “likely that she had intended to portray her enactment via the video calls that were missed”.

Ms Rue’s death was an accident and an “unfortunate misadventure”, Mr Bay said. Ms Rue had probably suffocated after winding the rope around her neck, and as she had been alone at home, “could not avail herself to any assistance,” said the coroner.

Maid jailed for assaulting sickly elderly woman under her care, Straits Times, 3 May 2017
A maid was jailed for four months on Wednesday (May 3) for punching a sickly elderly woman under her care.  Myanmar national Gracy Law Rice, 24, pleaded guilty in court to one count of causing hurt to Madam Wong Poh Lin, 72, who has Parkinson's disease - a long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system - and is unable to speak due to her condition.  (Winter:  hurting a vulnerable elderly yet jailed only 4 months.  Ask yourself, if your loved ones is ill-treated or killed by FDWs, an an activist, where will you stand?  Justice?  Continue to love the FDWs blindly?)

Madam Wong's eldest daughter employed Rice to look after her mother who is weak and has difficulty walking. The maid started working in Madam Wong's Whampoa Drive flat on April 8, last year.  Madam Wong lives in the unit with her husband while their children, who live elsewhere, visit them once every two weeks.  Rice's duties included bathing Madam Wong, helping her exercise and ensuring that she took her medication. This was her first job in Singapore.

On July 10 last year, the maid fed Madam Wong porridge for lunch but as the elderly woman  was unable to swallow the food, some dribbled out of her mouth.  Frustrated, Rice punched her chest twice with her right fist.  Madam Wong's daughter later spotted bruises on her mother. She informed her brother who alerted the police on July 12 last year.  Madam Wong was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital later that day and was found to be suffering from injuries including bruises on her chest and left buttock, and cuts on her right shin, right elbow and left cheek.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Ruth Teng said: "According to the accused, she had caused the victim to sustain the injuries on her face, right leg and buttocks accidentally. She could not explain how the victim had sustained the other injuries which the doctors found upon examining the victim."

DPP Teng also told the court that according to Rice, she hit Madam Wong for the first time in the July 10 incident.  The maid claimed that on previous occasions, when the victim had not eaten her food, she had simply shouted at her.

For causing hurt, Rice could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000.

Maid jailed four weeks after falsely accusing employers of abuse, 19 Apr 2017, Straits Times
An Indonesian maid was jailed for four weeks on Wednesday (April 19) after lying to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the police, claiming that her employer's elderly wife had physically abused her multiple times.

Susilawati Narsim Sunah, 35, pleaded guilty to one count of giving false information to a police officer on Nov 5, last year.  A second charge for a similar offence involving an MOM officer was taken into consideration during sentencing.

The court heard that Susilawati, who was unrepresented, had lied as she wanted to return home to Indonesia.  She started working for Mr Peh Hoon Seng, 85 and his wife Madam Lim Chin Ai, 83, in their Hougang flat on April 7, last year.  But on Nov 4, Susilawati took a taxi to the MOM services centre at Bendemeer Road and told an officer there that Madam Lim had abused her. (Winter:  From Apr to Nov, that's only 6 months of employment, considered new FDW)

The next day, the maid went to the Ang Mo Kio Police Division Headquarters and repeated the same lies to a policewoman.  She claimed that Madam Lim, whom she referred to as "Ah Ma" had assaulted her five times between April 20 and Nov 4, last year.  She also told Senior Staff Sergeant Noor Syahirah Halil that Madam Lim had slapped her as she was too slow in taking her a glass of water. She also accused the old woman of hitting her left leg with a walking stick.

The elderly couple had statements recorded during the investigations and both denied the allegations. Madam Lim also highlighted that she has difficulty moving around without her walking aid.  Susilawati only came clean when a deputy public prosecutor (DPP) from the Attorney-General's Chambers interviewed her on Jan 13.  On Wednesday, DPP Zulhafni Zulkeflee said: "The accused admitted that Ah Ma had never abused her during the period of employment. She had concocted the lies because she wanted to return home to Indonesia.

"She had not received a reply from her employer at that point and decided to take matters into her own hands by raising the false allegations."  For giving false information to a police officer, Susilawati could have been jailed up to a year and fined up to $5,000.

Filipino maid ill-treated baby, Straits Times, 7 Apr 2017
A domestic worker placed a handkerchief over a baby's face and shook the infant's head twice in a rough manner, a court heard.  For ill-treating the child under her care, Filipina Melody Garcia Narciso, 46, was sentenced to eight week's jail on Friday (April 7) after she pleaded guilty to the Oct 19 offence.

A second charge of pushing the child's head in a rough manner and hitting her head earlier that day was taken into consideration in sentencing.  The court heard that the baby's mother decided to check on Narciso and the baby girl via the closed-circuit television camera that was installed in the victim's room that evening.  She saw the maid place a handkerchief over the victim's face and shake her head twice in quick succession in a rough manner.

Narciso had first placed her right hand over the victim's face, shaking the baby's head up and down. She then placed both hands on the baby's head, this time shaking it from left to right.  The victim was strapped to the front of the maid's body in a baby carrier, and Narciso was trying to make the baby sleep.  Narciso's employer waited for her husband to return home before reporting to the police that evening.  

Deputy Public Prosecutor Kelly Ho asked the court to impose at least four weeks' jail. She cited two aggravating factors - the victim was very young, vulnerable and defenceless.  And Narciso's actions were "inherently dangerous", although no external injuries were found. (Winter:  For ill-treating a vulnerable infant, FDW received only 8 weeks' jail.  Maximum is 8 years so how much 'discount' was given?  Activists, aren't you proud that you've made the Spore vulnerable to suffer yet the offenders aren't severely punished, receive similar terms/harshness of an employer?)

Pleading for leniency, Narciso said she was very remorseful for what she had done.  She said at the time, she had been coughing the whole night and did not have enough sleep.  "I had to wake up early and was trying to put the baby to sleep, and rest early," she added.  District Judge Jasvender Kaur backdated her sentence to her remand on March 10.

Narciso could have been fined up to $4,000 and/or jailed for up to four years.

Straits Times: An Indonesian maid was arrested yesterday for the alleged murder of a 77-year-old woman

Police said she will be charged in court today with murder.  The elderly woman, identified as Madam Tay Quee Lang, was found dead in the living room of her fifth- floor flat in Block 276, Tampines Street 22, on Monday afternoon.

When The Straits Times approached Madam Tay's family members at the flat yesterday, they declined to comment.  There was a wake set up at the block, but the body had not arrived.

A few hours later, police were seen carrying a mannequin made out of fabric and wearing women's clothes into the home. It is believed that it was used to help re-enact what had happened.  When approached, an officer said they were doing "some work", and that the family had left.  Madam Tay, who had to use a wheelchair after a fall last year, lived in the flat with her husband, Mr Tan Hee Seng, who is in his 70s.

Their maid was the only other person in the flat at the time of the incident.  Police said they received a call for assistance at about 2.10pm on Monday. Paramedics later pronounced Madam Tay dead at the scene.  The maid was seen leaving with police officers at about 6pm to assist in investigations, and Madam's Tay's body was taken away at about 7pm.

Neighbours said the maid had been with the couple for about a month and was heard screaming shortly after the incident.  A neighbour who lives on the same floor, engineer Ashaari Hasan Basri, told The Straits Times that he had called the police after hearing the maid's cries for help.  The 28-year-old said: "She was crying and shouting 'Ah Ma' (Hokkien for grandmother) from inside the unit, so I rushed over... She looked lost and only told me that 'Ah Ma' had slashed herself with a knife."

Mr Ashaari said he peered through a window of the four-room unit and saw Madam Tay slumped on a wheelchair facing him.  She appeared to have a bloodied knife lodged in her throat, he added.

Maid to be charged with murder over elderly's death in Tampines, Yahoo News, 14 Feb 2017

A 37-year-old maid will be charged with murder after a 77-year-old woman was found dead in her Tampines flat on Monday (13 Feburary).  She will be charged in court on Wednesday (15 February). If convicted, she faces the death penalty.

The victim was found motionless with injuries on her throat in her fifth floor unit at Block 276 Tampines Street 22 at 2.10pm by police, who were responding to a call for assistance. She was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene.

According to media reports, an Indonesian maid was at home when the victim was found dead. The maid was crying and shouting, and a neighbour helped her to call the police.

Yahoo comments:
siew tong -- Many of our seniors are very demanding towards their domestic helpers.
Some want their maids to work continuously for long hours and don't like seeing their maids resting. For those who can financially afford to employ a maid, they have to consider themselves blessed for not in the opposite position to work for some body as maids themselves. My personal experience tells me that I have to close one eye as long as my maid has done all the basic daily chores. I have come across 2 seniors who like scolding their maids for being lazy whenever they find their maids taking rest. They shouldn't treat their maids as robots to work non stop. For those maids who can't take repeated scolding from these grumpy seniors, they retaliate. This is the likely cause. After all, we don't like to see our daughters being treated in similar manner if they have to work as a maid for someone too.

Need -- I am so tired to have to repeat this again! Go check the statistics! It's always Muslim maids (if not above 95%). Again I have to repeat I am Not racialising Muslims NO NO NO! They are very nice people when treated nicely but when they are treated badly, they will kill. Really dam sad for such belief.
When I read the headline, I know it's for sure it's a muslim maid again before reading content n it's so many times I m right. Dun you see it, everyone?!

Put aside employers who are nasty. Of course bad employers deserve to be kick in their ass too!
But people, stay focus on this problem. I have already mentioned many times including calling MOManpower to ask them to solve this case but as you can see, another case happened mean what has been done?

I have already told them the problem lies mainly with maid agent who charge high loan onto maids and when there is a transfer, the agent top up 1-2mths loan again to the maid. So the poor maid dare not ask for transfer thinking she has no way out but to continue bear with her unhappiness at work til she snap. Maid agent charge too high agent fee for employers too. OK other nationality maids face the same problem too but why dun they kill when they snap. You can answer for yourself.

I told them the solution is MOM must ensure checking on muslim maids once a while esp those who work under 1yr with same employer. These muslim maids must be educated that the end result do not need to Kill anyone. They must be given a breathing alternative to run away, have a token device to activate MOM if they are not allowed to call out and a strict rule with heavy penalty be put on employers not to remove this token other whatever aid away from the maid. Or to have someone visit the home every 2 months for the 1st year. So if the maid who dare not run away, can leave with the MOM official when they visit her, should she be v unhappy. +in first place, better training should be given to such maids cuz you have no idea too how difficult and trying it can be with inexperienced maid. For those who do not have experience living with a maid when you are full time at home with one, will not understand its not an easy thing. So verdict, it's always both sides fault. Teach em there is a way out, no need to kill. If man got the brain to invent aeroplanes, rockets, submarines & nuclear, this should be a small problem to solve. It's a matter if unity wants to get it done anot. I end here.

tommy -- On surface, a maid killed her employer. For all one knows, Singaporean women are not only demanding, but difficult people to work and live with. Unless the maid is mad, there are reasons to trigger such murders. People don't travel thousands of miles to work here and killed someone recklessly. There is something fundamentally wrong with the life values in Singapore.

thethethe -- All these type of Maid where got worry, they know our Govt so scare of their country leader. Follow up it will full of wayang mention that this maid is nor sound etc etc... and final will jail few years and free her.
All these way of cycle, we Singaporeans hear it so often liao...

Hibiscus -- Cannot leave aged person on wheelchairs alone with a maid, need to have another healthy person around, cannot cannot trust the maid.
Past cases of maids committing murders, pushing autistic child down, feeding baby drink acid, ill treatments to aged disability personnel, setting fire to employer and daughter etc,
Some are very good in stealing, I have noticed maid passing small bundle item to her friend walking passed the windows, maybe some valuables.
Many cases when caught, these maids were either underage or with mental problems .
Anyone responsibility for falsely declaring the maids aged but when caught for committing a capital offence the excuses to escape punishment are underage or mental problems etc.

David -- These kind of isolate csse must base on circumstances evidences rather than assumed fate alone. The maid could have been mistreated badly that prompted her to lost her mind. I have witness elderly person especially female getting very annoying and extremely difficult to care due to their unreasonable demand every moment of the day. This maid is still young mother so prosecute or judges have to consider all factor before the harsh sentencing.

Theforgottongeneration1 -- Whaa, the media nowadays always must be politically correct hor, cannot said directly what is the nationality of the maid. Was the Indonesian maid found crying and shouting the maid that was charged? Reporters' standard really sucks nowadays.

 SashaQ -- Terrible news. Not much substance and lacking in vital details. Where are the interviews with the victim's family and neighbours? What sort of injury on the neck are we talking about here. How long has the maid been in the employment of the family? Was the victim bedridden or mobile? Where are the details???

MarxMarx -- You are right man, all will end up same wayang because our got soooooo scared offend regional huana, so even in murder, ....must give them face lah. When huana offend assault or even murder you, you must sediah and salute him/her. That's the jist of our current constitution as it pertains to this race of people. COLD BLOODED MUDERERS INLCUDED, huana what, son of the soil!

Pioneer4JUSTICE -- its been said many time before.
indo maids have natural 'killer instinct'.  there were more in 'other forms' which were not detected, by the common folks & not too observance & just passed off as 'other cause of deaths', by the
examiner, just to close the book.  you may ask, why ?? simple answer, they all wanna go back .. early.
they were either been tricked or pawned to 'work' (trafficking), overseas.  but the flow inwards still continues. thanks to the leegime, bo chap.

Bingo -- not happy just go back and live in proverty, why need to kill someone? Babi.

Maid who stabbed herself to death was in 'disturbed state of mind': State Coroner, Yahoo News, 7 Feb 2017

The case of a 35-year-old Filipino maid who stabbed herself to death at her workplace in Joo Chiat was ruled a suicide at a coroner’s inquiry on Tuesday (7 February).  State Coroner Marvin Bay said in the State Courts that there was no basis to suspect foul play as Alison Samontanes had shown increasingly uncharacteristic behaviour before her death.

The court heard that on September 1 last year, Samontanes was found in an unresponsive state in her residence by her employer, Lai Lara Magno, who then called the police.  Samontanes was found with a 2-cm stab wound on her abdomen and blood stains in the same area on her T-shirt. A kitchen knife that was stained with blood at the tip was found on the floor about a metre away.  There were also no signs of ransack or struggle within the residence, and valuables were found intact.

A few days before the day of the incident on 26 August, Magno found that Samontanes was not her usual self and appeared disorientated and nervous. Samontanes constantly complained that the settings of her Xiaomi and Oppo mobile phones were changed for no particular reason and that unknown applications had appeared.  (Winter:  so busy as FDW, need 2 phones. Here to work or make friends?)

The next day, Samontanes approached Magno for help to delete her Facebook account as she was concerned that people were monitoring her movements on the social media site.  A day before the stabbing incident, Samontanes was mumbling to herself and seemed to be in a daze, claiming that she was seeing “lights” and “sparkles”, according to Magno.

Samontanes’ niece, Terania Quimpo, testified that her aunt had a history of nervous breakdowns.  Magno and her husband also found Samontanes acting differently in the days leading up to the incident, and that she was unable to carry out the daily household chores.

To understand her maid’s mental state, Magno sought the help of her cousin, psychologist Jasmine Pang. After Pang spoke to Samontanes in private, she advised Magno to send Samontanes for a medical assessment.  Bay found the testimonies to be broadly consistent with his findings and said that the maid had been “plagued by delusional beliefs”.  He added that the evidence points to Samontanes being in a “disturbed state of mind when she stabbed herself with a kitchen knife.”  (Winter: Is it a blessing in disguise that this FDW stabbed herself and not her employer/family?  Who is there to protect employer and family from unsound FDW?  Does MOM has a duty to ensure agencies screen FDWs properly before charging employers and FDWs enormous fees?)

2 more radicalised maids repatriated, Straits Times, 10 Jan 2017
Two more radicalised foreign domestic workers were sent home between Dec 18 and yesterday.

In all, seven foreign maids have been radicalised and repatriated in the past two years, said Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam in a written reply to a parliamentary question yesterday.  He was responding to a question from Dr Fatimah Lateef (Marine Parade GRC), who asked for an update on the issue, after the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) reported on Dec 18 that five maids had been sent back under such circumstances in the last two years.

All seven maids were radicalised through the Internet, said Mr Shanmugam. "They did not have plans to carry out acts of violence in Singapore at the time they were investigated," he said. "However, their interactions with others showed that they had bought into radical ideologies and were on a dangerous path."  (Winter:  this is govt's headache for allowing activists to brainwash FDWs, no regulations imposed on evil doers.  Activists instilled wrong mindsets and "basic rights" of FDWs.  Clever and scheming wolf-clothed FDWs know how to work things out using Spore loopholes, as well as PAP govt's leniency to foreigners 无限制博爱.... many people simply felt FDWs aren't capable of ruining our lives.  A lot of people looked down on these women, their abilities, power to rebel and forgot their daily exposure to cyberworld - still living in ice age, thinking FDWs need unlimited protection and leeways. Activists intentionally made FDWs fought 无理或蛮横争取, become demanding强势 霸道 身在福中不知福, purposely made lives difficult for employers刻意挑剔 制造麻烦.  These so-call vulnerable women 弱者 felt they deserve to have better perks, rights eg free usage of internet and their phones, including day time, no restriction in the name of human rights.)

He added that their presence here "posed a security concern" and they were repatriated to their home countries. No further information on the cases was given.  "Our security agencies will continue to monitor the situation closely and will investigate individuals in Singapore who are suspected of being radicalised, both foreign and local," said Mr Shanmugam.

On Dec 18, the MHA revealed that it had investigated 70 foreign workers who were radicalised while working here in the past two years. Five of them were maids.  This came after Indonesia's anti-terror police rounded up four women on suspicion of terrorism, one of them Dian Yulia Novi, 27, who had worked in Singapore between 2008 and 2009 as a domestic worker.

Filipino maid jailed for ill-treating employer's three young daughters, Straits Times, 3 Jan 2017
Angry with her employer's children for bed-wetting on separate occasions, a Filipino domestic worker used a rubber band to hit their private parts.  She also pinched the area. (Winter: That's painful, why FDW simply not punished severely?  Why so kind to FDWs?)

On Tuesday (Jan 3), Gernalyn Saraza Mutas, 30, was sentenced to 30 months' jail after pleading guilty to two counts of child abuse sometime in mid-November 2015. The two girls were then aged five and two. 
Another charge of forcefully grabbing the neck of her employer's 10-year-old daughter with her hand was taken into consideration in sentencing.  A district court heard that Mutas, who is a trained midwife, had worked for the family for about three years before the offences were discovered.

The victims' parents were in Malaysia on a holiday on Nov 17, 2015 with the two-year-old and her younger brother when the mother noticed injuries on the girl's private area when changing diapers.

The victim disclosed that the maid, whom the children called "Kakak Lyn", had caused the injuries.

The father asked his five-year-old daughter if she had been similarly ill-treated as the girl had been complaining that it hurt when she urinated.  He examined her and found that she had bruises on her private area too.  Two abrasions each were found on the girls when they were sent for medical examination .

Investigations showed that the incident happened sometime in mid-November 2015, when Mutas was sleeping in the same bedroom as a 28-year-old Filipino domestic helper, who was to replace her, and the children.

The five-year-old woke her up and said that she had urinated on her bed.  Mutas was angry with the victim and committed the offence, hurting the girl.  On another occasion in mid-November 2015, Mutas told the two-year-old to go to the toilet. But she did not make it in time and urinated on her underwear.

After washing her up, Mutas warned the girl not to wet her pants again. She took a rubber band and shot it at the the victim's vulva area and pinched her on the area before putting a diaper and underwear on the girl. The victim cried.

The older girl had told a doctor at the Child Guidance Clinic that she was fearful of the maid and did not dare to tell anyone about the abuse. The maid had threatened to beat her if she reported the abuse to her parents.

Facebook comments:
Mark Lim -- Child: Mum, would u entrust your gold chain and gold rings to our maid?
Mum: Of course not, dear. I won't trust her with such precious items.
Child: Then why would u entrust me to the maid? Am I not precious?
Lol ..

ChoLena Nashan -- Y compare gold and kids ? I keep gold in locker . . Kids also can keep in locker is it ??!!

Huifang Chen -- How horrible is this comparison between flesh and blood human being to luxury items! Do you have children? Try having a few kids and take care on your own without any help, not even parents or siblings then you will understand. This comment is no difference from what the maid has done. Both utterly disgusting !!!

Niez Aniezz -- The parents also need make living sir

Stephen Hwang -- Before you speak your mind please note in Singapore both parents of many families have to work in order to make sufficient income to keep their children in schools. Hence they are forced to entrust their household and kids to maids.

Patrick Lim -- Never entrust your kids to maids. Make sure your kids are not fearful of maids in whichever ways u think is possible. So the maids will be more fearful of your kids instead. This is for the safety of your kids.

Andrew Goh -- Maids are mere mortals who cannot be fully entrusted with responsibilities, especially concerning children.

Agnes Tan Suan Ping -- Stephen Hwang - the difference between having a helper or helpers to baby-sit your children allowing you and wife to work versus letting the helper sleep with the children at night. I change and clean up my children when they wet their beds occasionally. Then I would instruct the helper to sun the mattress - though through the night my husband or I would have used a hair dryer to dry the mattress while child slept. The problem here is that the employers entrust their children day and night. You call that parenting?

Mark Lim -- Stephen- I would feel there is always a choice. Leaving your child in the hands of a stranger is a risk that should be carefully deliberated as the stakes are too high to leave to chance. Its too late to regret if sthg bad happens like this incident. The hurt can be for a lifetime. Can you face your child if it happens? Sorry, daddy has no choice. What if the maid brings her boyfriend to your home? How well do you really know yr maid? There's no right nor wrong .. but it's not sthg to leave to chance or no choice. Make your decision but with open eyes so u dun regret your choice. There's always a choice.

Andrew Goh -- Who would like to entrust their kids and property to strangers if there is a choice… alot of families are forced to take calculated risks just to make ends meet or make things work… probably something which mark lim will nvr understand.

Anna Kwek Rocha -- I agreed with Mark Lim. He is not saying if parents would have a choice, STILL leave their children with stranger/ helper. 

He is suggesting that there will always be a chance of risk could happen. Which is true in reality. Nothing got to do with parents have choices or not with his point.

Agnes Tan Suan Ping -- Andrew Goh - let's talk about choices. If h n w decide to stay in a hdb, have at most 2 kids and wife stays home for kids - no maid. That's a choice. However, if h n w commit to a condo/landed, both must work then need a helper? Or alternatively there is after school care - still no maid. That's a choice, no? If parents want to provide music art tuition etc etc and both need to work? That is a choice.

Andrew Goh -- There might be choices for some of us who can afford. But for others , getting a maid might be the most cost effective solution considering both financial and family situations (I.e. Both h & w are required to work to make ends meet, big family with v young kids and old folks that requires attn).. of cos there are choices of not getting married, having kids and taking care of aged folks

Patrick Un -- Andrew Goh , if the DH is bad few items we need to look into : 
1. The DH already possessed bad character . 
2. The host treated her badly ( in many ways ) n she return them the same treatment to the more vulnerable one . 
3. Fyi my mom always remind us we are lucky we born in Sg if we r born elsewhere we could be DH 劳工 。 
That is my 2 cents opinion . 
4. Karma work in the most amazing way to creep into your daily life .

Nura Mohd Noor -- Sorry to say... This kind of things happen when we as a mother forget our duty as a mother in giving the children lesson that they should. We can't just let the helper handle everything eventhough they are paid to do so. Always remember that they are helper. Their job is to help us when we are not around but once we are back home, we got to switch to Mother's hat. Till today my kids still co sleeping with me and will never let them sleep with my helper. They are just here to help like i said earlier. They are not working 24/7 yeah.

Harcharan Kaur -- Did I read this right? There's a boy as well. So 4 young children in the household being looked after by 1 maid? Did she have to do other chores as well? The ratio is troubling. I'm not defending the maid's deplorable actions by any means. Hopefully all parties learn their lessons from this domestic disequilibrium.

Eva Mae Milan Jamelarin -- My sentiments for the parents,coz these case of maltreatment from a caregiver happened to their children..im also FDW and I look after a 16 months old toddler since he was born,and the baby sleeps with me,and cared him just how I cared my own children,..For me if u have any problem with your employer's children,tell your employers as we don't have right to hit those children.

Susan Yeo -- Parents should interact with their children after work n check for any injuries on their bodies before its too late to discover the harm done.

Yilan Nelson -- What she did was abhorrent. 30 months' sentence, and back dated, is grossly inadequate as a deterrent. 
I hope our justice system will send a much stronger message to deter future offences. Our young and elderly are valued members of society too, yet oftentimes unable to speak for themselves when such abuses occur. If we don't protect them, who will?

Peter Tan -- Any person overworked will suffer from stress eventually.Looking after one kid on top of house chores are stressful enough do not think taking care of three kids is chicken feet.This could be the cause of the maid letting out her frustration,stress on the kids if they are annoying.There is a reason/s as to why she does that.It would not be fair to say maids are devils,employers are saints or vice versa there will always be the good and the bad on both sides.

Muhammad Iskandar Deduyo -- Worst case punishment is to deport her back where she came from and band from entering Singapore anymore together with known relatives and surname..Letting her stay in jail in Sgp gets free board and lodging and at the expense of taxpayers money...

May Brathwaite -- So much child abuse by foreign maids in the media and yet family still employed them. It is so sad children are the receiving end of the abuse and psychological damage has been done to carry them to their adult life.

Ahmad Sumarli -- If stress is a valid reason for this, then we should all shoot rubber bands at our employers' childrens' private parts. 
Can we? Or shall we?

Riah Ris -- I used to have a helper when my children were abt 2yrs old and 6mths old. But i had my mom to oversee and do the cooking. When i came back from work, taking care of my kids were mainly my duty, with the help of my husband if he was around.
Sleep time was NEVER with the maid.
Because i realised i needed to bond with my children when i was around. 
Meaning maid's duty with the kids was off til i left for work the next morning.

Nishani Begum -- I don't care who's responsibility it is for the kids. The crux of the matter is that the innocent kids paid a price for the act. They are just kids... have a heart!

Karen Ang -- My neighbour helper took out her frustrations on my son rather than her employer's kids. Despite 2 witnesses, police & agc let her wall free. no justice for my son

Prisci Sha -- Too much leeway has been given to maids by both our government and parents. It's so difficult to place the kids in a childcare centre. Waiting list. Quota. This that. So many things. Class full. No intake. No space. Income not there. So many excuses. We have to rely on maids to look after them. Some are really good. Whereas some are from hell or where also don't know. Then when we turn to baby sitters, some are really good. Some like the idiot that got arrested. Freaking cannot live nor die here sia

Jannah Joymhai -- And to all helpers, you are here to work not to get jail. Your employers entrusted their kids to you so you must do your job. If you have problem you have to tell them... Hurting a vulnerable kid will not solve anything. Love these kids as your own. If you are not happy with your work then communicate with your employer.. If you are mistreated you have the option of changing employer or report them to MOM.

Sherah Agustines Ogatis -- Sad to read this.for me f u have problem to the children u take care ur better till the parents..u don't have the rights to harm your employer kids.
Shame on your fellow maids.

Jannah Joymhai -- Big mistakes here. As parents you must know what happens to your kids while you're not around... Yes you are working whole day but it wont take an hour to ask your kids what is happening while you are not around. Not only the mother but also the father must know things about their children. And as an employer you must do your responsibility to your helper

DT Sonia -- Bedwetting can be solved by using diaper at bedtime till the child is ready. Sigh

Maria Lee -- Wonder how MOM is protecting us ... and to think we pay fees to them.. ha!

AD Lee -- I hope when she's in prison, the other prisoners will do the same to her.

Peggie Lee -- Should put her in jail and have them treat her with the same abuse🙏🙏🙏

Tilia Teo -- Sicko maid.Don't come and work if u cannot stand the stress.Don't go around hurting people's kids.Does that mean that if I am stress at work I can hurt my boss??

Ann Sim Sim -- When she's in jail,she will have her private part tortured by the inmates too.

Jasmine P'ng Siok Lee -- There is no test for maids seeking employment in Singapore to determine if they are mentally sound. Time to enact new laws on screening of foreign maids.

Brenden Allan --  Same treatment on the maid? No amount of fines or jail time will undo the hurt caused to the three kids

Singlish Boleh -- maid at home = time bomb at home.... bomb could be the maid, could be you.

Five maids working in Singapore radicalised, Straits Times, 19 Dec 2016
In the past two years, five maids working in Singapore were radicalised, although they "did not pose an imminent security threat" at the time, said the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

The maids were among some 70 foreigners investigated during that period, and had been radicalised through social media. Some of the foreigners were later deported after the authorities in their home countries were informed of their cases.

The statement yesterday came after Indonesia's anti-terror police commandos rounded up four women in the past week on suspicion of terrorism. Among them was Dian Yulia Novi, 27. She had worked in Singapore between 2008 and 2009, said an MHA spokesman.

Dian had allegedly been planning to mount a suicide bomb attack on the presidential palace in Jakarta. In a television interview broadcast last Tuesday, she said she was first exposed to radical Islam through Facebook by opening profiles of extremists while working as a maid abroad.

She worked for a family with three children here, and as a maid for three years in Taiwan.  Dian Yulia Novi, who allegedly planned to attack Jakarta's presidential palace, said she was first exposed to radical Islam through Facebook while working as a maid overseas.

Screen grab from a TVOne interview with Dian Yuli Novi, one of two women held over a suicide-bomb plot to strike the Jakarta presidential palace with a high-grade bomb. The woman said she had worked in Singapore for 11/2 years and was "active" on Fac.  Dian Yulia Novi (in a TV interview, above) says she is self-radicalised but observers say her husband influenced her to be a suicide bomber.  But Dian did not show signs of being radicalised during her time in Singapore, said the MHA spokesman, who added: "Our security agencies are in contact with their counterparts regarding her case."

Most of the 70 foreigners investigated in the past two years "were radicalised through their exposure to radical propaganda on social media", said MHA. Some then radicalised others using radical propaganda from online sources.

The Straits Times understands that the five maids were among those radicalised via social media.  While they did not plan to carry out acts of violence in Singapore at the time they were investigated, their presence posed a security concern for Singapore, MHA said.

Dian was a member of a cell based in Solo, Central Java. She had hidden a "rice cooker" bomb in her room, where she was arrested on Dec 10.  The arrests of Dian and three other women mark a shift in strategy, with Indonesian militants recruiting women instead of men to mount attacks, national police chief Tito Karnavian has said.

Maids from Indonesia said they were worried about being typecast after the news.  "It affects us too because people will think other Indonesians will end up the same way," said Ms Sri Hartatik, 35, who has worked here for 11 years. "It is common for Muslims, including domestic workers here, to read about religion on social media," she said. But not everyone does so, she added, and neither does she.

Mr Gary Chin, chief executive of maid agency Nation Employment, said that employers should watch out for sudden changes in their helpers' behaviour, show them concern and take an interest in who their friends are.  "If they sense anything amiss, they should inform the agency as well, so that we can arrange for counsellors or family members to speak to the domestic helper."

Dr Rohan Gunaratna, head of the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research, noted that militant group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is investing heavily in recruiting in cyber space.

While Singapore has secured its physical space, it "now needs to better protect its citizens and residents, including the labour population, from cyber radicalisation".

Bloomberg executive acquitted of molesting Filipino maid, Straits Times, 9 Dec 2016
A senior executive with Bloomberg was acquitted on Friday (Dec 9) of molesting his former Filipino maid after an 11-day trial.  Indian national Nitin Jaiswal, 44, had claimed trial to using criminal force on his 43-year-old domestic worker by kissing her on the lips and touching her breast at his Tanjong Rhu Road condominium at about 8am on Feb 18, 2015.

District Judge Salina Ishak found inconsistencies andgaps in both the prosecution and defence case. Ultimately, in a criminal case, she said the burden is always on the prosecution to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.  She said she did not find the alleged victim's evidence to be "unusually convincing" in view of the internal as well as external inconsistencies in her testimony.

She agreed with the defence that material aspects of the prosecution's case were contradicted by what the maid had told others.  She said while she was not fully convinced that Mr Jaiswal was wholly truthful and that his case should be preferred over that of the prosecution's, what mattered was that ample doubt, which had crossed the threshold of "reasonable doubt", had been raised.

In clearing Mr Jaiswal, she said she was not satisfied that the prosecution had proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt in respect of each and every element of the charge.  The court heard that Mr Jaiswal returned to Singapore from Mumbai, India, early that day and was flying off to Melbourne, Australia, the same day to join his wife and two children.  He took a taxi home. The maid, who had been working for the family for three years, was alone. She served him tea in the living room.

The maid alleged that Mr Jaiswal molested her after she had given him a massage. She told a neighbour about the incident before the family's return from Australia. She also told Mr Jaiswal's wife one day after the family returned home on Feb 24 that year.  The maid left the apartment three days later with her passport and work permit while the family was not at home. She lodged a police report on Feb 28, stating that she had been molested.

The defence case was that the maid had made false allegations against Mr Jaiswal as money was her motivation.  She had been given her advance salary of $1,100 before the family left for Australia. The defence asserted that she had planned to extract more money from him with this allegation.  (Winter:  the ordeal can't be measured.  When an employer is framed by FDW, maid is not punished nor asked to pay the court proceeds!)

After the acquittal, Mr Jaiswal's lawyer Christopher de Souza told reporters that his client, his wife and family were fully vindicated.  "The company has stood by him, and he is very grateful. We are obviously grateful to the honourable court," he said.

Indonesian Maid who punched employer's son jailed 4 months only, Straits Times, 1 Dec 2016
After her employer scolded her, an Indonesian domestic worker punched the woman's two-year-old son.  She punched his head three times and hit it once with a wooden toilet brush.

Yesterday, Ayunda Lestari Dayuki, 24, was jailed for four months after admitting to ill-treating the child at a Bukit Batok flat by wilfully doing an act which caused unnecessary injury.

A district court heard that Ayunda started working for the family in September last year, helping with household chores and also taking care of the victim and two other children.  On Sept 21, her 36-year-old employer checked the closed-circuit television footage of the flat when she was at work. She caught Ayunda sleeping in the living room when she was supposed to be taking care of the boy. She then called the helper and scolded her .

The next day, her husband discovered a reddish mark and swelling on the back of the boy's head.  Investigations showed that on Sept 22, Ayunda hit the boy when he refused to bathe and started to cry. She punched the back of his head three times and used a toilet brush to hit it too.

A doctor's examination found a swelling on the back of his head.  Deputy Public Prosecutor Kumaresan Gohulabalan said the victim was hit on a vulnerable part of his body. He said the offence was not easy to detect as Ayunda had committed it outside the view of the closed-circuit television camera. He asked for a sentence of at least three months' jail to be imposed.

When Ayunda urged District Judge Salina Ishak to impose a light sentence, the judge asked: "You are not even remorseful for what you have done?''  Ayunda replied through an Indonesian interpreter that she was remorseful for her "silly acts''.

Her sentence was backdated to Sept 26. She could have been fined up to $4,000 and/or jailed for up to four years.

Facebook comments:
Joan Jett -- Im a helper here in sg and i too get scolding sometimes but i never vent it to the kids... to those helpers out there learn to love the kids as your own cause if you do, you'll think million times to raise a hand on them everytime things dont work out right.

Always think of the consequences of your action.

Niez Aniezz -- I'm also helper already work for about 11year n never hit the kids b4
I think she have some problem 
Better don't work la n take care you own kids

Vivian Liew -- I've gotten told off by my boss before, but I don't take it out on their kid... wth would you do that the kid had nothing to do with it, and you wouldn't exactly be helping your bloody case either.

Thidar Tun -- Try not to harm to other while you anger , and do the best you can for your master as well, whatever u do , do it with your heart . In this journey not every road is smooth as u expect !

Bommayi Bomma -- If you are a helper the employer got no right to correct ur mistakes?We also get scolded by our employers.We don't go around harming others. Instead of working you want to sleep.What you call by silly acts?Rubbish just want to escape your sentence.Should cane you n teach a lesson for torturing the child.Hang you better.

Alison Yuen -- Pls jail her for 2 years and fined her $2000. This is to set an example to all the maids not to raise hands on the young n old.

Cindy Ho -- Nowadays maids want to be treated like part of the family, share your lobster n abalone n holiday abroad sharing the same room too with the couple.

Tua Bah Tan -- So my boss scold me i can go and damage his car beat up his kid? Workplace kena scolded very common.

Ashraf Ali -- 4 months too short should be 4 years reason beating up a defenceless toddler...

Melissa Lee -- Reveal the maid's face, bar her from ever entering sg to work.
So as to prevent any other employers from engaging her again.

Mango Philip -- Should jail longer without back date and cane. so what a Indo maid. Then others will be afraid esp Pinoy

William Lee C C -- If you are not wrong and why shld the employer scold you ? I do have a maid b4 and she joke with us too and take care my kids when we went to work ??

Mac Taghoier -- more and more cases of child abuse with light sentences, pathetic

Aider Berg -- 4 mths jail only?! Something is wrong with Singapore law.

Sin Jacquelyn -- Wah! Stay at home don't work lah... which job will not get scolding?!

Patrick Lim -- Standard reply from maids after abusing the elderly or kids. Feel remorseful... Aya

Felicia Chew -- Noticed the ratio of ill treating children by helpers of that particular national is higher then others. They r more wicked?

Dave Halverson -- The kids are the innocents here.go put a hole in a wall or whatever just don't take it out on babies.i hope she gets jail time and deported.

Emily Tan -- Wait.. She needs to take care of the 3 kids alone, one of whom only 2 yo n supposedly pretty active toddler plus housework and probably cooking while her 2 employers are at work. Why don't the employer try that out herself for 1 week and see if she falls asleep in the afternoon... Duh! She didn't rethink the possible reasons for her domestic helper "dozing off" before scolding her... Duh!!! 
I always help out my helper with my 3 young kids..i can scold, spank and punish my kids if they misbehave... But even that i too feel tired, let alone 1 helper alone w 3 kids plus housework. Faint!

Agnes Tan Suan Ping -- Go home. Don't come to Sg again. Sit in the padi fields.

Zie Mohd -- Too light of a sentence. Shld give her 1 yr

Kumar Perumal -- Helpers are very dangerous and unpredictable

Cindy Ho -- The maids would use MOM to threaten you esp the pinoy ones. After eating your food they would say I cannot wash dishes for your mom in law, it's against the MOM law to work for another family. My daughter in law is terrified of her maid of abusing her 4 yrs old son, that's why always give in to her, even help her to pay her debts from their own money lender. Maids are smart now they can operate their own money lending business. There are many ways the vindictive ones vent their displeasure like adding foreign items to your food n using the wrong brush for the toilet bowl. Many countries have no maids. Singaporeans are not train to do housework from young hence require maid. Mobilize family members to share the load which can lighten the burden of household chores n child caring.

Trevi Ng -- It is best to expect t the least from maids these days. Some months ago, when we were interviewing maids to hire them, a couple of them actually told us that they choose to work in Singapore because they can change employers anytime and do not have to pay for an air ticket if they wish to go home. Singapore has become a place for them not just to work, but a do-as-they-please playground. They know they will be very much protected anyway and can change employers as and when they feel like it. Just check the bio data in maid agencies and one will realise that many do not finish their contracts. Reasons stated can range from homesickness, family problems etc. One maid we interviewed wanted to change employer because she was asked to wash her hands often. Those who suffer will be young children and very sick elderly who are unable to articulate the miseries inflicted on them by maids.

Karen Ang -- My new neighbour's helper, took her stress not at her employer's kids, instead, hurt my son intentionally. After making reports with the police, mom. That mentally unstable person is still working & living 3 flrs abv. She denied hurting my son, lied that she was the one that got injured, 100% not remorseful. Guess what? My neighbour believed her helper, even though i hav 2 other witnesses of the abuse

Thidar Tun -- No matter what kind of job we chose to work for us to make living , whatever u do , do it with your heart coz the time is so precious to everyone as well. I am here as the same with u coz I have been working as helper coming 10 years just one and only for my employer . Let me share with u today with my true experience how I have been through in those years with my previous employer before today , there are so many things we see different ways between me n my employer and I had really a hard time with them, for 6 + 1/2 years . But no matter how I had a hard time I never complain for how they treat me coz I know that complaining is doesn't give me a solution for those problem that I have with them, so with Faith ! I pray Everyday and talk to god as like he is only who can listen to me and whom I can have conversations with . And absolutely he heard my conversations with him , he answer me and give me solutions for me to move on as well, so to day I still working for her's mum in law and now it is time for me to leave . This is the life of journey that we are walking and moving forward to a new day! Because it is a gift from god as well ,

Indonesian maid jailed 21 months for forging employer's cheques totalling $108k, Straits Times, 31 Oct 2016
An Indonesian domestic worker who forged her employer's signature on 42 cheques totalling $108,315 was jailed for 21 months on Monday (Oct 31).  Ai Teti, 37, pleaded guilty to 10 charges of forgery. Another 33 charges, including theft of a commemorative gold proof coin, were taken into consideration during sentencing.

A district court heard that Ai Teti had worked for her employer, Madam Yong Fong Peng, 68, for 13 years.  Investigations showed that sometime in May 2015, she stole a United Overseas Bank cheque book from her employer's bedroom. She then began to issue cheques to herself.

She would insert her name into the payee column of the cheque, fill in the amount to be paid, and forge a signature purportedly belonging to Madam Yong, one of the authorised signatories. The other was her husband.  She had referred to previous receipts and cheques that Madam Yong had signed to more accurately copy the latter's signature on the forged cheques.  

She encashed the forged cheques. No restitution has been made.  She spent the money on gambling and has also remitted some back to Indonesia.  Her offences came to light only after Madam Yong received her UOB statement on Nov 24 the same year. She noticed that there had been suspicious withdrawals over the past few months and lodged a police report the next day.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Stephanie Chew Xizhi, who sought a sentence of 18 to 20 months' jail, said Ai Teti had abused the trust of her employer. She said the offences were pre-meditated; there was a significant loss of more than $100,000; and the accused should not be categorised as a first-time offender.

Pleading for leniency, Ai Teti promised not to commit any offence in future, and said she wished to go home as soon as possible.  Her sentence was backdated to Oct 7.  She could have been jailed for up to 15 years and fined for each count of forgery.  (Winter:  Many know Sg won't jail any FDW that long and also impose fine on her because she's born poor, a well-branded "vulnerable-foreigner",  has plenty of activists and free service/support lining up behind her when FDW is facing legal issues.  What happened to the stolen money ... once $$ "swallowed" considered digested?  Sacrifice 21 months' freedom but entitled to free food and lodging (jail) +S$108k richer, good deal! I am sure many FDWs don't mind this kind of get rich route and probably will start working on it.  Spore is sending wrong message to FDWs - doing something wrong but won't be severely punished.  Employers get severely dealt with but not FDWs.  Fair?)

Facebook comments:
Ve-ann Lomibao -- I'm a filipina maid ,working here in s'pore for 14 years and never take any single cents.sometimes i saw some $$$ in their pocket but i return it ...

Michelle Tan -- As far as possible, everyone should be honest. Work hard and there shall be rewards in some way which ourselves are unware. That is God's blessing.

Steve Lim -- Her boss must either be a business lady or really wealthy of not knowing her account have dwindle down.
For those who have a cheque book, if you got an extra book, lock them up not in the drawer. If you have cheque book but wouldn't be using, shred them off instead of leaving them for souvenir.
You do not need a shredder machine, just cut them in half or so will be fine as the cheque will be damaged and can't be use.

Cassandra Tan -- Some pp will really trust when especially the maid work for over 10 years they treat them as part of Family loh...

Richard Chiu -- Treat them like family for what?  I will never do that. Just treat her like any other worker.

Eadric Ng -- Richard Chiu really meh. For eg. if you have a stranger living in the same house as you, probably cooking your meals, taking care of your kids/elderly parents when you can't, then maybe it's a bit risky to just 'treat her like a worker' right?

Lai Yin Lee -- Ungrateful maid. Hired her for 13 years but stole $108K....she really ”发”。 Employers please be aware that your maids may look honest and hardworking in your presence but the opposite behind your back. Of course not all maids are like that, just don't be fooled.

Amir Hks -- At the first place, why all the important documents are lying around without safe keeping?? Well the monkey see what the other monkey do, so this monkey do la. Let it be a lesson to the victim.

Diyana DaniyaDahlia -- Wow this ungrateful employee had the cheek to take more than $108k within a year. 
And the employer took a year to realise that so much money was missing. Too rich..
If a suspicious withdrawal of $100 was made from my account, I would detect it asap. 

Mohammad Irfan -- 108k , no joke boss.. That's a life saving people get in CPF. What a daring maid. I hope you get a term which will set example for others. You didn't steal for like someone was dying in your family. You steal for adventure. Maids like you never realise the effort your boss has put to add up those sums. Now get a ride in jail. You deserve that without sympathy..

Sylvia Garnaldin -- Not all maid do that. Even some employers get good maid they to bad. NVR give them good slary. 
I'm Indonesian to. Been 10 years living. Here. But my slary its enough for me. 
So what for stolen

Thaintina Ae -- Some emplyers have bad ...some maid also got bad ...so its a life .....i have experience working for 10 yrs in sg and i have change more thn 15 emplyrs...so i know well

Clifford Chan -- To the ignorant owner, firstly always check yr balance statement which bank sent u end of month. It's cos u r ignorant tas why maid enrich herself. Blame it on yrself

Namaq Tiah Rizalya -- No need to said trust to maid maybe with the friendship or relative also can't trust people never know how they are think better keep U thing important In U life not to loss
Like · Reply · 3 · 13 hrs

Wang John Eddie -- $108.000 for 21 month , wah i work 2 yrs still cant get this amount.

Rosamay Lanceta -- Maids are not they same feathers...so dont judge all by one mistake..i better spend the amount i work hard than easy money...

Seo Pu Seo Kan -- That's the beauty of being known as Domestic Helpers, rather than maid. Helping the employers to spend.

Rohmie Sangat -- I have friend employer send her home she work here 1year n 6 month
Then employer take her money $800 they say to pay air ticket then also other friend both off them Indonesia she also employer send her home cos she asking transfer... So she buy air ticket on self+ employer never give one month salary. Employer say she not good working....

May Ong -- If lady inmates can be sentence with caning, please serve it to her for being so brazen and to send a Strong message to all foreign domestic helpers not to be greedy!
But the boss is also to be blame as never check own finance record sigh..

Amelia Jane -- Been working in spore for quite sometimes already... Never cross in my mind to steal money from my employer, i always make sure that those things that i bought from supermarket have receipt to show it to them. Money from their pockets i always return. We are poor backhome but my mom always telling us that dont take things that doesnt belong to you. Dignity is more important... As i always say i came here to earn a living not to make trouble otherwise not only i will suffer for the consequence if i make somethinng like this and also my family.

Richard Chiu -- Work don't do properly and make an honest living. Do this kind of nonsense. If she so desperate for money and find that her pay too little then don't be maid better, go stand at geylang!

Cassandra Tan -- They must be treated her as part of Family, cos already work for more then 10years but maid is maid , even maid No off days & can get 

Tong Yuen Kuan -- "She spent the money on gambling..."
Non muslim?  "...and said she wished to go home as soon as possible"
Of course, she wants to go back to enjoy her loot as soon as possible.

Derrick Jason De Costa -- For a sentence that is carried forward after remission deductions, it is too low.  For other elderly folks, a loss of over $100k could very well make them homeless.
What is wrong with the system?

Peter Tan -- One need to be extra careful when there is a stranger around the house a maid or whoever does not matter,when it comes to greed for $$$ anyone cannot be trusted fully.

Fizzy Enzo Lumpkins -- Lol. Clever. 21 mths imprisonment after all the deducion at most serve 18mths. Money already remitted. 18 mths for 108k which is considered alot to them. Totally worth it lol.

Nihao Tan -- $108k / 21 mths = $5k estimate; not enough to deter stealing...a sentence too "short" !

Lai Yin Lee -- 'pleading for leniency, Ai Teti promised not to commit any offence in future, and said she wished to go home as soon as possible'...what a joke!!! this is the kind of appreciation the employer received for employing her for 13 years.

Rea Antoneth -- Let her to serve you as your maid for 16 yrs without salary till she can paid up everything.

Paul Antony Fernandez--  Gambling means obviously her boyfriend also a foreign worker and both lost all the money gambling at RWS or MBS as foreign workers free entry no need to pay levy unlike Singaporeans

Yeoh Henry -- Seems law review needed as punishment is inadequate to serve as deterrent.

Jay Pan -- So smart. She know how to forge signature, and the bank accept!

Maid gets two months' jail for hitting baby, Straits Times, 27 Oct 2016
A Filipino maid vented her frustrations from her personal life on her employer's youngest child, a baby boy, by hitting his face and feet.  The offence came to light when the 38-year-old domestic worker's employer viewed the live feeds of closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage on her mobile phone, wanting to see if her baby was awake.

The employer, a 39-year-old housewife with four children, saw the accused being violent to her baby on April 25. She made a police report five days later.
Yesterday, the accused was jailed for two months after pleading guilty to slapping the four-month- old once, using her index finger to push his face forcefully, slapping the soles of his feet and pushing him against the sofa, and shoving a towel in front of his mouth.  She cannot be named, so as to protect the identity of the victim.  (Winter: cannot be named or maid's photo posted to show the public, ie not receiving same harsh treatment as bad Spore employers, is one way of protecting the FDW from shame and accusations.  2- 3 months jail sentence is way too light for FDWs compared to Employers' public condemning, punishment and hefty fine$.  Anybody with eyes know this CANNOT deter other FDWs from hurting the vulnerables/young.  Sg law is so lenient to FDWs!  Do you feel sad to be an unprotected Singaporean (foreigners are gems)?)

Investigations showed the employer had left her baby in the accused's care at home while she took her daughter to a tuition class. The baby was asleep when they left.  While still out, the employer decided to view the live feeds on her mobile phone and witnessed her son being abused.

The accused admitted to subjecting the victim to physical abuse because she was taking out her frustrations on him.  Deputy Public Prosecutor Samuel Koh, who sought a jail sentence of two to three months, said she had abused the trust placed on her as a caregiver. She had vented her frustrations at the victim by ill-treating him even though the baby's parents, for whom she had worked for three years, had treated her very well.

DPP Koh said the accused had hit the defenceless baby on the vulnerable parts of his body, carrying out a series of distinct acts in quick succession.  Pleading for leniency, the maid said she is deeply remorseful and sought forgiveness from the court and her former employers.

"I committed this offence as I was under a lot of stress during that time due to some marital problem that I had with my husband," said the mother of four.

District Judge Low Wee Ping said a deterrent sentence is necessary to protect the very young and the elderly from abuse by caregivers.  The maximum penalty for the offence is a $4,000 fine and four years' jail.

Facebook comments:
Cynthia Tan -- Wth! Stress no stress, nobody should be your victim of abuse! No excuse! Thank god no serious injuries but still how can you abuse a defenceless 4mth old baby?? 

Ali Imran -- 2 months jailed for this offence is a very light.
When one time i was desperate ,I stole baby milk powders, pampers and biscuits for my baby i was jailed almost 3 months.

Cynthia Tan -- Ali Imran - yes 2mths is too light and for your case 3mths is too harsh... you didn't hurt anyone, you were in need...

Keong Ng -- the maid where got scare like this.. more to come.. the most 2 months they wil think that

Trevi Ng -- Thanks to maids' groups and many maid worshippers, these days maids are groomed to think they can do no wrong, and that even if they do, many will stand up for them. Whenever maids abuse someone, be it a dying elderly or young infants , there will be maid heroes to conjure excuses and baseless assumptions that they are worked 24/7, scolded constantly, that maids are not suited for elderly care blah blah blah....Sympathies are never for the abused victims but for the abuser, the maid. Strange country we live in! So in this case of infant abuse, I will not be surprised if some big shot from some maid groups will come in to say that maids are not suitable for childcare/infant care etc.. I really wonder what maids are suited for then .

Calan Wcc -- Deal with your husband if you have problems with him & not to vent your anger on an innocent child. Put your own child in that position & you will know how it hurts. You ought to be appropriately dealt with .

Nina Hilmi -- I wonder if we hit the maid,what will be our sentence like?2 mths??no??

Sangha Vandana -- Maid agencies should warn the new maids it is now common for employers to install cctv. They are forewarned.

Yeow H Tan -- So...vent anger on a helpless baby because of personal problem..? Who doesnt have personal problem ? Vent it out in other ways but surely not on humans or animals.

Chai Kath -- Let her serve Jail in the Philippines - why waste our tax payers monies? She can go pros herself to the drug dealers in the Philippines prison

Chai Kath -- She cannot be named to protect the baby???? This is not sexual abuse ... Protect her or protect baby???

Lina Chen -- Personal problem or no personal problem, cctv or no cctv, should not even lay a finger on poor baby.

Jailed for assaulting employer's mum, Straits Times, 6 Sep 2016
 A foreign domestic worker who assaulted a sickly 96-year-old woman repeatedly was jailed for 10 months yesterday.  She told police she did it out of frustration; victim was an invalid and bedridden

Indonesian Murni Panengsih, 25, admitted to five of 15 charges of causing hurt to her employer's mother, who is bedridden, has diabetes and shows signs of dementia.  Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Dora Tay said the victim's daughter confronted the maid in September last year after viewing closed-circuit television footage showing the maid hitting her mother in their home in the Lavender area.  She lodged a police report on Sept 18.

The maid, who had worked for the family since December 2013, was reprimanded once in July 2014 for hitting the victim's head.  The victim's daughter had noticed some bruises on her mother before September, and the victim mentioned "somebody was trying to kill her".  But she thought her mother might have imagined things as the maid had been doing a good job of looking after the victim. She also thought the maid liked the victim.

The maid told police that she had been abusing the victim since May 2014 to vent her frustration.  "The accused was never ill-treated or threatened by the victim or her employers during her employment,'' said DPP Tay.  On Aug 15 last year, the maid was giving the victim water when she used the water bottle to hit her lips. She held the victim's head to keep her from moving. When the victim tried to touch her injured lips, the maid flicked her hands away.

Two days later, while feeding the victim, the maid suddenly grabbed her ears and head, throwing her head onto the pillow a few times. She also struck her in the face a few times.  On Sept 17, she hit the victim's head repeatedly with her elbow. A minute later, she shook the victim's head and pulled her forcefully by the head.

The maid's lawyer Diana Ngiam, who was assigned by Criminal Legal Aid Scheme, said psychiatrist John Bosco Lee, who assessed the maid for free, had diagnosed her with adjustment disorder and stated that her mental illness contributed significantly to her offences.  She said Murni, who has a child, had a very difficult job of caring for an elderly patient with many problems.  But she said that was no excuse for her to have acted the way she did. The maid also wrote a letter expressing her regret and sought forgiveness for her mistakes.

District Judge Low Wee Ping said what was most disconcerting in the case was the victim's advanced age.  Such elderly victims, he said, are unable to comprehend or articulate their distress when domestic workers inflict harm on them.

The maid could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined up to $5,000 per charge.
Click video

Winter: jailed 2 years isn't a severe punishment.  Our laws/govt is simply over protecting FDWs Maid gets 2 years' jail for abusing 93-year-old, 14 Jul 2016, Straits Times
A maid, who slapped, kicked and shoved a 93-year-old woman she was meant to be caring for, was jailed for two years yesterday.  Sulikah, 27, an Indonesian who goes by one name, pleaded guilty last month to 10 of 29 charges of causing hurt to Madam Ng Yian Yeo, who suffers from advanced dementia, between Jan 17 and Feb 10 this year.

Sulikah began working for Madam Ng in February 2014 and they lived together at the latter's Ang Mo Kio flat. She admitted that she began physically abusing the victim sometime early last year, often out of frustration.  She also said she was previously told off by Madam Ng's children for treating their mother roughly.

On Jan 17, after Madam Ng had changed into a fresh nappy, Sulikah grabbed her by the hair and yanked her up to a sitting position on the bed. She then hit the woman's head several times, lifted her off the bed and dropped her roughly on a chair beside the bed. She then proceeded to change the sheets during which she shoved Madam Ng's head.

On Jan 29, Sulikah was trying to get Madam Ng onto a rolling shower chair when she grabbed her hair and pulled her up to a sitting position, kicked her legs before lifting her and dropping her roughly on the chair. She then slapped her. On Feb 4, when the helper saw that Madam Ng's leg was not on the footrest of the chair, she kicked her legs repeatedly and hit her on the head.

Three days later, when Madam Ng touched the domestic helper's hand and later gestured with her left palm, Sulikah responded by shoving her face and grabbing the back of her neck,before pushing her backwards into the chair .

Deputy Public Prosecutor Kong Kuek Foo said Madam Ng's two daughters had spotted bruises on her left eye and hand when visiting her on Feb 10. They also reviewed footage from the closed-circuit television camera installed in the living room and found several occasions of physical abuse. Their brother lodged a police report the next day.

District Judge Jasvender Kaur said: "The repeated acts of abuse were something of a pattern which shows a contemptible and callous disregard for the welfare of the victim."  Sulikah could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined up to $5,000 on each charge of causing hurt.

女佣不甘没休息日, 24天29次虐打失智老妇联合晚报, 30 Jun 2016


93岁受害阿嫲黄燕姚不仅行动不便,还患有失智症,无法清楚记得刚发生的事,日常生活都需要人照顾。 更详细报道,可翻阅《联合晚报》

27 years old Indonesian maid had been found guilty of abusing a 93 years old immobile elderly and suffering dementia.  Maid cannot stand the hard work and no off days, thus, decided to vent her displeasure on the vulnerable old lady.

"从没见过这么多钱"   11 Jun 2016




India FDW stole $14,000 worth of valuables and cash.  She found a key to the drawer and took her loot out by batches.  Jailed 7 months.

女佣不满被雇主岳母骂, 牛奶掺尿喂小主人9 Jun 2016

这起气闻发生在去年10月16日中午12点,地点在旧机场路附近的松弄(Pine Close)第5座组屋的单位。




New Paper, 10 Jun 2016
The maid was unhappy that her employer's mother-in-law had scolded her.  She decided to get back at the family - by feeding their four-year-old a bottle of milk mixed with her urine.  She also mixed her urine into a flask of water that the family later drank from.

Her employer thought the water tasted odd and grew more suspicious after noticing her taking the flask out of a bedroom and washing it.  He took the maid back to the agency, where she eventually confessed to her deeds.  She told the authorities that she did so as she wanted the family to listen and be obedient to her.

On Monday, the maid, Ela, 27, an Indonesian who goes by only one name, was jailed six weeks for mischief.  Court papers said Ela started working for her employer, his wife, and two children, aged four and eight, in September last year.  We are not naming them due to a gag order to protect the children's identities.

Sometime in October, Ela was scolded by her employer's mother-in-law.  On Oct 16, she urinated into a small plastic cup and added the urine into a bottle containing milk.  She fed her employer's younger child the tainted milk.  Court papers said Ela also mixed the urine with some drinking water in a flask.

That day, her employer's wife returned home and poured some water from the flask to drink.  She took a sip of the water, which appeared to be slightly yellow.  She showed it to her husband, who took a sip and found that it tasted odd.  The employer decided to keep the flask in his bedroom to observe the water the next day.  He found that the contents of the flask smelled pungent the next day.  But when asked if anything had happened to the water, Ela said no.

On Oct 18, the employer found her washing the flask that she had taken from his bedroom and he made a police report.  It is not the first time that maids have been convicted of tainting food or drinks.

In May 2012, a 24-year-old Indonesian maid was jailed a month for tainting her employer's coffee with her menstrual discharge because she believed that he would be nice to her after consuming the drink.

Last April, another Indonesian maid was jailed three years for adding eucalyptus oil into packs of stored breast milk that were meant for her employer's two-month-old son.  She did so as she wanted to be scolded and sent back home.

The court at the time heard that the Health Sciences Authority advises against feeding children eucalyptus oil as it contains terpineol, which has been known to cause fatalities.

Guilty As Charged: Filipino maid Guen Garlejo Aguilar strangled best friend over $2,000, Straits Times, 17 May 2016
They were the best of friends, until a dispute over money led to one maid killing another, then gruesomely dismembering the body and disposing it in separate bags

This story was first published in July 2015 in an e-book titled Guilty As Charged: 25 Crimes That Have Shaken Singapore Since 1965. A collaboration between The Straits Times and the Singapore Police Force, the e-book appeared in The Straits Times Star E-books app. 

They were the best of friends, until a dispute over money led to one maid killing another, then gruesomely disposing the body in separate bags   It was on 1.45pm on Friday, Sept 9, 2005, that 41-year-cleaner Maria Yee Marutham found a blue and red oblong sports bag lying at a corner of the mosaic wall near the Orchard MRT station exit. When she unzipped it, she saw a woman’s face. 

It was part of a severed head which had been put into a red plastic bag. There were also two other black trash bags.   They contained arms, which had been severed above the elbow, and legs.  The trolley bag found near MacRitchie Reservoir. It contained the victim’s torso, which was dressed only in undergarments. PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER FILE
At 6.10pm, it was civil servant Alvin Lim Seng Leong’s turn to make a grisly find. He was walking to a bus stop on Lornie Road, when he cut in front of the MacRitchie Reservoir canteen and found a black trolley bag. The police were called.

In the bag was the rest of the dead woman’s body.  In the space of 12 hours, police had a suspect in custody — 29-year-old Filipino maid Guen Garlejo Aguilar. Married with two young sons, she was arrested at her employer’s eighth-floor apartment at the SunGlade condominium at Serangoon Avenue 2. An 18cm cleaver in a red plastic bag was also taken from the flat, where the murder was believed to have taken place.

The victim was her best friend, who also worked as a maid. Her name was Mrs Jane Parangan La Puebla. She was 26, and also married and a mother of a nine-year-old boy. Police had identified her from the fingerprints lifted from the hands found in the sports bag.

By the next day, Aguilar was charged with murder. The big question was why did she kill a woman who was described as being a “sister” to her. Speculation centered around the possibility of a love triangle.  The pair had often been seen at the popular maid hangout next to Orchard MRT station with a local Indian man. The “tall and handsome” man was seeing Aguilar, but the rumours were that the victim was also vying for his affections.

But the truth was far more simple. The reason for the killing was a dispute over money.  Two days before Mrs La Puebla’s remains were found, she and Aguilar were cooking in the kitchen of the condo where the latter worked. They had been chatting about their problems when she mentioned a $2,000 debt Mrs La Puebla owed her.

Half the money came from a third Filipino, who borrowed it from a Singaporean loanshark and was charging Aguilar an interest of 20 per cent. Mrs La Puebla became agitated and raised her voice when Aguilar suggested that she sell her video and digital cameras to pay off the debt.  Aguilar tried to calm her down, but when she mentioned selling the cameras again, they began to fight. They wrestled, pulling each other’s hair and grabbing each other’s necks. Aguilar also bit her friend on the right forearm.

The struggle spilled into the laundry area and into the bedroom, and left Mrs La Puebla’s blood on the floor, mattress and walls. According to Aguilar, she grabbed a cushion from her bed and used it to smother her friend.

After a few seconds, she removed the pillow and started to cry because she thought her friend was dead. Nevertheless, when Mrs La Puebla started moving again, Aguilar strangled her until she stopped breathing.

For the next two days, unbeknownst to her employers, she hid the body in her room, inside a luggage bag. Then on Sept 9, after her employers went to work, she went to Mustafa Shopping Centre in Little India and bought a chopper, an axe and black rubbish bags. She also bought a pair of canvas gloves and another pair made of latex — to wear while dismembering the body, a bolster, two pillowcases and a bedsheet to replace blood-stained bedlinen, and even green wallpaper matching the one used in her employers’ flat.

When she reached the flat some time after 9.30am, she dismembered the body and placed Mrs La Puebla’s head, arms and legs in separate plastic bags, then wrapped them in rubbish bags. She stuffed the body parts and some newspapers into a travel bag.  The killing took place in the home of Aguilar’s employers at SunGlade Condominium at Serangoon Avenue 2. 

The severed right arm of Mrs La Puebla which was found in Orchard Road. A bite mark on the arm matched her killer’s dental record. The torso, clad in brown underwear, was wrapped in newspapers and a black rubbish bag.  This done, she scrubbed the blood traces with water and detergent and used the wall paper to cover up the stains which could not be fully removed.

At about midday, she brought the bag containing Mrs La Puebla’s head and limbs, and took a taxi to Orchard Road. She dumped the bag next to a mural wall at the Orchard MRT Station at about 12.35pm, a stone’s throw from the park where the friends used to meet every Sunday.  Aguilar returned to the flat at 1.25pm. Half an hour later, she put the bag with the torso into a bigger piece of luggage bag and took a taxi to MacRitchie Reservoir. Near the bus stop along Lornie Road, she took the smaller bag  out and left it next to the footpath.

Inside the bag was an International Herald Tribune newspaper with a sticker on the front page bearing the name and address of Aguilar’s employers. That led police straight to her.

Before her trial began in May 2006, the charges against Aguilar were reduced to manslaughter. This was after defence lawyers had written to the Attorney-General’s Chambers to get the charge reduced on the grounds that the death resulted from grave and sudden provocation, and because Aguilar suffered from a psychiatric condition, later revealed to be depression.  She pleaded guilty.  The court could have sent her to prison for life, but sentenced her to 10 years in jail.

The judge, Justice V.K. Rajah, noted that Aguilar appeared to have recovered from her depression, which was compounded by financial woes, and that family support and counselling would “further diminish any risk of future offences”.  While he described her conduct in dismembering Mrs La Puebla’s body as “grotesque and abominable”, he said Aguilar was hardly trying to conceal her victim’s death.  “By choosing to plant the deceased’s head and torso in two very public places, her behaviour strikes one as nothing short of incoherent and incomprehensible,” he said. Instead, it showed the workings of “a tortured mind”.

只因回国无期出手恶整, 12 May 2016,  联合晚报  Wanbao

女佣为了早日回乡,竟然作怪恶整雇主一家人,在白开水里吐痰让全家喝。 申诉被女佣恶整的女雇主是52岁的黄女士(家庭主妇),住实龙岗北4道。她前天受访,向晚报绘述了被女佣恶整的经过。


In order to go home earlier (repatriate), 23 years old Myanmese maid has been spitting saliva into Employer and family's drinking water since March this year.  To play safe, employer is now keeping all the edible and drinkable in the bedroom.  Maid has been working for 11 months and performance has been ok.

I caught my maid hitting my baby on camera!
Singaporean mum, Noraini secretly filmed her maid when she started being suspicious of her 1-year-old daughter’s sudden unusual bruises. What she saw not only shocked her, but also broke her heart into a million.

I went back to work when my daughter Roza turned one, and hired Yati, my Indonesian maid. She was young (22 years old), sweet, soft-spoken and well-mannered. I took an instant liking to her at the maid agency… we totally hit it off.

I had a travelling husband and a mother-in-law who would visit us on Sundays. Most of the time it was Roza, Yati and me at home. I loved the dynamic between Yati and me- she wouldn’t steal my one-on-one time with my baby (many maids do that, I hear), she wouldn’t invade my space and privacy, and she was really helpful around the house. Roza was fond of her too. Feeling all positive and confident of Yati being a wonderful addition to our family, I didn’t worry about leaving my child with her from 10am till 5pm every day.

Boy, what a big mistake!
The first few months went really smooth- she learnt how to cook our favourite Malay-style dishes pretty fast, kept the house sparkling clean, and handled Roza with love and gentleness. She was every employer’s dream. My friends who visited us always praised her, wishing they had maids ‘as good as her’.

In her fourth month with us, I started noticing some behavioural changes in her. It all happened so rapidly and unexpectedly. Yati became cold towards us, she would stay in her room for hours, saying she felt sick (which I thought was a genuine reason), and we would hear her yelling on the phone on some nights.

My mum-in-law also picked up on this. Yati went from patient to quick-tempered. When Roza would need a diaper change, she would delay. When Roza cried, she would ignore her and not pick her up like she used to. When relatives came over, she would show a sulky face- she just wasn’t the same Yati.

One day, while giving Roza a bath, I noticed a few red marks on her thighs and on her lower back. I couldn’t get anything out of my baby, as she couldn’t speak yet (apart from basic words). I asked Yati how she had gotten it, and she would say “She play in the walker and bang herself on the wall.” Or “How I know? She’s always holding things and walking, maybe she fall down.”

Something wasn’t right. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving Roza alone with her anymore. My days at work became difficult- my mind was always on my little girl and what possibly was going on at home. I discussed this with my husband (he was away in Paris for 2 weeks), and he was furious and demanded that we get cameras installed in our house, pronto.

I did just that. One day when Yati was out on her off day (Saturday), I set up CCTVs with the help of my brother-in-law. We put one in the hall, and one is Roza’s room.

On Monday, when I was at work, I was on edge. I was so curious to see what was going on at home (through my mobile phone), but at the same time, so nervous.

That was when my fears were confirmed. I saw Roza playing in her playpen while Yati was sweeping the floor of the hallway. All of a sudden, just out of nowhere, and for no reason, Yati walks up to my baby and kicked her on the spine! Needless to say, Roza started to cry. I was so angry, my phone actually dropped out of my hand and onto my office desk. My colleague (who is also a good friend) was also watching it with me, and we just couldn’t believe what we saw.

To my horror, Yati didn’t stop. She started slapping Roza on her cheeks and then pushed her down when she got up, wailing loudly and calling out, “Mama!” My heart shattered into pieces.  I left the office in a rage, drove home like a maniac with crazy thoughts running through my mind.

How could she hit a small child?
Where was all this anger coming from?
How long has thing been going on for?
What if I didn’t install the cameras?
Should I call the cops?

Yati was surprised to see me return at noon. She was on the phone, and Roza had fallen asleep on the sofa. I could see her puffy red eyes. My poor baby must have cried herself to sleep.  I threw my handbag on the dining table and yelled at her to get off the phone. She was panicky and started to tremble. I demanded to know why she was assaulting my child. At first, she denied it. When I showed her what was recorded on my phone, her eyes dropped and she started defending herself. “What?! How dare she?”

There was no sign of remorse in her. She kept a straight face, telling me Roza had been throwing things off the table and she was mad at her. No such thing happened- she was lying through her teeth. This got me even more mad. I told myself to keep calm, and I called the maid agency.

The agents came down quickly within the hour. Thankfully, my baby was asleep throughout the confrontation. I kept hugging her and looked out for the bruises- there were fresh ones from today. The agents, upon seeing all the evidence, were appalled by her sickening behaviour and unforgivable actions.

They took her away and asked me if I wanted to take further action on her. I told them to just send her back home, and I didn’t want to think about her anymore. The only thing I wanted to have clarity on was why she did what she did.

Yati shared with them that she was having problems with her mother back home. Her mum was asking her to send back more money and was fed up that she wasn’t earning more than her other friend who came to Singapore 3 years back. Yati claimed that she didn’t know how else to channel her frustration, so she took it out on Roza.

Whatever the reason was, it would never be good enough to appease me or make me feel sorry for her. She assaulted my child, and I would never forgive her for that. I was nice enough not to report her to the police. To me, if someone could do that to a small and helpless child, this person was dangerously unstable.

My husband upon returning from his work trip was so shaken about the whole ordeal. It took us a lot of time to come to terms with what had happened. And to forget it. The images still play in my mind at times.

Now my daughter is now 2, and I have new helper who is older, has her own kids, and I never leave Roza alone with her. My mum-in-law has ever since moved in with us. Yati was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and taught me such a big lesson to never trust any maid no matter how good they seem.

“She turned out to be a monster maid and I thank God that I was quick to catch it. What if I wasn’t alert enough? My baby could have died!”

Noraini’s interest in opening up and sharing her heart-wrenching story (which wasn’t easy) is to urge all parents to install CCTV cameras in your houses, no matter how much you trust your maid, or how long she’s been with you. Always look out for signs that are unusual and keep getting feedback from your kids (if they’re old enough) about how the maids treat them. Never leave them alone- either have a relative or a friend over, or even a neighbour to keep an eye on your child.

This story is a gut-wrenching portrait of child abuse. We are deeply saddened by how little Roza was treated, and hope and pray that no parent has to go through anything like this.

Maid arrested after fall from second-storey flat, Straits Times, 13 Apr 2016
A maid who tried to leave a second-floor flat from a window fell on Tuesday (April 12) morning and injured herself.  She was later arrested for allegedly committing a "rash act", police said.  Police said it received a call for help at Block 357A, Admiralty Drive, at 4.29am.

A 34-year-old woman was subsequently arrested in relation to the case, according to the police.  It is understood that a rash act can be one that endangers others or the person who commits the act.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said a woman in her 30s was taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.  Her injuries are understood to be serious.  Shin Min Daily News reported that the maid had intended to climb down from the flat on the second floor, but slipped and fell.

She wanted to go home, and her employer was already making arrangements for her return, Shin Min said.  A neighbour said that she was friendly, and had been working in Singapore for many years.

Winter:  Are you aware that such irresponsible, reckless act of maid will make employer incur unfair costs?  If that maid ended up with any disability eg broke her legs, is she going to blame her employer or agree she caused herself to be injured and should bear the consequences, as well as costs if insurance doesn't cover fully?  Maid caused herself to get hurt, did it on purpose, not an accident.  Kindness should be showered to FDWs blindly?  Maids won't learn and will continue to act like irresponsible adults because of people/activists protecting them like ignorant babies 假扮愚昧無知 可怜.  Who is there to protect the employers who are not at fault, eg maid is home sick, can't accept a FDW job scope?  These are not good excuses.  You can't work, why come to Spore and bring miseries to others?  Have you forgotten you chose to become FDW and employer merely employed you based on your agency's bio data?  None of us capable (not formidable 天下无敌) of forcing you ... the willing parties to board the plane and work in Spore. 

Arrested doesn't mean maid will be punished.  She is a maid, apparently her title of "FDW" is a license to run away from most legal actions.  What she's doing is perfectly legit?  Kind to FDWs, mean to Employers!  

Do I look bad by pointing and blogging the truth about FDWs?  Did I successfully caused any of you to feel remorseful ... your attitude and hatred against FDW's employers? 

Maid jailed 4 months for ill-treating kids, Straits Times, 5 Jan 2016
An Indonesian maid kicked the thigh of her employers' 23-month- old daughter for refusing to finish her food, and slapped the back of their baby boy when he started crying while feeding him.  This was captured on closed-circuit TV, which her employer installed at home after the 29-year- old noticed scratch marks on his daughter's arms last May, after the maid started working for the family.

Yesterday, Khaerun Nisa Selfitriya, 28, was sentenced to four months in jail for ill-treating the children in a flat in Woodlands on Oct 14 last year.  A district court heard that on that day, Khaerun Nisa was feeding the children when the girl refused to finish her food. When she told the girl to finish her food, the toddler vomited and started to cry.

Khaerun Nisa then kicked her on the left thigh forcefully, causing her to fall and hit her head.  Further investigation showed that about 10 minutes earlier, she was feeding the eight-month-old baby when he started crying. She shouted "No!'' and slapped his back several times.

Both incidents were captured on CCTV. The children's father lodged a police report the next day.  When questioned about her relationship with her employers, Khaerun Nisa told the police that she had been treated well, and was even taken to China for a holiday.

But her lawyer, Mr Nasser Ismail, said the maid, who has four daughters aged three to 11, was derided by her employers for no reason and became paranoid and depressed.  He said she was "depressed, scared and confused'' at the time of the offence and missed her children, especially the three-year-old, as she had not had any news from them since she started work.  "The accused admitted that she had reached a breaking point when she lost her mind on that fateful day,'' he said.  

Mr Nasser further told the court his client had never intended to harm the children and had not harmed them.  He said that the baby boy was choking on his food, so she used her left hand to "slap'' him on the back a few times.  Khaerun Nisa, whose sentence was backdated to Oct 16, could have been fined up to $4,000 and jailed for up to four years on each charge.

The children's father, who has hired a new maid for the family, told The Straits Times yesterday: "Of course, I want justice to be served, but I don't want to dwell on her sentence. It doesn't matter how long she is sentenced for. As long as my kids are fine, that is all that matters.

"I will let go of this case and move on. My kids are also much better emotionally. They are not traumatised and they are very happy now."


Facebook comments:
Steven Poon -- One maid one baby to take care at the most....if u hire one maid and u wan the maid to take care 2 or 3 more babies, she will die of stress....

Paulyn Ng -- she is really that stressful, speak to the employer or if the employer ignore, then bring the issue up to the relevant authorities. Kicking or torturing another human being is a BIG NO. Let alone baby/kids.

IG Gaye -- Agree that the maid should not have been expected to look after two young kids. However, Paulyn is also right to say that she should bring it up to the employer. Don't take it out on the kids who cannot defend themselves.

Sng Karen -- All domestic workers are usually told of their responsibilities and empolyer's family background before they take up the jobs.

Sabrina Erykis Irama -- She can always reject at the beginning. Most employer will interview the future helpers, from that interview, future helpers will know what to expect and can reject if the task is too heavy to take. Like for example, some prefer to take care of the elderly, some prefer to take care of bigger children. 
And like what Paulyn Ng said, they too can speak to their employers. Don't have to resort to abusing the kids.

Andre Lim -- Stress does not justify child abuse. I dont care how stressed out you are. The harming of another human being simply cannot simply be justified by stress

Nora MY -- So what the maid expect.shake leg is it.if cannot cope ..just stay at your miserable country no need to torture the small children,thats cruel

Augus AC -- Maids who hit children especially month old infants are heartless & should be severely dealt with maximum sentence....no matter how stressful you can be, kids are innocent. A strong message must be sent across to all maids.

Christopher Sun -- First thing first, when we employ her, we had mutual agreement between the maid agency and the maid. She told us she can handle two kids. 

Secondly, my daughter goes to school in the morning at 815am and comes back daily at 6pm, finish off her dinner and get to bed by 8pm. While my younger son sleeps and drinks milk and poop throughtout the day at different intervals.

Thirdly, she dont cook. She sleeps in the morning from 945am till 1pm in the noon. She cleans up my house in a very chin cai manner with the mentality her job is to only look after kids. 

Mr Poon, can you please tell me if her workload is heavy or light as compared to other helpers? And maid agency didnt tell me that only one maid to one kid upon hiring. As well as how much is her interaction time with my daughter for the whole day? I think her job scope is simple with monthly $550 salary.

慧丽 -- One maid one baby? In d past mommies take care of few kids at once. Why is it different for maids? Mommies dont do house chores?

Ismail Yusof Tan Eh -- fck u lah. So stress its ok to kick and slap toddlers?? Idiot post.

Awie Jintora -- Last time during my late grandmother's time, 1 mother can take care of 5-6 children sometimes more together wif neighbours kids.. Now 1 mother cannot take care of 1 baby depend on maid also cannot take it.. Is it the problem of today's kids or the caretaker?

Clarence Khoo -- A lot of these maids are not well educated... They may not know how to articulate that. Employers on the other hand, should be more mindful of their helpers' well being. They are not a machine for you to exploit until they die.

Steven Poon -- Some people reali like to get so personal....this case already happened and there is no use to tok about it....wat i am saying is prevent better than cure....u can overload the maid and in the end the maid abuse the baby and get caught and jail or even death sentence but is already useless....coz ur baby already get hurt...this case, is the maid fault....but there r so many cases which r involved in overload work where employer dun tink so....just to tell u all how to TRY to prevent this kinda of things....my post dun refer to this particular case....mi too agree this maid is too much....but alot of employer like to tell us how less their maid work load reali r but in fact in actual fact the maid is doing much much more but we r unable to find out as outsider....so for employer, pls always remember: 以人为本, 莫把帮佣当马牛。。

People like to say last time my grand mother can take care 5 to 6 children, y the maid cannot....ask yrself whether u can or not b4 asking ur maid....plus children last time 天生天养...nowadays children do this cannot do that cannot....eat this cannot eat that cannot....last time children fall down is a no big deal....now children fall down have to go hospital to do medical check up.....last time ah ma cook wat we eat wat....now must tell ah ma wat ur child needs to eat and then ah ma have to follow and cook.... world is changing so does children and parents....

Jolene Tian-Morrisroe -- This comment makes me laugh, 把帮佣当马牛!” for some bad sheep employers maybe true but do you know for the employer who has maid to look after their young kids actually has to please the maid just for the sake of the kids won't get ill treated when they are with the maid alone and once those maids know their "value" to the employer they will start to take advantage or show attitude. I personally encountered all these shits as I have young baby with a full time job and yes , without parents or in laws help we do need a maid and it leaves me no choice that I have to tolerate their attitudes . 家家有本难念的经!I hope MOM can also come out more constructive rules to protect the employer's benefit as well.

Joyce Foong -- 1 kid 1 maid? You're either super rich or you don't live in the real world. Lol!!

Veron Lee -- Wow one maid to look after one child 
No wonder parents don't want to give birth more 
Must be very rich then can give birth

Nur Aini -- this is between the helper and the employer ( just about how they communicated ) , my self i am a helper , if employer treat us well like family , we will work well too , but if employer treat us opposite , maybe we will get stress, and i do understand taking care of Baby is not easy

Linda Tan -- Actually maid take care of 2 kids is ok for them. No matter what maid do also cannot kick the child. Its not her child n its her employer child. How would she feel if her child kena kick by other people. Its the same, she will feel sad too. So she deserve it to be in jail. This teach any maid in spore a lesson that if they want to work in spore n they must behave themselves n not bully employer child.

Encious Jie'er -- I have see maid taking care of 4 kids well...and infact the maid is more like their mom than their biological mom...who's job is not stress one? If like what you say than the school teachers will be beating slapping kicking our children everyday cause they take care more kids their stress level more high...zzzz...what an excuse to give...

Fong Wong -- If there is a choice not to get helper , I would not . I only did it for my parents . I had good and bad helpers . Some are very choosy on foods and lazy after 8 months . But we have to close one eye sometimes if it nothing serious .

Loh Cecilia Vesuvianite -- If the job scope is simple as wat the employer claim might as well no need to employ a maid...they can save $550 each mth n $6600 per yr. they can do it by themself.M not sure of other countries but in my country just to take care of one baby daily from 9am-6pmit already cost $750-800.sunday is an off day including every public holiday.For $550 dont expect her to work as $1550...taking care of 2babies as well as hse work the employer is considered lucky.some people here may says that in olden days their grandma or their mums can take care of a few children instead of one or two.that is totally different.its their own child n they got no choice.But now u r employing a maid someone who is trying to work hard for that $.its not like the locals,if u dont feel like working with this employer u can get the hell out of here but for them whether they like it or not they will have to work till the contract expires.anyway it doesn't mean I support the maid's actions.

Ribena Tan -- FYI, these maids usually have 3 to 4 kids back home and you are telling me they can't handle 2 . What a joke!

Eng Tke -- When one hires s maid it's contractual, that means mutual understanding from the beginning of what the job is going to be. So compassion aside, they are here to earn a salary to support her family back home, so do your job conscientiously ! Now she has caused hurt to a defenseless child and should be jailed more months and ban from coming to work here. We do not condone such behavior of the maid.

Ribena Tan -- Wait till some maids hurt those bonehead's kids and i will wanna see if they are still coming to the maid's defence. Talk is cheap.

Adeline Cheo -- Whatever it is, harming 2 innocents kids are definitely A NO‼️ NO‼️ She should be taught a lesson for those other maids who had already harm others kids behind their employers back. 
The maid should talk to the employer if she cannot handle kids or worst many maids lie all the way to Singapore THROUGH THEIR AGENTS BACK HOME‼️ Especially those poorly trained Green Horns‼️
Since those countries Government wants to increase fees, then they should train their MAIDS NOT TO LIE ABOUT CAN DO JOBS ALL THE WAY HERE‼️‼️‼️
Time for our Government to protect our future generations of kids who are at the mercy of SOME OF THESE AGE LYING MAIDS & no truthful experience looking after just 1 or 2 kids, when both their parents are working to make ends meet in our kind of environment. 
Not everyone can afford to have Two maids like someone who suggest 1 kid to one maid.

Andrew Goh -- There are bad employers and there are also evil employees (domestic maids). If caught with evidence, they should be tried in court, convicted and jailed. A ban may also imposed on hiring maids or being employed in Singapore as maids if necessary. Bad and rotten apples must be discarded.

Christopher Sun -- I am not a heartless person afterall, she had her conscious of admitting that we really do treat her very good and due to the fact that she had accepted her punishment in jail for 4 months. As the victim's father, I should be glad that my daughter is fine and nothing had happen to her rather than dwelling on how long my maid will get her sentence. At least the case is finalized and I can have a happy 2016. 

Jasmine P'ng Siok Lee -- Another case of using mental illnesses eg. depression to get lighter sentence for crime of abusing employer or kids in their care. Don't smear image of patients with depression. Other patients with depression don't abuse kids or elderly. Ridiculous claim by defence.

Alex Wee -- Thanks to CCTV. Otherwise, the helpless small kids under her care would continue to suffer her abuse. This maid should be blacklisted and banned from becoming maid again in S'pore.

Cha Cha -- Almost two years ago..i took care a new born baby after the confinement lady...and a 2year old kid....even ahma is helping me..still so stressfull..but even a single pinch i never did to the 2 kids...i only slept 3-4hours every night i slept with the new born one..daytime when baby sleeping need to clean the whole house...including windows the fact that we stayed at 27th flr..changing diaper even im eating they still call me..but then never enter in my mind to abuse their kids..but they do abused my service my kindness..even saying thank you i never heard to them. :)reminishing my experience in my previous employer... just saying...thank God for my new employer

Novi Ummu Maryam -  I hv a maid myself. My kids are dat age. 4 months and 27th months. And I know its not easy to take care of two very young children. The stress will push ur limits. Employer should be mindful when giving her chores. One baby and cleaning the hse is already overwhelming. What more two. And off days are necessary to recharge them. 
Not saying its a ok for her to do dat. Just a note for prevention.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon -- And we do not know how many kids have been abused physically or psychologically in the absence of the parents. Not everyone plant CCTVs in their homes but based on trust that everything will be alright.
That is why some people never believe in domestic help but depend on elderly parents or in-laws or childcare centres.

Ismail Yusof Tan -- To those who keep saying stress take care of 2 kids and stuff. Its never an excuse to kick and slap or physically abuse a toddler/child or anyone for that matter. MOM laws are fair and imo more pro-workers cause they are the more vulnerable. As such this idiot of a maid could choose to request for a transfer instead of venting on a child.

Bommayi Bomma -- Wahhhh the children were abused and got only sentenced to 4 months?Furthermore got lawyer to defend?
Wat rubbish?
If she is so stressed should tell d employers not abuse.
This is the common dialogue among helpers if they abuse the victims.
I miss home lah blah blah n blah.
She needs caning and longer sentence.
Abusing the young kids it's not joke.
If we employers abuse em will we get away with lighter sentence?

Peter Tan -- Who says all employees are saints or employers are devils? In every working environment there are the good and the evil people together that is what life is all about and you need both in order for the world to spin around. Or let us put it another way life would be so monotonous and boring or even dull if everyone is good and no one is bad.That does not even happen in fairytales. So each time a maid is bullied by the employer people jump up and down to accuse the boss without looking at two sides of the story first. Are all maids saints? No right? There can never be, as always there are the good ones and the bad ones whether it is work related or character wise.Who dare to say in their place of work every one form the top to the bottom rank are all good? No one gossips,back stabbing,telling all sorts of stories usually lies about one another for some motive like aiming for promotion? Jealousy,,envy or the other seven deadly sins. I never believe not even in fairy land.

Anne M M Seow -- Thank God for CCTV! Otherwise the poor little kids will be at the mercy of this maid! Really : 2 different versions she gave! To the police, she said the employers treated her well. But to her lawyer, she said she got ridiculed! But even if she was really homesick for her own kids, she shouldn't take it out on the helpless kids!

Normayah Binte MD Rahim -- I hv a maid too. 3 maids over 7 years for my 3 kids. All r considered good. The 2nd one left after a year as she (of suspected age 50 altho passport say she is 36) was more suited to look after seniors than juniors.I dont think my maids r overloaded even with 3. Marketing n cooking all done by me. I do shift work, which means i hv more time to settle kids on my own when i m at home. 
Kids go childcare. Maids hv all the time in the world to laze around in front of Tv.
So her excuse of being overloaded. 

Marilyn Soh -- It's worrying for us parents when we have no choice but to leave our beloved children under the care of a domestic worker. 
Pls join FDW Employers @ Singapore Facebook group if you have an FDW and wish to discuss FDW matters. https://www.facebook.com/groups/fdwsg/

Lok Sze -- why do u do that when u are just here to earn a living. you employer provide u a job a shelter and food, pays u salary yet you decided to act impulsive and go to jail for it. u loose more than not bringing back $$$ to ur family, u become a prisoner and set terrible example to your kids.

Andre Leonard -- This woman should have recieved the 4 years allowable for each offense and 40 strokes of the cane. Only sad miserable person does this to children. Why court give her slap on wrist is poor justice for child abuse.

Twos Retirees -- why bad employers get shamed and punished severely when a maid is not treated right? why a maid only get 4 months jail for hurting the young? a maid is an adult yet deemed helpless. the children are the real helpless one here. can u imagine what will happen if the maid is not caught on camera? if the employers are to be taught, i think so are the maids.

Dewi Yatty Yong -- If the maid is a unqualify nanny she might be looking after animals in her kampong as she is not educated to take care of Babis specially feeding need patients n warm affection toward in approaching little one this type if stories r everywhere the best advice bring ur kids to safer place that is supervise by their grand parents who r retired n happy to watch them grow n eating well 

Lee Derek -- One should ask urself whether u indeed love infant, little kids b4 taking up d jobs. But if thing don't turn up gd after employed, then should discuss n made known with d relevant authorities, such as employer, agency or even MOM. Never abuse tis innocent little ones, coz one won't know that kick might kill them. D sentence melted out might b too light 4 such abuse just bcoz one is depression. On other hand, we as employer shouldn't b too harsh on whether 2 ban or blacklisted them.

Jhaz Tin Sim -- Even the maid is depressed she has no right to hurt the kids... its not good grrrrr ...i had experience in kuwait before...i take care 4kids!so naughty!im very depressed!i cleaned the house and cooked ...all workerd is for me but i dont have choice...sometimes the kids fighting on me,they throw on my face food or sonething ..i get so upset and mad but i calm down myself..i dont think that i will hurt them...i try to understand them coz they are kids...and even they are naughty im thankful coz there parents are good to me...people are not same...i just want to advice to all maids like me if ur not happy in ur employer talk them in good way...dont do things that result bad for you u have to think first...u have to think first...if u do sonething bad ,of course ur employer will take u in police so how come ur future??

Esther Chia -- ONLY?? If we as employers lose control n ever lay a finger on them (mostly due to their unacceptable n ridiculous mistakes) , we get a few years plus fine and somemore banned from employing maids in future. SG laws are only for protecting FTs. Terribly unfair!!

Linda Tan -- No matter how many kids she take care also cannot kick employer kids. If any maid want to work in spore, pls do not play a fool with it. This teach a maid a lesson that if they do anything to employer kid n they will get it from spore law. They wont escape from it. What happen if her kids were to be kicked by her employer n see how she feels it. She would feel the same. 4 months jail is not enough for her n i thk she must get at least 1year to learn her lesson. And she were to get out from jail, hope MOM will record down her name n dont let her come here to work anymore.

Loh Wai Poon -- Deal with her with the laws. Give her the just sentence she deserved. When u work here, u have to do ur work properly with no malice. We want u to take care of our family not to harm us. If u do, pay 4 it in jail.

Wdiamondz White -- She got stress then kick the employer not the baby. When get caught reason given always said as mentally stress.. find your own size you moron!

Rina Phua -- Guess the maid won't learn her lesson with just 4mths jail term. I believe this is not the first time she treated kids in such way & defintely will not be her last time too!

Andrew Singh -- By the same token, maids must also face the severity of our law just like how the law treat employers who abuse their maids

Christina Chan -- 4 months only. You know she might have kill one of the kids, I consider this is serious and she gets only 4 months

Noreen Keng Tan -- Some just wanted to get out of their country bcoz our not job n poor. But when they get a job they became irresponsible n ungrateful.

Calista Faye -- This is horrible. Sending her to jail is not enough! She tortured and abuse two defenceless little innocent kids. She should be punished in the worst way possible. And i dont think she should ever have any kids. She is a monster through and through.

Eerena Teo -- There is no excuse for abuse . How can anyone's behavior be excused for hurting or kicking a defenseless child . 
There are horror employers and there are horror maids .

Julyn Elizabeth -- 4 months only ??? For the pain the child gone through... HELLO ........

Mingchuan Mervyn Xie -- The world would be a better place if both employees and employers all act responsibly. Employers gives a reasonable amount of work, employees to act with due diligence and we can significantly reduce stress on both sides. The problem today is caused by both sides - the assumption that if employers let go, you'd be taken advantage of and that employees seek to exploit every potential loophole, with no one willing to take the first step in making it a more friendly workplace.

Karyn Ong -- Maids aren't supposed to take care of babies and toddlers without supervision. They are only supposed to help you do house work and assist u

Genie Jean Jean -- some countries complain their maids get abused here... what about this case? this maid abused 2 young kids

Hanzo Oznah -- Don't try to protect the maid..whoever did wrong should be brought to justice...

Mohamed Faizal Bin Osman -- Still got the cheek to ask for pay rise. Go look at yourself in the mirror.. got quality or not.

Maid who almost got away with killing, 10 Dec 2015, Mypaper
A 24 year old domestic maid was yesterday sentenced to 10 years' jail for killing her employer's mother-in-law by smothering the 76-year-old woman with a pillow while she was sleeping.

Indonesian Yati, who goes by one name, pleaded guilty in the High Court to culpable homicide not amounting to murder for killing Madam Aandi Abdul Rahman Rasheeda Begam between midnight and 2am on Jan 14 last year.

After her arrest, Yati told a psychiatrist that she heard voices telling her to kill Madam Aandi. But in a second session, she said she killed Madam Aandi so that her employer, who treated her badly, would treat her better.  She said her employer, Madam Mohietheen Fathima Kuny Maidin, disliked her mother-in-law, so by killing the elderly woman, she would be able to "win ma'am's heart".

Senior Judge Kan Ting Chiu noted that "by deliberate action and intention and sustained effort", Yati had taken the life of an aged victim "for no reason that we can really understand".  Madam Aandi, who used a wheelchair and had a host of medical conditions, shared a room in a three-bedroom Serangoon North flat with Yati after the maid started working for the family in October 2013.

On the morning of Jan 13 the next year, Yati decided to kill Madam Aandi.  That night, when the elderly woman was asleep, Yati grabbed the pillow her head was on. She used one hand to press the pillow against Madam Aandi's face and the other hand to press the pillow against the back of her head.

After checking that the woman was dead, Yati went out to the living room, had a brief conversation with her employer, then went back to her room.  When she woke up at 5am, Yati went about her daily chores. At about 11am, when Madam Fathima could not rouse her mother-in-law, Yati feigned ignorance.

A doctor certified cause of death as heart disease after failing to find any visible injuries.  Madam Aandi was buried that afternoon at a Muslim cemetery.  Madam Fathima continued to ask Yati what had happened. At first, the maid maintained she did not know but on Jan 16, she admitted that she had smothered her.

But when she was taken to a police station, Yati denied the killing and was released to her maid agency. The next day, she confessed when questioned by the police again.  Madam Aandi's body was exhumed on Jan 18, but an autopsy could not determine cause of death due to the severe state of decomposition.

Facebook comments:
Marc Wang -- Why is Straits Times so sympathetic to the evil-hearted maid by quoting her excuse as your headline? It rubs salt into the victim family's already painful wounds.
As mentioned in various reports, the maid was reprimanded by Mdm Mohietheen for her shoddy work. She viciously took out her anger on the helpless and vulnerable wheelchair-bound elderly Mdm Aandi. That was plain evil, and to attribute her evil actions to her employer makes her even more unforgivable.

Andrew Singh -- What does that tell us? Well, I think because maids came from rural villages and are naive and gullible. So she mistakenly believe killing her is doing her boss a favor and perhaps she can be treated nicely then. How miserable this case is. She doesn't know what is right or wrong.

Agreas Kee -- When one is faced with a possible death penalty, all the act-blur act-innocent patterns will come out. Not saying the maid is scheming, but 10 years behind bars aren't to me, justifiable for the old woman's death.

Peter Tan -- Do not be surprise that maids usually are illiterate and many come from poor villagers and they tend to listen and believe everything easily or brainwashed to say in common term.It is better to hire a more matured maid who has more responsibility and can think clearer like those having their own family.

Angel MO Ako -- How bad the boss treatment to the maid,,the maid has no right to to do violently so she can fullfiled her revenge! Not for killing or abused any family member!! 
Only devil can do that!!

Mei Kim -- Many employers treat their helpers not bad but still end up badly . It all on the mindset of the helpers . If one is serious About their works , they must be prepared to handle difficult bosses . Everybody is also facing the same issues at work , that does not lead us to think of killing .
5 · 17 hrs
May Ong
May Ong Yes, the Police ought to after that doctor who had certified the old lady's death and issued her Death Certificate, what professionalism is this doctor, my goodness ???!!!!

Eileen Colzani -- They should review the license of the Doctor who dismissed the demise as heart attack, yet not being able to detect the suffocation...

Desmond Tan -- Had she not confess,she might gotten away scott free thanks to that doctor

Annie Batumbakal -- she just did the most stupid way of doing a favor just to be treated nicely by her boss!

Sri Wahyuni -- Please use you're brain before u doing something. ...killing people. ...omg!!!!!...

Lianhe Wanbao, 23 Nov 2015
Maid was found sitting precariously at the bamboo rack, on the 12th floor of West Coast HDB flat.  She was pulled back by employer.  

Winter: Maid is mentally unsound?  If she falls, who gets the blame?  Of course the employer.  Activists will be eager to start jump out to say maid committed suicide due to stress or employer didn't treat her like human, made her carried out dangerous chores, etc.  I really can't believe any employer will tell the maid to sit on the bamboo rack.  Some maids seemed like don't know the meaning of being careful, be responsible for her own life.  The SIP course seemed to fail its role!

So many incidents have happened, yet MOM isn't doing anything.

Ex-maid fails to file notice of defence, Straits Times, 2 Nov 2015 

Lawyers for a retired doctor who suffers from dementia have won their case by default against her former maid, one of four people alleged to have enriched themselves by taking advantage of the doctor.

The former maid, Madam A. Kanthimathy, 55, had failed to file notice to defend her case when she was sued, together with Mr K. Malayaperumal and Mr G. Subramaniam, in June for the return of some $5 million - which Dr Freda Paul, a former paediatric doctor at the Singapore General Hospital, is said to have given them in 2010.

Rodyk & Davidson lawyer Calvin Lim told The Straits Times that a default judgment had been obtained against Madam Kanthimathy as she failed to appear.  The judgment has not been enforced yet, he added.  The suit against the other defendants, who are denying the claims, is continuing and a High Court pre- trial conference was held last week.  This includes a $500,000 claim against property agent Parvathi Somu, who handled Dr Paul's bungalow sale and is disputing the case.

The suit was filed in June by Senior Counsel Philip Jeyaretnam and a relative as Dr Paul's legal representatives. Dr Paul, 86, who now lives in a nursing home, had sold her bungalow in Haig Road in October 2009 for $15.4 million. Part of the cash given to the defendants had come from the sale. She was said to have been diagnosed in 2009 to be incapable of making financial decisions; the plaintiffs want the court to order that the gifts made after that date be returned to her as she did not have the capacity to understand her actions.

In a formal statement sworn before a lawyer in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, where she lives, Madam Kanthimathy said she could not come to Singapore because of her health.  She received $2 million altogether in two separate gifts in 2009 and 2010; she said these were made out of love and affection by Dr Paul for her service and sacrifice.

Madam Kanthimathy was sent to work as a housemaid to Dr Paul, at age 27 in 1987. Her father died when she was very young.  The Tamil-speaking maid said she looked after Dr Paul's aged mother and a sister, who was of unsound mind, and was paid $120 a month.

Dr Paul's mother died in 1992 and the maid returned to Sri Lanka to settle down in 1993.  But she said Dr Paul called her often to ask her to come back. Dr Paul also spoke to her former maid's mother and siblings, urging them not to give her away in marriage. 

The doctor reassured them that she (Dr Paul) would look after Madam Kanthimathy, if she returned and looked after her sick sister until her death. She said Dr Paul would give her a "considerable sum" to live without depending on anyone.  Madam Kanthimathy came back in 1998 and looked after Dr Paul's sister until her death in 2009, claiming she was not paid every month.

She added that she was treated as a member of Dr Paul's family and pointed to Dr Paul's will in 2007, which clearly showed her intention to give her a considerable sum of money.  Madam Kanthimathy said she did not marry because of Dr Paul and her family, and this cannot be compensated by money.  She explained that the money gift was to help her settle down for the rest of her life, and a gesture of love and affection by Dr Paul.

Winter:  This reminds me of another cheater, taking advantage of persons who are incapable of making the right decisions (Lasting Power of Attorney over Madam Chung's assets), former China tour guide Yang Yin. The controversy over the legal control of the assets of 88-year old widow, $35 million fortune to Yang and 11 charges pertains to false receipts worth some S$28,00.  Read:  the extent of Yang Yin's manipulation.

I guess some people expect to be rewarded with millions for their 'sacrifice'.  

The maid, she claimed she didn't get marry so can't be compensated by money.... millions is a fortune, not money??!!
The man, showered his affection to the rich widow and felt he has the rights to take over all her assets and wealth.  

Indonesian maid hide stillborn in drawer, 21 Oct 2015, The New Paper

After suffering a miscarriage, an Indonesian maid hid the body of her son in a drawer in her bedroom.  The 15-cm body of a foetus, believed to be five months old, was discovered in the landed property at Lorong Ong Lye, off Upper Paya Lebar Road, at around 1pm on Monday.  The house was searched after the 33-year-old maid confessed.

The New Paper understands that the maid had complained to her employers about not feeling well on Monday morning.  She was taken to a family physician, who referred her to KK Women's and Children's Hospital.  At the hospital, she was put through some tests and was found to have given birth recently.

When questioned further, the Indonesian woman, who is married with two sons in Indonesia, confessed to delivering a boy who died at birth.  She also said that she had hidden the body in a drawer in a second-storey bedroom in her employers' home.  A police spokesman said they were alerted to the incident at 1.22pm on Monday. They went to the houseand discovered the foetus in a drawer in a room.  It was pronounced dead at the scene by a Singapore Civil Defence Force paramedic.  

The maid had been working for more than a year for the family - an elderly couple and their daughter, her husband and 11-year-old son, reported Chinese evening paper Shin Min Daily News.  When TNP went to the house at around 3pm yesterday, an elderly woman was home but she declined to come to the door.  A used mattress and surgical gloves had been discarded near a bin outside the gate.  A police spokesman said the woman had been arrested for concealment of birth by secret disposal of a dead body.  Investigations are ongoing.  If convicted, she faces up to two years in jail, a fine or both.

Missing family, lonely means maids can find love and men without bearing any responsibility?  Maid killed by her lover means her family cannot see or touch her forever.... is it worth?  You laid your life for love?  

Having a love child but abort/killing it, isn't cruel or sinful?  Yes, some maids were cheated but do they deserve our sympathy?  Did your employer force you to find man?  Answer is no.  Since no, how come MOM and activists held employers responsible for FDWs' action? Eg repatriate a pregnant maid, etc. 

Maid leapt to death from 14th floor of condo after attacking employer with a hammer, Straits Times, 22 Oct 2015
A foreign domestic worker leapt to her death from the window of a condominium unit after hitting her employer on the head with a hammer, a coroner's court heard.

Indian national Palwinder Kaur, 25, had been working for Ms Divya Bhardwaj, 38, and her husband, Mr Shekhrendhu Bhardwaj, 44, at the Aquarius by the Park in Bedok Reservoir Road at the time of her death on Jan 19 this year.

In December last year - about a month into her employment - Ms Divya found $270 missing and suspected the maid of stealing her money.  A few days later - on Dec 21 - her husband found out that the maid had made international calls to India using his elder son's mobile phone. Later that day, Palwinder Kaur also confessed to having stolen the money.  Ms Divya decided to send her back to the maid agency the next day.

However, the couple were persuaded to take her back and give her a second chance as she was "very remorseful''. They fetched her from the agency back to their condominium on Jan 5.  But she abused their trust again and assaulted Ms Divya with a hammer on Jan 19.

The day before, Mr Bhardwaj discovered an additional mobile phone bill showing 17 calls to India. He confronted the domestic helper, who pleaded with him not to tell the maid agent about it. Mr Bhardwaj left for Surabaya, Indonesia, on a business trip later that day.

At around 7.45am the next day, Ms Divya was working on her laptop when Palwinder Kaur told her not to tell the maid agent about the additional phone bill.  Ms Divya said she would discuss the matter when her husband returned on Jan 24. The maid answered yes three times and went to the kitchen.  Suddenly, Ms Divya felt a hard blow on her head from behind. She also heard the maid say in an aggressive tone, "Will you inform the agent? Will you inform my family? I will teach you'."

Ms Divya fell after she was hit. Palwinder Kaur used her hand to cover the mouth and nose of Ms Divya in an apparent attempt to suppress her breathing. Ms Divya struggled and tried to push the hand away. She saw the hammer nearby and shouted for help.

A few minutes later, her neighbour came down and Ms Divya, who was covered with blood all over her face, told him to call the police. She said the maid was trying to kill her. The neighbour later overheard the security guard saying that the maid had jumped down.  Palwinder Kaur was pronounced dead by a paramedic at 8.36am.

In his findings on Thursday (Oct 22), State Coroner Marvin Bay said all the evidence pointed to her fall from height to be a deliberate act on Ms Palwinder's part.  "She appeared to have been irrationally troubled by the revelation of her additional hand phone bills, having pleaded with Mr Shekhrendhu and Ms Divya on separate occasions not to inform her agent Madam Narinderit about the additional hand phone bills. She had been apparently aggrieved that Ms Divya signalled that she could not accede to this request," he said.

He said the sheer savagery of her attack appeared to be wildly disproportionate with any conceivable grievance that she might have held against her employer.  "This would point to Ms Palwinder Kaur being likely to be in a profoundly disturbed state of mind, when she attacked Ms Divya with the hammer and made an attempt to suffocate her, while she was down. While waiting for the police to arrive, Ms Palwinder had probably realised that her desperate strategy to stage an assault from Ms Divya by inflicting herself with head injuries, would convince no one. She appears at this juncture to have chosen to end her life, by causing herself to fall from her window at the 14th floor of the block,'' he said before ruling her death to be an act of suicide.

Facebook comments:
Esther Chia -- It is time our Government seriously looked into the welfare of Singaporeans who needs foreign domestic care . The fdws are protected by law n given mandatory rights, lay one finger on them n off to jail the employers go! then how about employers that paid a hefty sum to maid agencies? In the end they get shortchanged for lousy services n horrific experiences. Agency fees get forfeited , valuables get stolen, beds got slept on by maid's boyfriends, shock discovery of baby foetus in own house drawers, liquor in wine bottles got swopped with chinese tea, risked being fed food contaminated with female urine/ menstruation  blah blah the list goes on. Yes, ppl will say then dun get a maid lorh!! Of course we reallly needed that extra help if not who likes their own lifestyle to be infringed upon if there are other choices?! Look at the spate of terrible events that unfold after the mandatory one day off per week !!! Our SG Pioneer Generation mothers never even got a day off in their entire years raising families n leaders that helped made what Singapore is today!

Linda Tan -- I also agree with esther. Employer is gd to the maid n some maid also try to be funny with them....so wat can the employer do....some maid rely know how to fake. They r here for travel n for fun n not to work. So govt must take action on those maid who r FAKE..some maid r gd they dont take off day or take 1 off day. They dont spent money to go out. Previously i also have maid n she only want to take 1 off day only to church with the sister.

Nyonya Anna Marie Doe --  true that one should respect the domestic helper. But in this case.... are you saying that we should respect the helper after she stole the money and making long distant called without permission?????? There are good employer with terrible helper and there are employer with good helper. The government should have fair system for both. With our system only on one side, the helper are now taking for granted. 

Fair for those side... we should have a system where there will be a solely investigating department for all employer and domestic helper. I don't have helper all along. I'm taking care my children and my disable mother all by myself and live within my budget. So I see the wrong and right of both side.

Jyb Doguiles -- Nyonya remember there are 2 sides in every story and we are reading only a single side.. Unfortunately, the househelper died already so we cant get her side of the story.. Can you imagine what shes going through to kill herself?? She might be mentally, physically and emotionally abused to choose her fate..

Nyonya Anna Marie Doe -- Well I hope one day you get a domestic helper or maybe you called them yaya with some mentally, or physically and emotionally stress, and she start killing your children. I will see what tune you will be singing to. 
I do know there are two side of the coin and we should not judge only one side. 

here we have all the evidences point that SHE STOLE and SHE MADE DOZEN OF CALLS. SHE WAS SEND BACK and SHE BEG TO RETURN and SHE DID THE SAME THING AGAIN. Doesn't that say it all?

Rea Ann D. Dilla -- Not in every situation it's all the maid mistake...some employer they act like an angel inside the agency but if they are already inside their homes they are more than like a devil.and if the helper will complain to the agency.the employer will make a story against their helper to cover up their mistakes .and obcourse the agent will be on the side of the employer cos they need money.they wore a lot of mask to their faces.Wer is the justice on that case?

Esther Chia -- All this empty talk about " respect respect", with all due respect, please earn it by presenting yourselves to be honest, diligent n efficient, think about the integrity ( or thy lack of!) that will subsequently earn the respect due; if the maid breaks all trust n promises in the first place ( and we still hv to pay levy, lodging, food n salary) how to respect her like a God? Why dun u go bk to yr country and demand yr government to respect n protect you all n yr rights? It's true that you all chose to work here after interview n consideration, no one held a knife to yr neck and forced you !

San Shanmugam -- Hahaha, do we Singaporeans get to show our attitudes to our employer? No matter what we slog till the end of the day forget it, go back to work next day. Worse situation if we realise that we are abused we look for another job. It's our hard earned money being paid to them to take care of our kids or parents. Money doesn't come easily you got to work hard for it. Agree that some maids are abused but many employers are abused too. Government should look into it to make things fair for both parties.

Linda Tan -- If some maid rely cant work for the employer dont come to spore. Tats all. Some maid come here then do funny things to employer n after tat go bk agency n tell them the employer treat them badly. Do u thk this is gd??? Some maid finished paying their loan then they change employer again then they have to start their loan again n let the agency earn the money. Y maid want to let the agency earn their MONEY again. Some agency earn their money for staying at the place until she uas been employed. If maid rely cannot stand the employer here u can choose to go home or other country.

Christopher Soh -- Maid agencies don't care. Once the fdw is with you, its your problem n not theirs. If you want to change another few, you pay for the whole application process again. In the meantime, you still have to pay the rejected few her food n lodging until she finds new employment. It is a loophole. Fdws can continue to stay, get paid while hopping around employers.

Susan Sim -- maid agency is e first line of defense to assist e maid. She seems to b troubled as she's making many overseas calls. Agency can help to find e root of prob, most likely she is new & can't adapt working overseas. Suggest proper counseling to b avail, so maids/employers can find solution.

Atisor Madrid Sanchez I -- dont know if there is only bad happens a lot of humors coming out ..why do this why do that.... It's useless nopoint at all the person is die....why take good actions while she's still alive? Agent ....employer give some heart to your fellow maid sometimes don't think about money money .we are human too same like you..have feelings have family have story


Maid charged in court over alleged abuse of her employer's children, Straits Times, 17 Oct 2015
A 28-year-old maid was charged in court on Friday, under the Children and Young Persons Act, over the alleged abuse of her employer's children.

A video of the Indonesian maid, Khaerun Nisa Selfitriya, allegedly abusing a two-year-old girl has gone viral, after the toddler's father posted it on his Facebook page.

In the 25-second video clip he posted on Thursday (Oct 15), the maid who was sitting on the floor was seen kicking the girl who then fell to the ground. The video has been shared on Facebook more than 1,000 times.

Mr Sun, 28, a salesman, told The Straits Times that he installed a surveillance camera in his four-room Woodlands flat on Tuesday, after he discovered bruises on his daughter's arms. He said that the maid also allegedly hit his seven-month-old son.

She has been working for his family for five months, he added. This is his first domestic helper.

Facebook comments:
Yilan Nelson -- I hope the maid receives a heavy sentence for abusing young innocent children who are in no position to defend themselves.

Nancy Leng -- Why be a domestic maid when you can't control your anger? She is one of those blacksheep who reflected so badly on maids. I have seen and known maids who treat their employer's kids as theirs. It is just so unlucky to have met her. But it is a blessing that the father found out soon enough before something worse happen.

Christina Ng  -- This maid is too much and wrong to turn her anger at the children but who can she turns to or talk too. Sometimes,as employer, we must make sure the maid can handle 2 toddlers n also has to do housework sametime . It's not easy.

Jewel Ong -- I think for those who have maid at home should put a camera to see if yr maid abuse yr kids....Kids are too young to complain....take good care of yr kids....punish the maid, send her back and blacklist her...

Susan Sim -- Heartbreaking to watch tis too.  1) There's 2 toddlers in e video. As a mum there's some cost savings for a domestic helper than childcare. Infant care is not cheap x 2
2) such helpers r usually send back & they will return again to another employer w/o anyone knowing. Strongly suggest relevant authorities to keep a blacklist record. N also advise some guideline for employers on how to handle as they r also helpless. Will such videos put e maid to jail?
3) perhaps there shld b a review for e helpers & employers whether they r happy working within e first 3mths. Can't rely on agencies as they will not b bothered.

Latifah Cahaya Bunga -- oh my Good...what going on with indonesian maid???why so many case is from indonesian maid..that why...now many employer can't find indonesian maid anymore....look...you be the one of them who kill our lucky working in other country....what should we do to indonesia goverment if the crime come again and again...

Eja Quax  --These incidents shud be taken into consideration by the maid agency to do house calls to inform n remind maids that such actions are not acceptable be it legally or ethically
Even with CCTV, maids can behave in such a way,what if its without CCTV.such an INGRATE

Thomas Chua -- Who to blame ..is the parents who invite the maid in and create disastrous to the kid...now the child alr suffer now ...too late !

Josephine Shi -- Shld teach her lessons put her to jail is so sad seeing babies ill treated by maids sporeans employ maid pay them give them a place to stay n provide 3 meals for them tis is wat happens they think they will have such gd life in their own country

Tan Chai Sin -- It becos out government always sentence the foreign maid too lenient.

So they nvr got afraid. Have sen so many cases, in the end , thry just sent back n registered as a new maid again

Donald Yeo -- (Sigh) working parents are always at the mercy of maids. They could not do anything to prevent cruelty done to their innocent infant babies left solely to these cruel maids. This is the problem with today's way of life! Even if the grandparents are around to oversee the maids this is not a guarantee that the babies left in the charge of these cruel maids would be safe. Where is the solution? What is the solution, if any? What could the parents do when they have evidence of such cruelty? Report the maid and sack her? But this does not eradicate the cruelty already done to their their poor baby! Sigh! The parents need to work to sustain the standard of life they wish to maintain.

Dadear Momo -- I think those with young kids and old folks at home should install camera to protect them. Know of a case whereby the maid would abuse this senile old lady whenever no one was watching. They only caught her when the lady's son installed a hidden camera and saw the abuse.

LoveIs Mahal -- Poor baby..she should not vent her frustrations onto the baby. I think she's not in her proper mind. She must be young and stressful. I am a nanny too here and taking care 3 kids. Been working in this family for more than 9 years & I solely taking care these 3 children. Hiring a helper to take good care of your kids must be physically and emotionally stable. Age is a must too when hiring a maid. I believe when u are young , u are prone to stress and no self control over temperament.

Nhörmz Ngayawan -- If you cannot handle stress and pressure then better break your contract and go home to plant sweet potato than to harm an innocent child...

Liang Liang -- Look further to the root cause. Why need a maid? Why can't one parent take care of their kids? It's all because the cost of living kills!

Lee Yong Yee -- Pls send a strong message to all FDW that any abuse on anybody will have a immense consequence. Corporal punishment should be considered in such cases. I mean 2 yr old kid? How sicker can that person be??

Mingyue Or -- Really glad that the parents of the two kids found out now. Those who engaged domestic helper at home should know that the law in Singapore protected the helpers so well that the employers are always at the helpless end. Perhaps that the reason why the quality of the helpers nowsdays are bad.

Mitch Oyonoyon -- Poor kid!! Hope she won't be traumatised on what the helper did to her. Golden rule when you take care of little ones,don't lay a finger on them but just talk to them. If can't handle the stress, better go back to the agency. Im a helper myself but it's really a no no to hurt the kids.

Bhakt Yap -- So sad. I am sure there were many other cases which went unreported. This kind of action cannot be tolerated. Maids are supposed to be care-givers not torturers. In this case the husband should get his wife to kick that b***h back since men cannot hit women. Sometimes we pity these maids also no point.

Ruth Tan-Khew -- There are helpers who also ill treat the elderly especially those dependent on helpers. There are good DH and bad ones, the same for employers too. Sometimes, the good helpers are influenced by the bad ones during their Off days. We give them Off day to relax but they also gossip, compare and learn bad stuff from their friends.

Phoebe C. Dioneto -- What the hell with this maid y did she do that!!! Babys are stress reliever for me. Even how tired i am when i saw my darling (my employers daughter) i just ask her to call my name and hug her im ok already. Makes me cry saw this video.the baby doesnt know anything she had to understand them. So sad.

Rosalind Thung  -- This vid broke my heart.Totally empathise with the daddy..extremely rare to have a helper who would treat a child as their own.Had numerous maids who did not look after my kids properly..in the end did without a helper and am so much happier without one. Having a good helper is akin to winning a lottery literally

Lim Sylvia -- This is really sickening. How to entrust our kids to this kind of helper? Sometimes we really have no choice and just pray we have a good helper. Some helpers come here to have fun and bring problems to their employers . I agree sometimes we can have good helpers but so far I did not encounter one that is really really good or sincere. Just average and I just treat them as my employee rather than someone close to me. No matter what, these helpers will not appreciate how nice we are towards them.

Lucas Tan -- This is sick... I hope this case is brought up to the ministries and hope things don't happened again. I'm sure there are more similar cases it's just that there are no cameras. It's not worth treating foreigners well or not. It's their choice to be domestic worker and now they are causing domestic violence.

Aikiar Ang -- I really hope MOM take serious action... this is not the first case.... nor last I believe...we need to stop this....

轮椅老伯咳不停 女佣换位啃鸡腿, Lianhe Wanbao, 1 Oct 2015
网友Ai Lee在宏茂桥第347座组屋楼下的一间咖啡店,目睹令她感到不满的一幕。

Netizen saw a maid feasting on chicken wing while elderly man was given rice and veg.  When maid got annoyed by the old man's persistent coughing, she decided to shift to another table to enjoy her food in comfort.

This was found in Ang Mo Kio Blk 347.  Netizen hopes that this old man's family can beware.
Winter: An Indonesian maid was found guilty to 'force' a 14 years old boy to have sex with her.  She was only given a light 10 months sentence.  Judge knew maid has been tested positive for Chlamydia trachomatis, a sexually transmitted disease yet chose to pass a light sentence for her evil intention (ruin a boy's life).  

If a man raped a minor (girl) what will be his lightest sentence?  Certainly not 10 months!
How come the mandatory FDW medical check up didn't show maid has sexually transmitted disease?  This maid joined the household for only TWO months. Are new/modern maids so scheming and sex deprived? 

What's MOM - Ministry of Manpower doing to safeguard citizen's interest?  Why the agency who screened and gave maid the job placement wasn't in the light and be punished?
Why it became employer and family's misfortune/liability when such thing happened? Where's our rights and protection?  

According to MOM .... in response to ST forum letters regarding this evil and sex craving maid, Employers want better protection, pay more for tests such as HIV, Hepatitis or upgrade FDW's medical insurance (increase coverage to limit risk exposure).... sounds fair?  Can't MOM put a stop to all these nonsense and rotten apples polluting our land?  All these bad maids, employers are fully responsible for them?  What are we, ATM machines?  
What's the role of agencies and Sporeans' MOM? MOM has been working hard to protect the interest of FDWs.... giving us unnecessary pain and unfair policies.  Is this how a caring govt/MOM works? Help source countries to push knives on its citizens? Ensure foreigners get the best out of our pockets? We are not earning as much as managers, ministers or business employers/proprietors.  Why make us go thru so much unfairness just because of the word "FDW's Employer"?  Why MOM allow activists and FDWs to accuse employers of not treating FDWs like human beings?  Anybody with eyes can see the policies are to FDWs and agencies benefit.  Law abiding employers are left in the lurch and bullied by those so call vulnerable maids.  Tell me, who's there or which minister is standing up to voice for FDW's Employers?

Maid jailed for sex with employer's teenage son, Straits Times, 23 Sep 2015
A domestic worker has been jailed for 10 months for having sex with a minor half her age.  
The 28-year-old Indonesian woman admitted on Monday to having sex with her employer's 14-year-old son in their house on Sept 5. Neither party can be named due to a gag order.

The court heard that the woman came to Singapore in late June and started working for the boy's family on July 3.  At about 7pm on Sept 5, the boy was at home with the woman and another foreign domestic helper. His parents and his uncle, who lives there, were not at home at the time.

The Secondary 2 student was showing card tricks to the woman when she tried to hug him, but he moved her hand away.  Later, he went up to his room. The woman followed shortly after. He was seated when she approached him from behind and kissed his cheeks and neck.  He stood up and tried to walk to the door.  However, before he could leave, she hugged him and began to undress.

Stunned by what was happening, he did not resist. She then removed his clothes, led him to his bed and had sex with him.  She stopped when she heard the boy's uncle come home.  The boy later told his father what had happened and his mother called the police.  

Deputy Public Prosecutor Nicholas Lai cited aggravating factors when he asked the court to impose at least 10 months' jail on the woman.  He said there was breach of trust and a wide age disparity between the parties.  She also had unprotected sex with the boy - which, in itself, was reprehensible - when she had been tested positive for Chlamydia trachomatis, a sexually transmitted disease.

"It could have been sheer luck that the boy was eventually not infected, but the fact remains that she put the boy at risk of being infected, and an adverse inference should be drawn against her,'' he said.  The woman, whose sentence was backdated to Sept 7, could have been jailed for up to 10 years and fined for having sex with a person under 16 years old.

Maid jailed for stealing luxury watches, cash from employer Straits Times, 5 Aug 2015
A domestic worker stole two luxury watches worth $95,000 from her employer last September, and handed them to another maid who was returning home.  

Indonesian Muinah asked her compatriot, Dewi, to hand the two watches - a $60,000 Franck Muller watch and a $35,000 Van Cleef & Arpels watch - to her mother back in her home town.

In all, she stole cash and property worth more than $160,000 from her employer, and was sentenced to 18 months' jail yesterday.  Muinah, 35, admitted to three of five charges. Two were for theft as a servant and the other for removing the watches she had stolen from the jurisdiction of Singapore.

A district court heard that Muinah had been working for Ms Esther Minah Mohamed Shah, 33, since May 2013.  When her employer moved from her home in Bishan to a rented house in Nim Road last September, she asked Muinah to help her pack all her jewellery in a luggage bag.  Muinah was packing the luggage bag when she stole the two watches and hid them inside a kitchen cabinet. She subsequently handed the watches to Dewi.

Between Oct 1 last year and May 9 this year, Muinah stole cash and jewellery totalling $65,157 while cleaning the house in Nim Road.  After stealing the items, she would hide them inside her personal bag, and then underneath the refrigerator outside the storeroom of the house.

On May 9, Ms Minah made a check and found local and foreign currencies as well as some pieces of jewellery under the refrigerator. She then lodged a police report.  After realising that the maid had also stolen the two watches, Ms Minah's husband flew to Indonesia and managed to get them back from the maid's mother.

District Judge Hamidah Ibrahim backdated Muinah's sentence to May 11. The maximum penalty for theft as a servant is seven years' jail and a fine.

Maid jailed for scissors killing, Mypaper, 28 Jul
A 25 years old domestic maid from Myanmar got 13 years' jail yesterday for killing her employer's 87-year-old mother-in-law.  Than Than Win pleaded guilty in the High Court to a charge of culpable homicide for stabbing Yong Wan Lan with a pair of scissors at Springdale Condominium in Hindhede Walk, Bukit Timah, on March 4 last year.

Her charge was reduced from murder as she had been diagnosed by a psychiatrist from the Institute of Mental Health to be suffering from severe depression with psychotic symptoms at the time.  The maid had been working for the family for more than a year, and was alone at home with the elderly woman when she became increasingly angry over a scolding she received from Madam Yong that morning.

The maid got the largest pair of scissors she could find from a kitchen drawer, then repeatedly stabbed the senior, who was too frail to retaliate.  After killing Madam Yong, the maid washed herself in the bathroom with her clothes on. She then left the apartment, drenched and barefoot, and wandered around the estate. She got a saw from a parked truck and tried to cut her neck, but was stopped by a worker.

During sentencing, Justice Chan Seng Onn noted that the maid had viciously attacked a very elderly grandmother she was supposed to help look after.  The judge noted that she inflicted at least 21 stab wounds on Madam Yong, two of which were fatal injuries to her heart and lungs.

Culpable homicide carries a sentence of up to 20 years' jail or life imprisonment.

Maid jailed for theft, tainting water, Straits Times, 16 Jul 2015
About two weeks after stealing money from her employer, a Myanmar domestic worker added a corrosive substance into an electric kettle used to store drinking water.  For the two offences in February this year, to which she pleaded guilty, Khin Aye Sein, 24, was yesterday sentenced to a total of 30 months and two weeks in jail.

A district court heard that Aye Sein stole $90 from her employer, Madam Lim Khee Koon, 59, at her Holland Grove View house on Feb 4. She hid the money in the sole of her slipper.

On Feb 17, Madam Lim went to the market after making soup for her two-year-old grandson. When she returned about an hour later, she made some tea but it turned black and had an unusual smell.

She then poured water from the electric kettle and noted that there were a lot of bubbles. Worried, she checked on the soup and found that it smelled bad and was black as well. There were also white crystals on the inner surface of the pot.

She told her son later that day and called the police. Investigations showed that Aye Sein had earlier added a pinch of drainpipe cleaner to the electric kettle, knowing that it would cause harm.

Aye Sein told police that she did it "to make the victim angry", said Deputy Public Prosecutor Nicholas Wuan. Asked by the court why, she said her employer nagged at her.

A Health Sciences Authority report said the corrosive chemicals in the cleaner could damage skin and mucous membranes.

Aye Sein could have been jailed for up to seven years and fined for theft; and jailed for up to five years and fined for the other offence.

Facebook comments:
Chris Marie Macol - I never did this to my boss, no matter how fierce she is when she gets angry and nagged at me, but I pray instead...I ask the Lord to calm her down...

Patrick S J Ho Shirley - My maid stole USD 250 from me. I confronted her and she admitted. I recorded it on my mobile video. I gave her a chance..she has 2 school going kids. I would hv sent her to jail.. but I believe in compassion. Warned her about the consequences if she did it again.

Shirley Seah - Really there is no such person called maid.. "Maid" is just a job description. It is the person U bring home to work with U tat matters n it is U who willing accepted the offer. It benefit each other if the relationship goes well. Forgiveness works better than punishment. For the worst case, let go is more wise than taking revenge ..

Yilan Nelson - Stealing is different from poisoning...especially when vulnerable old people and young children are involved.

Shirley Seah - Can forgive.. if she did it out of ignorant n immaturity. "Reform" let her do it herself. U noticed our govt has a light hand on maid cases ... ...

Patrick S J Ho - Ah..to be honest and fair.. the helper in this case KNEW what she was doing.. this is vengeful. Cannot forgive. I have come across my clients maid accidentally putting soap Epsom salt in food thinking it's was salt, employers putting washing liquids in food labeled containers.. these are ignorance through no fault of helpers.

Anne M M Seow - I guess if the wrongdoings committed have no malice intended, then yes, i do agree with you about the 2nd chances.

Lynn Flint-Sung - There are always good and bad in every trades and nationalities. Once a pinoy domestic helper took all my loose change which I believed amounted to several hundreds. My mom was the one who kept them in a big jug with S$1 coins and etcs. 

Dadear Momo - My maid stole from me many times, caught her stealing and lying but gave her more than one chance..... Continue to try other means to steal from me to give to her gambling boyfriend .... Had enough and send her back to Myanmar. Seriously, I have a very bad experience with Myanmar maid. Now whenever I see a Burmese, I can't help but think negatively of him or her. I think it is a culture kind of thing. Their sense of right and wrong seem to be missing. I think they lack the moral compass to do the right thing. Money seem to be more impt to them than anything else.

Serene Tan - I employed a Myanmar's maid last year for about 6 mths and noted that a lot of households items started to go missing. Tea cups without saucer, towels and clothings went missing after washing...
Slept at 8 pm and wake up at 7am. When questioned her she argued back even at the agent's office when I return her to the agent. The staff said they never seen a maid so fierce and rude.

Melody Song - the employer must treat the domestic worker as part of the family! they're new to this country n away from her family so the employer n his family have to be patient n show caring for the maid!

Syazana Subahan - Sometimes we treat them like our own family n trust them also, they start telling alot of lies...

Apryle Convocar Lozano Grey - It's a matter of knowing your limits and knowing where you stand as a helper....I've been here for 9 years the same employer since I came,I'm Incharge of our household budget as well children's school allowances not to mention the extra money for our medical expenses if needed and another amount of money for emergency to be transferred to children's ATM if they don't have money for school needs.I don't have a day off but my weekends was spend at home using Internet,and I'm happy and contented with that. But my employer never restrict me if I asked them that I need to meet or visit my relatives here. "In every mistakes there is a consequences"

Nafeesa Docura - It's a job. Like any other job. Employees can't expect employers to be kind and hold their hands and be understanding forever. If you're not prepared to work, why apply for such a job?

Susan Chan - Nowadays we employ a "Maid" like a "Bomb" anytime they will explosion. So scary! Is better to ask inlaws/own parents take care our kids ... be careful of them ..no matter Mayanmar/Indonesia/Philippine/Thailand maids all the same.

Mellyani Kembang Muteran - Every body is defferent madam don't treat all maid same the race n country doesn't matter that depend for the person character,thanks .luckyly i have good employer stay Singapore in 10yrs .

Cathjane Alcones - Do not point your fingers to all the "helpers"madame coz there's a lot of employer's also that not following the laws of MOM...a lot of helper are not giving enough food,enough rest and even day off of their respective employer's...physically and verbally abused.

Lalyn Labis Albacite - Carefull with your words, not at all are the same, some employers also are not good some are bad and some are very good. Its all depends on how you treat human beings.

Maki Pulido - Who are you to say those words excuse me the way you talk I think your the one who is always explode even in a small things,and can u please don't point your fingers to all or else I will cut it !!

David Tian - Try to be a maid just for one month. Otherwise stick your toe in your mouth.

Susan Chan - Majority maids are like that ... not like last time so simple minded. Nowadays maids more smarter than employers. I am telling the facts! Please don't deny ..

Charita Coloma - hw about singaorean beating their helper and did not even follow to the rules. do u follow to all the rules like stated in every domestic HELPER contract . there is rule there saying helper must have home leave , every year, dID U PAY UR HELPER EVRY YEARA IF SHE DID NOT WANTTO TAKE HER VACATION DO U PAY HER2 WY TICKET AD HALF OF HER SALLARY.......DO U DO THAT?

Jenny Lim SL - Many years ago, we caught our maid red handed for abusing my baby as we had noticed bruising marks on her body earlier, but instead of reporting her to police, we sent her back to her country instead. However, some days I would wonder if I had done the right thing since she would be able to continue working as a maid and perhaps caused hurt to other babies too. Now even with a maid, I prefer to take care of my children myself and not leave my kids with them unless absolutely no choice, once bitten twice shy.

Lok Poh Yoke - Careful with the maid if scolded,she scoop the water from the toilet bowl ,make milk for the baby. CCTV is a must!

Christina Christina - Im sure she knows wat she is doin when she added the cleaner to the water supply...we can close an eye to small amt stealing but no to causing harm...these days helper unlike b4...

Margaret Chan - The maid should be jail for doing wrong to the family..for stealing & putting poison in the water..

Shirley Seah - U can complain abt how others were unkind to U .... but what U did, show what U r as a person . Such action U hv will bring more unpleasantness to yr life because U sow those seeds .. u r looking for those ugly growths ... so how cld U appreciate a fine field for good planting wen it appear to U.

Han Zhi Hao - This is a lesson to parents: Do not nag at your children. It makes you a great nuisance-you see, even a maid see their employer as killable object.

June Tan - She is really lucky not to be charged with attempted murder.
Imagine if the child was fed with the water or soup without looking. Evil hearted!

Vanessa Oh - Stealing can be forgive, but poisoning with intentions is definitely not acceptable! I just cant understand those minority helpers who do such things to employers. Can you imagine,if your parents or children being feed poisons back in your hometown?

Li Fen Low - Myanmar maids need to get used to city life and drop all evilness b4 coming here. This is Singapore where law rules. Perhaps this is how u solve a problem in Myanmar but not in Singapore. Calm down, it's just a nagging.

Chai Kath - You need serious teaching! Give bad name to your parents, your country n other hardworking myanmese maids in spore!

Loh Wai Poon - Stealing n putting poison in water is too pervert a revenge against nagging by employer. This is not the general reflection of Myanmar maids. However we must have zero tolerance of such crimes at homes. Home is a castle to us. We don't expect anyone harming us at home. Let work out our differences in other peaceful ways. No harm to maids, no harm to their employers.

Mark Cheng - Bro, I think your wrong. It is exactly how they were bought up in their own country that they behave that way. They still very much practice an eye for an eye.

Loh Wai Poon - An individual action cannot be taken as representative of her race or nation. We have many Myanmar maids here, if they have this trait of being vindictive towards their employers, then we will much more cases! Fact is we have very few cases that we are shocked by this case. They are here to work, not to take revenge.

Ady Goh B S - pinoy maids I had were liars! no matter how well u treat them they dont appreciate. what type of mentality??!

Cathjane Alcones - Opps...there's a saying " what goes around,comes around"!...please try to check yourself first sir...coz if you are a good employer,God will bless you a good helper...and do not generalize that maid are liar.

Jenifer M. Almås - If your 1st helper & 2nd helper didn't work out for you, maybe something wrong with them.. But hiring a 3rd, 4th & so forth?? I suggest that you should start checking yourself specially your attitude towards them.. Question yourself why those maids (as you call them) are treating you the way you described....

Maki Pulido - Excuse me Mr.not all Filipino helper is like what you said,
I believe Filipino workers are more trustees but if you do wrong of course they will show their attitude like you did

Cleo Francisco - When one helper do something.wrong they generalize the whole helper in Singapore and take note saying all the harsh things with all the pinays .pathetic right

Maki Pulido - I know why most employer taking Myanmar helper,because low salary than others, so far we know most of them ( Myanmar ) did not go studying so we know that they are less knowledge so why you take them I think employer getting stingy lol!!!

Christine Tiyu - This domestic helper must be punished accordingly for her action - for wanting to cause serious harm to her employer and family.

Jasmine Calinawan - Respect begets respect. Treat helpers as a human being. We are being paid for our services not our dignity. It's a case basis. I'm working in a Singaporean family of almost 2 decade. Loyalty is there. Give and take relation. We cannot judge a person mistake for general.

Kim Eng - Which maid agency is she from? Maid agencies are also responsible for bringing in maids with bad attitudes and not prepared to work here. Furthermore let me stress this is not part of your holiday. Work is work and cut all the craps !

Cindy Neo - U came here to work not to enjoy life.. U count Urself lucky not being ill treated.. How could u even do such a thing??

Francis Albert Pineda - if only MOM will conduct a regular psychological test and emotional check to our domestic helpers to avoid such things like this or even worst they can kill their bosses

Maid fractured baby's elbow, Straits Times, 1 Jul 2015
A maid was sentenced to two weeks' jail after she caused a fracture on the right elbow of her employer's seven-month-old daughter in February by yanking on the baby's arm.

Valencia Gemalyn Garma, 24, a Filipina, had been employed to do general house cleaning and look after her employer's two children.  The court heard that on Feb 21, at about 1.30am, Garma, who had been working for the family for seven months, had settled down to sleep with the baby when the child began crying.

She said she had not managed to fall asleep and was agitated and tired after having had to care for her employer's older child, who is two years old. She picked up the baby in an attempt to pacify her, carrying her on her right arm.  Deputy Public Prosecutor Fong Jin Heng submitted that Garma's failure to inform her employer of the possible injury significantly delayed the baby's mother from seeking necessary medical attention.

Later, she transferred the baby to her chest by forcefully pulling at the baby's right arm. When the baby continued crying for 10 minutes, Garma suspected that she had hurt the baby, but she did not inform her employer out of fear.  The employer was awakened by the baby's cries and took over, telling Garma to go to sleep.

But when her daughter continued to cry for half an hour before falling asleep, and woke up crying again at 3am, she became concerned that the baby might be in pain. Examinations by doctors at Thomson Medical Centre and KK Women's and Children's Hospital revealed that the child had suffered a fracture to her right elbow.

When questioned by her employer, Garma initially denied any involvement but later admitted to hurting the child.  Deputy Public Prosecutor Fong Jin Heng submitted that Garma's failure to inform her employer of the possible injury significantly delayed the baby's mother from seeking necessary medical attention.

District Judge Toh Yung Cheong took into account the fact that Garma had not had prior experience in caring for children and her tired state at the time of the negligent act, and ordered a sentence of two weeks' jail.

For causing grievous hurt by a negligent act, Garma could have been jailed up to six months and fined up to $2,500.

Maid jailed six weeks for causing hurt to employer's nine-month-old baby, Straits Times, 3 Jun 2015
A foreign domestic worker who vented her frustration at her employer's baby girl was sentenced to six weeks' jail on Tuesday (June 2) for causing hurt to the child.

Lalkhawngaihi, a 24-year-old Indian national, admitted to dropping the nine-month-old baby from a height of 15cm into her baby cot and then forcefully pulling her hand to drag her out of the cot which resulted in the baby suffering a 1.5cm irregular red patch around her armpit.

The offence happened at a flat in Choa Chu Kang on April 10 this year.  As Lalkhawngaihi's sentence was backdated to April 13, she is deemed to have completed her jail term.  The court heard that Lalkhawngaihi was hired in August last year to take care of the infant.  Some time in April this year, she was instructed to feed the baby whenever she woke up between 3am and 5am.

At about 4.30am that day, the baby woke up and began crying.  Lalkhawngaihi woke up and carried the child for a while before she dropped the baby into the cot from a height of about 15cm.  She did this as she was angry and frustrated at the victim for crying and disturbing her sleep, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Winston Man.

The victim became quiet for a while but started crying again shortly after. This time, Lalkhawngaihi pulled the baby's right hand to drag her out before leaving the room together with the victim to get some milk.  By then, the victim's parents had been awakened by the child's cries. They went through the CCTV footage and discovered what the accused had done.  Her female employer reported the incident to the police the next day.

Lalkhawngaihi said she was sorry and asked the court for one more chance. She also said she wanted to return home to look after her mother.  She could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined up to $5,000.

Winter:  Don't think Spore is lenient or fair to Sg employers.  If no CCTV was shown, such case wouldn't be known or published.  No proof, the maid can be spared and be recycled to another unfortunate employer.  The agony and the process to find the truth is taxing.  

Being able to find a good, caring and responsible helper is hard, regardless how much you paid the agency and your FDW.  Luck and the existing MOM regulations ... gave leeways to FDWs, source countries and agencies, thus, resulted in tough lives for full-time working parents like us. 

Serangoon flat fire: Maid arrested for mischief by fire, The New Paper, 1 Feb 2015
Worried that her maid would have no clothes to wear after she was discharged, Mrs Gina Ong said she bought new clothes for her.
"But police told me not to see her," the 32-year-old interior designer added.

She soon found out why. At about 3.30pm yesterday, several police officers went to her flat on the 10th storey of Block 506, Serangoon North Avenue 4, with the 28-year-old woman from Myanmar in tow.
They took the maid around the gutted unit and emerged after about 1½ hours. To Mrs Ong's shock, the police had put handcuffs on her maid.
"I can't believe it," said Ms Ong in tears as the maid was led away.

They hired her for 11 days, but she will end up costing them more than 100k to fix their house. Maid admitted to the police that she started the fire in the living room, then went to the room of the employer's young daughter where she burned the mattress. She also allegedly told the doctors at the hospital where she was treated for smoke inhalation that she was very happy. Employers are distraught, and say they have been nothing but nice to the maid. They bought her clothes, a new bed, new pillows and a blanket. But she burned down their house. 

Read more here.

Couple suspected maid from India mistreated their 3 years old boy.  Based on CCTV, they found that their newly hired maid has added chilli powder and salt into their son's food which resulted in a bloated tummy.

Since most of the time, son will be alone with FDW so to play safe, the couple has CCTV installed.







An Indonesian domestic worker was jailed for three months on Monday for ill-treating her employer's 16-month-old daughter.  Supriyani, 24, pleaded guilty to slapping the child three times and lifting her up by grabbing her head at a flat in the western part of Singapore on Oct 8 this year.

A district court heard that Supriyani had been working for the employer since May. This was her first job.  That afternoon, the victim's mother left the unit to buy some groceries, leaving maid and child alone.  When the employer returned, Supriyani, who was carrying the child, told her that the victim had bruises under her left eye due to constant rubbing.

She became suspicious when she noticed marks on the victim's left cheek that looked like a handprint.  On viewing CCTV footage, she saw Supriyani slapping the child on the right cheek while feeding the girl, who was strapped in a high chair.

About two minutes later, the maid gave a hard slap on the victim's left cheek and lifted her up from the chair by grabbing her head. She also shook the victim, who began crying but eventually calmed down.  Four minutes later, she again slapped the girl on the right cheek. The child cried so much she vomited.

When this happened, the maid became angry and grabbed the toddler by the head and shook her vigorously.  The mother called her sister who told her to call the police.

District Judge Low Wee Ping, who backdated Supriyani's sentence to Oct 10, told the maid that shaking a child vigorously could result in serious and permanent damage, especially to the brain.  He said it was fortunate that the baby did not suffer any other injuries other than the small red mark under her left lower eyelid.  Supriyani could have been fined up to $4,000 and/or jailed for up four years for ill-treating a child.

Straits Times Facebook Comments:
Deah Borhan - Waaahhhh everybody can just comment.  Do u know the new generation maid? They not happy they abuse so when they do get caught.Just change employer...Why mothers cannot raise their own child? Get govt to implement all companies to have childcare attach to office. We dun mind bringing kids to work. Childcare free for all...I dun mind.Having a maid never solve problem.They add to our problem.

Neela Vengadasalam - The maid deserved to be punished. If she can't handle ask for transfer. What right has she got to inflict pain to that little helpless child. Really annoying.

Cheoh Boo - Says the person who has never given birth before or having to juggle the role of a full time mother, wife, daughter and employee all in one.

李姎芳 - Dun understand why some ppl will make statement like 'why give birth and yet don't want to stay home take care, why still go out to work, etc'...

In the perfect world, money drop from the sky... But too bad, we're living in a far from perfect world...

Peter Weed - Cause these fools doesnt know we locals need to work a lot harder to earn as equal as those expat.

Stephanie Luo - WTF?! Lifting by the head?! I hate it when they tell you the max sentence to such cases but end up the maid only gets a mere 3 months. So the court is waiting for the child to suffer dearly before a more severe punishment is given.

Serene Laow - Just simply don't understand how can some ignorant guy putting the blame on the mom. Obviously is the stupid maid fault. Cannot take it then resign or run away, why take it on the child? I wish to blame on the father too, but I don't want to make a fool of myself.

Raymond - Gist The maid did wrong and should be punished, however the big picture here is that so many are letting someone else act as parent for their children. Children need their parents, so many maids are filling that role instead .I dont agree with it

Alfy Yant - My cousin maid was sentence 2 weeks ago to 1 week in jail only for feeding a celebral palsy child with hot boiling water. Certified by d doctors at NUH was a 1st deg burn he suffer mouth n throat. D child was warded longer then d maid sentence. Their(maid n lawyers) story was d maid stress. Have to look after 3 children. Which 1 of them is in childcare. N d d grandma is always at home helping in everyway. Where is justice??? No where to be seen or near?? Wat is happening to Singapore??

Bommayi Bomma Standard statement will be.
Maid under stress so vent the anger on d kid.
Some will say why blame d maid?
But d devil did not think abt d child before doing tis.
Wat kind of punishment is tis 3mnths or else fine.
Shld leave a permanent scar on her so tat she will remember for life.
Well our govt gives so much of freedom n support them.

Walter Gan - Maid could be too pressurized and probably employer is too demanding that spark the maids to revenge using the child as a tradeoff.

Deah Borhan - I agree with some not all but some. Do you know the new generation maid mainly indonesian do not sent money to their home but to their account instead. They spend sgd dollars to doll themselves up cos of sunday off...They spent money on smartphone to talk to their bf on their next meeting. Or rendevous.So when they tell their sob story ask them how much do they sent back home to indon. The old gen maid they are the genuine one who work for the sake of building a nest for their future.How many of them.really save n think about their future? We sg rean have to abide by the rule.Give them shelter.Own bed Aircon room n food accessible to them 24/7.i have my ex maid complain she getting fat cos we eat chicken meat fish everyday.What they do?Become lazy.Housework only do basic.Let our children watch n glued to tv all day n she chit chat for 3-4 hours on the phone.We mothers have to work 8 hours in an office.Do paperwork from 8 am -6pm every single day with 45 mins lunch n 30 mins teabreak.So who is freaking the lady of the house here.We sgrean work from mon-fri.alt sat off.the only off day is sunday..So what freaking stress are you freaking talking about.That we oso lee way give them off day on sunday.They go holidays with us.Really bro,they are bunch of ingrate when back in indo.They could not even get a proper meal.Think every story have 2 sides.Listen to both side n make judgement.

Yoanna Kim Annisa - Very simple..if cannot take the presure & stress dont work as a maid...no matter what the maid basic thing is to respect their employer & family...the baby is innocent...

Marrisha Mary From my view, im a maid too, I've stay in training center fr 3 x., mostly employer prefer to young n nice looking maid to tc their young children, they dont care whether she has experience or not, young n nice looking maid not guarantee tt she will do her job better

Danielle Noriega Lee - What the maid had done is wrong but what triggered it would be the employers verbal and physical abuses. Employers should be kinder to their maids and talk to them about work. But some maids are incorrigible. Many but not all are lazy and would take things for granted.

Hong Lin - Just be discerning when employing maids especially for very young children n the elderlies. Know the statistics of the various maids that committed unkind acts n which countries they come from would help provide a reason to choose a particular maid. Good luck!

Dani'El Herwie  - This debate of who should be blame will never end. Reality is, it works both ways. Respect must be mutually given and receive by both employers and helpers. If employers want to entrust their babies to strangers, at least make the stranger/helper be part of the family first. Once that emotional barrier is down, helpers will work better and efficiently for their employers.

I have seen employers acting high-handedly towards their helpers. At the same time, I have seen employers treating their helpers with so much respect. Nobody is born wanting to hurt babies. But people want to hurt those who are helpless because they themselves are hurt.

Shanti Vellu - Sad it's only 3 months. If the situation was the other way round?

Norkhatilah Maricar - Maid from hell! I would have slapped the maid a few times before reporting. How dare she did what she did. No empathy for an innocent child.

Maid allegedly forces two-year-old boy to eat his faeces in toilet, The New Paper/Star, 16 Dec 2014

A grandmother was horrified when she found faeces stuck on her 2-year-old grandson's teeth at a house in Subang Jaya, Selangor, last Thursday (Dec 11), reported China Press.  

Upon questioning, the boy told her that their maid had allegedly forced him to eat his faeces in the toilet.  The Indonesian maid, who started work three months ago, was sent back to a maid agency.

A police report has been filed.

Maid who burnt boy with an iron steamer gets 15 months’ jail, TODAY Nov 2013
A domestic helper who placed a heated iron steamer on the back of a two-year-old boy was today (Nov 22) sentenced to 15 months’ jail.  The 31-year-old Indonesian maid and victim cannot be named due to a gag order.

The incident happened in August this year at a unit in Woodlands Drive. At that time, the child was staying with his aunt as his parents had been admitted to a drug rehabilitation centre.  The victim, his brother and the maid were alone in the flat.

Court documents state that the boy was crying and asking the maid for biscuits when she burnt him with the hot iron steamer. She then applied ointment on the burn marks and threw away the boy’s singlet to get rid of evidence.

The maid faced another charge of causing hurt by using her mobile phone to hit the boy’s head, pulling his hair and kicking his waist. This was taken into account during sentencing.  In mitigation, the maid told the court her parents, who are in Indonesia, are very old and she has to take care of them. She added that she has to support her two children.  For causing hurt using the hot iron steamer, the maid could have been jailed up to seven years, fined and caned


  1. I was a first time employer who had just given birth 2 weeks when Siti's acts were uncovered and her stunts shown. Thus, couldn't think of the best way to handle it.

    My family was too stunned and shocked that she actually dare to climb out of the window and abseil down to 'escape' with her loot. And when she returned again to ask us to take her back, all in our mind was to prevent her from getting close to my baby and taking out the knife etc, as warned by the police officer.

    This is SG and not some third world country and she's a woman so we didnt expect all these episodes to happen. Also, she was treated like part of the family; ate salmon, drumsticks, Japanese brand ice-cream, slept in own bedroom with proper bed and mattress, and we even helped her shopped and brought her shopping to buy things back for her family and also arranged the courier for her big carton. Thus, was really a stab in our backs.

    I was also very shocked when I received the letter from MOM to inform me that Siti Masidah has been successfully re-employed and new permit has been given.

    It's a shocking and rude way to learn how to handle maid for a first timer and we are still learning with the current one.

    Before getting her, we read forums on guidelines on what to expect etc but nothing beats real time experience.

  2. Can we start a website or database and post the names, work permit number of those maids we know are bad?

  3. I had an ex-maid long time ago who had countless boyfriends, stole my clothes and I even had a video of her pushing my 9 mth old baby to the floor with hands on her neck, like strangling action. We have video evidence. Basically works 2 hours a day and sleep or on phone whole day while I am at work and entrusted her with my kids as I had no other alternatives. Finally we decided to let her go as she was getting too uncontrollable as Bangladeshi workers were meeting her at my front door. We sent her back first and thereafter felt that its important to notify MOM of the issues in case she comes back and gives another family headache.

    Unfortunately MOM say they cannot blacklist her. I felt so helpless thinking, oh dear, an accident may one day happen, if she can mishandle my baby, one day another baby will get it. MOM says many employers try to blacklist but it's unfair to the maid as they are not able to defend themselves so they cannot blacklist her. I offered to make a police report and show evidence of the video but was told it will not be helpful as it is not a case strong enough to blacklist her. I did make a police report to be safe, in case she comes back and create trouble as she is not trustworthy and may give me trouble. Police says nothing much can do since she is not in Singapore but if she ever return and I want to pursue, I can try to go to them again, but it seems very difficult. I have had a few maids and so far had 3 very good ones and 2 maids who are not worth employing. More trouble than help...became an additional "kid" for me to take care. Even had to cook and serve this maid. Headache. So it's really not easy no blacklist. MOM usually don't entertain.

  4. Informed MOM that I wanted to blacklist my ex-maid who is now with another Employer for using soap to wash my food. Guess what-MOM's reply was that they cannot blacklist maids. The most they could do is to add a comment that future employers can only contact me for reference.

  5. After reading the articles that sharing by you, i realised that fdw cannot be trusted.

  6. Do you know animals don't know how to surf net, use Facebook, only humans can? Nowadays maids get into a mental failure stage, telling employers to treat them like human beings.

    Have these ungrateful women spared a thought and treat their employers like stressed human beings? There are many employers who work longer hours than FDWs, withstand more stress, responsible for the high living costs and still got to tolerate a princess-maid at home. Have any of you pity us, be understanding and contented with your good fortune to work in Spore earning SGD?

    Spore is a land that welcomes foreigners who cannot work, complain and complain, never ponder do they deserve something better. They come here to play hard so they see their FDW job as underpaid and far from foreign talents' benefits. Are you fit to match your other countryman's employment terms? Are you worth it?


This blog is not meant for screw-lose activists or loans. My blog aims to gather all FDWs' news scattered everywhere, become a one-stop site for mentally & financially bullied FDWs' employer to beware and learn. Don't pollute this blog with your pro-maid, insensible and selfish comments! Activists posting here are BLIND IDIOTS, IRRITATING freaks and deliberately showing no RESPECT for others... robbing our only breathing space.