22 Dec 2016

Facebook - Net savvy maid

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What maids did? Part 5
Push to educate maids on social media use, Straits Times, 22 Dec 2016
Maid employers and agencies said they will make a stronger effort to educate maids here about the use of social media and the dangers of using it to access radical ideologies.  This comes after the Home Affairs Ministry said on Sunday that five maids were found to have been radicalised through social media in the past two years while working here.

"It is common for many maids to own smartphones now. They use them to go on Facebook to chat with their friends or post pictures, but phones can also lead to abuses," said Ms Monica Leong, who runs Faith Employment Agency.

About two weeks ago, Indonesian anti-terror police arrested four women on suspicion of terrorism, including Dian Yulia Novi, 27. She had worked as a maid abroad, including in Singapore between 2008 and 2009, and was first exposed to radical teachings via Facebook.  Ms Leong said: "I used to touch briefly on phone usage during training. But I will take more time now to warn them of how social media can be dangerous, as there could be extreme ideas spreading online."

Orange Employment Agency owner Shirley Ng said: "We will advise the maids that in Singapore, we have various religions that we practise in moderate forms."  But she noted that while agencies make general background checks on maids, including their religious beliefs, they are not trained to detect those with extreme affiliations.

The Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training (Fast) has highlighted the urgent need for a national education programme to prepare employers and employment agencies for situations in which they suspect a maid of being radicalised. It plans to address this in its orientation programme for newly arrived maids.

While noting that cases of maids being radicalised remain isolated, employers here said having more open and regular talks with their maids could help expose any unusual changes in their behaviour.

Clamping down on maids' activities in their free time could backfire and "trust is more important", said one employer, Ms Eileen Tjandra, 46, who is self-employed.  Some, such as operations director Audrey Tan, 46, discuss news with their maids so they are more aware.  Her Indonesian maid of two years, Ms Emah Muklis, 33, has added her employer as a Facebook friend. She said: "I know what (Dian) did is not normal. I use Facebook for fun, and I have nothing (to hide)."

Working abroad can be lonely, and maids find solace in different spaces, said Ms Sheena Kanwar, executive director of the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics.  She noted: "Instead of going online, they can attend courses where people from different countries and backgrounds are welcome. It allows them to find support there."  

Maid pleas for help on Facebook -- but turns violent on cops when they arriveThe New Paper, 6 June 2015

A foreign domestic worker turned to Facebook in a plea for help on Wednesday.  But she put up a fierce struggle against police officers who came to her aid and ended up being pinned to the floor.

The maid from the Philippines, who is in her 20s, was arrested that night.  On Wednesday afternoon, she had updated her Facebook status with a simple "help me" followed by the address of the Ubi flat she works at.  When concerned Facebook friends commented, asking her what had happened, she requested only for their help to call the police.

Her post was brought to The New Paper's attention. TNP then alerted the police.  A police spokesman confirmed that they were alerted to a call for public assistance at about 7pm on June 3.  A woman in her 20s was arrested under the Mental Health Act, the spokesman said.  Under the law, the police can arrest a person who is reported to be mentally unsound, and believed to be of danger to himself or others. 

When TNP arrived at the Ubi flat at about 7.40pm on Wednesday, police officers were seen taking the statements of an elderly couple and a middle-aged woman, believed to be the Filipina's employers.  After about 30 minutes, wails and screams could be heard from the flat.  Police officers were seen trying to restrain the helper. It took at least three police officers to pin her down.  She was arrested under the Mental Health Act, and is understood to be warded at Changi General Hospital.

When TNP approached one of her employers yesterday, she would only say that "the case is closed" on her end, and declined to comment further.  The elderly woman, who declined to be named, claimed she did not call the police on her maid.  "She called the police herself. I was shocked when the police arrived at our doorstep.  "I don't know, maybe she has been emotionally unstable," she told TNP in Mandarin.

When asked if she will employ a new foreign domestic worker, she shrugged.  "We are all still a little shocked and haven't decided if we should look for a new helper. It is a headache," she said.  Neighbours TNP spoke to said that they saw police officers on Wednesday evening, but did not know what could have triggered the arrest.

The helper's family and friends were clueless too.  When contacted, her older sister said she was unhappy working in Singapore, and toyed with the idea of changing employers.  Friends told TNP they do not know what had happened to her and that they were worried for her.  Some of them had suggested on Facebook that she approach the Philippine Embassy for help when she posted the plea for help.  A foreign domestic worker who wanted to be known only as Grace told TNP that her call for help was the maid's first Facebook update in four months.  She first came to Singapore to work in February, said Grace, who works in Hong Kong.

"We don't know (what happened)... My friend said that she and (her) agency were not on good terms," she said.  Miss Chelsea, a foreign domestic worker who works in the Middle East, said she tried asking her family and friends in Singapore to help her.  "She is just not telling (us) anything about what happened to her.  "I know there's something wrong... (But she said) just call (the) police."  Investigations are ongoing, the police spokesman said.

I have extracted quite a number of comments that were find in the page of MJ.  The identity of MJ is Mahal Jat, a person who claimed to be an Indian expat cum FDW's employer.  He is one of the admin for a Facebook group, -“SHEG. Maid Jobs Singapore, No Fee/Deduction – For employers and maids”, in English.  I tried to browse SHEG but found a lot of pages were gone (closed). SHEG in Filipino language is still available but I don't understand so unable to translate.   

Then I stumbled upon this:
Mahal Jat, Preying on foreign domestic workers for sex through Facebook group?
His Facebook support group was meant to provide information to foreign domestic workers (FWDs) in Singapore. But he is now being accused of using it to lure the FDWs into having sex with him, with one claiming that she has borne him a child as a result.

Mahal Jat, whom the FDWs The Online Citizen (TOC) spoke to said he claimed to be from India and Australia, started the Faceook public group, “SHEG. Maid Jobs Singapore, No Fee/Deduction – For employers and maids”, in December 2012.  To date, it has garnered over 86,000 “likes”.

Since the accusations against Mahal Jat emerged, however, the page’s status has been changed to a closed group.  The group describes the Facebook page as a platform “where FDW meet each other to help each other with advice, information and advocacy.”  “There is no office, no managers, no leader, only SELF-LEADERS,” the page says. “Each member is encouraged to become a SELF-LEADER. Any member can help fellow members via the wall, Any member can seek help by posting on the wall.”

It encouraged FDWs & employers to “discuss FDW related issues, post job/helper wanted advert on the wall without transfer fee & salary deductions.”

Apparently, the FDWs found the page very helpful, and started to use it to interact with one another on various matters which concerned them, mostly about employment regulations, work-related problems. They also at times arrange meet-ups offline.

The controversy over Mahal Jat’s behaviour surfaced in May this year, when Filipina Angel Yash Reynoso, 29, posted on the wall of SHEG’s Facebook page that Mahal Jat had fathered her baby.  Her posts were shortly removed from the Facebook wall.

Mahal Jat reportedly denied being the man responsible for her pregnancy, and told Angel Yash Reynoso to abort the baby, which she refused.  Angel Yash Reynoso decided to return to the Philippines instead.  FDWs who are pregnant are required to leave Singapore.  Angel Yash Reynoso gave birth to her baby in February this year.  She, however, is not the only FDWs who say that Mahal Jat had used the Facebook page to have sex with them.

At least four other FDWs have stepped forward to accuse him of this.  A FDW (whom we shall name ‘M’) who is in touch with some of the women involved told TOC that she believes that there are more than four women who have had sex with Mahal Jat through the Facebook group. M told TOC that Mahal Jat, because of the help the Facebook page rendered to FDWs, was trusted by the FDWs and they looked up to him.

“Everybody thought he was a hero, helping the FDWs,” M said.  Some of them apparently fell in love with him too.  One had gone to Pasir Ris with Mahal Jat – which M said was “Mahal’s style” when going out with the FDWs – and had had sex with him in a tent, because she was in love with him.  But she soon realised that she was just one of many women in Mahal Jat’s life.  She said she had met Mahal Jat at a time when she was depressed after a break-up with her boyfriend.

“I felt very comfortable with Mahal as he would always comfort me when I was down,” the press reported her as having said.  She said she regarded Mahal highly because she thought he worked for the non-governmental organisation, Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME).

After she and Mahal had had sex in the tent in Pasir Ris beach, she said she thought he really cared for her. Unfortunately, she soon found out from other women on the Facebook group that Mahal Jat had also wooed them.  “When I found out, I got jealous and confronted him,” she said.

She says Mahal Jat instead turned it around and accused her of using him, and he even used vulgarities on her.  As for Angel Yash Reynoso, she had met Mahal Jat through Facebook in February last year. After several subsequent meet-ups, she became pregnant.  When she told Mahal Jat about it, his first reaction was to tell her, “Abort it.”  “I felt so hurt. I did not want to abort the baby. I’d rather die than to do that,” she told The New Paper.

Angel Yash Reynoso, who had been working in Singapore for 12 years then, chose to return to the Philippines instead – and according to M, is planning to return to Singapore, now that she has given birth to her baby.  She, like others, had held Mahal Jat in high regard because of his advocacy work supporting FDWs.  “I will not trust any guy easily anymore,” she said. “It’s just sweet talk.”

The news is now the talk of the town among the FDW community, with some sharing their views on it on other online groups, such as Mingle In Singapore.

When approached by the newspapers, Mahal Jat denied all the charges and accusations which he said were started by “trouble-makers”.  Mahal Jat has since become uncontactable.  A friend of his, Johare Mohamed, says that in a Facebook conversation with him, Mahal Jat had placed the blame on the women.

Mahal Jat allegedly said:
“If women throw themselves at me and ask for a date, and I tell them I cannot marry, cannot give long term relationship, and they willingly want to date despite zero promises, and me making everything clear up front, then it’s casual date only.  “I do not chase women. If they throw themselves at me, even if I make clear I have nothing to give, then no one has right to make gossip or use wrong words, brother.”

HOME, in the meantime, confirmed that Mahal Jat is not connected to the organisation.

I have commented somewhere in this blog, MJ behaved like an expat and teaching FDWs the wrong things, eg claiming local employers easily earned S$5000 per month and it is not wrong of FDWs to demand higher salary from us.  It is bad that MJ is taking advantage of FDWs who are finding love. FDWs are to be blamed.  If you had behaved properly, work as a domestic helper (not somebody holidaying or sex deprived) and doesn't have such enormous craving for man (lonely), would such thing happen?  

FDWs find excuses (with the guidance of activists and MOM) to get involved with men in order to satisfy their desire to be loved while working as FDW .... very lonely and depressing to work as maid.  When a maid gets pregnant, the man 奸夫/姘头 can choose to disappear and stay totally clean.  If a maid has to be repatriated, her employer pays for her air ticket ... suffers the losses, not forgetting additional time needed and new agency fees to recruit a replacement.  

MOM hasn't been kind to employers.  We were strongly advised to treat maids like human beings, show respect to them, don't restrain them, give them freedom, give weekly off days, etc but when bad things happen, employers have to bear the risks and losses.  Why so unfair?  FDWs are grown up, shouldn't maids be held fully responsible for what they did as well as pay employers compensation for their wilfulness or misbehaviour?  Maids get to enjoy, have fun at the expense of their unfortunate employers!

Why treat employers like ATM machines, leave us stranded and be bullied? 
Maids are not shameful about what they did because MOM/agency/activists educated them wrongly.  Look at the pro-maid, pro-source country and pro-agency policies that I've highlighted.  Existing policies will not make FDWs learn to be good and responsible helpers.

Extracted comments from Facebook page - Ministry of Manpower. 

Shahril Shaharin: im wondering all the maids are here talking and commenting on facebook? dont u guys are suppose to do ur work? cleaning the house? are u guys a smart phone user? how did u guys get an access to the internet? go do ur work lazy!!!!

Vhivianne Manera Padilla:  Shahril Shaharin...whats ur problem with that...ur not d employer and ur not the one paying them...access with the internet? Do u think they cannot afford to pay internet connection? Its just because they r domestic helpers? This is not the subject here...it seems that u r well educated but not learned...FYI 90% of the domestic helpers they are college graduates....so watch out ur words...KURANG AJAR ORANG INI......BODOH!!!

Wena Alba Quezon: Shahril Shaharin we're done of our work and assignment, and we got access from our employer's internet hence they allowed us.
You! Do your work and stop reading our comment, lazy!!!! Mind ur own business!!!!...

Elvie L. Mirambil:  D same ang nagiging mga amo ng bwat isa satin..mayrun din naabuso ng ibang amo un dpat ang tutukan ng MOM

Andee Amie: @Shahril Shaharin -- u look descent and looks like u have a good education, please use that to comment decently and with respect ...

Carrizza Khim Hollands: why shahril your so very affected from all maids... so what to you? and are you sure all do to commenting in facebook are maids? maybe you are one of the employer like this thats why your so very affected for the comment of all the commenters? just read and shut up do ur work either... mine your own comment!!!.... More Power to MOM Singapore very good job!!!

Carmen Mendoza Piolo: Shahril lazy like a pig . Idiotic and moron.

Merced Erpelua Tabion:  Mr.Shahril Shaharin are you crazy,did you think what did you say,even we are maids wre still human,your so stupid,your manners just like animals,if you have a maids you treat her like humanity,we have a freedom to speak in facebook,why are you speak in facebook you are also a housemaids?????go to hell......

Jeane Cabrera Tenefrancia: Shahril Shaharin, internet connection is accessible 24/7 in the house. What a boring life for your helper if you have! We may work as household service workers, but we definitely can afford to pay our bills. My employer has signed up for a mobile plan for me, mind you. I feel sorry for the helper who is working for you... and the helper you will be employing in the future!

Judith Camarao Tanguilan: Stupid shaharil shaharin don't ever say LAZY if you dont understand what you are saying, mind your own.if you are one of this kind of people who are lazy there you are.are you this kind of employer shaharil shaharin? Maybe next time you are next to be jailer

Amryech Dimple Vince: Shahril Shaharin....SHUT UP....mind your owm business. ....if you have nothing to do....take a bath and brush your teeth well....seems like have a bad smell and bad breath spreading here.......grrrrrrrrrrrrr. .......you don't have right to comments like that coz you don't know the housemaid doing ok.....

Cecile Buzon:  Don't lazy lazy us! F were not here whose gonna look after ur family, do the cleaning! Mind u without us u cant go to ur job without maintaining ur needs. We need u and u need us! And one more thing! Dont put us down. Though we are just a maid mind u some of us are highly educated. Nurse turn to maid teacher turn to maid but it doesnt mean ur free to judge us.

Key Heart Stone: Shahril not all maids is always online and do facebook and all maids is same ok plsss mind ur words because i my self i know what is my responsibility and i am not taking salary from my boss for nothing ok if u know how to reapect people maybe people also will respect u

Lenie J Macatbag: @sharil oh my goodness u r here? i thought u are now in the mountain living with your monkey brothers hehe

Dinah Ho: Shahril shaharin you lack of attention dont you coz you come and comments not related to topic ohh man shame on you and what are u doing here you also dont have word to do to seeall what other doing just take a mirror see you self maybe you will know next time what you need to comment and when u need too
Cheriel alinsangao garapata talaga?kutong lupa pwedi va lol

Shaharil shaharin
im wondering all the maids are here talking and commenting on facebook? dont u guys are suppose to do ur work? cleaning the house? are u guys a smart phone user? how did u guys get an access to the internet? go do ur work lazy!!!!

Mariane Capalaran: Mr.shahril shaharin u r more educated,indeed but unfortunately u r acting like uneducated human being. .try to study more and learn the words respect!!

Mj Febz: Shahril shahani your a degree holder but your attitude is like a out of school youth...your so helpless...

April Grace Inosanto Yap: @Shahril Shaharin, educated but deep inside uneducated hahhahha go to hell

Janet Agustinez:  thank MOM for Allways with us..

Monica Mitchmulberry: Shahril shaharin. Mind your words not all filipinos who read and giving comments on fb are maids, however; maids are the most important people here in singapore or your co singaporeans wont be able to earn bucks specially those 2ho have kids and elderly parents. So please if you dont mind, respect them. Or better yet, dont give neg comments or you will have nightmares everyday. They will bush you up to the core....

Cristina Ancheta: Shahril Shaharin, where is ur Mind and ur Heart? Are they inside ur buttock? Bodoh!!!!
Maids are also human being ,not like u maybe u are monkey or Monyet..grrrrrrr..!

Alexandra Angel: Victory for us FDW!

Gina Parayno:  Thanks MOM for helping the FDW in singapore.thats a big help.hope no one will follow that kind of employer anymore.

Jezreel Comajes: Mom very good!

Ricel Gadian: I love singapore govt,no corruption unlike here in our country,a lot of filipinos are suffering but a lot of politician becomes more rich,because they are corrupt

Arlene Salva: I like singapore Law kaya lang ang iba ofws natatapat sa among termenator! Tama sb ng MOM pag mali ang employer mag report sa MOM basta sa tama pro pag mali naman ang report ofw's naman ang mamulta hehehe.... Iba taung pinay d tau bodoh!

Nenita Barrinuevo: thanks MOM I love singapore govt ,they r fair no rich no poor if u r bad u wil be punish

Shannon Lim:  Haha! Angry philipinos and locals. Why not ease up on the double standards and just give maids the right to quit and look for new employers? Doesn't that make more sense that over-protecting WP holders and screwing citizens over? 

And i have 5 WP staff, I want them to have the right to walk out on me if someone else gives them a better deal. And they're pretty sick of not being allowed to live where they want to.

Joel Delarosa:  I am.glad for the workers that this person got caught cheating the. FDW but i think that a trust fund should be put in place if people want to hire DFW workers they should pay two thousand US dollars for each person they hire to work that why if they chat the workers the workers can get payed thier moneys and also the guilty people have to pay a fine and can no longer hire FDW I think the Filipino government should investigate this and for all domestic help the leaves to Philippines $2,000 must be deposited in a Filipino bank account that is for the families just in case they get cheated

Roman Franta:  Good step from mom but not enough. 
Because some Singaporean hire maid to show up but can't afford it. 
Beside the off day I don't understand why the maids can't go out evening or after the work, they should work 8 hours a day and then go wherever they want and do what they want. What's that? Slavery? 
I also know some who work for European family and they also look them up, it's rare but they do. 

Then how is possible that the agency fee the employer deduct from maid salary? Are they crazy?

Lorfy Nepali: I really love n like the law of singapore...n I love singapore...thanks MOM.

Hilda Faborada De Guzman: Very well done,MOM Singapore....mabuhay kayo.

Jenn E. Plaidam: Just trying my best to show her i follow her coz she is my boss..beside sometimes only they come here..inside the house have 4 online camera.so boring!

Ella Love: stupid employer only wn use ppl don't wn to pay don't hve money don't tke fdw

Roman Franta:  Give them one more online camera in their toilet or bedroom, maybe they like it so much hehe. 
It's crazy, how can someone do it? If they don't trust you why they keep you? It's unbelievable. 

And just for reference, how many locks have the main door to your flat? 4 or more? Hehehehe. 

I see some Singaporeans are obsessed with robbery idea in safest country in the world and lock the door with many locks plus additional metal bar doors added there.

Isabel Matalang: Good for this idiot why did you employ fdw if you dont pay you want free for her work and not paying it wow is unbelievable


Nhyla Madamba: Yes.. why they should keep it the passport????

Delia Bulosan: Yes I agree to that miss April coz my boss holding my passport too suppose to be me,and I don't have public holiday,my off day is twice a month w/curfew I take care 3 children,

Zhel Eriales Tumanday: Wow stupid employer like me
she never pay my holiday and im quite and she think i dont know!!Ahahaha 
wait kalang ng ilang buwan magugulat knlng Ahahaha

Chan Gador Cambangay: calling the attention of MOM. hopefully your office give actions about the employers who hold and keep the working passport and working permit......the international law is we must bring our passport anytime as a citizen to our country....it is stated very clearly at the back of our passport that we must bring our passport all the time out our country.

Lualhati Collado Miles: MOM when u take action about their complained?where is the rules?some employer's never follow the rules?treat us equal even we are a domestic helpers;we are a human being too..and mostly equally educated

Gladys Sogon Deocampo: My employer holding my passport as well
They thought I will run away bloody hell

MayAnn Tago Veloso: Mostly the employer hold the passport....... Like my boss... They locked their door while they go to work because they scared if the maid took their things

Schöne Chika Liebe: My boss is good enough for me...I can have my permit...my passport. ..I can even go for holiday to overseas...but 1 thing u guys should know about holidays. ..in the contract was written a day (that mean 24 hours) by law u can leave on Saturday night after12am....thats wrong if u take holiday from 10am t0 10pm or from 9 am to 7pm..they're cheat us...interview is not the same like the contract but the right is what written in the contract.

Mary Jane Adduru: Singapore law was gud. They realy follow the rule.

Nurse Gemini: be careful signing in any documents record all the everyday event that is going on so you have proof to show be wise and smart good luck everyone

Kaye Curtis: Actually my employer hold my passport and and work permit. they just give my work permit on my off day, but its ok with me. no big deal at all. i cant even hold money even cents. after my off day my employer take all my left over money. they keep it and we both sign how much left. all of that is ok with me because they are good. food no problem unlike my ex-employer is very worst. they have policy "work first before u eat and employer first before u eat". that time is like a hell for me. 

Kaye Curtis: your ex employer was the lowest class of human I can imagine, they probably know it and that's why they try to raise themself above you to fix their broken feeling. 
Anyway, the best would be if you post here their photo and name, I think it's legal and only good if their friends (if they have any) knowing that they practice slavery in this century. 
Think of that idea, a Facebook page of horrible Masters, Sir and Madam (btw I always can't stop loughing if someone want to be called by this title)

Schöne Chika Liebe: For the police. ...I don't understand why u have to ask our personal things...what u need to check is we are legal or I legal. ..thats it.if others foreigners in singapore can go out after midnight why we can't if thats our rest day...we can do whatever we want as long not cross the rule.in hongkong. ..Police doesn't care about this...they only check if u have your permit or passport. ..after they show it they dont ask about anything.

Mariane Reyes: hehehe it must be chinese singaporean ,and mostly chinese employer do such thing ,to their workers ,like keeping documents ,delayed salary ,lack of food ,treat them bad ..so workers will do such things also ...im lucky to have a good employer. Singapore law is fair to everybody ,no one go on top, no one goes down.

Emmylou Mujeres: ...here in Brunei...some of the employer doesn't follow the contract .. we sign 400 Brunei $.. we we receive my salary only 350... I don't wer we complain either to my agency or to my boss? 

Meia Tadeo Taylan: Every where in the world there are good and bad employers it is not about the law..it is about how do u fight for your right as a human being...yeah ..will say they have law anf we also have our right but sometimes most of them dont follow their laws... most of them they just do what ever they think is right and they are thinking they are the one who is giving u food and shelter while u are with them...WE SHOULD KNOW HOW TO FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS ....  

Anabelle E Agustin Anna: yes singapore gaverment now is vry strict. and im happy to they are roles here most especially now they give more privacy all maids and has power to complaine what ever they want too

Dil Dhillon: Thks singapore mom is best in the world for workers

Extracted comments from Facebook.  Owner of this Facebook page is MJ, an Indian employer.  Not providing any hyperlinks or printscreen image.  You may search Facebook yourself.

* Bad working attitude transfer maid - recruited via DIY (An), no agency involved
Employer: Need another help from you. I know you are always helping FWs but this time can u please help an employer!
Our Filipino maid whom we hired directly through Anisya is creating a problem for us. She is not willing to work as we are not willing to listen to her orders...after joining she mentions we should not have guests at home, we should finish our dinner by 8 and so on. We told her politely that this is not going to work and please search for another employer and we gave her 2 weeks notice from 6th july-20th july.
From that day, she is just not working properly; half of the time she is out for interviews; but we were just thinking not to send her back thinking of her poor family. But today morning, she said SHE IS NOT FEELING LIKE WORKING TODAY! This is too much now! We really cannot tolerate her till 20th.
Is there any action we can take against her? Can you please help. I dont trust her any more as we have a small baby at home and really worried that she can do her any damage!
Thanks for your reply. She is really testing our patience and showing her attitude. Not ready to sit and discuss. Is there any rule or I can just send her back if she misbehaves more? We are suffering like anything.

Ruby Villagante: She thnk she s a boss...Better to send her back mam f she dnt knw wers her place n ur house...heheheh

Mahal Jat: I'm so sorry to hear about this. Some of the girls who may have worked for another family before, they are still stuck in the routine of the previous employer. Some also assume things about the work conditions and do not clarify during the interview. She may be having adjustment issues.

A lot of employer simply trick the girl to be sent back home without notice, If this girl is misusing the notice period by avoiding the work properly she is then taking you for a ride. As a first timer parent, I can understand your fear, I had somewhat similar scenario with a 48yrs old Indian Tamil helper with my own family.

Best to talk to her, make her sit, explain to her this is clearly unacceptable.
And tell her, you will let her transfer but only if she behave properly or else you will simply send her back and will not allow her to transfer. Its give and take.

Kindness cant be abuse. Must not enable a bad behavior. Compassion is reserved for the worthy. It should stop when someone starts abusing it.  I can understand your fear, living the lil baby in her hand could be a scary experience for the first timer experience and new helper.

Time for you to sit with her and be ASSERTIVE, you are kind and considerate but make her sit and let her know it comes with MUTUAL OBLIGATION for her to do her job properly until the last day or else you will send her back to her country and blacklist her. 

Threat works better than actual action. Darr ke age bhoot bhi nachta hai. Once you take action, you got no more leverage over her, so fear is a powerful motivator for purposefully unethical errants.

Amber Jorine Vinarao Vinarao: I also first timer to my employer,and i tried to adjust myself,.being helper,,even we not feeling we cn still work,coz we are nt stay in our on house,and just to pamper,,in my opinion madam,talk her nicely try to explain her why u hired helper,.,if cnt listen then mybe better take a new one,.

Mahal Jat: Whoever this girl is, if she is reading this, please do your job properly until the day you transfer out. Please DO NOT RUING it for tall the HELPERS. Because then next time employer will simply trick the girl to be send back to airport/repatriated and blacklist instead of giving a chance to transfer. One or two bad apple force the good employers to become strict and less considerate. 

What if the employer refuse to give you the release paper, simply sent you back to Pinas, and even worse what if they have you blacklisted at MOM?  

MUTUAL OBLIGATION. Both parties have to be good to each other. Please do not abuse the kindness of a considerate employer/helper.

Flower Rose: Lol,it is not the best solution to send back home,as a maid and I also sometime feel lazy,especially our period is coming,sometime my mind is not on my job,I miss my kid and family. But because of my employer talk me and asking,if I had a problem,I can open up with them,maybe it can help. Treating me like a family it make me feel comfortable, bcs my ma'am will talk to me into a nice way,she told problem can't solve if we can't sit one o one to open for what I want,what they want,just give in take to make it easier.

Shen Rajshen: Ms. Employer feel sorry for both of you because of this kind of situation your both facing for now. I think it was a mis understand and ego/pride on both side. But somehow your helper might be in stress to find new employer and affect her mind and activeness to do her everyday chores. You as employer was getting scared for your baby and need her service atleast until she find new employer. Try to explain to her until she's staying on your home she have to do her normal chores because she will still get her salary pay. And she can go out for interview after her chores. Good luck Ms. EMPLOYER

Jane Soriano: It's best to talk to her properly and let her know that you are the boss in the house.You can use your authority over her in a positive manner and make sure she understands you very well.We're sad to hear that one of our friends is behaving like this,maybe she feels that she's still working with her previous employer,but I hope everything will turn out well in the end or until she leaves your house.

Marites Roxas: i dont know if this is true story*-* mam i suggest talk to her nicely and if she dont want to work with you then gave her another chance to find employer.,.

Jerchel Jhie Verde Villasis: We don't know the real story,so we don't know what to advice.I think the helper is not crazy to act like that if there's no valid reason.although her attitude now,is not good.Better madam sit and talk to her,nicely.as maybe d previous boss house d routine is like that...as u said u are a ist.time employer,and we know that is very tough...you should hire a firtstimer helper also.....

Aneth D. Nazareno: Some maid i know they behave like that,,but she no right to give her order especially dinner and not to have guest! Maybe her previous employer can she do that but every family have rule,,and you can break a rule when they are too much,,but this is not right to refuse not to do work,we are not working in office! We are here to help to deal the family needs,and if she dont want let her find a job and send her agent,just help her pay madam for her transfer and you can have a replacement for her.

Cheryll Lyn Caloquim Aguro: She is not good. Sometimes other helper abuse their employers too. Why u come here to work if u want to be a boss. If ur employer treat u good u will be grateful. Not to take advantage of thier kindness. If u dont want to work then go back home and be a boss. Easy as that... yes we don't know the real reason why she like that. But if ur boss not good to you then talk to them nicely dont act like that.

Jhemz Pudadera Reyes Garcia Lopez tama. . I maybe a year here. But i thnk we cant make any commands at all. But to think she is new. Haist..
Let's not aggravate ourselves by thinking that we should b treated as a family at our first month, Coz let's face it.  We are strangers to them and we r the one hu shud nid to adjust at first.
Love ur work and know ur priorities.

Ulol Ka Na Magnanakaw: I'm so sorry to say this is very exagerated letter...she went here in singapore to work, filipina maid is very smart and clever but not as stupid as what this letter said. You are the first timer employeer so how would you know on how to treat your maid properly??? My employer before when i come on her house got a filipina housemaid but cannot take any longer because they never gave enough food, don't have enough sleep because the new born baby sleep with the housemaid, her husband always accused her and also my boss, they find always fault of the maid then my boss get me from the agency and that maid trained me for one week before she go back home. I know the real problem don't have enough sleep and food. Sometimes i drink water for the whole day i am so thin after two months but the reason why i never give up because of the grandfather of the baby he gave me 100 dollars per month for my allowance since my salary deductions is not finish yet i send the 100 dollars to the philippines and the 17 dollars which i got from my allowance in my salary i spent it to buy bread to keep me going for the whole month... This kind of employeer must undergo MOM SEMINAR FOR PROPER TREATMENT OF THEIR HOUSEMAID.

Marilou Llaneta: Sad to hear this but it really happens especially to old timer helpers..sometimes they became over confident and cross the boundaries.yes we come here to work and some employers are unreasonable,inconsiderate etc but we still need to obey them..now if ur new employer is Good it doesn't give us any right to abuse their kindness too...I never bad mouthed my past employers no matter how hard my life being with them.long working hours..not enough rest..overwork....not a single complain from me...still I managed to finish my contract without any arguments with my employers..that's why I can't understand why this helper acts like this?

Meryl Lacson Teologo: Why dont we listen the filipina helper first before we judge her..coz we don't know yet if this madam telling the truth or she only make a story and have noise to this filipina..we all know that local people here hate us..so we better listen to the filipina first then we can give our opinion to both sides. .coz for me this biased coz we only hear the story of her boss. .what about HER?

Arsenia Miergas Cortez: theres 2 side of a coin,we dont know the story behind so why dont u go down to your agency for mediation theres no point going arround the bush f you know theirs a problem jst sit down n talk im sure the agency can do something to resolve whatever problem employer/maid you are facing..posting n facebook doesnt solve anything but get only criticism n both side..

Ulol Ka Na Magnanakaw: ABSOLUTELY IS NOT EASY TO TAKE CARE BABY!!! Hope you can understand each other, the housemaid is not a losser after all but it's you being an employeer is the problem! The payment you made and the levy you pay.

Bunag Jane Danao: how can such a helper who behave like she must be the boss...whoever u are wait until u become but for now u shud do ur part in doing the household....ur so lucky to have such a kind employer that they still gve u chance to find new family coz on my experience i was gven the chance to n im greatful for that just that the time gven to me was limited...girl...think properly....not all is lucky as u....if u dont feel like working den better ask ur employer to send u back home coz ul get into trouble if u get new family and behave like dat again....if u have problem....ask help to ur frens or to people whom u think can gve u the best advice u need....dont put all of the helpers into shame....coz employers usually think that mistake of one is mistake of everybody....think million times on ur action girl...

Lizzie Hero: That's the problem of employer asking here because most member will think employer is the problem. But when a dh complaint, it's always employers problem as well. Never a single reply in dh complaint post to hear the side of employer story.

Mahal Jat: This is a first timer employer, hiring a helper for the first time. Employer is a first timer mother also, a working mother, an Indian expat, a doctor. 

Employer kindly gave 2 weeks notice, otherwise as per POEA clause employer can terminate on the spot, for disobedience or violation of the contract, without notice. Employer allowed her to continue seeking another employer and go for interviews, which employer could have denied to her on working days. Yet employer is considerate and doing all the things right. 

Instead of appreciating this flexibility from the employer, the helper even had rotten attitude. What shall an employer do? had it been another employer, they would have got her to pack and sent straight to airport and perm blacklist. Abusing the flexibility from the employer will lead to what? In future, employer may not be so considerate to the next helper and just send the next helper to airport without notice. A BAD APPLE RUINS the MARKET FOR EVERYONE by abusing the flexibility showed by the considerate employer, they turn the employer into hardened inconsiderate person for the future and then in future all the subsequent FDW will have to pay the price of the attitude of one bad worker. 

This employer is trying to do the right thing, but she must not be taken for a ride for this.
Demand and fight for rights, but show gratitude, do not abuse the kindness. We must fulfill our DUTIES before we ask for our RIGHTS. Cant just pretend to be victim always. Victim of what? Own arrogant rotten attitude?

I had such helper once, Tamil Indian lady. She had a rotten attitude, didnt survive more than 2 weeks. Had to send her back to the agency on the spot once she let my then 3 or 4 yrs old son wander out of the condo alone for many minutes on to the main road with busy traffic, while she was busy chatting away without any care.

Mahal Jat: Do not be racist and support the WRONG behavior of kabayan. There is no excuse for not doing the job well for which she is paid and then showing rotten attitude. There is sufficient legal-basis even as per POEA contract to fire her on the spot and repatriate home. Be kind but do not tolerate any nonsense.

Meryl Lacson Teologo: For me sir sorry to say this..im not saying that I support the WRONG DOING OF THE HELPER..all we need is to HEAR the side of this FILIPINA HELPER. .coz most of the local employers here they look down all the filipina workers. .so all we need is the story of this helper also..so we can give an advice to her.

Mahal Jat: I dont know the helper. If she is reading she is free to post her side. I know the employer to know that she is trying to do the right thing by the FDW. No need to judge the helper or employer if they did not get along but if helper is showing bad attitude, refuse to do the job she is paid for, etc when employer is being considerate then this is THANKLESSLY ABUSING THE KINDNESS ALREADY.

Point is simple. Demand your rights but FULFILL YOUR DUTIES too.

Ging Ging: We have to remember that no matter how bad our employer are, as long as there is no physical abuse existed, the helper still.must do.her job well coz no.matter how bad your working conditions our.employer has required to pay our wage daily... So we have to considered also that employer wouldn't pay you without doing.your.job.. So it was a pressure for them.too... Until you.find a better working place suitable for you..!

Flower Rose: Don't so quick to believe what you hear because lies spread quicker than the truth.We don't know the real story,maybe her helper now while she is reading this post,we don't know what she feel. She still looking for another employer,because of the pressure ,and what will gonna happen? Please don't blame too much to the maid. We don't know the real story and why the maid never work properly or what is her true situation? think about that,don't let our kababayan put on the front page died or alive. Let us pray for her to find a new employer,she feel comfortable and she can work properly.

Ulol Ka Na Magnanakaw: I am not trying to defend my Kabayan sir Jat but as i read this letter above there is one thing come up on my mind....hmp.... Ds employeer trying to gain sympathy for all the people she or he knew to defend what he or she want to defend.... Sir Jat i've been so many country already to work as an HOUSEMAID BECAUSE I AM FILIPINA but i never heard such this crazy things she said.... Really i never heard mostly KABAYAN TOLD me i never have enough sleep, my employeer never give me food, my employeer accusing me that i steal from their belongings, my employeer scolded and hitted me unpleasant word but it's ok the important is my employeer give my salary and never hurt me physically----WHOA AND NOW I HEARD LIKE THIS and we all know singapore has their own rules for being a housemaid???? It makes me crazy sir Jat upon reading the whole story.....or else there is something wrong around-----

Allen Caparas Casio: There are some girls when they signed the contract paper they are expecting that the employer will follow the rules when they signed the contract. And when the employer they don't follow, the housemaid they ask release paper. My points of view if it's small thing and if it's not to hard or difficult to do the other things or house chores then do it. Am not on the side of the employer or either to the helper better get the reason of the helper why she doesn't want to do some house chores. And if it's not reasonable better send back to the agency and the agency will be the one to decide what's best for the helper...

Nhelzky Jane Lopez: I think she need to be transfered as soon as possible. Ive been transfed 2times. But my past employers they cant complain. Coz i see to it that i will leave them peacefully without any arguments. Its good enough mam that u gave her a chance to be transfer. If she really dont want yo work mam u have the right to do whatever u want. Send het back to the agent and get for a replacement. If u are worried abt ur bby that is my suggestion. Am not agree with her attitude it must be a gave and take relationship mam. And on ur statement i noticed she beyond her limit already.

Janelyn Gabasan Gdeve,I just want to share my situation too rite now,,,3days ago,I talked my boss ABT my transfer,bcos I cnot do the duties and responsibilities in his home,which really a lot sir,,,I'm exactly 1yr with them,,,,,,off course they angry,,,,but I explain my side properly,(Sorry Sir,but I give up!I cnot reach ure hi standard of living),,,, I also worried bcos of my children's allowance backhome,,,but I risk everything,,bcos even we r maid only,but we have d right to depend ourself,,,,,,they upset with me,but I want a job accndg,to my capability too!!!and I'm very Thankful Shegians!!U give me Courage so that I can have a chance to find another job,,,,MOREPOWER!!!!

She E. Fajardo: Everyone must have a second chance. I mean, better to send the helper to the agency and let them find another employer for her. And if she will do the same thing for the 2nd time around, then its possible that the helper is already a problem. Everyone of us has different story and difficulties but as long as you can still handle the situation we should be responsible for the job we chose.. this is our life as a Helper, we don't go here for an easy life. Expect for the unexpected things.

Lheyunisha Barcelona: If the employer also ok ,what for also the maid she do that.what you want to do here,because maid you apply here ,so all around you can do it.i think madam .i hope you understand also the maid mood.sometimes so tired maybe like that the feeling is not good.mood so you try and talk again if we can change her mind.she till working you or not.maybe she got problem in her family,maid also don't do that you be road.you give one more chance madam..thanks

She E. Fajardo: Sir jat this is just my story and just want to share. Its not my intention to side the employer nor the helper, this is just my experienced. I also work in hk before, and i really can stand the attitude of my employer. I always cry because they treated me like a slave. But God knows how i tried to be nice and be more patience just to survive. But im still a human,so one day i called my agency to tell my situation. And they also talked to my employer about what my situation. And they just tell lies about me.. that it is me who has a problem. Not watching their child, etc. so i decided to go to my agency personally. Thank God they believed me, and advice me to give a notice so I gave 1 month notice to my employer and while waiting for the end of the day of my notice, I still did my job well for let them realize that I am not the problem

Lheyunisha Barcelona: Sometimes the employer got a lot problem also.hope you understand too.if you work properly your employer never scolding you.more proud you.if we can see the house is clear and the table is ready .she well happy...

Ani Svan: I agree that one would want to listen to both sides before casting judgment. But this also should mean that when you hear a helper complain about her employer, that you would want to hear the employer's side before casting judgment.

Lizzie Hero: My advice to employer, wasting time to seek suggestion here as they always doubt your story. And they think whatever cause dh like this surely is employer got problem. 
If all post regardless dh complaint or employer complaint, also said want to hear other side story then too bad, there won't be any suggestion for you. 
Which helper complaint post ever say want to hear employer story? I doubt there is any.

Rosanna Antioquia Bandilla: I think its not right for us to be on the side of our fdw if the employer is really telling the truth becoz if we can see from the emp letter she emphasizes that our kababayan is asking for too much,we have to understand that no matter what it is it is still the bosses who should tell us what to do and not the other way around.please my fellow fdw dont get me wrong its not a question of benefits what shes asking here is an advice for a bossy fdw ....i myself not so lucky to have a very good employer but we should not judge this employer bcoz of our other employers account

Siti Aisyah: I just want to share my experience here when i'm new comer here my employer abuse and I runaway to police after that i'm transfer to 2 employer first time coming with this family the most hard time for me cos my employer perfectionist everyday scolding what I do is listen carefully what my employer say and try to not make same mistake again sometime we as fdw also do a mistake but the matter is we honest to our self for admit our mistake and listen what other people see about our self is not difficult if we put our self in other people shoes now 6 years ready i'm with this family and they treat me as 1of family ,they always there for me when I need if employer want good maid for they try to understand you maid and for a maid if want employer treat you as family try to.love them as you family like my madam say don't always see bad side other people is better if we see good side other people

* How do I make my new helper feel part of the family, how do I ensure she will do the job with out me chasing her?

Jai Hind: Being an expat who migrated here from Sydney, I was once in your shoes, so I understand specially if you are a first-timer parent and first-timer employer of a Domestic Helper who will leave the baby with the helper, it can be scary and worrysome experience. OPEN HONEST ONGOING TWO-WAY CONSTRUCTIVE COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY 

Use a mutually agreed flexible "as a guide only" schedule.

A schedule is the useful but use that as a guide. Simple principals of the management apply e..g. get the input of the stakeholders (Domestic Helper, hubby, etc) because once we hv the buy-in and ownership from the stakeholder they are more likely to follow it. Tell her you will review the schedule after one week, then again 2 weeks and then 1 month after that until issues are ironed out and new helper has had a chance to adjust with the family and your routine. 

Some helpers appreciate if you give them a guideline schedule, let them know its a guide only and she can make changes with you. 

Make her accountable for the OUTCOME, not for the sequence of the tasks. Tell her the results you want and then give her flexibility to choose her own day i.e. draw up a schedule of her own which will serve more as a guide and to be redrawn upon review.

Mimie Dela Cruz Matutino: my employer stayed at home for 2 years..all i thought its gonna be nightmare dealing with it as helpers sometimes dont want close supervision..but it turned to be very easy for me..My maam ask me to do something, then she leaves me alone.even if shes in d lounge,she let me do things in my own..as an employer, TRUST ur helper's capabilities.cos if u trust them,the more they will show to u goodness, and even work better than ur expectations.SECONDLY, talk to her like sister or mother,..my maam, always chat with me,may it be informal or formal.she updates my family and kids back home.THIRD, whenever, you are out like your in d restaurant,party, please include her with the foods..eat with her.dont ask her to stay outside the restaurant.coz shes a human too..LASTLY, whenever, she has mistake,dont shout at her.employer needs to control emotions..based my my case, i did mistakes, but im only reminded not to domit agin,of course, as ahelper, u will bear in mind dat its a shame if u will repeat d same mistake..IN GENERAL,DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT U WANT OTHERS DO UNTO U,..if u treat ur helper nicely, triple,u will expect the respect, dedication and honesty from your helper

Luckyjoy Miracle: First time maid who came.here n work mam needs a lot.of ur patient to understand n communicate with her...mor patient to teach her to do wrk..try to.mke.her time.table.to follow.so tht she can easy to.learn n work...welcome.her to.ur family so tht she feel.comfortable.to.work.with u....

Wild Orchids: For me madam sender! Just be with ur rules and policy as an employer! But dont be so strick and just giv her freedom! I know she is new, so she feel strange frm everything in ur family just be patient for her and dont be rude f ever she got misdoing her job. But inforce ur rules to her! Its ur rights madam.

Aneth D. Nazareno: Wow madam,,its a very warm and kind hearted to hear in your side,for me its good to have a daily chores schedule but its flexible as long as i finish it a day or too busy in next day,,mostly i hope you can have a helper that have initiative to do! We are happy to talk with employer sometimes regarding our life background,the feeling is in there if people is sincere,,mostly give and take attitude the most important! 

Heart De Sta Maria: yes right first timer fdw is really hard...environment and the people sorround us....especially the language we talk slightly different from singaporeans ....make her feel at home because she still studying and accepting her responsibility. ...actually in my case last time takes a year to really do my job properly and knows well my employer. ...if she mke mistakes don't laugh or shout cause working hre is really diff from being household worker in Philippines. ...goodluck madam and more patience she will pay your efforts morethan you expect....gudluck also to ur helper and may God bless her understandng of everything. 

* Part of the FDW JOB you LIKE most ... and ... you HATE most (tips on how to make it easier)?

Roxmike Geraga: Cleaning the window

Juvy Flaviano Dacanay: I like my job when my boss praise me on my work.. Hate when old parent dont appreciate u.. TIPs just ignore them and just follow ur boss instructions.

Cheng B. Tobias: i hate cleaning outside the window..because my employer wants very clean.no water spots.

Jenny Macni: i hate ironing...

Luckyjoy Miracle: All i like to do unless nobody distrb me to askd pas tht one give me like this...even i nevr stop wrking the whole day if nobody talking n distrbing me...

Tips jst focus doing ur wrk so tht easy to finishd

Avril Nalla: cleaning outside da window and hand washing everyday

Zabelle Zabel Zab: I am not tiring all myhouse chores when there is music.

Jane Mintas: Bad and good news,I hate most is to do car wash.But I make it easier by Thingking positve ,wether I like it or not I have to do it and I have a boss to do His instructions and whisper to myself,,"This is my job",in the end I have to do it.,The job I like most ,it depends,,bec I will make it easy and do it faster,,

Josephine Bayubay: walking the dog is the part of my job i like the most(its the time i can play n listen to the music i personally downloaded on my phone n the worst part would b ironing since i always feel very sleepy everytime i do my ironing(tips would b have a quick shower/drink a cup of black coffee before ironing,i always do n it works on me)hmmmm.....

D'nasty Aini: It me..all I like to do. .everything my believe me..cz my nvr complaints my work. .only some time not nice say.. not well a

listen..just it..
Tips .'if u heart like to do taste consecutive then be happy it well better self. .everything finally clear

Jelita Ocenar: I hate taking cAre of children esP.th0se who d0nt listen to me.and rudE,nO manNerS childrens.its make me mad and angry.alth0ugh i d0nt have a ch0ice buT 2 be patient to them.haizt im so tireD of them.how cAn i handle them if any single w0rds came fr0m me is they iGn0re?h0w?h0w?h0w?pls give me tipS and advice.tnx! And m0re power to alL of you! GBU!

Jane Mintas: Tips: your willingness to do your job,it makes it easier for you.

Jelita Ocenar: And i d0nt like also any pRaises cAme to my empl0yer if i do g0od jobs.because everytime i make a single simple mistake they nagg.me al0t.so bEtter say im n0t lucky to have an employer that they think of me im sTupid idi0ts f0r them.that im a rubBish,dirty human bieng that cAme to thier lifE..being a maid here is n0t easy.they are nice b'c0z u are nice.and they are w0rst if i make 0NLY a simple mistake.

Marilou Llaneta: Cooking is my passion so I'll not get tired of doing it 

I dont have any work that I don't like for I have only minimal works... 

D'nasty Aini: Little tips, 

Yes the take care kids is not easy. 
But I thing u most comfort from ut self. . U most understanding what type kids like or not like. . Then you most hv thing how kids hv like u say n listen u..cz the kids know heart some take care ok or fine or not. . Y no one id patients n soft say. .It. .give the kids hv power to like u....

Marites Roxas: i dont like cooking especially sunday a lot to cook coz all brother@sisters in their family come here to eat till night @ doing bathspa/footspa everyday coz u pour water in the tub outside the bathroom, my mdam can go in but ahma we need to carry her go in @ out the bathtub so heavy 100kg + very tiring.....(Be patience this our job as long the employers are good still ok try to relax urself by listening music @ watching in youtube) i dont like disturbing me while im working

Jelita Ocenar: Ahm.aCtUalLy i try that already i sh0w to them that i cAre them i l0ve them.buT the w0rst is if im nice to then.they talK back rudE to me.woah! Very tiring.and also my empl0yer d0nt all0w me handph0ne if the children is around.

Sherilyn Ibanez Silva: I love my job all around if they apreciate my work, especially they bring me in their busseness meeting ,I learned a lot, I love to masage the the sickly person , I feel so lucky I'm not sickly, but I hate to exercise the stroke person I feel hrt my back because she is so heavy, I always tired ..But they are good to me

Jelita Ocenar: I think ha,the empl0yer oNly goOd to you if you do ur job nicely.and perfEct.bUt if you make a very simple mistake 8s b0mb to them!and that my empl0yer.

Stonedheart Encio: Tips just enjoy my work easy to finish and nobody disturbing me and I like the most is cooking ,,I love cooking very much I enjoying cooking and I make my own recipe hehehe...

Jane Mintas Some employers very quick to nag you if you did a mistake,they even don't forget it and keep it reminding its a big deal to them but If you did something good to them,they easily forget!such a life..

Chona Gimeda I hate cleaning toilet especially glass slide door and partition

Marites Roxas: but some employer do not appreciate what u did noh!!!! i do all i can to help them to take care of thier mother still have complained,..i already do like a nurse,dietetian even a bathspa parlor all around...i try to help buy the cheaper daily use of thier mother like the plastic sheet cover the bed so urine cannot go inside the bed,i let them buy the washable so they can save some money,.Taking care of old grandma is not an easy task/job especially she is a big size.. i nearly have fracture in my back @ hands 

Floralyn Jana Kaur: I hate ironing,and cleaning toilets

Cheryll Lyn Caloquim Aguro: I like most of my work especially baking 

I hate childcare and elderly care sorry for that but I dont like it at all... thats why my two employer both couple:) no children at all...

Marybee Flor Trinidad: i love taking care of kids specially newly born....i find it easier when you care them as your own kids 

Jane Soriano: I hate ironing,so to make ironing easier for me,I have to hang the clothes properly after washing it.If I can't iron that day I will have to fold them properly or just hang it so it wont be so crumpled

Nhelzky Jane Lopez: I love my job coz they let me work by my own will. Meaning thry gave me a list then need to follow even they are not around. But i like walking aroung the town with my cute bby.

Ann P. Hermoso: Me i love what im doing now. Taking care of elderly...but i like to learn more about cooking. I dont like hmmm climbing coz i am fear of heights. And sawing bamboo tree hrrrrr. Well no one will do so i have no choice but to do it he he he...

Jessica Daprosa Anonuevo: I love my job...mostly clean the house whole day..no kids and no cooking...but shocks...cats hair are everywhere.., I handle my time and nobody disturb me.

Hanika Peñano: Jelita Ocenar we are both the same the child im taking care of not listen to me im exhausted in one day how many times i tell her drink water to the point im angry already coz she's not listening to me she always wait or ok but the amount of water still the same...night time weekdays i ask her.sleep early she want to play with her pens then the following day i complain to her mum that she wants to play pens instead of sleep early...aiyooh my patience no more already honestly...luckly nxt month bye bye to them i will finish my contract...

Mhel Pasag: i love cooking and gardening, i hate ironing and pets.. i like animals but i don't want to take care of 'em... "saree" i dont like their smell and their poops :-)give you some tips later, I'm at the middle of something.  i have guest... I'm cooking ...see yah...

Darlene Hope:  enjoy your job as long as you can manage and you can handle it very well...you have to think positive and dont expect any reward from your employer,dont count how long youve been staying with them,,, becoz youre doing your job for the sake of your love ones...once you enjoy your job you dont need to hate what kind of a job you have...

Jovelyn Dominguez Mirambel: I love my job especially taking care kids i dont hate any some difficult for me to do but i try my best to do it so that next time i know already how to manage it.

* What are those consequences if you have problem to ur employers and you want to run away from them?

Bright Nancia: Running away is not always the solution

Dixie Chick: few years back i have some friends who ran away and managed to escape the abusive employer.Another friend of mine from my church also escaped and went to MOM bec her employer hurt her physically.While the MOM was doing the investigations they stayed in a boarding house,they can't work until the investigation was over.After 2 months the MOM found an employer for but the first few weeks,some MOM officers came to visit them & make sure they're treated well.The only consequence is delayed of work & if no work,no salary.

Iheart: You Unless u are being abused or illtreat (no food) you can run away if just not happy working just ask to go back agent. No need to run away ( bad record for ur name)

Nilbe Dapudong Darroca: all u need to do is to call the embassy to ask advice.they can give u a good advice for ur safety....and always pray..

Eng Kaw Kurikutasanda: Talk to your employer about the problem if the problem persist talk to your respective agency if no action seek help from mom or authorized ngo's. We are protected by law so don't be afraid to ask help from authority about employment problems.

Lyn Alerta: Runaway is not always the best solution sis..as long as they dont.hurt u physically or abused u try to manage it by urself..as long as ur accomodation is good then i think its no big deal...U can do it sis believe it urself and be brave...coz whatever ur experience i think mine is worst than urs..just dont allowed ur employer step ur rights...as long as u do ur job well

Siti Aisyah: I did before first employer cos she slap me and throw knife the neighbor ask me runaway to police

Nhelzky Jane Lopez: My friend run away with the employer bec she had lack of sleep too many work load. She talked to her madam but mamdam didnt listen.

Mhel Pasag: not an ultimate solution... consequences are...1. will not having a salary.(u will be wasting ur time) 2. very stressful, living at Home sorounded by other runaways problematic pe

Eng Kaw Kurikutasanda: Think not only 1s but million times before running away.

1. Check on urself if ur problem is bigger than u?
2.plan the honest and firm reason so that justice will solve ur problem.
3. Be ready for the consequencies after running away.
4. Be ready for the employer dicetion.
Send you back to your country or give u release to transfer.

Tina Pai: Running away will never be a solution to a problem. It can maybe results to another problem. What's your problem with your employer by the way? Maybe it's your first time to work abroad.' It's really difficult..

Janelyn Gabasan: Just talk to them properly,,,,what to do,if u cnot take anymore RTE? Hands up or give up!!!!and let know 1st ure agent before u tel,,,,pray FRIEND,,, GOD knows,,,,Run away s not a solution!!!!

Wesha St: Hallo Alex, just piece of advice. Try to communicate with you employer ist, about what you've been bothered with! Is it work? Sleep? Food. Etc. 2nd contact your agent..tell them your problem about your employer then they will do the talking, just be brave about it. As if you want a transfer don't think about the additional months salary deduction. Be polite and honest to them better tell the reasons. Mere fact as you got agency accredited by Pinas the embassy based in Singapore they will help you. Don't worry much about running away. Just think it will be risky for you to do it. On the other hand Homes is merely wide and a lot of fdw staying there.mixed consumed individuals stayed there.

* Are you doing your share to bridge the communication and understanding gap with your employer, employee (fdw), agents, family, kids, spouse, friends? 

Mahal Jat‎:As an employer myself, I can explain that lot of times employer is not aware of your problems. If you do not mention then employer tend to assume your are happy. If you have any problem with the employer then discuss it with them. Employer has already trusted you with their home and their precious kids in their presence, most employer want you to be happy because a happy employee makes a happy person and every parent wants a happy caregiver around their children. 

Those employers who are breaking the law, most are not aware of the law. MOM send a periodical newsletter to employers, FDW and agents. Seems most receipients do not read it. Rules of the authorities are few google clicks away on their websites. If your rights are violated, nicely explain the rules to the employer, do not rub it in their face, give them few days to digest, and then nicely ask them again to meet your expectations as per your rights.

Take time to slowly open up your life to your employer in an incremental manner, it will inspire more trust. People have the fear of unknown. There is a saying, "a known devil is better than the unknown angel". Let 'yourself as the human being' be known to the employer, there may be parts of your life and personality they may not like but at least they will respect your honesty and sincerity, which will inspire more mutual trust. 

Once you open up your life to your employer, you will be surprised how many of them will reciprocate with more kindness, sharing their own life, fears, hopes, aspirations, vulnerabilities and you will see a more humane side of them. It takes two to clap, do your side of things to make it happen and give them time to start responding positively.

Do not forget, employer hired you and you agreed to work for them, because you both liked each other in the beginning. After that, you can make your sincere efforts to adjust in their family, be more flexible, they already have a family, its their home, you are the new addition, employers are also scared inside if you will be good to their kids at their back, if you can be trusted with their house and valuables, some women are even scared if they can trust you with their husband, that means their relationship already has a trust issue even before you joined the job and it is NOT your fault, but at least do your part to not give them additional reasons to be insecure in their already messy relationship. Employers need to do their part by not unfairly diverting their frustration with spouse on you. 

Every family is different, do not compare with your own family or previous employer. Do not generalize and judge people based on race, religion, nationality, culture, etc.

Bunag Jane Danao: its true...but no matter hw we want to talk to them some employers are giving barriers making as feel that u dont have to cross the line coz they will just talk to u wen uve done wrong or they will ask u to do something for them....we cant blame both sides...but its the reality....and its hapening....like your my maid...im your employer....so dont have to complian...i hope dat employers will gve us a chance to prove ourselves....dat we are individual and possess our own character....

Vanessa Garcia it's true but the facts also some employer putting the wall between us the important is as a maid we must know where we stand and we know our limitation. ..

Jane Besa: Yes it's true...A good communication between employer and the helper helps a lot atleast both of you knows to adjust and the helper will be comfortable working... I know it take times to adjust but the helper need a lot of adjustment... But the best thing is LOVE your work and be initiative....

Jovelyn Dominguez Mirambel: To all my fellow OFW
tips : Fight for our right in a friendly manner when we know we have the right. As what i've experienced when my boss break our contract i was send back to my agency. As i stayed there for three days i have no assurance i can find a new employer. My good friends encourage me to change agency where i can find good one. Till one day i talked with my agent even it's painful to hear that i'm not grateful to him for all those years his helping me to come over here. I still stand firm for my right and said sir i have no assurance in your service for next week you will be in China to recruit then how i can find a new employer i have only twelve days as what my boss said they will cancelled my permit for my replacement will be coming. The agent called my employer and yes i've talked to her and said the same thing mom i want to change agency and she said why i'm so choosy it's hard to find an employer this days. But still i follow whatever good for me for i know i have the right to change agency even with the condition of my boss and my new agency that i must be pick up at my previous agent house for my safety as well as i must accompanied with someone from my new agency everytime i went for the interview. I agreed with those as long as i could find better and good services. 
That's my experienced before and to all dont rush in any decisions without knowing our rights read carefully whatever contract we're signing to avoid complications later on.

Lourdes Gaborno: Tips; for all the new here in SG , regarding your situation to your employer , First ,you must try to adapt the surrounding , the way they speak its very different from us , don't just say yes to your employer if you cannot understand of what they tell you , second , You must win their trust first , don't just anyhow complain even a little bit of hard work , remember we are here for work and earned for our family back home and not to have a good life ... so we need to show them that they can trust us ... bcos we are the stranger to them too , they will observing us closely bcos we are in their home , trusting pple is not so easy but it depend on us how to behaved , and win their trust ... I know that I can and so you can too... Trust and give and take is the important ... either to the Helper or to the employer ...

Jovelyn Dominguez Mirambel: Very true adapt the environment we live in keeps the house in harmony. As i've experienced i'm new here i really cant understand the way they speak to me that i really cried but then i tried my best to adapt the way my boss last time that i last with them for seven years and half for thirteen years in here i had only two boss. For the second boss i had now sometimes we had misunderstanding but we always open up with each other and whatever happened we always put it behind and we always see what's the best thing for us today. In that way both party have always mutual understanding as well as respect with one another. 

Lourdes Gaborno: Yes you are right Dear.. that's why we must know where we stand sometimes , and if we behave like a boss too then , its better we go back home and sleep in that way nobody can order us around 

Jenny Ehhal: Agree! We come here to work as a help so we must know our limits between our employer.It takes time to gain trust from our employer and vice versa. In my expirience with my employer I thought that I can not finish one year but now I recontract coz I get along with my boss.It's just a matter of swallowing our pride sometimes and our atittude as well".Showing them our best until we gain their trust.Sometimes attacking our employer is not the best solution in any situation.It is normal specially for the first timer to experience with lots of adjustment with the family."Good communication is my weapon to get along with my employer" .Don't put grudge if ur employer scolded you but listen and learn from it..

* Understand the difference between COMPLAINT TO MOM vs NLRC CLAIM.
MOM Complaint is made to the Singapore govt. NLRC claim is NOT filed with MOM, it is filed with Pinas govt via POEA.

Take action and do BOTH.
1. Complain to MOM if your deduction is more than 2 month to have your deductions stopped or to recover your money.
2. File NLRC claim via POEA of the pinas govt if u paid any deductions, dismissed unfairly without 1 month notice or paid a salary less than US$400 (SG$525) . POEA does not allow any deductions for the placement fee.
NLRC Claim is NOT against the employer. The claim is against the agent to recover the unfair deductions, regardless of how many employers that agent made you work for. So, it doesn't matter how many employers who had. If you had same agent and he kept rotating you through multiple employers and your deductions kept growing, you are filing the claim against the agent, even if he placed u ith 1,2 or 3 employers. You simply bring copies of all the deductions schedule from each employer or the FINAL deduciton schedule that has your total deduction accumulated from all the employers. Without this evidence, you sitll can claim but u may have to settle for less pay out during the pre-trial mediation/conciliation process.

POEA, NLRC & POLO are part of the Philippine's govt's DOLE (Dept. of Labor and Employment).
NLRC is National Labour Relations Administration.
POEA is Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.
POLO is Philippine Overseas Labor Administration.

Since 2006, Philippines govt's POEA rule is "ZERO PLACEMENT FEE i.e. NO PLACEMENT FEE & NO DEDUCTIONS in lieu" in any country, not in Pinas and not in the destination country. POEA's rule is UNIVERSAL ACROSS ALL COUTNRIES. So if a placement fee/deduction is charged in any country to the FDWs then they can file NLRC claim. Under this guideline, employment agencies in the Philippines are not permitted to charge placement fees to overseas workers bound for overseas. The agencies may charge for the training,medical examination, photo, video and other necessary miscellaneous fees but not placement fee.

Sg and Pinas agents undertake the shady practice of the DOUBLE CONTRACT. Pinas govt allows only those Sg and Pinas agents who are registered with POEA/Philipiness Embassy. Those sg and pinas agents doing the double contract, underpayment, unfair deductions are violating POEA law and can be blacklisted and fined by the Philippines govt. Even Sg agents can be fined (thru Pinas agent) or Sg agents can be blacklisted by Pinas govt (POEA) and POLO at Pinas Embassy from hiring or transfering Pinays in future, forcing rogue agents to go out of business.

You can make claim
if agent in sg or pinas charged you upfront fee or any salary deductions (unfair deductions). POEA RULE is NO PLACEMENT FEE & NO DEDUCTIONS.
you can claim if agent did the DOUBLE CONTRACT (unfair contract). Double Contract means that if you are new hire then, your agent in Pinas made you sign a Contract (Contract-1: compliant with POEA rules and min salary of US$400 or SG$600 and no monthly deduction) but your agent in Singapore made you sign another contract (Contract-2 that has lower salary and deductions that are much more than 1 month). In case of transfer, sg agent make you sign two contract, one contract that meets the requriements of POEA (so you can get embassy stamp) and another REAL contract which is lower salary and more deductions. DOUBLE CONTRAT: 1 fraud contract to meet POEA/Embassy rules, and 1 REAL but BAD contract with low salary and high deductions to scam you and scam pinas govt.
you can claim if sg or pinas agent made you sign a contract that pays you less than US$400 (Sg$600) per month (underpayement)
you can claim if employer did not give you 1 month notice when they fired from the job and just sent you back to pinas (unfair dismissal)
If your Pinas agent did not do any POEA paper work and sent you to Singapore you still can claim. You did not break any laws of any country. Your agent broke ANTI-HUMAN TRAFFICKING laws. Its a very serious charge and agent is indeeper trouble as not only agency license can be cancellde by agent can also be jailed. This makes it easier for you to recover your money as most agent will want to settle during the mendatory conciliation/mediation stage before the case goes to the trial. Claim will be against the Pinas agent and Sg agent will be listed as principal employer on your contract.
You can go to POEA or embassy and ask them to retrieve your POEA record and use that as an evidence to file the claim. it costs PHP99 or S$3.

Agents in Pinas and Singapore (or other countries) who process the papers of Pinay FDWs with agency (e.g. Athenticate the contract, OWWA, HOME LEAVE/OEC, renew passport, etc) both have to pay separate S$7,000 PERFORMANCE BOND each to the POEA. Pinas agents pay this PERFORMANCE BOND direct to POEA in Pinas. Overseas agents (e.g. Sg, HK, Middle East, etc) pay this PERFORMANCE BOND to POEA via POLO at Embassy as security deposit. Either way POEA has this bond and NLRC can award you the claim from this bond, even if the agent is overseas or the agency has already shut down.

Sometimes, if yo go to the POEA information counter then their staff may not have information about this process as there is lack of awareness among the POEA and NLRC staff. Ask the POEA inquiry person to send you to the NLRC office located within the POEA office. NLRC officer is more likely to know about this process.

You can go to POEA or embassy and ask them to retrieve your POEA record and use that as an evidence to file the claim. It costs PHP99 or S$3.
Without record with POEA in pinas or POLO at embassy (if u came as tourist) hard to claim. thats why u need employment records before you can file.

If you came from pinas agent through pinas processing then POEA has your record in pinas. It costs PHP100 to obtain the records at POEA.
If you came as tourist and did authentication or OEC at embassy then POLO at embassy has your employment record. just extract yoru EMPLOYMENT RECORD from POLO at embassy as an evidence of employment, which u need as a basis to file NLRC claim. It may costs Sg$3 (im nto sure, ask embassy to confirm) to obtain the records at POLO.

Agents in Pinas and Singapore (or other countries) who process the papers of Pinay FDWs with agency (e.g. Athenticate the contract, OWWA, HOME LEAVE/OEC, renew passport, etc) both have to pay separate S$7,000 PERFORMANCE BOND each to the POEA. Pinas agents pay this PERFORMANCE BOND direct to POEA in Pinas. Overseas agents (e.g. Sg, HK, Middle East, etc) pay this PERFORMANCE BOND to POEA via POLO at Embassy as security deposit. Either way POEA has this bond and NLRC can award you the claim from this bond, even if the agent is overseas or the agency has already shut down.

NLRC CLAIM IS AGAINST THE AGENT, DO NOT ALERT/APPROACH THEM FOR ADVICE. NLRC CLAIM has nothing to do with the employer. Employer will not be in trouble, employer will not be sent a notice by the court. Employer can totally remain out of it.

The NLRC CLAIM is against the AGENT. Then why do you go to the agent for advice about the NLRC claim? You are ALERTING them.
I see a lot of FDWs going to the agent for the advice about the NLRC claim. Would you go to the thief to ask for advice about how to lodge a complaint against them. Do not be ur own worst enemy.

A lot of you also talk to the employer about the NLRC claim. In principal, its good to take your employer in confidence. But the problem is that many of the employers will in turn call the agent to ask about it. This way agent will be alerted. Some agents then try to poison the mind of your employer through misinformation.

If you do not have a very strong friendly and trusted relationship with the employer and you are not very sure that employer will support you then do not share with them.
Because the NLRC claim has got nothing to do with the employer. Claim is NOT against the employer. Claim money does not come out of employer's pocket, it comes out of the agent's pocket, and it is your hard-earned money that they stole through the scam of unfair deductions.

A lot of times agent is mentally prepared to pay you your original claim, they will try their tricks and negotiation techniques to see if you settle for less.If you are willing to stick to your stand, most will usually agree to settle closer to your original claim.
Even if you walk away, then until the case goes to court, agency still has time to come back to you and offer you your original claim.

Tell them you know all these tricks, they better pay you or they end up spending many times more. ACT TOUGH and STRONG.
When they calculate the expenses they will over inflate, do not accept. tell them those expenses have to be paid by the agent as they get paid a hiring fee (to be shared by Sg and pinas agent) by the employer. tell them you never signed a loan contract and so no evidence that they need to charge you.

Stick to your stand. They know you got all the evidence and also tell them you wont stop just at getting paid in court but you will file separate complaint to POEA to have the agency shut down permanently if they do not settle with your original claim amount.

Ulol Ka Na Magnanakaw: I am still here in Singapore. I know sis how bad my agent is i afraid they will going to pick me up and liquidate me. I just having my salary deduction my mother got sick i am afraid also if they will send me back home and blacklist me they did that always to their applicant. I need to continue to work even if i offended how many times. In my contract i got one day off every month and i got 17 dollars allowance while my deductions salary is not finish yet and i know that all is against the MOM NEW RULES but i keep quite only because I WANT JOB.

Mitch M. Pasaway: From year 2009 up to the present then the processing it's the depends on the agents and you also.. If both of you will agree to settle it in private then no need to wait for a long time but if you choose to go in the court I'm not sure but it will take a few months.

Ulol Ka Na Magnanakaw: I don't know the result if i going to fight them and i don't know how long it takes. I prepare to keep quite and signed it...

Mitch M. Pasaway: You should ask first before you sign sis because you had the right to ask for your security also,its your own choices sis if you choose to fight or keep in silence because its your life, and I understand what you feel.

Winter:  Respect the country that you're working in.  Show basic respect to the people who employed you legally.  You work in Spore not Philippines.  You are offered good employment terms, many times better than your birth country, why aren't you satisfied? If you are holding tightly to Philippines authentic contract and its ridiculous terms, purposely making things difficult for Sporeans, you shouldn't work in Spore.  Stay in Philippines!  Get your own govt to give you a job and protect you like what Spore did for FDWs.  You need to know this little red dot is known as Singapore, not Philippines or Indonesia, your govt doesn't own Spore!  Simply logic but you are twisting it to your advantage, what kind of evil/unscrupulous person are you?  Spore doesn't owe any of you a good job, it should be your birth country!

Copied from Maid's Facebook.  Sorry no hyperlink.  Google search yourself and you'll find this 'popular maid' - the Facebook page owner slamming employers, making herself and her 'sisters' looked like weaklings and bullied.

How do you make cleaning the windows from outside SAFE?
Do you know the safety rules? Do say NO to the boss if they ask you to do it?

Did you a lot of FDW have died cleaning the windows. MOM rules prevent the employers to force you to do the dangerous job and employer can be jailed.

Amber Jorine Vinarao Vinarao: Cnt say no,coz is part of a job,but u much carefull to do it,,.and we should lock the grilled of window before cleaning or use other device to do...

D'nasty Aini: It is correct sir mahal..
But my boss know it cleaning the windows her say ..be careful. .take care. .if can't u none. .just were you cn do .like that. .so my boss nvr adk me to do most very clean windows. .Thanks sir. .

Tina Pai Ahaha:.. Thanks for posting this!! I did fight for my right yesterday but my boss still insist me to clean the windows while the grills were open and standing on a high stool.. I told her it's not allowed but still she insisted and i did make her annoyed and she bangs all the windows.. Ahahah! I cleaned and i just smile while cleaning because she knew that i can fight for my right.. She told me only the interior but still using/standing on a high stool or chair while cleaning is not allowed... Well....it says on the rule of MOM that DO NOT STAND ON CHAIRS, STOOLS OR RAISED PLATFORMS WHEN CLEANING THE WINDOW!!!

Jane Mintas: Thank God,this is the only thing,I like to my boss, don't allow me to clean the window outside,,if not,I will quit.Pls,say "NO"if they let you clean..Try to read the safety measures given by the MOM,

Jaybie Bautista: My maam doesn't want me to clean outside windows as she konws too dangerous and tell me its not worth cleaning outside windows if you put your life in danger, but still I need to clean it until where my arms can reach without standing in any chair or stool or use broom with longer handle then put a duster on it

Chona Gimeda: I clean our windows once a month only .my boss are not particular about cleaning windows its up to me if i want to clean it

Mirasol Nebrida Bautista: I'm just lucky my boss never tell me to clean the exterior part of the window bcoz she knows the danger behind it. "auntie never ever open the grills of the window, just clean the interior part enough already!"..... I'm blessed to have an understanding lady employer...

Monica Jovz Lobo: well my boss beg me not to clean the window outside i just make my own idea if how to clean it. they know whats the rule.. and to my fellow FDW we can say NO if our boss ask us to clean the the window especially exterior. we can fight our right for our own safety. remember guys our life is ONLY ONE we cant change it if its lost. so Pls say NO TO THEM. THANKS.

Jane Soriano: If you really need to clean the windows make sure that you lock the grills first but if no grills at all ask your boss buy you a cleaning tool that can be extended without you getting near the windows and avoid standing on a chair.But if cleaning windows is a must and your boss is really making it diffucult for you,you have to remind them about the risk as some employers are really nasty and don't care as long as their windows are clean.

Elizabeth Manaligod: Thank God coz my employer doesn't want me to clean the windows...but sometime if they r not around I clean it coz can't stand to see it already...too dirty..but of course I always apply what I learned about cleaning windows when I was at the agency...Hahaha!I don't want to die yet...Hahaha!lol

Jane Mintas: Me too,I don't want to be a Hero at the end,I will be a dead meat!hehe"SAFETY COMES FIRST."PLS.

Siti Ro: When we clean everyday is get easy , even clean from inside(our body) my mam didn't force me but I happy if my mam house clean

In the light of the unfortunate deaths of old ladies in Singapore where the maid is the suspect, please allow CMT and me, TZ, admins of this page, to share a few suggestions. Nobody wants any hurt for anybody, but there are things employers can all do to keep everyone safe.

1) Realise that most of the maids in this country come from villages where the pace of life is slower, family relationships are strong, relationships with neighbours and non-family members are cordial, free of big stress and scolding and shouting. 

2) Do what you can to insulate the maid from the stress of unpleasant home working environment, keep the voice down, change scolding to educating, withstand the temptation of threatening with scolding or body harm.

3) Realise that when parents get older, many changes happen to the mind. They become forgetful, frustrated, they don't understand most of the world, people lose patience with them and they become increasingly frustrated. They develop many psychlogical issues, like they feel obsessed to clean things, obsessed to be very fussy, and complain about everything. This has to be handled very carefully, don't leave to maid to handle, employer has more knowledge and resources to handle this. 

4) When CMT was working as a maid in Singapore, some old Ah Maa shared with her: Old parents came from different time last time, the last 50 years for them is full of change, last time family so big, full of relatives, now life is quite empty and they feel that the children and grandchildren are all they have, and yet the children and grandchildren ignore them. 

5) Make a plan how to get closer to Ah Maa, how to involve her in family. The maid cannot substitute this - Ah Maa always feels that she should be having attention from family, not the maid. Plan easy outing where Ah Maa can sit down and talk to family. Organize get together when all uncle and auntie come and don't fight. 

6) Death of husband affect Ah Maa a lot if they were close before. This require Ah Maa children to be understanding, and it is children responsibility to take care of Ah Maa's feelings, understand Ah Maa's feelings and support her emotional health. 

7) Don't dump a problem Ah Maa to the maid take care for everything. There is no such thing as problem Ah Maa. This is your parent, or grandparent, if they have health, emotion problem, the duty is on the children to take care of the emotional health. If employer already frustrated with Ah Maa, the maid will feel the frustration more, because Ah Maa will also be frustrated and find the children give her a maid more insult her than supporting her, and she may use maid as target of frustration. 

8) If you find Ah Maa letting go frustration on the maid, then do something. Employer must find strength in themselves to do something about this. They must talk to the Ah Maa very gently, not scold her, because if employer scold Ah Maa, Ah Maa may revenge on the maid. Encourage, not scold, the Ah Maa. At the same time, also please support the maid, say kind words to her, tell her the whole situation, open up a little bit of your life and vulnerability to the maid, so the maid feels like she is involved in your family and your family need her to work WITH the family to take care of Ah Maa. 

9) Be very sensitive to both Ah Maa's emotions and maid's emotions. Yes you have a big job and busy, but this is not something you can leave to other people. This is your family, and the maid is under your care. You don't want anything bad to happen, so you must be very sensitive to people's feelings. 

10) If many many maid cannot take care of Ah Maa and everybody quit, then don't try anymore. You cannot just change maid like change TV. These are human beings. If 2 maid already cannot work with the Ah Maa, the next maid most probably cannot. Then consider to send Ah Maa to a very good nursing home, or gather the strength to be able to make the life adjustments on taking care of the Ah Maa yourself. 

11) Sometimes Ah Maa feel like she is competing with the maid. Make clear to the Ah Maa that both she and maid not competing in the same race, tell Ah Maa she got nothing to prove, she done her job already to raise her children, now is the time for her to relax. Tell her that the house as long as clean enough it's OK, no need for her to compete. Tell her that she should relax and let the maid cook and clean, because if she keep bothering the maid, the maid is a worker, and she comes from a different place. Tell Ah Maa all the 10 points above, gently and happily with a smile. 

The most important message, is the duty to take care of Ah Maa, is the employer's duty. The maid just helping. Don't make the situation so difficult for the maid that she cannot control her frustration anymore.

Dc Vickyla - True that what i observe here i work in one employer for more than 10years we as a maid we already felt very stress of iverloaded work then f someone very fussy , keep scoulding alittle reasons complaining we felt regreted why i came here people always lookdown on me why theyhired maid f they dont have heart to understand our feelings ,,,, that most of the thought of maids share their story and ne alsoi felt the sane but because of our family we just keep quite deep inside fot pain .hope your message pass to all employers maid can ta han

Leigh Anne - Coming to work in a foreign country is not easy..both sides has to adjust.the employer may feel uneasy as she is letting a complete stranger into her home and the fdw as well may feel the same..I myself felt that too when i just came here to work 10 years ago.. We are not used to things around the house as we are not accustomed to back home...even operating a simple machine, we dont know..and thats how the problem starts.some employers expect that once a fdw set foot into their home thy expect that she knows everything.they dont have that patience to teach their helper.say once and thats it..when fdw make mistakes,she get a big scolding for being so clumsy or stupid..if employers were like mine i think singapore is a happy place to live in for some fdw..i didnt feel homesick when i first came as she talked to me everynight, let me call my family, even provided me a stamp and envelop to write my family..and most importantly she let me speak with my fellow fdw.now a days employers are tend to be so selfish..they locked the helpers up in the house.no handphone cant even talk to anybody..helpers are human and should not being deprived of freedom.in this case sometimes we cant blame the helpers if she did such crimes as i feel when sanity overcome by insanity, nothing cud be right.. .

Ray Mund - One sentence : Singaporeans generally look down on maids and others who are lower than them. The moment you need to take a salary from them, they will terrorise you.

I've given up on local employers.
If they want to eradicate this problem, both the FDW and the employer should go thru a mental and psychiatric test before they can be allowed to employ/be employed. Both parties need to be checked. We won't be surprised as many as half (50%) of employers have schizophrenia or some mental illness not known because they lived their whole life psychotic and people avoid crossing their paths. The moment you place a foreign maid in the same small enclosure (typically HDB flats), the schizo can run amok and start to give the maid a hard time. Well it can happen vice versa too so when the maid is taunted by the mad employer too much she may go crazy and hack the mad cow to death.

I am shocked to read of so many employers death and subsequently the maid was arrested.

Winter: Safety is in maid's hand.  Your employer is not your nanny or babysitter and have to constantly remind you what is dangerous.  If you died, your family won't be able to touch or see you forever.  When you're careless, your employer suffers monetary losses while your beloved family will lose you forever.  Don't be so reckless and thoughtless.  Spore is not a playground.  

Are you open to risks?  
Can safety be compromised or treated like child's play? Example, the water is boiling, maid forgot to turn off the gas and the sprouting water caused the flame to be out, what's going to happen?  I mentioned before, my ex-Indonesian maid couldn't smell the leaking gas, her senses were out or switched off!  

You told your FDW it is dangerous, she just smile but didn't get the meaning of fall from heights and will be killed, blame who?  SIP trainer?  MOM for being so pro-maid?  Blame Employers for not leaving their work and watch the maid carry out her chores like an eagle (think we're so free?)?  Bottom line, FDWs have to know how to work safely.  It is MOM/SIP's duty to ensure all maids understand in their native language.  Videos have to be shown to let FDW know once dropped died, she's gone forever. 

Employ a maid but she tells you to hang the laundry or clean the interior window yourself. As an employer or any flat dweller, you have to be careful ... our PAP/HDB has built high rise flats for so many decades so why maids cannot take extra precaution while carrying gout their chores? Too pampered?  Naive?  Employers are the only ATM machines available for them to fleece? 

How many of you practise what Jesus preaches in Luke 6:31: "Do to others as you would have them do to you"?  Human beings should never be treated only as machines to complete a job or task.

You, as an employer or any flat dweller, your life is cheap and worthless, compared to FDWs' well-being? HDB/PAP didn't do anything to protect citizens, all the onus is on employers.... fair?  FDWs are human being, we are not??

Copied and extracted from maid's Facebook ...
Please don't ask your maid to clean windows in high risk situation. If they will fall down, the price of your clean windows is a life. It is never worth.

If you're a maid, say NO to cleaning windows in high risk situations. DON'T BE STUPID. JUST SAY NO. To save your own life, sometimes you have to say NO. Say a reasonable NO, and say that you don't want to risk your life.

If you die, or injured, your family have many many more problem than now. JUST SAY NO.

Khin July Moe fell from a four storey apartment while she was helping her employer clean the windows. She is badly injured as a result of it. She was new to Singapore and had only worked 15 days when the accident happened.

Back home, Madam Khin would only sometimes get work earning her 1,536 Myanmar kyats (S$2).  Here, she was promised a monthly salary between $600 and $800.  The better pay, however, did not help in allaying her homesickness.  When she chatted with her husband on the phone a week later, she said she wanted to go home.

Taxi driver, Mr Zaw Myo Htike (husband), 32, told The New Paper in a phone interview: "She said her employers were good to her, but she was depressed due to the language barrier.  "I told her to be patient and to put up with it for a while because she had already signed an agreement with the agent," Mr Zaw said.

As foreign domestic workers are not covered by the Work Injury Compensation Act, Madam Khin can only be compensated through the compulsory Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) policy - something migrant worker groups feel shortchanges the maids.

While her situation worries him, Mr Zaw said he does not blame her former employer because he took care of her hospital bills after the accident.  When contacted, her former employer, who declined to be named, would only say that he has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder since the incident.  He said he had done his best to make sure her life was saved, and had chalked up a huge hospital bill.

A Ministry of Manpower (MOM) spokesman said investigations revealed that Ms Khin had cleaned the windows although her employer did not ask her to do so.  She also shared that Madam Khin she did not take the necessary safety precautions taught during the mandatory Settling-in-Programme.  The spokesman said her former employer had paid for her upkeep, maintenance and medical treatment until she was fit to return home to recuperate.  The spokesman added: "In addition, in line with MOM's requirements, (he) had purchased a PAI policy with a minimum coverage of $40,000 and is currently working with the insurer to make a claim for Ms Khin."

Madam Khin's former employer had also been issued an advisory to remind him of his responsibility to provide safe working conditions for maids.  The MOM spokesman reminded employers and foreign domestic workers that cleaning the exteriors of windows is only allowed when the grilles are locked and there is adult supervision.

Leah Keh Huier - Yup. I always tell my maid that its not worth it to lose your life over some stupid windows. Its not going to make my life better with sparkling clean windows. I rather she give my back a good massage!

Mharz Mallow - My employers dont want me to clean windows if not necessary....they are aware that it very risky....they often ask me if I love my life then dont clean windows or hang clothes outside. ..

Sharlyn Fernandez - I say yes,before you clean the window make sure the window grill is locked,,im stay 28 floor im doing clean window too..

Minda Morata Libiano oh.my god..my employer say dont clean the window.inside the window can clean.outside cannot.some employers very stupid...

Linda Regina Gill Ladies, your life is more important than your job or your salary or your unhappy boss.
If you are requested to clean exterior windows and you feel it is unsafe or does not meet the safety requirements make a report to MOM.

FB maid - Singapore government has a `safety agreement' which they want the maid and employer to sign. But this is nonsense! Because the employer almost never follow their agreement with the maid, because they are so powerful compared to the maid, the maid can't resist - without a big big fine for the employer, some bad employer will still force the maid to clean windows. If they really want to save lives, then they can just ban cleaning windows in dangerous areas.

Mr Zaqy Mohamad, who sits on the Government Parliamentary Committee for Manpower, said the issue should be looked at not just from the employees' perspective, but also the employers'.  "While it seems only humane that employers undertake the medical expenses incurred, there should also be a certain level of protection given to the employers.

"For instance, how much would it cost the employers if this was legislated?" the MP for Chua Chu Kang GRC said.

May 2014
Copied and extracted from maid's Facebook ...
The Employer have so much power, the maid have to stay in their house and face pressure, anger, shouting and screaming. AND the employer can anytime send the maid back to their country without need reasons - so.... you are stupid if you think the contract have any meaning.

Just like everything else in Singapore, government of Singapore, you hide behind contracts and pretend that everything is OK. That's lie. You think contract work perfect? Why don't you think of what happens if the contract not respected, if the people who sign the contract is like in prison (Winter: In the first place, you shouldn't have itchy backside, stepped into your home country agency to offer money.  If you haven't been greedy and daydreaming, you won't be here 'suffering and waning'), cannot even complain or don't know how to complain if the contract is not respected? Can't even understand the contract?

The employer can force the maid to do anything. They have power to beat, scold, scream, cause the maid money loss, and send back the maid to her country and get free replacement maid. (Winter: Really?  Tell me who I can employ and feel the POWER instead of now bullied by FDWs, giving in and giving in)

Time to look at the real humanity, and have some compassion for the weakest members of your country - the maids. Please I beg you, because lives are at stake.  (Winter: at stake?  What's MOM doing?  It has all the while been very pro-maid, how could there be FDWs living/suffering cruelty?)

Frances: If Singapore is such a bad place to come to work, please spread to all your friends and families " Dont come SG to work." Look for a greener pasture.

FB Maid:  Frances, What you say seems logical but I assure you it's not. How do you feel if people tell you - if you don't like your country get a few million foreigners into Singapore, why don't you pack your bags and move to another country like Myanmar or Malaysia or Australia?

You won't right? Not because you are citizen, but because you have invest your money, time or effort in this country.  The maids in Singapore, have invested their money, time and effort to come to Singapore. If they have not invested anything, of course, no problem to move to Hong Kong if they don't like it here.

So frances, next time put on thinking cap and say something more justifiable, that will greatly add value to this discussion. What you say now is the same green stuff which comes out of a baby.

Sharon:  No employer had forced FDW to leave home and fly to SG to work. FDWs came after weighing the pros and cons. If maids felt they are pitiful, worked like slaves, don't stay in SG, go home!! Get your own govt to provide you a good life. There is no need to bad mouthed employer as if Sg own u a living!!

If Sg employer is abusing the FDW, FDW can report to MOM and get her employer severely punished. Those not really abused or ill-treated, can choose to shed some crocodile tears to get their employers into trouble.  The truth is never offensive or too harsh to accept, unless to those that can't face it and wanted excuses to justify their self-righteous, prefer to live in an unrealistic world.

FB Maid:  Sharon, It's hard to reason with people spouting hysterics. Just keep in mind that contracts only work among people with people who have the resources to uphold the contract, and a contract with one who does not have these resources, is an unfair contract. In my country, unfair contracts are dealt with as they should - reasonably and oppressive sentences cannot be upheld.

For those who voice out when they are ill treated, we don't worry too much for them. Who we worry for, are those who keep quiet and suffer, and abused until they have to go to hospital. And as mentioned, those who made an investment to come into Singapore, cannot simply leave without fairly recouping their investment or having compensation for investing in a raw deal. And do some research - the policy of government to put all the power into the hands of employers - especially the power to send maids back without reason required (thus, forcing the maid to forfeit all the investment she has had put into coming to Singapore) - is an extremely lopsided power which should be questioned and reformed.

Vhogz Villarico: Its really true...Very well said...I hope nd pray that one of this day i can take my money back coz my agent deducted me 8 &1/2 months..then i wish my last employer banned so cannot take another helper.coz they send me backhome without my knowledge.we agreed that they send me to my agency but they send me to changi airport..very unfair nd selfish human...!!!

Leah Mallari: Very well said.. Sometimes, those written in the contract are not implemented..helpers were put in the situation that seems they are under at their employers mercy..they cant complain or else theu will be send back to agency or worst repatriated.. Helpers should know their rights.

Jovinz Espiritu: I hope goverment in singapore will do the right action....many fdw really suffer from their employer and agent and its true that our standard contract is never follow...and I wonder why until now the gov. Still blind about this.

Loise Madrid: First thing.. maids are just any other employee around singapore, they've legal contracts to follow throughout their stay with their employers. dear FDw lesson here is before you sign a contract please read it carefully, if you dont fully understand Do clarify, if you need to have translated in your own dialect, please do (coz that what i did, i literally translated it im tagalog, although I am filipino so as not to.let her feel cheated) youre just being cateful cause its for your sake.. i think it's a practice by most agency to deduct 6-8 mos of your salary, if FDW isnt agreeable then don't sign but in most cases because of the need FDW has no choice but to sign that is the 1st challenge, who wants to work without being paid ?!

The 2nd challenge whether u'll end up with a.reasonable employer.. if you're not lucky an FDW will be abused by their boss.. no day off, a sleeping quarters which is very uncomfortable, salary not on time & )lot more. It takes 2 to tango , FDw is good then employer is satisfied HARMONY.. maybe the 2.  locals who vented their frustration here experienced the con maid thats why their like that but my comment to them is don't generalized all FDW there are better ones too.

if employer is putting cctv in their houses to watch what your doing then itll be wise to do the same thru a logbook cause FDW is not high tech.. Youre in a foreign land and you have to.be wise too on how you can protect your self..Bring the matter to MOM if employer break any part of the.contract.

Winter: These Facebook maids still didn't understand what employers are trying to emphasize.  Claimed they cannot leave Spore because they have invested.  Our fault?  In the first place, who forced them to fly  over?  They had itchy backsides, stepped into their home country agencies to offer money ... of course no agent will turn them away so they became merchandises, meat on the chopping board.  Once in Spore, FDWs pretend cheated, underpaid, treated like slaves, act clueless or can't accept the local contract terms ....turned the table and claimed employers no good, terror, sent them home without allowing them to 'recoup' (repatriation), didn't give them human rights, etc.  If Spore is so bad, the thought of coming to Spore shouldn't have exist.  If you didn't come, you would have saved your investment and need not take up unglam FDW jobs .... complaining, shredding crocodile tears and pushing the blame to your ill-fated employers, aren't you despicable?   If you had been a good worker, who would want to make you leave?  It is not free nor cheap to employ FDW!  We are not expatriates who can easily earn S$10,000 each month.  My salary is only about 2% of Prime Minister Lee.  

Life is harsh, the truth is there but you people (haven't gone thru harsh life/born with golden spoon) like to think I've exaggerated, don't believe what I'm going thru.  Why not you come to my house and replace my role for 6 months?  Pretend you're the mother (no need to be wife lah) of a special needs child, no maid, just housework, the house, special school education, caring the child, facing uncaring or lip service grassroots/ministers/social workers ... bring you to those days when I was a full-time homemaker with tight budget (the 'working hours' will be longer than my FDW, no off day, no spare spending money), then tell me how many days you can survive, am I telling the truth, have you been blinded/cheated by wolves in disguise .... etc.

Most ridiculous is FB maid saying Citizens should leave our country so that foreigners can come over and dig gold - recover their losses/investment.  Make way, get lost, let FDWs' 'investment' be multiplied easily, give FDWs an easy path so as to make quick bucks and vacate (foreigners will leave Spore after earning enough)... return to enjoy good life in home country.... did I get your message correct?  Spore is a safe haven and gives good money so foreigners want to rob our lives, our jobs, our country ... our birth place!  It is not about investment.  We were born here, educated and grew up here, our parents, family, friends and relatives are here in this tiny red dot.  Those rich or cream of crop (able to get overseas appointment) can leave Spore.  There's nowhere people like me can migrate... we're stuck here!  

You think I don't want to live in a country like yours, low costs of living, plenty of cheap land, kampong lifestyle (carefree life) ...even if you don't work for 1 or 2 months, you won't die!  In Spore, you can't survive.  Everything needs money.  You leave the house you need to spend.  You stay in your own HDB unit (house) not working  for 1 or 2 months, who is going to provide/pay your food, electricity, water, housing loan, insurance, education, children/your transport & others, medical, toiletries, etc?  Can you Grow your own crops or Rear your own chicken, pigs and cows in a HDB flat?  Crazy, posting nonsense, mislead people and still think you are right!

Reader, if you are really a Sporean, can you accept such remarks?  Foreigners, the so-call vulnerable/submissive/pathetic/poor FDWs are suggesting citizens to get lost!  You're protecting and finding excuses for them to fleece employers.  Such human deserves your unconditional protection and compassion?  FDWs want everything (be it an entitlement as per MOM or rewards for being our FDWs), still think not enough, underpaid... we owe them a good living? They blame Employers for their plights.  They like to accuse Employers for not giving them good lives (high pay, little work, plenty pleasure time, constant attention on their mobile phones) at our expense.... fair, makes sense?  MOM said FDWs can sponge on us? Agencies painted such juicy pictures to FDWs? 

Facebook maids have commented on the topic of "Who pays when a maid wants to terminate her contract"

Jeff Pang:  Hi Tinza. Thank you for taking the time for a reply. I would like to make it clear that I am sympathetic with the foreign workers. I understand your position very well, and I also recognise that there is much more improvement needed in Singapore and our people.

That said, I have a few disagreements with some of what you said.
Firstly, regarding your response to maids bringing men back to the employer's home. Your justification is that the fall in Love, and even rebutted that the bosses are not police of morality when pointed out that some of the maids are already married women; My question to you then is how can you cheapen Love as a justification for bringing men home, even if we were not to judge morality, isn't it very clear that no one should not bring strangers to someone else house without permission let alone engaging in sexual activities? What I perceive is that by doing so is a blatant act of disrespect and malice if not a criminal one. Love is far from a justification of such acts.

Secondly, By mixing biases with dishonesty is disingenuous. Biases are a person's believes that could be wrong but not out of malice but natural disposition borne out of misinformation and the human's cognitive functions, whereas dishonesty is a blatant intentional act to deceive. An honest person is also subjected to prejudices. By saying otherwise, you condemn all humanity to be liars.

Thirdly, you painted the relationship between maid and employer to be an economic exchange [quote: work for wages - but please don't add in tears, anguish and blood to the maid's deliverables.] but yet your article starts with deriding an economic question "who pays when a maid breaks her contractual obligations". You seem to want to gave the cake and eat it too.

Lastly, I sense anti-Singapore sentiments from this page. In another post with a picture of an abused maid in Hong Kong (I am uncertain if you have wrote it). It was used to criticise Singapore. Yes, Singapore has it's fair share of abuses but that doesn't mean that the author should specifically pick on Singapore and to draw a baseless conclusion that because Hong Kong has more regulation than Singapore hence Singapore must has to have worse abuses. If that is so, then like you have implied that Singapore is not the only country for the maids to find employment [quote: just as any maid who goes to Hong Kong, the Middle East and parts of Europe also has a way out of debt], I would say that if Singapore is that deplorable, perhaps Hong Kong will be a better place for them and we will make do with maids from other nationalities.

Otherwise, I fully agree with your viewpoints on levy, and that employers need to be more empathetic and treat maids fairly and humanely. And please do not take this as an attack on the rights of foreign workers.

Jeff Pang: HI Tinza. Once again I thank you for taking time for a response.

I do not disagree with your take on people falling "madly in love", but I think you might have difference emphasis when talking about this. My point isn't to prohibit maids from their freedom, but more emphasis that bring people to your employers home is absolutely wrong no matter how you justify it. I am not brushing aside that there is a responsibility for employers to educate and advice maids not to bring men home, but by not doing so doesn't mean that the burden of blame shifts to the employer. It doesn't sound fair to me and I believe the first step is to recognise it is a problem and it is wrong before we can take the next step rather than justifying it, even if the justification sounds good.

from your response to Cotton Marsh, I think the point we are making are not all that different, save the fact that in my personal opinion, if the maid brings a men to the employer's home and carry out sexual acts, it is a issue of morality where it is the composition of "sex" AT "employer's home". If it were somewhere else then the morality issue shouldn't arise.

But I also know that some employers treats their maids like children where they feel the need to police their behaviour, but whether this is out of genuine concern differs from employer to employer. I have friends who are genuinely concern that their maids get cheated by other men, and also whether this act of mothering your maid is acceptable is up for debate.

Thank you for understanding my viewpoint. And I promise to help in the small ways I can. But hopefully this page can also attempt to paint a more balance picture of Singapore, and share not only horror stories but also heart warming ones like how some of these maids leave Singapore with good experiences (which I know happens frequently as close friends and family share their own personal experiences)

Faith Teo: As many have commented before me, there are two sides to the story. Some, like commenter Janet Giles, would like to tar the whole of Singapore with the same wildly discriminatory brush ( ven though, of course, the ONE employer she cited was from Hong Kong). There are definitely horrible employers in Sg, just like there are all over the world, who shock and disgust us Singaporeans. But there are also many of us, the majority, whose helpers who unfailingly get their days off, hand phones (sometimes given by employers) that they can use at any time, extra money for extra work done, comfortable bedrooms to themselves, and so forth.

Definitely, most helpers here are earning a living for their families back home, making sacrifices and nursing heartaches that we can never really understand. But not all. I had a helper who came with one suitcase and left after 7 months with 10 more bags of clothes, shoes, bags and bikinis she'd bought for herself. Not to mention a huge tattoo on her leg because her boyfriend here wanted it. She wanted to leave because keeping a 2 bedroom apartment for 2 adults and a child was "too much work", and yet I paid for her to stay in sg for another month while she searched for a new employer. I was her 8th employer in 3 years.

I know this is irrelevant to the original article on government policies, but I'm just so sick and tired of people who think they know all Singaporeans just because they stayed a few years. Singaporeans are not one person, just as I'm certain not all expats are rude, simple minded and disrespectful troublemakers.

Yong Chao Ng: I don't really agree with this article - yes SG govt collect tax or make lousy rules - but with regards to the news article that was publish last weekend - it was a question if the domestic helper decide to quit after 10 months - how/what can the employer do? As much as we want to give the basic protection to domestic helpers - can we also ensure the employer is being protected?

Angeline Leong: Not all maids are abused as mentioned by the author. Yes we know they are leaving their country and family to work because they have no choice and not because they want to. I treat my maid with dignity and love. She has been with us almost 9 years and if not for her philandering husband and the fact the her son needs her, she will still want to work for me for a long time. She has her own mobile and can call anyone she wishes. She gets het days off. We do not scold her and we treat her as part of the family. She eats what we eat and is in bed by 9.30 pm. We pay her every month without fail and she gets paid a full month even when she goes home on holiday. She is a human being and deserves to be treated with respect. So NOT every maid in Singapore is mistreated. She has many wonderful stories to tell her family and friends whenever she returns home every 2 years, not stories of abuse or mistreatment.

Winter:  MOM and activists are still living in stone age.  Over protective and naive.  There are more and more FDW-princesses and FDW-playgirls but do they care?  Have MOM and activists thought of the miseries caused by cheaters? Gave FDW weekly Sundays off but employers ended up facing more and more termination of contracts.  The money (can be $2000 to $4000 lost per FDW) and time we spent to train are non-refundable or transferable.  Yes, maid can job hop for greener pasture but shouldn't she pay compensation for working with the mentality of LIES?  You like a liar as a friend, colleague or your employee?

Knowing the job is unsuitable, FDW purposely agreed and made employer paid her agency fee, loan, insurance, levy, etc ....AND THEN GAVE EXCUSE THE TERMS STATED IN THE CONTRACT WERE INHUMAN!  I am sure important terms of employment such as handphone and off days are indicated ... so why lie?  Nobody wants to employ you, nobody like a demanding princess-maid.   You lied and cheated in order to secure an overseas job. YOU made a person and his/her family suffered because of your lies, is this fair?  
So who should pay when a maid wants to leave stating ridiculous excuse ... of course the culprits, not employers who have paid for your living expenses and what nots!  Why employers always get the blame and losses ... the losers?  Why MOM and maid agencies are the forever winners?

Not happy with the jobscope or harsh terms, stay in your home country.  Who gave you the rights to come here and cheat?  Nobody forced you to board the plane to Spore or step into our houses.  

Did MInistry of Manpower, Singapore gave FDWs the power to LIE and behave like princesses?  

Work is work, do properly.  When time to rest, rest well, mingle with your friends but don't sleep with men and bring headaches to your employers.  Your work permit issued is meant for FDWs not prostitutes or playgirls.  

You cannot swallow your pride and accept the jobscope as FDW, DON"T step into our houses!  If you feel you'll die or wither without men, find a job as prostitutes.  Otherwise, stay home with your man in your home country.  Lying and pretend able to work as FDW and then tell people you need men is wrong.  You want a decent salary (much higher then the professionals/fresh graduates in your home country), behave like a decent human and reap the good fruit of your labour.  
Don't wane and complain about something that you knew it is part of being a Foreign Domestic Worker ie Maid in Spore.  All these are openly stated, not hidden.  You are not blind nor deaf.


Employers generally don't mind their maids going online in their free time and using social media such as Facebook in the right manner. What bothers them is that some maids abuse the trust and end up posting either naughty photos or those that reveal details of their employer's home and family. Advance Link's Mrs Winnie Wang confirms that most employers are flexible.

"Some just restrict the use to weekends, which I feel is quite reasonable. This will help to prevent social problems and also prevents maids getting addicted to using their phones," she says. Mr Gary Chin, managing director of Nation Employer, says it's fine for employers to add their maids as Facebook friends but admits that he generally discourages it especially for first-time maids.

He explains: "There's no harm being friends, but some employers may feel uncomfortable that they have crossed the line and gone from boss to friend. "The maids too may feel just as awkward and they may want to vent their unhappiness over some issues but cannot because they don't want their employers to come across such postings on Facebook."

Mrs Wang agrees: "The blurred lines can make it difficult and it may then result in the maid setting up another account to hide from the employer. When she gets found out, the employer will get even more upset."

Twenty out of 30 employers randomly polled say they started out being friends with their maids on Facebook. Mr Wang Ying Chao's wife is one example. He says: "I don't think there is anything wrong with maids being on social media. In fact, my wife was the one who helped her set up her Facebook account. "They have the right to keep in touch with their friends and family in any way they choose. They lead a tough life being away from their families and if social media helps them to stay in touch with their loved ones, so be it."

They had set rules for the maid. "We told her that she was allowed to use her mobile phone during mealtimes and after she had finished her work for the day. She was absolutely not allowed to use her mobile phone while caring for the children," he says.

His wife, who did not want to be named, points out: "By the way, all these shenanigans, like posing for pictures, were done while she was supposedly depressed that her husband was fooling around and that her kids had no caregiver." After Ms Nana Chan, 47, sent her last maid home, she decided that she would no longer allow the new maid to use the laptop or phone to access the Internet.

Ms Chan, a logistics executive, recalls how her maid from Myanmar became so addicted that she would spend "up to an hour in the bathroom" or not go to sleep until 3am or 4am. She says: "One day, I came home early, found my maid asleep with her mobile phone screen still showing her Facebook page, and my (five-month-old) baby crying in the room. That was it. I could not trust her to take care of my family."

Going online in the day when both employers were not at home and neglecting the baby was the last straw for Mr Greg Ho. He says of his Filipino maid: "She did not have her priorities right. On top of that, from the photos, we realised that she was dating a Bangladeshi cleaner even though she is married. What if she got pregnant?"

Mr Jolovan Wham, migrant workers' advocacy group Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics executive director, recommends that employers tell their maids what they can and cannot do when it comes to going online. "It's a bit hard to police sexy dressing on a maid's day off but you can advise her on the dos and don'ts of using the computer. Most maids do listen," he says. "I don't think we should restrict them from going online totally. "The Internet allows them to connect with what is happening out there, and also to communicate with their friends and even family members."

A Maids Eye View of Singapore Employers, a Facebook group run by a domestic worker and her friends who are working in Singapore, tells The New Paper on Sunday: "When maids go on Facebook, in their own time, what right have the employer to stop the maid? Unfortunately, maids have to live with their employers, and have to face the black faces every time.

"Maids go on Facebook to keep in contact with their friends and country. They feel much better with more social interaction when they are on the Facebook and (instant messaging app) Viber chat with friends. They are informed of new happenings, changes in the law, other maids' stories.

These avenues open their eyes and give them hope, knowledge and contact with people who can support them. "Being able to communicate with other human beings should be a human right. Nobody should stop you. Would you like it if your employer told you that you cannot take your smartphone to the office? No. So why is a maid different? A maid is even paid less, they should have more right to do things in their free time."

Mr Zach Mano, who runs a cybercafe in Lucky Plaza and another in Peninsula Plaza, offers Internet courses for new maids. At the start of the first lesson, he gives them a top 10 list of Internet etiquette - No. 1 on the list is "No sexy pictures". He says: "I explain to the maids that apart from not incurring the wrath of their employers, it will also protect them from being preyed on by some men who may be out to look for some fun." He thinks it's important to let the maids know that the rule takes their welfare into consideration. "This way, they won't feel like 'you are trying to control me'."

Mr Chin agrees: "We remind them that there are different groups of people online - some will exchange good ideas and tips, or offer genuine companionship. But the naughty ones will lead you astray. "Most maids will listen if they find you are being reasonable."

Maid's secret Facebook photos, The New Paper, 06 Aug 2013
When Mrs Calista Hendricks first saw the photo on her Facebook news feed, she "found that the woman looked very familiar". She clicked on the photo to enlarge it on her mobile phone and to her shock, the business consultant realised that the woman was her maid.

Mrs Hendricks, 49, recounts her disbelief at the incident which happened in January: "Not only did my 21-year-old maid look like she had aged overnight with all the thick make-up, she was also wearing my new nightie, sitting on my bed with her legs spread out, and blowing a kiss at the camera."

She included the photo in a WhatsApp message to her husband that said: "Honey, make a guess - who's this? No prizes though." But she didn't expect her husband, a Singapore permanent resident, "to go ballistic". Mr Roy Hendricks: "For one, I bought that nightie for my wife, it was a Christmas present, and she had not worn it yet," he says.

"As if her suggestive pose wasn't enough, she had the gall to post the photo on Facebook with a caption that read something like, 'I think I am sexier than my boss, yes?' and there were 96 likes!" He says: "What I wanted to know was, when did she take the photos and where was our (seven-month-old) baby at that time?"

The photo was put up at about 1pm - during her working hours. Mrs Hendricks explains that when their maid was transferred to them, she had asked for permission to use her iPhone at night for an hour. "I thought it was reasonable and agreed even though my husband had his reservations," she says.

When they confronted the maid, she first denied that she was the woman in the photo. "I think that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Bad enough you broke the rule, then you had to lie about it?" says Mr Hendricks. They promptly sent the maid back to the employment agency.

Eight out of 12 agencies approached confirm that social media platforms such as Facebook and the rampant use of mobile phones rank among the top reasons some employers are dropping their maids before the end of their two-year contracts.

Other reasons include maids not meeting expectations and insubordination. Advance Link International owner Winnie Wang acknowledges that times have changed. She says: "The problem is more rampant in recent years. In the 80s, we didn't have mobile or smart phones, so there weren't such social issues." Mrs Wang, who has been running the business for 30 years, says: "The first generation of maids were those who could take on more hardship. They were from villages and hardly educated.

"Now, even though some of the maids still come from such villages, times have evolved and they are definitely 'more educated' than their predecessors." Some maids, say employment agency owners, have more than one mobile phone. Mrs Wang says: "They use one for calling their husband or children. Another one is likely to have a data plan so that they can surf the Internet."

Most employers told The New Paper on Sunday that they don't mind their maids having a mobile phone but with conditions attached. Madam Grace Chiam, 47, a teacher, thinks it's fine so long as the maid does not use it in the daytime. She had also reminded her previous maid, who was from Indonesia, that she could use the phone only for reading news and communicating with her family members.

"I also conduct spot checks on her phone and the data usage seemed relatively low," she says, before adding with a sigh that "that was until I found her iPhone which she had stashed away in the cupboard".

Madam Chiam recounts: "I was in the room (where her maid sleeps) when I thought I heard a beep. My maid looked frightened as she looked at the wardrobe." The employer rummaged through the clothes, found the phone and discovered sexy pictures of her maid, most of which showed her dressed only in a pair of shorts and her employer's bras.

Says Madam Chiam: "Before I could recover from my shock, I saw a Facebook app, went into it and saw that my maid had her own Facebook account, where she posted those pictures. "She had 700 friends - that's a lot for someone who had been in Singapore for only nine months. Of these friends, nearly 90 per cent of them were men. "We sent her packing. There was no way I'd risk her getting pregnant."

Sales manager Greg Ho, 38, says that he was more put off by his Filipino maid's dishonesty. He had bought a mobile phone for her when she first came to work for his family three years ago. He says: "My wife and I thought it'd be good for her to have a phone since she has a regular day off. It'd make it easier for us to contact her or vice versa."

He cannot really remember how he found out that his maid had a Facebook account - she did not use her name in full - but somehow, he had stumbled upon it. This was after she had repeatedly assured Mr Ho and his wife that she did not have a Facebook account.

He says: "It's not that we were too strict, but we wanted to set certain rules if she had admitted to having one initially." Mr Ho also found out that she had taken photos of herself in different parts of his home, at his sister's home, with her Bangladeshi boyfriend and some of the photos she had posted were with his baby.

"I was furious because she should have left my baby alone," he says. "If she had been upfront with us, it'd have been different." "We felt betrayed and utterly disappointed, especially because this was a person we used to trust."

17 Aug - Facebook maid
Some huge appetite, 不知足 极度刁钻 unappreciative cum net savvy maids commented they were being looked down, privacy invaded and treated like slaves in Spore. To me, FDWs are cracking brains by using human rights as an excuse to be GREEDY. By giving them a decent life is that employers shouldn't meddle with their business, including what they did or post on Facebook. Maids claimed these are their personal matters and employers have no rights to interfere. FDWs and activists ignored the fact that We, employers are made responsible for bad maids' action, by MOM. No maids are perfect so are we, the employers and activiists.... those people (assholes) screaming and fighting for human rights!

As long as maids felt they did their jobs (good or bad is up to them), employers shouldn't poke their noses in their FDWs' private affairs. Maids claimed employers didn't have a heart (we're devils) to feel for them and allow them to breath freely. Maids commented employers ought to give them full trust, felt deserved to be treated better - on par as employers in order to breath and feel they are also human beings ... what employer have, they want. They want with the mentality employers provide, not they pay themselves or receive it as a form of reward for good performance. Don't you feel modern FDWs are selfish and hard to please, as well as work with for 2 years?

Some sensible FDWs highlighted the fact that certain maids took advantage and went beyond their limits by posting with their employers' clothes. Of course some went over broad like
getting pregnant ... thinking this is part of human rights! Spore must be a real heaven for crazy and poor quality maids. Don't use brains to work, poor working attitude and refused to think of the consequences of their OWN silly/insensible actions... pushing all the odds/faults to employers. Very selfish and piercing the employers without showing visible blood/injury. Selfish, cunning, irresponsible .... this is how they actually look like. Not victims or somebody you thought as slaves.

Some maids went into the extent of posing in tiny clothes meant for employers' children, with the ill intention to show their figure or breasts. Sensible and Responsible maids are more desirable, .... worth our TRUST and dollars!

is something MOM and agency made all employers provide (across Spore). Eg mandatory off days but can be compensated by giving FDW extra money. Giving FDW a private room is not an enittlement as per MOM's policy (see below). Giving a private room depends on individual employers. Most expats have no problem offering this because a lot of them lived in spacious property. They have plenty of rooms to spare, no issue to them. Unlike HDB dwellers, living in 3 or 5 rooms tiny flats, these group of HDB employers are lack of spare rooms and land area.
is something employer give to a good maid.. a form of appreciation and encouragement to do better. Reward is different from entitlement. Taking the maid out to feast in restaurants is a reward or part of treating her like a family. It is not an entitlement. Many FDWs and activists got Entitlement and Reward mixed up. Thus, creating unhappiness, 心理不平衡 an inbalance and 好高骛远 不切实际 unrealistic comparision/mindset. All these resulted in a lot of employers being mentally bullied or stressed by their maids who didn't stop throwing out requests/demands.

The FDW market is polluted by bad maids. They could have a good heart and willing to work hard for an income but after mixing with bad company or gathered wrong info, work performance deliberately deteriorated so they ended up as lousy maids, causing employers to suffer mentally & financially. To modern FDWs, they thought they are asking for what a normal FDW deserves.... the basics to work in Spore. The basics they should get as human beings, the basics they were conned/brain-washed to believe those are entitlement. FDWs can spend time on Facebook but didn't browse MOM website and look at the existing policies. They signed agency employment contract but claimed don't know what they have signed. If so, they can browse AEAS or CASE websites to read about the terms in a standard contract. They played innocent, acted like FDWs being bullied or poorly treated by Spore employers.

All the facts are available online yet they chose to play victim roles and magnified their 'low class slave life'. They caused their own unhappiness yet blamed their pathetic employers. Unbelievable mentality and attitude! If we have lesser such complain queen-maid or princess-maid, return to olden times where mobile phones are not so easily available to FDWs (not that affordable), I have a strong feeling, we will have better maids, less polluted and be led astray. We need a real helper, not somebody to back stab us, rebellious, twisted & turned facts and enjoys 唱反调.


  1. Duplicating my comment about Slave here because a number of maids (FDWs) and activists are still living in a world of illusions.

    There’s no slave in Spore. Slaves have no such prerogative. Slaves are owned, the same as you own your car, tv, sofa, etc. Owners are free to do whatever they fancy to their belongings. You can treat your owned-slaves like machines, work long hours, no rest, not given off day, no mobile phones, no regular meals, no proper sleeping area and CAN whip, kick or beat slaves to work faster as well as do more work. No repercussions at all if slaves exist in Spore. No need to worry about source country, MOM or activists running after the slave-owners. Differences of a FDW and Slave:

    1. FDWs can choose whether or not to become a maid (FDW). The entitlement of FDWs were made and listed in the standard agency contracts. Many FDWs chose to leave their families with a great deal of thought about the best realistic options available. Nobody can force another human to be slave or FDW.
    >> Slaves had no choice, no say, UNPAID and no human rights. They were kidnapped or sold and forced into slavery.

    2. FDWs stepped into their home country agencies willingly and chose to believe beautiful pictures of working aboard. Nobody tied their hands and dragged them into the agency or board the planes. Nobody can force FDW to pay placement fee if she adamantly refused to work overseas as maid. FDW owns her own body and mind. She made her own decision and handed over her passport to her local recruiter for overseas placement.
    >> Slaves were sold or kidnapped. Not given any option. No human rights.

    3. FDW are not chained. They can doll up and make themselves lovely or sexy to attract people’s attention, especially men.
    >> In TV, slaves are chained, wear shabby clothes and looked dirty.

  2. 4. FDWs can choose employers as much as their employers can choose them. They are interviewed and given time to think over the job offer.
    >> Slaves have no such choice, they were bought and sold like commodities. All the earnings/benefits ended up in somebody else pocket.

    5. FDWs are guaranteed a minimum wage as per embassies and agencies’ marketing tactic, paid a wage in Spore. FDWs are provided with medical insurance, 3 normal meals, reasonable accommodation, weekly rest days, home leave upon completion of 2-year contract, etc.
    >> Slaves are not guaranteed a minimum wage nor given lovely welfare and employment terms.

    6. If Sg employer is abusing the FDW, FDW can report to MOM and get her employer severely punished. Those not really abused or ill-treated, can choose to shed some crocodile tears to get their employers into trouble.
    >> Slaves do not enjoy such benefits or entitled to SOS. Slaves are owned and have no rights to demand anything.

    7. FDWs can use mobile phones to chit-chat, Facebook and so on. FDWs get at least 8 hours rest as per MOM’s guidelines.
    >> Slaves are denied such benefits.

    Maids - Spore domestic workers are simply too fortunate as a human being. Don't use your good luck to belittle employers and resort to all sorts of excuses/tricks in order to enjoy life better than your pathethic employers. You are employed to work, not enjoy a free holiday or be babysitted by employers.

    If anyone who is still dulling the senses by believing we, Spore employers are not the best option for FDWs, who may be abusive, exploiting maids, slave-drivers, underpaid the FDWs but undeniable, we are the best choice for FDWs to live a dignified life, enjoy weekly off days, good salary (at least 100 to 200% higher than their own countries), provided live-in benefits, etc….

    If you cannot get your brains working, go back home at your own costs and do a real comparison of what you had been given as FDW, regardless of your bad attitude and low education. Stay in your comfort zone if Home (your country) is really a haven, share weal and woe with your family and don’t regret. If you regret, by coming back to Spore or any other countries, you must pay high placement fees ... you know it is not cheap. You must pay a price for being choosey and over demanding.

    You pay a price for not being sensible and appreciative.
    Stop pointing fingers on employers who failed to guide you to the right way because you wanted to remain stubborn, princess-attitude and untrainable.

  3. http://maid-employer.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/9472070-facebook-net-savvy-maid?next=
    Facebook maids have commented on The New Paper topic of who pays when a maid wants to terminate her contract.

    MOM and activists are still living in stone age. Over protective and naive. There are more and more FDW-princesses and FDW-playgirls but do they care? Have MOM and activists thought of the miseries caused by cheaters? Gave FDW weekly Sundays off but employers ended up facing more and more termination of contracts. The money (can be $2000 to $4000 lost per FDW) and time we spent to train are non-refundable or transferable. Yes, maid can job hop for greener pasture but shouldn't she pay compensation for working with the mentality of LIES? You like a liar as a friend, colleague or your employee?

    Knowing the job is unsuitable, FDW purposely agreed and made employer paid her agency fee, loan, insurance, levy, etc ....AND THEN GAVE EXCUSE THE TERMS STATED IN THE CONTRACT WERE INHUMAN! I am sure important terms of employment such as handphone and off days are indicated ... so why lie? Nobody wants to employ you, nobody like a demanding princess-maid. You lied and cheated in order to secure an overseas job. YOU made a person and his/her family suffered because of your lies, is this fair?

    So who should pay when a maid wants to leave stating ridiculous excuse ... of course the culprits, not employers who have paid for your living expenses and what nots! Why employers always get the blame and losses ... the losers? Why MOM and maid agencies are the forever winners?

    Not happy with the jobscope or harsh terms, stay in your home country. Who gave you the rights to come here and cheat? Nobody forced you to board the plane to Spore or step into our houses.
    Did MInistry of Manpower, Singapore gave FDWs the power to LIE and behave like princesses?
    Work is work, do properly. When time to rest, rest well, mingle with your friends but don't sleep with men and bring headaches to your employers. Your work permit issued is meant for FDWs not prostitutes or playgirls.

    You cannot swallow your pride and accept the jobscope as FDW, DON"T step into our houses! If you feel you'll die or wither without men, find a job as prostitutes. Otherwise, stay home with your man in your home country. Lying and pretending able to work as FDW and then tell people you need men is wrong. You want a decent salary (much higher then the professionals/fresh graduates in your home country), behave like a decent human and reap the good fruit of your labour.

    Don't wane and complain about something that you knew it is part of being a Foreign Domestic Worker ie Maid in Spore. All these are openly stated, not hidden. You are not blind nor deaf.


This blog is not meant for screw-lose activists or loans. My blog aims to gather all FDWs' news scattered everywhere, become a one-stop site for mentally & financially bullied FDWs' employer to beware and learn. Don't pollute this blog with your pro-maid, insensible and selfish comments! Activists posting here are BLIND IDIOTS, IRRITATING freaks and deliberately showing no RESPECT for others... robbing our only breathing space.